Cheerleader Friends – Ellie Ch. 03

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Chapter Three

The Harley growled along the road like a demonic hog as he parted the traffic. The wind against his skin and riding the monster between his legs was just the freedom he had craved, for almost seven years. He had missed his Harley almost as much as he missed his girl — ‘Don’t think about Ellie!’ he berated himself. That’s why he was out here, dangerously riding alone without his club jacket or any of his brothers around him. She made him feel out of control and weak. He had struggled to resist urges he shouldn’t even have. He needed a release.

Jarrod pulled his motorbike into a little pub just off the highway. He and the boys had often stopped here when he was just moving up the ranks, growing his reputation as he went. It had a nice old timer feel, with plenty of parking out the front for the bikes, a great jukebox and the regulars were all old bikkies who loved to share a tale or two.

He dropped his kicker, took off his old WWII helmet he wore when riding casually and slung his leg over the side of the bike. There were other bikes there but they were all Japanese shit. Jarrod grew concerned. Where were all the real bikes?

He strode towards the entrance of the bar, opened the door and ducked his head to enter. The bar was just how he remembered it. Plenty of old-time memorabilia of Sammy’s time as a boxer and some of the other famous boxers in mid punch. The jukebox was there too and one table had a few truckies enjoying a meal while they played a game of pool on the well-worn billiards table. The only thing that dampened the feel was the overloud techno music thumping in the function room next door. But when he looked behind the bar, the music was instantly forgotten. The man himself was there – Sammy.

Sammy was chatting to a young buck, debating the chances the Saints had in the next game against the Demons when he saw Jarrod.

“Well fuck me dead! If it isn’t young Jarrod Molloy!” He reached his age-spotted arm over the bench and Jarrod took it firm in greeting.

“Nice to see you again Sammy!” He smiled warmly at the old-timer.

“Ooww!” Sammy said, shaking his hand with a grin, “Shit, have you gotten stronger boy! You were already a gorilla! Now look at you”

“Turn it up, Sam!” Jarrod laughed finding a barstool.

“Sam. This is Bob. He’s a Saints supporter but otherwise, he’s a decent bloke”

Jarrod took his hand in greeting. “Bloody hell Sam! You weren’t wrong about his grip either Sammy. Nice to meet you Jarrod” Bob chuckled.

“So, when did you get out Jarrod and where are the rest of the crew?” Sammy said, fishing out a glass, adding some ice and holding up a bottle of Bourbon.

Jarrod nodded, “Today. I haven’t seen the boys yet. Tomorrow. Just wanted to see the girl first”

“Girl? Didn’t she… Oh, you mean the LITTLE girl? How’d it go?” Sammy said while pouring.

“Not so little anymore Sam. That’s why I’m here!” Jarrod grumbled

“Yes. I said earlier this year. Not little at all!” Bob stated somewhat sympathetically.

“I think I’m in trouble Sammy. Real trouble.” and he downed the drink in one hit, tapping on it for a refill.

The music was suddenly pumped up further from within the adjoining function room. The whole bar felt like it was vibrating from the beats. Amidst the electronic noise, Jarrod could hear men yelling and singing shrilly.

“Fuck Sammy! What the hell is that?!” Jarrod yelled, pointing to the function room door and the lights playing across the frosted glass.

“That, my boy, is the Polar. A group of drugged-up kids playing at being a gang. They are here far too often for my liking and seem to be scaring off all my other clientele.”

“They even took a shot at Sammy the other night for telling them it was closing time” Bob stated pointing towards the bruise beneath Sammy’s eye and cutting on his lip.

“Not as tough as I once was Jarrod!” Sammy said sullenly.

“Those Fuckers!” Jarrod growled, looking towards the door.

As if on key, the music suddenly increased and Jarrod and the old-timers at the bar observed two girls slip through the function door and into the room. They stood arm in arm, high heels and clutch bags in hand, timidly looking around the bar as if expecting to be attacked at any second.

“It’s all right girls. Come in. Would you like a drink?” Sammy called, waving them forward.

“Yes please”, one of the girls managed to say in little more than a whisper.

Sammy raised his eyebrow at Jarrod as the girls approached slowly. “Do you have any mixed drinks?” Sammy nodded and brought a few out for them to choose from.

