Christmas at the Club

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The music from my club thumped beneath us, an animalistic beat to match the mood hanging thick in the air of my executive suite. The mother and daughter stood out on the balcony, talking quietly to each other. That was when they might back out, but they wouldn’t. The girl was nervous, but she was excited too, and the mother… the mother wanted this as much as I did.

In the glow of the Christmas tree’s twinkling colored lights, I leaned back on the wide leather couch and took a long sip of my Mortlach, closing my eyes for a moment with the pleasure of anticipation. It had been a long, long week, and I was ready for this release. But if it didn’t happen with the pair, there was an elevator close by I could take to an entire club full of women ready to be fucked.

They came in, the girl giggling. Twenty-one, as of two weeks ago. This was her mother’s joint birthday and Christmas gift to her, a weekend trip including a night at my club. Not cheap, and not easy to get through the door. You had to be a ten, and that’s what these two were. The mother was an actress, Latina and excruciatingly sexual, her body screaming sin and her face a strong-jawed stunning blend of sultry and sweet. The daughter had curves too, but her body was still more nice than naughty, with fairer skin and bigger doe eyes. She was on her way to Internet fame as an influencer, and this was part of that. Her social media stats would shoot to super stardom here, taking pics with her mother and some of the world’s most notable A-listers and influencers.

But that’s not why they were up there, in my executive suite two floors above the club proper. They were there because I wanted them to be. They were up here knowing what was going to happen. What they were about to be involved in. And now they were up here, ready to be fucked.

Mother and daughter came to me. I was already nude, and the daughter eyed my muscles and my stiffening prick appreciatively.

“Strip,” I said softly.

There was no hesitation, only shyness. The mother was dressed in a curve-hugging plunging blue dress, the daughter a mini-skirt and a thin-strapped crop top that ended well north of her lean abs. Both of them were in heels, of course. It’s not required in the club but it may as well be.

The heels came off first for the girl, and she was obviously relieved about that. The mother kept hers on, giving her an inch over her daughter. On purpose, maybe, a subconscious power play for dominance. I paid it no mind. The mother turned the daughter so her butt was facing her. The daughter giggled nervously as her mother ran her hands over her ass. They were doing much more touching down on the club floor, but that was a show to get my attention when they saw me. This was for real.

“Look at you, baby,” the mother cooed, running her long red nails over her daughter’s ass. “So beautiful. So grown-up.”

“Mommy,” the twenty-one-year-old whispered, her voice throaty and full of long-held need. The mother’s lips parted and she mouthed the word in stunned disbelief. Mommy. I took it this was not a term the girl used often with her.

I stroked my cock lazily as the mother slowly knelt, drawing down a zipper on the girl’s skirt. The young woman’s ass was perfectly accentuated by a navy-blue thong — no way to hide anything more than that under that tight skirt. There was a tattoo on her right cheek, a pair of red lips, and the mother planted her mouth right there, kissing her daughter’s ass with more of a tender fondness than an overtly sexual gesture. But that would come.

Then she kissed the other cheek and rose. Her hands went to her daughter’s waist and she twisted her, the two of them staring into each other’s eyes as the mother lifted the daughter’s crop top up and over breasts I didn’t have pegged as being so big. But they were that, leaving me thirsty for darker things. I imagined the daughter resting over the mother, feeding her a tit dripping with her milk. That would be one of the few taboos I’d never experienced before with anyone at the club, and the thought made me stroke myself faster.

“Are you both on the pill?” I asked.

The mother and the daughter looked at each other. “Go ahead, honey,” the mother said. Her hand trailed down her daughter’s back. “There’s nothing to be shy about.”

The daughter blushed. “No,” she whispered. “I could get pregnant.”

“Same,” the mother said.

Fuck. Me.

I thought about the condoms in every end table in the condo. I thought about the stash in a glass bowl in the bedroom adjoining the living space we were in. I thought about them, and I decided to ignore them. It wouldn’t be the first children I had from my nightly fun, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. I loved the idea of knocking them up. Breeding them. I’d fuck a kid into every attractive available woman in the world if I could, and I was certainly giving it one hell of a try.


