Chat Sessions Ch. 02

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The thought that I might have had cyber sex with my own mother was driving me crazy. I got online and checked to see if 1HotTigress had been on since our last chat — no activity. It could be a coincidence. Somehow, this made me even hornier. Just then, 1Jean_e came on line and said she had new pics for me. Jeanne and I talked then she started sending pic after pic of her playing with a dildo. I could see from the pics that she was not a thin woman, but all I really cared about was what she was doing with that giant rubber monster she was pushing into her hole. It didn’t take long and I was tossing a stream out onto a new towel.

The next day my classes didn’t start until noon. I slept late and when I got up, mom and Rhonda were both gone. After breakfast, I went up to my mom’s room and did some exploring. In her closet I found a box with about ten DVD’s. Almost all of them had a lesbian scene and/or a threesome with a guy. In her dresser I found a small little vibrator that she could use to stimulate herself.

Then, I checked out her computer. In no time at all, I found her chat sessions — she appeared to be using a different chat than what I had been using, but then when I checked the chat room that I used on a different browser, it was password protected. Her name in one was 40Wild_Angel and one of her other aliases was Beckybumps. In a way, I was relieved to find out that we were not cybering, but at the same time, I was kind of disappointed. I made not of the names and the website she was going through and thought I would try to find her some night before to long.

I went back to my room and got on my laptop. 1HotTigress came up. ‘Missed you last night.’

‘Sorry, got tied up.” I responded.

‘I had a weird night. Probably wouldn’t have been much fun.’

‘Everything okay?’ I asked.

‘Yeah. I’m going out of town for a couple of days. Probably won’t be on until next Monday or Tuesday.’

‘Okay. Did you get a web cam?’

‘You are persistent, aren’t you.’

‘I think we could have a lot of fun.’

‘We will.’

‘Hope to see you soon.’

‘Can I know your name — first name, I mean?’ She asked.

I never gave out my name online and I wasn’t going to make any exceptions with her. ‘Dallas’ I said, thinking of my favorite football team. ‘And you?’


‘Can’t wait to chat again, Rita.’

‘I’ll have the camera up — I promise.’

That night I logged into the chat area that I had seen mom had used. I created a new name and tried to find her — no luck. I was thinking that I was becoming obsessed with the whole online chat, so I disconnected and tried to go to sleep.

Rhonda came in my room about ten o’clock. I was dozing off, dreaming about Rhonda going down on another girls bush when she woke me.

“Rick, are you awake?”

I sat up, groggy. Rhonda looked like hell and she smelled of cigarette smoke and cheap booze. “What’s up?”

“Everything’s weird.” she said and sat down on the bed.

“How so?”

Rhonda sighed, “I am good at telling a person’s mood, knowing what they want, but I can’t now.”

“You’re drunk.”

“No. Not just tonight. It’s all been weird. I talked to mom last night — I was sure she was — well that she had some ideas and I was wrong.” Rhonda rubbed her hands through her tossled hair.


“It’s hard to explain.” She looked at me for a long moment. “Mom’s been acting so weird.”

I thought I smelled pussy on my sister’s fingers. “What have you been up to?”

“Went out with some friends. I needed to cut loose, ya know?”

I sat up on the bed. “You’re being careful, right?”

“Yeah. Yeah. I’m careful.” she blew it off. “We need to take care of things…take care of mom. I worry about her.”

“Mom’s okay.” I said and stroked her arm.

Rhonda pulled back the sheet revealing my naked chest. “You’re turning into quite the stud, Rickey.”

Now my sister was hitting on me. Then I thought, what if she is 1HotTigress? No, it didn’t make sense. Still, I asked, “You ever think of yourself as a Tigress?”

Rhonda laughed, “TIgress? I’m more like a snake — bursa escort slide up around you without you hearing me, then I squeeze you to death.” She rubbed her hand on my chest.

I removed her hand. “Go to bed, Rhonda.”

My sister stood up from the bed and pulled off her blouse revealing a sexy, black, lace bra. “I like being bad, don’t you, Rick?”

I pulled the sheet up over me. “I’m bad sometimes, too.”

“You know…” Rhonda got thoughtful looking as she traced her finger over her breast down to her belly button.

“You know, what?”

Rhonda stumbled a little. “I think I need to go to bed.”

I got up from the bed and steered her toward her room. On my way back, I stopped and listened at mom’s door. I thought I heard the clicking of the keyboards. I went through the master bath and pushed open the door to her bedroom. Mom was seated in a wife beater t-shirt and boxer shorts at the computer.

I went back to my room and got online. I tried to find her under one of her psuedonyms, but I had no luck. I met a couple of other girls, but I kept moving to try and see if my mother was online. I went to my standard search engine and logged in, nothing. Creamgirl had sent me a picture and a request to meet me for coffee the next night. From her picture, she looked pretty hot, dark hair, a full figure, great lips, everything I could want.

