Chloe and Allen Ch. 02

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Chloe and Allen Ch. 02 (Chloe and Allen peek and show more)

This is entirely fiction. All characters are 18 or older.

There are daddy/daughter themes throughout this story. If that’s not your thing, you may want to move on.

This is Chapter 2. I recommend reading Chapter 1 first.

Note this is also a slow build. No couple paragraphs of exposition followed by pages of sex scene here. Go elsewhere on this site for that. In the end, this is probably more of a love story. One I hope you enjoy. Since this is my first-ever story, constructive feedback is most welcome! Emphasis on “constructive,” of course. Here we go…

The tension was building, separately, for both of them. Chloe and Allen both had erotic feelings for each other but hadn’t acknowledged them. Well, out loud, at least. Certainly not to each other. Certainly not in words. But they continued to play the games they played, flashing and peeking, and they continued to never break the spell by admitting that either one was doing so. One of the problems for Chloe, of course, was that Allen was her father. One of the problems for Allen was that Chloe was his only, precious daughter.

How it all began for Chloe the voyeur

Chloe woke well rested. She was slightly confused but mostly excited after yesterday’s adventures with her Daddy. She slowly brought her left hand to her breast over her Daddy’s t-shirt she was wearing and the other hand down between her legs, slipping inside the loose legs of her sleep shorts to rub herself over her blue-panty clad pussy. These shorts and her panties were what started it all yesterday. She caressed herself lightly while pinching her sensitive left nipple. She groaned quietly as her right hand strayed across her pussy to the right edge of her panties, moving beyond the pink lace edge to the sensitive area where her leg met her groin. “My Daddy touched me here last night,” she thought dreamily to herself and traced her fingers up and down along the path his fingers had followed. She shuddered and smiled at the memory. Those hands she had always loved to hold. Those hands that gave the best shoulder massages or “foots and calves.” And now…the fingers that excited her a bit. He only did it once. She wondered if she could get him to do it again.

But today’s main experiment was a different type. Chloe stopped caressing herself as she remembered her next research project required that she not be already excited. She had felt her Daddy’s hard penis under her last night and had seen the huge wet spot their play had caused in his shorts. She wondered if she could find a way to see his penis in the flesh (“pun intended,” she giggled to herself). It was a purely scientific desire, certainly, to answer the question of whether seeing it would cause her to get excited without any other stimuli in play.

But how? She hadn’t ever seen her Daddy’s naked penis before. But of course, she hadn’t been trying. There were times, naturally, she could tell it was there in his pants or shorts, especially if they were soft or loose and he had a little swing going. But she had never given it much thought. There may have even been opportunities to see something more, but she had never looked. She was sure going to start paying more attention now!

Chloe knew her Daddy slept naked. The master bathroom had the best shower, so everyone in the family used it. Many times, she had gone to or from her shower while he was sleeping or sitting in bed reading. Any visible arm, leg, or torso never had clothes. Would it be as easy as just peeking into her Mommy’s and Daddy’s bedroom? She might as well start there. In bare feet so she didn’t make too much noise, she crept out of her room and down the hall to the bedroom where she was made 18+ years ago.

She crept up to the closed double doors of the bedroom. She listened a moment and heard no noise. How would she get a peek in? She considered her options carefully and decided she could pretend she was going to take a shower. She went back and grabbed her towel from her room and tossed it over her shoulder. She decided to ease the door open in case she was lucky enough to find him sleeping with her target exposed. If he was awake and saw her, she could just pretend she was going slowly so as not to wake him. She’d then be committed to taking a shower, but so be it! She turned the right doorknob carefully and eased the door open. She knew that door would give her the correct angle to see toward her Daddy’s side of the bed. She first saw crumpled sheets, and as she opened the door more, she discovered…and empty bed. Of course it wouldn’t be that easy! She opened the door the rest of the way and stepped into the bedroom.

That’s when she noticed the master bathroom light on through the slightly-open door at the end of the bedroom wall to her right. She looked around to be sure she was alone (she wasn’t bursa eskort sure where either parent was at this point) and crept toward the bathroom door. As she silently reached the open door she peeked through…and nearly shrieked!