The mother’s lips parted at that and the daughter squirmed. Her mother took the girl’s face in her Lefkoşa Escort hands but didn’t kiss her yet. They were still shy, or maybe they were teasing this out for my pleasure. Either way, the crackling moment transformed, and the young woman reached around her mother’s back, finding the zipper for the dress and slowly easing it down as her mother did for her with the skirt. No bra, but there were pasties over the mother’s nipples. No panties either, I discovered a moment later, and the daughter for a moment was just two inches from her mother’s waxed pussy, her eyes huge as she took it in.

“We’re really going to…” she breathed.

“Anything you want, honey,” her mother said, nearly as softly. I don’t think the girl was the only nervous one in the room, though the mother hid it well. They were desperate for each other but neither of them was willing to be the one to cross that divide and have their heart broken in case the other suddenly changed their mind.

I eased the tension by saying, “Beautiful, both of you. Come here.” The girl started to stand up but I held up a finger. “On your knees.”

The mother giggled, a sweeter, darker imitation of her daughter’s, and she was down on her knees in a flash, joining her beloved. I wondered as they crawled forward who they were before this, who the father was, where they were from, and most of all what might have brought them to this. They didn’t seem hurt or broken, just madly in love and on the cusp of making that a reality. Their shyness was intoxicating, though visions of them together began to fill my brain, and I had so many plans for them before this weekend was through.

“You are with me the rest of this weekend,” I said.

They looked at each other again, then the mother said, “Yes sir.” Her daughter seemed surprised at that but her mother reached behind her and pinches her bottom and she yelped it too. “Yes sir!”

Just inches from my cock, they fell into mad fits, holding each other. I smiled too, my stern, uncaring façade momentarily cracked.

The mother was eager for me and greedy, and took my root in one hand while she sucked my tip. Dark hair falls across her eyes and I brushed it back. Didn’t want to miss those deep browns consuming me. Her daughter watched, lips parted, and breathed, “You’re sucking a man… right in front of me.”

“Mm hm,” her mother said, and sucked me harder for just a moment, her cheeks hollowing. Then she popped off me with a flourish and held me towards her daughter. “Want a taste?”

“Yessss,” the young woman moaned, and gobbled me down, her eyes on my cleanly -shaven groin as she focused on swallowing inch by inch of me. She couldn’t take much, but she eagerly bobbed up and down on what she could.

“Urk urk urk,” she said happily.

Her mother chuckled and stroked her daughter’s back. “That’s so sexy, sweetheart. I love watching you with a man’s dick in your mouth.”

“Mmmmm!” the daughter moaned, and came off me with a nice imitation of her mom’s earlier popping sound. The older woman took right over, diving down on my cock and taking me deep into her mouth, working my first four inches before drawing a deep breath through her nose and dropping even further until her throat was filled with me. The daughter nuzzled her mother’s shoulder. “Oh wow, Mom, that’s crazy. You’re taking so much of him.”

The older woman held me a few seconds longer, then finally rushed off me to gasp for air, leaving my cockhead drizzled with her spit. Her daughter leaned down to lick it up. Her mother took one of her hands and guided it to my prick.

“Use my spit to jack him off while you’re sucking him.”

“Okay,” her daughter said around me. She rocked on her knees as she sucked my first couple inches and stroked my length. Her thong disappeared down into the crack of her ass and her mother caught me looking. She grinned and hooked a finger into her daughter’s panties. Her girl pulled away from me, helping tug them down and lifting first one leg and then the other to get them down her legs. Her mother pulled them free of her feet and stared at her daughter’s ass and pussy for a moment.

“God, honey, you’re so beautiful,” she breathed.

The young woman shivered pleasantly as her mother’s hand trailed her leg and her hip on her way back to us. When she reached her daughter’s ass, she squeezed, and looked towards the Christmas tree, a faraway look to her eyes. She whispered something under her breath, something that wasn’t for me, and traveled the rest of the way, stopping to kiss her daughter’s back, shoulder, and her cheek stuffed full of my cock.

“Let’s lick him together,” the mother said.

Her daughter popped off me again and grinned. “Okay.”

They got on either side of my dick, and ran their tongues along my sides. “Fuuuuck,” I moaned, gripping fistfuls of their hair. They traveled up and down me at different speeds, the young woman more eager, the older taking her time, her eyes never leaving her Girne Escort daughter’s.

This was not my first threesome, far from it. But it was the most intensely hot scene that had ever played out in this room, the air thick with a charge unlike any I’d ever felt before. A mother. A daughter. The ultimate taboo. A very merry Christmas to me.