Just then my bedroom door opened up again and there was Rhonda in her robe. She looked me over then dropped to her knees next to me. She pulled my cock out from my shorts and took it into her mouth. Rhonda started sucking me without a word. I was half hard when she grabbed me, I was fully hard a few seconds later.

My sister removed her mouth from my cock and stood up from the floor. She let the robe drop to the floor and laid on my bed. “Come on, Rick.”

I was horny and had a couple of beers. I stood up, still seeing my sister’s lips wrapped tight around my cock. She had sucked me good. I pushed her legs apart as I knelt on the bed. She smiled up at me and traced her fingers over her breasts.

“Stick it in, Rick.” She said.

My cock was hard and ready for action. I placed the head of my cock against her hole. She moaned softly and I thought about mom’s moan when Rhonda had kissed her. I pushed forward and felt my cock slip between her wet folds. My moan matched hers as I sank in all the way.

Rhonda was tight and wet. She was totally drunk and still smelled like cigarettes and booze, but I didn’t care anymore. I was fucking her and she was fucking me. Her hands grabbed firmly onto my ass and pulled me deeper into her.

I was one of those guys growing up that hated my sister. Her girlish ways had always driven me crazy. We didn’t see eye to eye on anything. Then when she graduated from high school we had started getting along better and she had become my friend. Still, I never thought she was hot until this moment. Being on top of her, looking down at her, she excited me terribly. I fucked her hard and in a matter of minutes I was ready to cum.

I pulled out and came on her belly. Rhonda moaned in pleasure, but she was really just about asleep. I dipped my finger in my cum and brought it up to her mouth. She sucked my finger clean and groaned that she liked the taste of cum.

I whispered, “But you like pussy better.”

“I like pussy.” She mumbled back to me.

“You like mom’s pussy?” I whispered in her ear.

“I like pussy.” She said with a smile, then added, “Your cum tastes good though.”

I grabbed the towel I had used from my shower and wiped the cum off her belly. I helped her up from the bed and threw the robe over her shoulders. She was struggling to stay awake. I walked her back down the room and put her in her bed. I kissed her cheek. “Goodnight, sis.”

She was asleep before I closed her door. I went back and checked the bathroom door leading into the master bedroom, it was closed and I didn’t hear any typing. I went back to my room, checked for mom’s aliases again and then went to bed.

The next day Rhonda went in late to work without a word to me or mom. I had an early class bursa escort so I was out of the house before mom was. All day long I kept thinking how fucked up our family was. Between the internet cyber-sex and the incestuous ideas of my sister, nothing seemed right.

I got home before anyone else as one of my afternoon classes was cancelled. I went to my room and found a note from Rhonda.

‘Rick, sorry about last night — really drunk. Don’t think poor of me. Let’s talk later. Grab a beer and just talk about things. Hope you’re okay.’

I tucked the note under my keyboard and got online to see if I could find anyone to chat with. 1Hottigress was online. I sent her a message saying hi.

“Thought I’d lost you.”

“Not a chance.”

“Can I ask you? Do you cyber a lot?”

I thought about it for a second. “Not really. Been a few times.”

“It’s not as good as the real thing though, is it.” She stated.

“No.” I thought about my sister under me, the first time I’d been laid in five months.

“It’s okay if we never meet, right?”

What was I to say, “Sure. Whatever makes you happy.”

“I’m older than you – you’d probably be disappointed in me.”

“From what you described, I doubt it. Let’s just have fun.”

“Yes.” She responded with a smiley face. “Let’s have fun and not worry about anything else.”

“Will you be on tonight?”

“Planning on it. Still haven’t hooked up camera yet.”

“We can work without the camera if you like.”

“I’ve gotta go. C ya tonight.”

I was horny again and wanted to jerk off right then, but decided I’d go downstairs and use the free weights we had to burn off some energy. After my workout, I took a shower and went to my room, turned on some music and hung out.

Rhonda got home around three and came upstairs with two bottles of beer. She handed me one as I laid on the bed with boxer shorts on and a long sleeve t-shirt. I pulled the blanket up over my thighs as I felt my cock start to harden at the sight of my sister.

“Hey sis.”

“Hey.” Rhonda said quietly and took a drink of beer. She seemed a little down. Then she said, “You got my note, right?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry. We were both… well, we were both horny.”

Rhonda nodded and drank more of her beer. “Yeah. I’ve been kind of wacky lately. Don’t know what’s up with me.”

“Work and the thing with Pete and life, it’s all been kind of crazy. Not to mention the snow and the cold. We’re locked inside all the time.”

“Going stir-crazy. Yeah, that must be it.” Rhonda drank more of her beer then looked at me as if she was going to ask me a question then stopped.

“What is it?” I asked.

After a minute of thinking about it, she asked, “Did you cum in my mouth last night?”

I smiled to myself. “Uhm, you — I caught some of my cum on my fingers and kind of fed it to you.”