Allen had woken up after a fitful night’s sleep. He was hoping for a clearer mind in the morning after a good rest, to put the previous day’s unintentionally erotic adventures with his daughter into perspective. What he woke to instead was a painful staff of morning wood. Had he remained super hard all night? Last night had gotten him harder than ever before, but he decided not to jerk off out of respect for the fact that the erection was caused by his daughter and his illicit though very exciting views of her. It seemed that particular consideration could no longer continue. He had to relieve the intense pressure that had built up and apparently stayed with him all night! Afterward, he could think more rationally about what had happened yesterday and what to do about it.

Allen reached down and grabbed his hard cock in his right hand. He noticed there was already a wet spot on the sheets. Had he leaked overnight? Probably, as heated as he was. As he stroked down and up once, a large amount of pre-cum leaked out the tip and coated his helmet and fingers. Wow! This wasn’t going to take long at all. To avoid making a mess in bed, he quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom. He flipped the light on and gave a half-hearted swing to close the door with his left hand. His concentration was on the immense pleasure he was feeling in his cock as he stroked it. Unbidden but not unexpected, the scenes from yesterday entered into his mental theater. He closed his eyes to give a darker background to the sexy visions and gave in to the temptation to jerk off to erotic images and memories of his own daughter, crossing a line he had hoped to avoid but clearly could not. He stroked to the initial vision of her pink panties on the couch. He leaked pre-cum and spread it up and down his rock-hard shaft to the sight of her fully-exposed, panty-clad crotch in her bed, the panties slipped slightly inside her delicious (how would he know? presumably delicious, then) pussy slit. He nearly came upon recalling the view of her lacy bra holding her perfect breasts with their nearly-visible areolas and nipples.

He heard a noise on the other side of the bathroom door. His eyes sprung open, and he saw an eye at the crack where he had unintentionally left the door open. Someone was watching him! Who? There were only two possibilities, and it certainly wouldn’t be Kathy. Wait, Kathy wasn’t even home. It had to be Chloe! What was she doing there? More importantly, what was he going to do about it? In the brief moments it took to realize and then assess his situation, he decided to do nothing and continue as he was. He was too far gone to care, and there was no way he could stop at this point, anyway. Maybe she would go away. Maybe she was there on purpose…could it be possible? Very unlikely. He cracked his eyes open a slit to look out the door again, so his secret watcher wouldn’t realize he knew she was there. His daughter’s beautiful, green, curious eye was still there, focused on his cock. Holy fuck, he was masturbating to thoughts of his daughter, and now that same daughter was watching him do it! Fuck. Fuck! FUCK! That was too much. He closed his eyes tightly as all the visions slammed into his head at once, everything from yesterday piled together with the one beautiful, green eye through the door. He pumped hard and strong one more time and began gushing the most intense orgasm of his entire existence. The first release reached completely over the sink in front of him and splattered on the mirror. It wasn’t until the third spurt that his jism started going into the sink. As he kept stroking, he continued to cum hard, and his legs started getting weak. He held onto the counter with his left hand as he pumped several more times and then, at last, eased out the final few strokes as his right hand finally finished emptying his balls into the sink. That had felt freaking amazing! Breathing hard, he opened his eyes and looked at the door.

There was nobody there. He opened the door and looked into the master bedroom. It was empty. Did he imagine being watched? Doubtful. Whoever was there (It had to be Chloe. But why? Was she horrified?) had left at some point before or during his lengthy orgasm. The post-orgasm doubts and guilt then hit. More like slammed into him. He cleaned up his prodigious mess and got back into bed to consider his circumstances.