Jarrod had a better look at the girls. One had long red hair with her fringe plaited. She wore a tight blue, low cut top that revealed plenty of cleavage. She wore tight skinny black jeans and smiled shyly at him revealing light green eyes. The other girl was Asian with long dark hair that she wore in two long plaits. She wore a white top that left her midriff bare revealing a lovely flat stomach and a belly button porno videolar ring. She wore a tiny little black skirt that clung to her pouted ass pleasingly. Perhaps tonight these girls would be just what he needed…

The girls began to search for their purses from their tiny handbags to pay for the drinks.

“I’ll pay for them Nikki” Jarrod pipped in. Nikki gave him the thumbs up and a cheeky wink and then busily occupied himself at the other end of the bar, signalling Bob to follow.

“Thank you”, the Red-Haired girl smiled nervously. Was that a cut on her cheek?

“That’s ok. I’m Jarrod” he beamed, reaching out a hand in greeting.

After a second’s hesitation, the girl reached out and took his hand. “I’m Ruby! Like my hair!”

“Yes, it’s very beautiful”

Ruby blushed but seemed to gain some confidence and gestured towards her friend.

“This is Susan.” Susan smiled up at him too. She was stunning too but Jarrod noticed she had bruising under her left eye.

“What’s the occasion?” Jarrod asked gesturing towards the door as he sipped as he downed another drink and signalled for another.

Jarrod saw both of their faces fall as they looked worriedly to the door. “I’m not sure exactly. Deadsie said something about a huge score or something like that” Susan murmured, sipping at her drink. Both girl’s eyes continued to involuntarily flicker towards the door.

Jarrod fought himself over whether to say something but instead called out to Sammy,

“Time for some shots Sammy! We need something to get these girls smiling!”

“Oh no. We really must be getting back. Deadsie…” Ruby said as she began to rise from the stool.

“Deadsie can wait. I promise you’ll love these shots! Sammy makes a great one called the Leg Opener.”

Ruby and Susan looked each other and Susan shrugged, “Ok maybe one shot wouldn’t hurt”

Jarrod slapped the bar with a cheer, drawing big smiles from the girls.

“Make it a few each then Sammy!”

A few shots turned into a few more and the girls were soon very happy with life. Jarrod was just starting to feel relaxed but the girls were quickly giggling and flirting with him, telling him how sexy and how big he was. Eventually, they even were able to clear some tables away from the jukebox and get him up to dance. Well, to be truthful, the girls danced while Jarrod just enjoyed their attention as they used him as a pole, sliding up and down his legs, wriggling their asses on him, and even pulling him down to hug and share a cheeky kiss. While the music wasn’t his choice (they didn’t like the idea of playing Highway to Hell, unfortunately) he was enjoying having an opportunity to grope two very hot girls.

“Is this as loud as it goes Sammyboy?” Ruby yelled while draping herself off Jarrod. Nikki shook his head laughing. Ruby took the opportunity to squeeze his arse and shout “Ruby, have you ever seen a bigger, sexier ass!”

Jarrod had his hand firmly squeezing Ruby’s ass himself as she dragged him down for another kiss.

The techno music suddenly roared into the room as the door smashed open.

“Oi! What the fuck’s going on here then, Old man! I told you no jukebox while we’re partying. Do I have to fuckin kick your ass again before you do what you’re fucken told?”

A tall skinny man a basketball singlet, chains and baggy tracksuit pants had burst into the room. Jarrod noted the knuckle busters he wore on his hands and the glassy look in his eyes. This guy was high on something, Ice if he had a guess. That made him unpredictable and dangerous. A group of similarly attired men piled in behind him.

“Bitches! What are you doing in here?! Get your skanky asses back in our room!” he screamed, pointing back the way he came, spittle flying everywhere. He glared at Jarrod as the girls started to peel themselves off him.

Jarrod stopped the girls and guided them towards the corner table behind him.

“Just wait there, girls. Everything’s going to be ok.”

The girls looked terrified, their eyes darting between Jarrod and what he took to be the gang Sammy told him about — The Polar.

“I think they’re safer here” Jarrod stated calmly to Deadsie.

“Check this Fucker out lads!” Deadsie snickered to his friends behind him, “Looks like we have a hero on our hands with a tiny cock!”

The group all chuckled evilly and Jarrod noticed one casually take out a knife.

“You’re making a huge mistake Buddy!” Deadsie spat.

Jarrod didn’t bat an eyelid. A resolute peace washed over him.

“Are you the weak little boy who has been beating up on women?” Jarrod growled.

“They are my women and I’ll treat them any way I fucken want to!” he then turned to the others, “How’s this bloke?! You trying a little hard to impress these bitches mate! Give us the girls now or we’ll fuck you up, these old fuckers and the girls too.”

