Chloe Discovers SPH Ch. 05

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Greg had a tough time concentrating on work this week. The scenes he had experienced with Chloe last weekend played out in his mind over and over again. He felt he was becoming increasingly attracted to her, physically, but also mentally.

If he was honest with himself, he actually knew he was the submissive type, at least when it came to sex. He liked it when the woman took control, he enjoyed it when his partner told him where to go in bed.

However, none of his dates or his ex-girlfriends had ever awakened this hidden vein in him. It certainly had something to do with his appearance. He was indeed 6″5′ and exercised a lot. His body was athletic and fit, with broad shoulders and quite muscular. Any of his former partners or bed mates automatically assumed he was an alpha male. He had neither the will nor the clear realization that it was not the case. Or, at any rate, he repressed it. His sex life was therefore very vanilla, he mostly assumed the missionary position on top. It was ok, but he didn’t like it very much, if he was completely honest. And his female partners probably felt the same way. Because eventually, most of his relationships turned out to be very oral as far as sex was concerned. Greg just liked licking his partner more than actually fucking. And he was a devoted, persistent pussy licker. He liked everything about it, the smell (most of the time, anyway), the feel and taste on his tongue, and the reactions he could elicit with just his tongue.

It could happen (though rarely) that he didn’t like the smell or taste of a partner’s pussy. Then the sex life was doomed to failure. But if he liked the taste, if she tasted sweet and aromatic at the same time, if the pussy juice first flowed out of her transparently and then, with increasing arousal, finally oozed out of her thick and creamy, then he was in paradise.

Visual characteristics of the pussy could also increase his arousal. True, even expansive big pussies with labia literally hanging out could sometimes excite him. But for this he had to be in an especially submissive mood. His perfect pussy, however, was somewhat compact, small, clearly defined.

Chloe’s pussy combined all the qualities he loved. She was like coming directly out of a perfectionist manga comic, rather small and neat in general, but Anadolu Yakası Escort with full labia protruding just as much as needed, a cute little clit covered by soft skin and all this in a light to dark pink that was just made to be licked and would attract anyone’s tongue, certainly Greg’s. And she tasted like honey to him. Since she had that basic sweet smell, Greg didn’t mind licking her after a long day at work either. He knew that underneath what might have been the salty smell of the day, the sweetest ambrosia was waiting for him.

He also enjoyed the position he was in during this service. Lying between a woman’s legs was definitely the best position for a sub. It played perfectly with his submissive nature. She was in control, able to close her thighs and restrain and dominate his head and mouth, taking his breath away. The pussy had the power, his mouth was only the servant. This pussy that usually served other daily needs of its owner, forced the man’s mouth to open, to surrender and receive and lick up. This feeling of submission was incredibly intense and always even increased when Greg looked up from this position. On Friday he could see Chloe’s face from there above her still clothed flat belly and aroused breasts, her satisfaction, that grin. It was driving Greg absolutely crazy.

God, how he had enjoyed this last Friday night!

But that was not all his thoughts rummaged about. What bothered him even more, and to this day, was the nervousness about his dick. He knew, of course, that he had a small dick. To be exact, it was 4.2 inches, under perfect conditions. Every guy knows his size. And if he doesn’t know it, he is lying. In the locker rooms at school and university, Greg had always seen the other guys showering, with their dicks already bigger in the soft state than his when fully aroused.

He had always been nervous about this in the past too, but his former sex partners made little fuss about it. They were quite indifferent to this “problem”. Perhaps they didn’t care, or they enjoyed oral intercourse, or they wanted to avoid the embarrassment of making it an issue. It remained a taboo. So did his submissiveness.

Not so Chloe. Greg wasn’t sure, but it seemed like she kept alluding to it. And she even seemed to enjoy it. On Kurtköy Escort their very first night, she had told him straight to the face that she thought he was a sub. How could she have known that? It had been very embarrassing for Greg. Could she see it in his eyes, or from his behaviour? How embarrassing was it if any woman on the street could see immediately that he was not an alpha male, but willing to get on his knees in front of any pussy?

On top of that, there were her innocent allusions to his size. Was it really a coincidence that she always said penis, and never dick or cock? He wondered if he had ever heard her talk about other guys and what word she had used there. He couldn’t remember for sure, though.

And what was it about that Korean lesson he had gotten. Was it really just a nicety that she wanted to tell him what they called dicks in her native language? “Little Brother,” he had almost sunk to the floor in shame. Or rather, he almost came when she uttered this while holding his hard-on in her hand.

Finally, the incident that made him lose it. Chloe and the revelation of her teenage boy fetish and her order for him to completely shave his private parts for next time. Even the expression alone was so embarrassing, teenage boy. She had briefly explained to him Friday night that this was because the first penis (yeah she had said penis, hadn’t she?) she had ever seen in real life had been completely hairless. She had been sixteen at the time and had gotten the door wrong in the swimming pool locker room. When she opened the door to the men’s shower, she saw this teenage boy standing in front of her completely naked. That incident had aroused her for days at that time and had stayed in her mind to this day.

And again, Chloe’s explanation was quite innocuous and referred only to the hairlessness, not the size. But how big could this boy have been? Was her fetish just the hairlessness or the lack of size or both? Or had she just made the whole thing up?

All of this was driving Greg crazy.

It was Wednesday night now and he still thought about all that when he decided to do the shaving finally. The very thought excited him, and he imagined how it would look like. He sat down on the toilet to relieve himself and started checking the Pendik Escort news on his phone.

“Oh damnit. Shit,” Greg looked between his legs and quickly pushed his dick down. He had just let a stream of pee gush onto and over the toilet seat to the front wetting his legs and underpants. Hastily he took some toilet paper to wipe up the mess. “This could really only happen to me.” And he was probably right. Where most dicks would at least tend to point downward even if erect, it had happened to him more than once that when he was hard and not paying attention, he aimed too far up. “Small dick problems, oh man” he thought.

“Now for the shave, really,” he was determined to get it done tonight. His pubic hair was always trimmed, but he usually preferred to keep some, since it looked more masculine. But he didn’t want to be a killjoy, and he absolutely didn’t want to disappoint Chloe.

He first applied shaving cream and then, with careful strokes of his wet razor, began to free his little man. It certainly helped that he was already rock hard again. Of course, the situation excited him, virtually on Chloe’s command, to carry out an order that robbed him of a certain part of his masculinity.

Little by little, his squeaky-clean little guy emerged. The hardest part was the balls, Greg was especially careful here. Cutting oneself while shaving was both easily done and terribly uncomfortable, especially in this region.

When Greg was done, he used a gentle skin lotion to soothe the skin. He was smart enough not to apply his after shave. He looked up and into the large mirror in his bathroom.

What a sight! He liked his body. Tall in stature, steeled from countless hours in the gym, nice muscles, broad shoulders, well-defined chest, and abs. Greg was even a fan of leg day, his thighs were shapely and fit too. “I’m really quite a handsome guy,” he grinned to himself, in fact he should be confident enough to approach any woman he wanted. If only there wasn’t that one detail.

His gaze focused on his midsection. There he stood now, a proud 4.2 inches at attention, pointing back at Greg. Why was he still so hard? He felt more naked than usual, with no pubic hair, the last of his visual protection had gone. Not only naked, but embarrassed.

He wondered what would happen that weekend. Surely, he would meet Chloe. What was she up to? Would she come back to the dick topic? Part of him hoped not; another part of him longed for it.

Again, he looked down at himself. It really looked like the dick of a 14-year-old: clean, polite, harmless, small.

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