OMG, thought Chloe, that’s it! Daddy’s cock was right there in front of her! And it was hard! And he was…OMG he was stroking it! Not only did Chloe catch a view of her Daddy’s penis, she caught it hard and wondrous and in her Daddy’s own warm hand as he stroked it. And it was beautiful indeed! She stared intensely bursa escort bayan at his gorgeous penis. “His cock,” she thought. “Especially when this hard, it’s a cock!” It was leaking pre-cum and her Daddy was spreading it all along the length of it as he stroked his amazing cock. She suddenly looked up at his face realizing she might get caught, but he fortunately had his eyes closed. She stared one more time at his cock, burning the image into her memory. She wanted to be able to pull up that image forever! Then she quietly slipped away. As she was almost out the bedroom door, she heard a satisfied groan from her Daddy and wondered if he was cumming. She smiled that he was happy and quietly closed the door and ran back to her room. She closed her own door and jumped under her covers.

Chloe slowly rose in her bed and sat, propped up against her pillow. Success! Another experiment was a complete success. “Maybe I should become a scientist,” she giggled to herself. She was surprised how easy it was to catch a glimpse of her Daddy’s penis, since she had never seen it before. She hoped it was that easy in the future, she realized, as she now definitely wanted to see it again. It was so amazing! So perfect, as she knew it would be. The length, the girth, the veins, the color, the gorgeous helmet at the top. Even his balls hanging in their sack. She realized in hindsight that he was completely shaven down there. Yikes! Not even she completely shaved. She idly wondered why and knew she’d seek to find out. She wanted to see it all again, whenever she could, as much as she could. She found herself wondering if she could find a way to see her Daddy cum. She had probably just missed that opportunity! She hoped there’d be others. She also wondered what it would look like in all its states. She bet it would still be beautiful to her when soft instead of hard and at any stage of excitement in between. She vowed to herself to find out all those things. But she couldn’t let her Daddy know she was pursuing such views! She had no idea how he would react, and she didn’t want to cause him any stress or strain just for her own enjoyment. She loved him too much for that. She would need to be sneaky…and observant.

As the final part of her research, the main purpose of the experiment, she reached down to her panty-covered crotch. As she knew they would be given the exhilaration she felt, her panties were once again completely soaked! Therefore, the scientific conclusion of her research was that yes, indeed, her Daddy’s penis did excite her all on its own, independent of the separate excitement she felt when exposing herself to him. In such a short time, she had discovered many avenues to erotic excitement associated with her Daddy. And she couldn’t make him aware of any of them! She hoped she could continue with some of the fun of both types without driving her Daddy or herself too crazy.

She sat back more comfortably against the pillow as her hand continued to stroke her soaked, blue panties while she thought about all the exciting things she had experienced “with” her Daddy since yesterday. She pulled the panties aside with her left hand, as she dove into her pussy with her right. She was so wet! She licked her juicy fingers (yum!) and stuck one, then two of them deep into her pussy as she pumped in and out, her pussy slurping at her fingers as she did. She wondered what her Daddy’s cock would feel like in there. But she immediately shut that thought down! That was impossible. It was enough to make her gush a bit more, though, and she slurped the delicious excess off her fingers and then attacked her clit, furiously rubbing herself to a shattering orgasm, with visions of her Daddy’s beautiful cock in her mind’s eye. She continued rubbing through three separate aftershocks and finally stopped, spent.

When she finally came down off the peak, she removed her panties and used what little dry sections were left to wipe herself clean. She gave the inside of the crotch a lick and sucked at her yummy juices there before tossing the pair into the hamper on top of her soaked, pink panties from yesterday. Chloe realized she had gotten yet another pair of panties very wet. “Maybe I should just stop wearing them,” she giggled to herself jokingly, as she pulled on her third pair of panties in under 24 hours. She was fairly selective in her choice of what to wear.

How it all began for Allen the exhibitionist

Allen sat in bed considering his fate. He was still naked, and his traitorous dick was finally soft. He thought long and hard about everything that had happened. Was he the worst father ever? He loved is daughter so much, and he definitely never wanted to harm her. He had read studies of curious daughters seeing their fathers naked, and the conclusion was it could be healthy if there was no sexual intent or abuse involved. görükle escort But those stories were of much younger girls in incidental situations. (Then there were also family nudists whose lifestyle seemed completely healthy to Allen.) The tales were definitely not of an 18-year-old young woman and her father. But he thought back to everything that happened and couldn’t detect the harm, both in him seeing her panties and in her seeing his dick, though the jury was still out on that one. He was still pretty sure Chloe wasn’t aware of how much she was on display, but he thought it might be more embarrassing to point it out to her. He would have to be sure he paid attention that it didn’t occur in the wrong situations, assuming it even happened again at all.