Deadsie fidgeted on the spot, itching to explode into murderous action.

Jarrod took a quick scan of his porno video izle environment and stepped casually to his right and back slightly so he had the jukebox to his left, bar to his right and wall behind him. This was downright stupid. He could get killed here if things went to shit but if he left now they may attack anyway.

“I think you should take your little friends and quietly leave and never come back here again. That’s your last chance!” Jarrod warned, his tone leaving no doubt about his intentions.

“Have you checked the number here Wanker? It’s seven to one! I don’t care how big or scary you’re trying to be! You’re leaving here in the back of an ambulance!”

Deadsie and his gang began to stalk toward Jarrod. His eyes darted around again. They would have to come at him one, possibly two at a time. He was giving up a bit of space to move in where he was but with these numbers, he would be attacked from all sides if he chanced moving out in the open. He noted the table in front of him, the glasses on it. He saw the bottle on the bar within reach and even the framed photo behind him.

His eyes flickered back to the gang and he saw two of them snatch up billiard cues and another to his right was reaching for something in his pocket. Bloody knife fighters! He hated these cowards.

“You know Deadsie! It is Deadsie isn’t it? Unfortunate name, really. I was just going to educate you and your friend’s in respect but then I realised you hit women. I don’t hold with that shit so now I’m going to have to really hurt you.”

Jarrod felt a comfortable calm wash over him. This was something familiar, something he could control. It may sound strange to others but he had trained to fight since he was a little kid and combat was an easy rhythm to fall into. It was also an easy way to relieve some frustration too.

“You talk too much Fucker!”

Jarrod straight away dug his chin into his chest and lifted his open hands up to guard the centre line and space in front of him. Deadsie was no trained fighter and took the bait immediate swinging wide to strike at what he thought was Jarrod’s undefended side with a frenzied knuckle buster punch. Jarrod stepped into his space, and bring his right hand up to push Deadsie’s chin back, unbalancing him immediately. Jarrod then brought his left arm up inside the swing to lift the attacking arm, exposing Deadsie’s ribs. Jarrod then jabbed his left fist up into his ribs, stepped back and used a quick right kick to his knee. Jarrod heard a satisfying crunch as his steel chapped boot shattered Deadsie’s knee instantly dropping him to the ground howling in pain. It took less than two seconds.

Two guys came at him simultaneously in a much more measured and coordinated attack. One smaller agile man came at him first launching a sidekick that almost caught him unawares as he stepped back from Deadsie. He stepped closer and used a front kick to try and force him off balance but Jarrod leaned to the side to avoid the strike, blocked with his left arm and hooked his left hand beneath the attacker’s ankle in the one motion. He then rotated his right knee inwards, bringing his kneecap into the attacker’s groin. As he pitched forward from the pain, Jarrod brought his right elbow down across his head. The man fell forward and Jarrod made sure he was out of the fight with a follow-up kick as he dropped.

The other man used Jarrod’s distraction to step around him, hook an arm under Jarrod’s arm and pin it from behind. Unfortunately for Jarrod, this opened his whole flank to attack. A lean, crazed looking Asian man’s eye lit up at the opportunity and stepped forward to land a series of rapid uppercuts to his stomach and side. Jarrod groaned from the pain and noticed the rest of the gang clambering to push forward to find an opening to get at him. If that Asian man had had a weapon, Jarrod would have been dead already. Jarrod had to get out of this hold quickly.

Jarrod took the blows and swivelled with the solid wrestler to move his exposed side away. The action smashed the grappler into the crazed attacker and sent the skinner man tumbling to the side. Jarrod felt the wrestler’s grip weaken slightly so he focused on regaining his feet and reached under the attacker’s fingers to gain purchase. Jarrod reached for the bottle on the bar and smashed it back into the wrestler’s head and when he fell back, Jarrod landed a terrifying punch to his face breaking his nose and teeth under the massive maul of his fist.

The wrestler fell into a heap. Jarrod had turned away from the surging group and immediately regretted it as he recoiled from a blow across his back from a Billiard Cue. He turned and ducked under the next swing as the man tried to move past the table and gain a better vantage point to strike. The crazy looking man had crawled to his feet and threw himself at Jarrod in a mad attempt to grab him around the neck. Jarrod stepped aside, grabbed him by his jacket and swung the lightweight man in front porno video of him like a shield against the next series of bows from the Cue. He then physically threw him, like a basketball pass, into the wave of attackers. They dodged to the side and the Cue wielder ducked before he stepped forward to try and jab the weapon at him like a spear. Jarrod stepped into the attack, using both arms to sweep the stick aside and used a frontal kick to launch the man back into the side of the Billiard Table and snapping the cue into two pieces.

