Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 08

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Chapter VIII, Conclusion

Cole stirred in bed, awaking with light streaming in the closed window. He felt like he needed to pee but it was something else. He realized he was hard. He also felt pleasure and movement and came to the realization that he was being sucked on. All this flashed in his waking brain in a matter of seconds. ‘Oh, god. What a way to wake up,’ Cole thought. ‘This is perfect.’ He opened his eyes and looked down.

Stef had awakened several minutes earlier. She glanced at the clock by the bed and learned it was past noon. Not wanting to let the whole day at the lake slip away, she wanted to get up. She looked over at Cole but he was sleeping soundly still. He was on his back though which gave Stephanie a wickedly hot idea. She smiled to herself as she thought, ‘I know he’s never awoken to someone sucking his dick. I’ve never done it either but this could be fun.’

She slowly pulled back the covers not to disturb him. It took her a few seconds to move them with his arms in the way. Fortunately they had slept nude after they fucked so his cock was right there for her actions. Stephanie mused to herself, ‘It looks soft and relaxed, and I wonder if it will even get hard with him asleep? He might have to wake up first?’ She eased into a kneeling position beside him.

Slowly she reached out her hand, tenderly picking up the five or six inch flaccid member. She loved the feel of a soft cock and wiggled it back and forth, watching the head flop around. She giggled to herself and thought, ‘Oh, how cute it is.’ She pulled the loose skin back from the head and used the fingers of her other hand to rub the underside as she held it.

The tender teasing didn’t seem to do much, so she leaned over and licked the super soft, velvety head of Cole’s cock. The taste was a little heady from the night’s lovemaking but she didn’t mind. She licked at the soft head making it wet with her saliva. She heard Cole moan and looked up. He still seemed to be asleep. He tried to move but she nervously held him flat, hoping he wouldn’t wake. He stopped moving and seemed to settle again.

Stephanie smiled wickedly to herself. She wondered what he would think when he woke. ‘He’ll probably think me a complete slut when he wakes to find me with his dick in my mouth.’ The thought didn’t seem to scare her though but instead made her giggle softly.

She sucked the head of his still flaccid cock into her mouth. It felt so smooth and silky on her tongue. Her right hand held his shaft as her left decided to caress his balls. She jiggled the large egg shaped testicles in her hand, rolling them back and forth. Stef heard Cole moan softly. His cock was starting to harden, she could tell. For the next few minutes she sucked on the head with increased pressure and played with his balls. Her sucking seemed to draw blood into his shaft and the cockhead. She took his whole cock into her mouth and reveled as it stiffened inside. He grew to complete hardness as her right hand started to slide up and down the expanding shaft.

Stef stopped and looked at her work when she felt he was fully hard. His cockhead glistened with wetness. She smiled, pleased with her efforts and thoroughly enjoying herself. Her own pussy was beginning to pulse with desire. She had cum slightly from giving head before and this looked like it could be one of those times, especially if she helped it along with her hand.

Her hands had kept moving on his shaft and balls. She returned to sucking his cock. Her tongue licked the sides of his cock, wetting even more of him. Then she came back up to the head and engulfed as much as she could. Pushing more she felt it nudge the back of her mouth and then slip into her throat. She pushed down until her nose tickled in his pubic hair. She held there, still pleased with herself for being able to deepthroat a cock. Several of her friends were amazed she could even do it. If they saw her take Cole’s big cock they would have truly been amazed.

Stephanie felt him move and heard him moan. She backed off and remained still. He groaned but didn’t move. She waited another few seconds then licked the saliva coated cock. Once more she took him into her throat. He groaned loudly and this time he moved his legs tying to turn. She backed off and tried to prevent that but this time she saw his expression change. His eyes opened as she sucked on the head and smiled at him. He looked down.

“I thought I was dreaming this, you wicked girl,” Cole said, with a big smile.

Stef winked at him with his cockhead still in her smiling mouth. She backed off, “You think I’m bad?”

“How could I? It feels wonderful.”

“I was hoping you wouldn’t mind. It looked so soft and inviting. I couldn’t resist.”

“I’d love to wake up like this all the time,” Cole stated.

“I’d be all for that,” Stef said and engulfed the head again.

“Oh, you beautiful trickster,” Cole proclaimed.