Like that, I was going to come in no time. My moans excited them, and they licked faster, the woman moaning now too. She had her hand between her legs, playing with her clit and her thick lips. Her daughter pulled away for a moment, watching, her eyes glassy and dazed.

“Oh fuck. You’re playing with yourself.”

“Call me Mommy again,” her mother panted.

“Mommy, you’re playing with yourself,” the young woman said, her voice going higher.

“Oh fuck, ohhhh,” the mother said, and licked at my cock faster, matching her daughter’s pace. They neared my tip at the same time and neither of them backed away, kissing at the end of my cock. Their eyes held as they both froze, taking in the enormity of the moment, like the moon crashing not just into the Earth, but right through their living room. But the momentary hesitation didn’t last long. Their lips crashed together, tongues and lips in a mad dance as the twenty-one-year-old clutched at her mother’s head, moaning into her mouth.

I was temporarily forgotten about. That was fine by me. The show was something else, and I jerked my cock to it, hard, fast strokes. Pre-come glistened on my tip, and combined with the pair’s messy blowjob, I had plenty of lube as they made out, hands all over each other, their faces, their shoulders, their tits.

“Oh, oh fuck, we’re doing this, we’re really doing this,” the mother said.

“Mm hm, oh God, I’ve thought about you so many nights…”

“Same baby, I know it’s wrong, I know-“

“I don’t care, I love you, I love you, Mom…”

Blood roared in my ears and I needed attention, now. I stood, and they turned to me, a look of something like guilt on the young woman’s face. I brought my cock to her lips and pushed in, shoving deep and gripping the back of her head.

“URK!” she cried out, and just as fast, I pulled free, using her mother the same way as her daughter kissed her cheek, her neck. I alternated fast between them, shoving deep, never staying for long. The mother could damn near take every inch of me, the daughter only a few inches, but now I knew what I wanted for Christmas, and it was them. I wanted that slutty young woman bouncing on my cock in my office when I needed a distraction from budgets. I wanted her dick-hungry mother on her knees when I came into the condo, ready to swallow me just like this. A laundry list of women with names you wouldn’t believe walked in and out those doors, and sure, yeah, I felt something for some of them, but not like this, not this undeniable savage need within me to possess these two, to own them and break them to my every whim and fantasy.

When they weren’t sucking me they met with frantic kisses, keens of need coming from both of them. My own neared and I said, “Girls.” They looked up at me, their lips parted in a near perfect mirror of each other. I jacked my cock a few times and the mother grinned, opening wide. She glanced at her daughter and the younger woman did the same, before both of them stared up at me. I came all over their beautiful faces, their eyes closing as shot after shot of me painted them in cream.

The mother couldn’t contain herself. She twisted her head and sucked and slurped me right off her daughter’s face. At the same time, she guided her daughter down onto the thick rug, her hand at her pussy. They froze for a moment, staring at each other, then the young woman moaned, “Do it, please… please…”

Her mother did. Mindful of her long nails, she didn’t try to penetrate her daughter, but rubbed her pussy with fast, practiced swirls of her hand. Her thumb found the young woman’s clit easily, and the young woman jumped.

“Ohhhh ooooohhhhh!” she gasped. “Moooom!”

“Ah ah ah, what are you calling me tonight?” her mother teased.


“Goddamn, that’s the hottest fucking thing,” I said, going for my glass of scotch but never tearing my eyes away from the pair. I should have thought to record this, but I think that might have been going too far for them that first time. Before the weekend was done, though, I promised myself pictures and video and enough memories I would never tire of them.

They paid me no mind, face to face and not so much kissing each other as lunging for the other’s faces. Every inch of that twenty-one-year-old’s body responded to her mother’s touch, from the way her nails scraped across her mom’s back and neck, to her toes flexing and her feet lifting and settling in a wildly hypnotic rhythm. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to writhe up, down, left, or right, and tried to do them all simultaneously.

“Ohhhhh, ummmm hmm, mm hm, I’m… I’m…”

It Magosa Escort was her eyes rolling back that I’d remember most about that night. I’d seen women do that before, a lot of them, but it was usually theatrics for my benefit. That young woman had zero guile, and it was an honest reaction, one that would invade my dreams for years to come. Fuck, she was beautiful in that moment, innocence and desire all tangled up in one deliciously long orgasm.