She nodded. “I woke up this morning and could taste cum.” She shook her head, “I kind of remember fucking you, but not a lot. I thought I’d surely remember if you shot your load in my mouth.”

Her words were making me horny. I pulled the blanket up over my boxer shorts. “You were about passed out.”

She nodded again, “Yeah, I had a weird night. I just — I don’t want to be out fucking around with just anyone, you know?”

“I know.”

“I mean, I work in a hospital, I see all kinds of things and hear of all kinds of diseases and it just makes my skin crawl.”

“So, I’m safe?”

“Safer than the girl that was trying to get in my pants last night at the bar.” She laughed.

“I’ve only been with two women — well, three now.”

“Yeah, other than Pete, I’ve had, well…a few, now you.”

“What about girls?”

She nodded and ran a hand through her hair. “Five or six, probably.” She looked at me curiously, “You’ve never done the gay thing, have you?”

I sat up on the bed, “No. Not interested in that.” I thought for a quick second, “You’ve had more girl partners than men?”

“Yeah.” She responded quickly. “A lot of it was just messing around, playing kissing games and fingering and stuff.”

“You bursa eskort like it?”

“More than cock? No.” She laughed a little. “It’s just fun and not to dangerous. Besides, girls eat pussy better than guys do.”

“Depends on the guy.”

“You like eating pussy?” She asked with a sultry look as she shifted in the chair.

“Yeah. That girl, Sandy that I dated. She would only let me fuck her if I ate her out first. I could eat her out all day.”

Rhonda set her beer bottle down and looked at me. She had that questioning look again. She started to speak, then stopped, then got a huge smile on her face an asked, “You want to eat my pussy? I could tell you if you’re as good as a girl at it.”

My cock sprang to life. “I can make you cum with my tongue. No problem.”

“This won’t freak you out, will it?” Rhonda asked as she stood up and hooked her thumbs into her scrub pants.

I laughed, “You came in last night and sucked my cock then made me fuck you, no, this won’t freak me out.”

In a second, Rhonda was out of her scrubs and sitting back in my comfy chair. I took a drink of beer and got down on the floor in front of her. Though the house was warm, I saw goose flesh rise on her legs as I approached.

I licked carefully around her labia and then spread her lips with my fingers. Her pussy was dripping wet. I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue then gave her several, good, long licks from hole to clit. Rhonda squirmed in the chair. “Nice technique.” she said with a bright smile.

I hooked an arm under her thigh and pushed my face deep into her snatch. I licked and nibbled and teased and played with her clit until it was rock hard and her pussy was literally dripping onto the fabric of the chair. Rhonda grabbed a handful of my hair in her hand and started panting as I worked circles around her clit with my tongue. With my free hand, I slit a couple of fingers in her hole and pulled back just enough so the tip of my tongue was teasing her clit. As I felt her start to tremble, I moved closer and sucked on her clit until she exploded in an orgasm. Rhonda literally yelled as her legs stood out straight from her body as wave after wave rushed through her.

When the trembling subsided she leaned forward and kissed me deeply. Her tongue danced with mine as she pushed me back to the floor. She pulled my boxers down so my cock and balls were exposed and then she mounted me. She bucked up and down on my cock, pinning my arms to the floor by my head.

I was terribly excited so it didn’t take long that I could feel my balls surging with cum. Rhonda continued to bounce on me, grunting and groaning like she couldn’t get enough of my cock.

“Oh, god.” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum.”

Rhonda bounced on me twice more, saying, “Not in my pussy, brother. You’re going to give me that sweet cum in my mouth.”

With those words, she dismounted and quickly slid down my body. Her mouth engulfed my cock as she took it all the way back into her throat. I looked down at my sister’s lips wrapped around my cock and at her eyes looking up at me. I started shooting my load deep into her throat. She closed her eyes as I closed mine and let my cock pulse between her lips.

Rhonda sucked me dry then rolled to the floor beside me. She coughed a little and grabbed her beer. “That’s a nice, thick cock.”

I was panting. “Nice pussy, sis.”

She laughed, sat up and drank some beer. Just then, we heard the front door open and close. We both knew it had to be mom. Rhonda grabbed her scrub bottoms and panties and darted out of the room. I pulled up my boxers and dove back into my bed, quickly trying to grab a book from my class.

Mom appeared at the top of the stairs a minute later. “What? Is everyone hibernating today?” She laughed from the hallway. “Everyone’s home in their room.”

“Just trying to catch up on some reading, mom.” I said as my cock still pitched a tent under the covers.

“I’ll have dinner on in an hour.” She looked right at the bulge under the covers. “Tell your sister…she’s probably asleep. I think she had a late night last night.”

Mom went off to her room and I sighed with relief. I couldn’t believe what had just transpired. My sister and I had just fucked for the second time in 24 hours and she had swallowed my load like a pro. Things were really getting strange around the house.

(To Be Continued)

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