Stef set about applying her best blowjob skills. Soon she had him growling with the pleasure from her mouth. Etiler escort She could feel his balls tightening in her hand. She paused to just lick the head and the sides of the shaft, giving him time to cool down. Stephanie repeated this process two more times making him groan with the need for release. His balls were like rocks against his shaft.

“Please, Steffie! I can’t take anymore,” Cole moaned, with his head rocking back and forth on the pillow.

“I’m a real nasty slut, aren’t I?” Stef mused, smiling at him.

“You’re a wicked pleasure tormentor, you are,” Cole agreed, looking back down again.

Stef took him to the root in a smooth nearly singular move. She just had to pause a split second to adjust as his cock reentered her throat. Cole growled with his need to cum. Stef let him enjoy the pressure of her throat before backing off and going hard to work on him. Cole grunted and arched his back up trying to force more cock in her talented mouth.

“Oh, shit,” he pleaded for release.

Stef was working now to bring him off. In seconds she got him there. His hands tenderly held her head to him as she sucked the cockhead hard and jerked him off rapidly in her mouth. She could feel his expanding cock seconds before the first burst coated the back of her mouth. She was prepared and took his successive blasts. Cole thrashed somewhat on the bed as his thoroughly teased cock let go his massively pent up seed. Stef stayed with him until his discharges slowed to a dribble and he slumped back to the bed. The load in her mouth was huge but she managed to hold it all. She tenderly sucked the rapidly deflating organ.

“Oh, geez, Steffie, please stop,” Cole begged. His cock was now hyper-sensitive after all the teasing and his orgasm.

Stef did and leaned back a little. Cole looked down at her noticing her closed mouth. She opened it to show him what she had. His cum coated her tongue and filled her mouth. When she opened it some tried to leak from the corners of her mouth. She rapidly closed not to lose any. He watched as she swallowed his load with an exaggerated gulp and smile. She opened her mouth to show him that his spunk was now on its way to her tummy.

“You wicked witch,” Cole exclaimed, but smiled at her.

“What?” Stef asked, acting all innocent.

“You know what. First you wake me this way, then you tease me until I’m climbing the walls, then you show me my stuff before swallowing it,” Cole explained.

“What part of that didn’t you like?” Stef asked, still playing the innocent.

“True, I loved it all,” Cole agreed with a smile.

“I can’t help myself,” Stef said, curling up under his outstretched arm and kissing his cheek. “I just love your dick.”

“You do, huh?”

“Definitely. I love playing with him.”

“Well, he loves you too,” Cole agreed. “Can I return the favor?”

“Oh, Cole, not till I shower, please,” Stephanie said, kissing his cheek again.


“There’ll be plenty of time for you to repay me today. Besides you don’t need to worry about that. I get my kicks sometimes just doing it for you anyway,” Stef concluded.

Stephanie snuggled against his warm side, her left arm across his chest. She loved lying with him like this. She felt truly happy. She started thinking about college and what lay ahead. Would he want to remain her man throughout college? Was it fair of her to limit him, knowing his experience was far less extensive than hers?

“Cole, you happy?”

“Of course. Why?”

“Well, I was just thinking about college. You’re going to Illinois and me to Northwestern. We’ll be somewhat far apart. Three hours I think by car. Will that matter to you? I mean we won’t be able to get together too much. Do you think about that?”

“I have,” Cole said.

“What did you think?”

“I think I’ll miss you terribly,” Cole claimed.

“Cole, what do you think about us?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean how do you feel about us?”

“Steffie, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world every time we’re together,” Cole proclaimed.

“Would you still want us to remain together even with us going off to separate colleges?”

“Sure, of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Well…I don’t know. I was just thinking it might be hard for you. I mean not seeing each other for weeks maybe. I know a guy has needs and maybe you’ll feel too confined. Locked into a relationship too soon before you have a chance to experience other…,” Stef reasoned aloud.

“Stef, I’m happy, really. I’m not thinking about anything else.”

“You sure? I mean you have really only been with me, except for that one time with Michelle. You don’t feel you need to experience more women?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“But you should be allowed to taste other fruit. Maybe you’ll find someone…”

“Sweeter than you? Not possible! Stef, what do you want to hear? That I love you? I do, you know. I’m in love with you. I know Beşiktaş escort it. I’m sure of it,” Cole avowed.

“Oh, Cole…I love you too,” Stephanie exclaimed and leaned over harder against his side to kiss him ardently on the lips.