And then she was coming down, a laugh escaping her in a staccato burst. She gripped her mother and kissed her hard. With a quick twist, she had her mother underneath her, pinning her with her legs on either side of her torso. It was the older woman’s turn to laugh, and she tried to sit up to chase her daughter’s breasts, but the younger of the two pushed her back down and dipped low, scooting backwards. Her mother’s eyes widened, and she whispered, “Oh. Oh honey…”

Her daughter shifted now, lifting her knees as her mother widened her own, and soon the young woman was bent with her lips to her mother’s mound, her ass high in the air. I drank the last of my scotch and dropped behind her. She gave me one quick look, lips parted, and then she was feasting on her mother, a quiet moan escaping her before she tasted the pussy she once came from.

I settled my tumbler down and dropped behind the young woman, needing to get back in the game now that I had my show. I widened her legs and she glanced over her shoulder as I ran my thumbs across her cheeks and spread them to bury my tongue in that sweet young cunt. And she was sweet underneath a fine sweaty fragrance, just a soft hint of honeyed soaps. My nose pressed to her bleached bud and she moaned as I licked her. For a minute, I was wild, untamed, my experience flying out the window.

Control, I tried to tell myself as I heard the mother moan from the daughter’s licking.

My dick was roaring back to life like I was a teenager again, but I wanted this young slut to come first from my tongue before I fucked her.

Forcing myself to take it slow, I ran my thumbs along her pussy lips as I licked her delicate, quivering core. She whimpered and strained back at me. “Just… like… that.”

Twenty-one. So fucking young and beautiful, and on the cusp of something mad and wonderful with her mother. I was jealous, in my way. I wanted these two for myself. I wanted them…

…to stay.

Guys like me don’t want that. Guys like me take what they want, give them a nice pat on the ass, call up a driver, and send them on their way in the Bentley or the Jaguar. Guys like me are one-night stand people by nature. Some people don’t get happy endings. We just get endings, and that’s okay. We learn to live with that, to take our pleasures where we can, and I had plenty of those.

Didn’t I?

But I licked that young woman and I wanted her as much as I’d ever wanted anything for Christmas, and maybe my eyes lit on my tree too, just as her mother had.

Please, I thought, just for a moment. Something real like this. Something more.

“Oh baby, you’re going to make me come, make Mommy come.”

No. I didn’t want something like this. I wanted this. Them.

The daughter went as wild as I felt, her tongue making slick sounds against her mother’s pussy. I gripped her ass so hard I’d leave bruises, burying my tongue inside her as she did the same with her mother.

“Baby, ah, ahhhh, mmmm, fuck!” her mother cried out.

“Oh God, I’m going to come too,” the young woman gasped.

Her mother brought her hands to her daughter’s hair, clutching it as she rode out the aftereffects of her orgasm. Her words came out in a babbling stream of consciousness, “Yes come for him come for him baby and then he’s going to fuck us ohhhh I love you I love you so much…”

“I love you too, I love you, I… I…” The young woman froze and shoved backwards, helping me drive my tongue as deep into her as she could get it. “Ohhhhh!”

Her pussy quivered, so wet she was leaving trails down her thighs. I gave her a few last lap s and leaned up. She twisted her head to look at me and I brought her head even further back to kiss her as I guided my cock to her still-twitching pussy. Her eyes widened and she cried out against my lips as I slid into her, filling her virginally tight cunt with inch after inch of me.

And she took it. Holy fuck, she took all of it.

“Oh, FUCK!” she cried out.

My madness came back to me. I let go of her hair, and still hilted deep inside her, I gripped her waist and lifted her. Her mother was trying to sit up but I growled, “Stay there,” and brought her daughter forward to rest on top of her, breast to breast. They kissed frantically as I pulled back and thrust into the young pussy again.

But I wasn’t just going to fuck her. With the daughter straddling her waist, I had a good angle to take her mother too. The forty-year-old’s eyes went huge as I pushed my cock into her sopping wet depths, her fingers clutching at her daughter’s shoulders.

I alternated between the two of them, blazing fast, hard strokes jolting them back and forth each time. Tits to tits, face to face, they held onto each other, kissing, panting, enduring as I only sped up, one hand on the young woman’s ass, the other under her on her mother’s hip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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