There were bodies strewn all around him on the floor now and he was worried he might lose his balance if he stepped on one awkwardly. Some were groaning, some were silent. Jarrod saw that the attackers were less eager to rush him now but after a quick look to their fellow gang members for courage, they resumed their attacks.

The second man with the Billiard Cue stepped over a fallen forward and flipped the table out of the way. Two more gang members stalked around behind him trying to flank Jarrod why his attention remained on the Cue wielder, so they could dart in.

The removal of the table immediately gave the Billiard Cue Wielder more space between himself and Jarrod, and more room to wield his weapon. He knew not to get too close but he had a reach of Jarrod. He whirled the Cue around like a baton, swirling it about in an attempt of intimidation but Jarrod could see the reluctance in his eyes. Suddenly he thrust the Cue forward in a series of jabs, but Jarrod was ready. Jarrod twisted and ducked to avoid the attacks and then stepped past one attack and caught the cue. He ripped it from the attacker’s hands and stabbed it into the man’s solar plexus, doubling him over and then, in a downward chop, slammed it over the back of the man’s head.

To the side of the Billiard Table, the fallen man with the two pieces of the Billiard Cue had slowly pulled himself up from the ground and gingerly picked up the two broken pieces. He tried to strike at Jarrod why he was finishing off the previous stick wielder with a backhand strike across the face while stabbing the other end up towards Jarrod’s stomach. Jarrod ducked the first and caught the other attacker’s strike across the forearm. He pivoted and swept the attacker’s leg, tripping him to the floor.

He rose again but Jarrod slammed the man with an open palm to his windpipe, lifted him by the throat off the ground and slammed him into the table to the side. The corner table shattered, eliciting a squeal of fright from the two girls hiding behind it.

He felt movement behind him and almost missed the flash of metal before it was too late. The two knife wielders had seen their opening. Jarrod jumped to the side to avoid the stab and try to regain his stance but the attackers relentless came at him with a series of fast strikes and cuts using the space. Jarrod took one cut across one forearm that the leather of his jacket protected him from and blocked the rest before finding his balance again. He moved to the side and used both his hands to pin one of the weapons to his hip. The man tried to pull away but Jarrod backhanded him with a crack, sending him careening into the jukebox.

The other man missed Jarrod by centimetres, slicing his jacket, as his friend fell out of the way.

“You shouldn’t have done that” Jarrod growled. The attacker looked surprised before an evil smile split his features. He turned the blade around in a backhand grip and then came at Jarrod with a series of punches and slices. Jarrod blocked the blade arm but sacrificed a punch to the cheekbone in the effort. In return landed a solid punch to the man’s kidney, which left him clutching at the wound.

Gone was the smile now. The attacker’s eyes began darting towards the exit as Jarrod furiously strode in. The attacker made a slash at his face but Jarrod stepped into his attack, blocking his arm before grasping his shoulders. He then delivered three rapid kicks into the attacker’s calf and the side of his knee causing his leg to crumble before bringing his elbow to smash into the side of his head dazing him.

The whole fight was over in less than a minute.

“You’re a bloody dead man fucker!”

Jarrod turned to where Deadsie lay clutching at his knee,

“You don’t know who you’ve just messed with!” Deadsie spat, in obvious pain.

Jarrod’s eye’s narrowed in anger. He reached down to grab the dazed knife attacker at his feet, by the groin and chest, lifting him above his head. With an animalistic roar, he launched him at Deadsie. Deadsie cried out in disbelief as the man flew across the room and crashed into him with a sickening crunch.

Jarrod walked back over to where Deadsie lay groaning in pain and stepped down upon his chest. Deadsie grabbed at Jarrod’s boot, crying out in pain while Jarrod leaned down to get closer to the Gang leader.

“You have no idea who I am, do you! What I could do to your little gang of wannabees”

Jarrod ground his foot down harder on Deadsie’s chest, hearing a rib crack.

“If I wanted it you and your gang would all be dead! Your friend’s dead! Your family’s dead. The Hell Riders do not like competition and we definitely don’t like Japanese riding try-hards scaring off our old friends from our pubs” Jarrod watched as Deadsie eyes took on a look of sudden recognition.

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