When she broke the kiss, they stared at each other lovingly. Stephanie glanced down his body and found his cock beginning to recover. The kissing was having an effect. Her hand stole down to caress his expanding cock.

“Maybe we could do something else if you’re up for it?” Stef said with a smile.

“Being near you always seems to have the same affect on me,” Cole claimed.

She kissed his smiling mouth as her hand began to fondle his stiffening member. His fingers tweaked an already distended nipple, making her groan into their kiss. A few more moments of continuous action and Cole’s dick felt rock hard again. Stef smiled at him as she shifted on the bed above him, settling her waist over his.

“Okay, if I ride this big fella for a change?” Stephanie asked.

“He’d like that,” Cole agreed.

Stef held his cockhead in place as she shifted until he was pressed into her slot. Her own juices from the excitement of sucking his cock earlier enabled her to ease the first few inches into her without much resistance. A little more squirming and more penetrated her depths and opened her up with unbelievable fullness.

“Oh, baby. You feel so good inside me,” Stef said, as she settled down completely on the long pole.

“You feel magnificent too,” Cole exclaimed with a gasp.

Stef started moving slowly. She ground her pelvis into him and rocked her hips back and forth threatening to make sausage of his big cock in her tight viselike cunt. His cock was buried deep inside her quivering pussy.

“Oh, shit! That feels so good,” Cole growled.

“Ahh…my god, it does,” Stef agreed, as she started to bounce on him.

Mark could hear the faint sound of squeaking bedsprings and voices from the room next door. He smiled to himself knowing Cole must be driving that big cock of his into Stephanie as he listened. The thought made his own cock stir. Michelle and he had fucked twice before going to bed. His cock was a bit sore from the last one which had taken a while for him to cum again. Michelle had sucked him off in the car ride up and two more loads dumped into her after that had worn him out.

But now his youthful cock was responding again and he turned to look over at Michelle. Her back was to him but the covers were down to her waist. As he leaned up on an arm, he could see her ample right breast. The morning light showed the paleness of her skin and the many freckles indicative of people with her reddish blonde hair. He leaned into her back and moved his arm over her to touch the soft pink nipple. He tweaked it tenderly to wake her gently.

After a little while Michelle leaned backwards until she was flat. Mark gave her the room to do so. She didn’t open her eyes but did groan at the continuous teasing of her stiffening nipple. Mark used the opportunity now to pull the covers from beneath her arms and down the rest of her body to her knees. Her reddish blonde strip of pubic hair shone brightly in the morning sun through the window. It was slightly matted from the previous night’s lovemaking.

‘God, she is gorgeous,’ Mark thought. ‘I can’t believe I’m lying here next to this exquisite being.’

His fingers traced down her flat tummy to her bellybutton. He teased round it before descending lower. His fingers stopped to caress the golden hairs. He played with them before moving lower to her closed pussy. Michelle didn’t have large inner labia and her cunt closed up like a clam when not excited. Mark traced the fingernail of his forefinger along the two sides of her mons. He marveled at the feel before taking her right nipple between his teeth where his tongue could tease it.

‘This ought to wake her,’ he thought, his finger now running the line of her gash.

Michelle did stir and open her eyes. Mark stopped his tormenting of her now stiff right nipple to look up into her face. Her beautiful blue eyes were catching the light from the window.

He stared down at her, smiling, “God, you’re beautiful.”

“That’s a nice thing to hear upon waking,” Michelle replied with a weary smile.

Michelle glanced down at her exposed body, feeling a slight chill. Her wet and distended nipple told her what he had been up to. In fact, his right hand was still caressing the folds of her pussy. She also noticed his stiff cock as it pressed into her right hip.

“What’re you after, big boy?” Michelle queried with a smile.

“You, the lovely fair princess,” Mark stated jokingly.

“What do you have in mind?” Michelle asked, acting all innocent and captive.

“This,” Mark said and he shifted up and over her. His cock left a snail trail of pre-cum across her upper thigh as he moved.

“Oh, do you aim to stick that big penis inside my tiny pussy, sir?”

“I do indeed, Taksim escort woman. Now prepare to be taken,” Mark demanded playfully.

He moved to spread her legs apart with his own but she made it easy for him by doing it herself. He pushed the wet head of his cock into her slit and rubbed it up and down. His cockhead spread her lips apart. She was a bit dry for immediate penetration but he eased in slowly just the same. He found her cunt entrance and pressed down. Once she opened a little, the still moistness of their evening’s lovemaking allowed him to sink into her without causing her much discomfort.