Then there was her eye at the bathroom door. He hadn’t done anything to make that happen. Why was she there? Was she now freaked out? Horrified? He would have to see what her reaction was as they eventually met up with each other downstairs for breakfast. He knew his wife had gone out for her usual Sunday breakfast with her girlfriends, so breakfast at home was going to be just him and his precious baby girl.

He realized he could still think of her as his precious baby girl. That was something!

Maybe he could see if he sensed anything awry at breakfast. And if not, perhaps he could test the waters to see if she might have looked intentionally. Or might want to again. He definitely didn’t want to call her out on it if she was looking! He’d just have to be aware of her reactions. Maybe he could somehow engineer an optional display, where she would have to choose to position herself to see anything. It was time to go eat.

Chloe could smell the bacon from the kitchen all the way up in her room with the door closed. Mmmm! Bacon! Yay, Sunday breakfast! Daddy usually made them breakfast on Sundays, and it was always delicious! Her favorite was his special scrambled eggs and bacon. (She didn’t think he did anything different to make them. She just thought of them as “special” because he was the one making them.)

She put her shoulder-length brown hair into a messy bun and bounced down to the kitchen in his t-shirt and the same shorts from last night. She also wore the same lacy bra, which had immediately become her new favorite, and her selected pair of panties.

She came up behind her Daddy at the stove, yelled “incoming!” and leapt onto his back. She wrapped her arms around his neck from behind and pulled her knees up onto his hips in a reverse bear hug.

“Whoa! Hot stove!” her Daddy laughed as be backed away from the counter. Oops! She hadn’t really thought about that in her joy at seeing him, so it’s a good thing he didn’t burn anything! He reached down and grabbed the underside of each bare leg to hold her up on his back and spun her around in circles in the kitchen. She kissed him repeatedly on the back of his neck and shoulders and squealed as she flew around the room on her Daddy ride. He always smelled so good! They had been doing this since before she could remember. Fortunately, she was petite enough, and he was strong enough that they still could.

For his part, Allen always loved when he was pounced on by Chloe. And he convinced himself it was perfectly reasonable that he now noticed the smoothness of her strong, supple legs in his hands and the soft cushions against his back that were her two perfect breasts, separated from him only by two of his t-shirts and presumably a bra.

Chloe was finally let down lightly to the floor and swiftly moved to her Daddy’s front and aimed a finger at his belly. “Poke!” she giggled and attacked. Her Daddy took a step as if to chase her, and she ran away giggling with glee. Then he headed back to the stove and asked with a chuckle that he be allowed to prevent breakfast from burning. That seemed like a good idea, so she left him alone. For now.

Chloe sat down at the kitchen table with an adoring smile and watched her Daddy’s strong back as he put the finishing touches on breakfast. She loved him so! Then she had an idea and pulled her chair away from the table a bit, so she was facing him almost directly, turned slightly to the left so her right side was a hair toward him. She raised her right leg and put her foot on the chair. She rested her chin on her right knee, in what she hoped looked like a nonchalant pose. Then she reached between her legs to check and adjust just how much of a gap was being created there and separated her legs a little. She calmed her breathing as best she could. Just a little tease, to gauge his reaction on this new day.

At the counter, Allen was almost finished with the scrambled eggs and bacon feast, and he turned off the stove. As he began plating the food, he reflected on Chloe’s attitude this morning. She was just as bubbly, carefree, fun, and loving as always, if not more so! So, seemingly no damage was done. And like him, she clearly didn’t want to talk about anything that happened, to the extent she was aware of any of what occurred. She didn’t even seem ready to talk about the bathroom incident, which he took as a clear sign he shouldn’t raise it either and embarrass her.

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