“Oh, geez,” Michelle moaned as Mark pressed his cock deeper inside. “You feel like a battering ram.”

“You feel incredibly tight, babe,” Mark growled.

“Take it slow, Mark.”


He could still hear the now louder noises from next door. So could Kendall as she woke with a sore backside. The thoughts of Kyle fucking her poor little asshole the previous night made her cringe with the memory. That had been one painful but then ultimately pleasureful experience. She wasn’t in any hurry to try it again though. She wondered if the noise from above was Stef fulfilling her part of the agreed plan by taking it in the ass now too.

Kendall got up to go to the bathroom. Kyle stirred as she got out of bed. He watched her cute ass walk into the master bath nearby. Kendall returned from the bathroom to find Kyle sitting up in bed.

“I see you’re awake.”

“Yeah…and enjoying the view,” Kyle quipped as he stared at her cute naked body.

“You are, huh?” Kay said with a smile.

“Definitely,” Kyle replied.

“How about you get up and walk around so I can check you out,” Kendall stated as she climbed back into bed smiling.

“Okay,” Kyle said and swung out of bed.

Kendall watched his back as he walked towards the bathroom too. He was fairly tall and lean and Kay admired his tight butt as he walked. She soon heard the telling noise of his peeing in the toilet. When Kyle returned, she smiled and watched his flaccid cock sway as he walked back.

“See something you like?” Kyle questioned with a smile, climbing back into the bed.

“Most definitely,” Kendall responded, and then squealed as Kyle climbed on top of her.

“What might that be?” Kyle teased as his cock dragged up her body from her pussy to between her tits.

Kendall looked at the very close penis as she answered, “I think this.” Her hand grabbed the hanging appendage and rubbed it against her nipple.

Kyle pulled back a little to kiss her. Kay’s hand stayed on his dick as they passionately kissed. Kyle eventually broke the kiss but immediately sucked in one her firming nipples making Kendall moan aloud. ‘Oh, that feels so good,’ she thought. ‘I’m going to get him hard so he can fuck me again.’

‘What a tasty little tidbit,’ Kyle mused, as he sucked the distended bud. He moaned into her breast as her hand stroked his expanding cock.

Kendall trying to direct his stiff cock towards her waiting pussy and Kyle got the idea. He shifted just enough to align himself for penetration. Kay opened her labia with her free hand and positioned the cockhead at her entrance. She gasped aloud as he thrust forward burying the first few inches of his cock in her aroused, wet cunt.

“Oh, that’s it, Kyle. Fuck me good. Fuck me hard,” Kendall cried out.

Kyle knew that Kendall occasionally liked it rough. She enjoyed a good pounding and after last night’s activities he probably had the stamina to give it to her. He plunged forward, sinking several more inches into her depths.

“Oh, so good. Oh, fuck. Do me, big boy. Fuck your tight little whore,” Kay growled.

“Take this, bitch,” Kyle announced before shoving forward hard. His cock drove to the root.

“Oh, shit,” Kendall gasped aloud. “Ahh…do it! Fuck me like your wanton whore,” she shrieked.

Kyle started pounding into her. His cock pushed her tight pussy walls aside and ground deep into her womb. She could feel him hitting alternately her g-spot and her cervix as he alternated thrusts. One made her moan with pleasure and the other made her groan with discomfort, but both drove her crazy. Her long legs wrapped around his hips encouraging him to fuck her even harder which he did.

“Oh, god,” Kay squealed. “Do it, baby. Pound that pussy.”

The bed was squeaking so badly now they could no longer hear the noises from the rooms above. If they had all known they might have been amused by the closeness of their pending orgasms.

Stef was bouncing like crazy now. She had slowed down several times to almost a stop as they both had neared orgasm. Now, neither one could handle prolonging it any longer. They were riding a sexual frenzy that had to come to a crashing end. Cole watched Stef with her head back and her firm tits jiggling. She looked beautiful. Her pale skin was flushed red from the long exertion. Sweat glistened on her body as she rode him like a rodeo rider. Her legs ached from the constant up and down but it did not stop her from taking long strokes on the big cock. She would take him deep on each thrust and occasionally grind her sex against his. She rocked back and forth and rolled her hips to do marvelous things to his cock.

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