Cinderella’s Submission Ch. 01

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Once upon a time, a beautiful girl came of age in the simple idyllic farm and manor. Her name was Cinderella, and she did not have a care in her innocent world. The eighteen year old shared the farm in a tiny kingdom with her mother and stepfather and two stepbrothers.

But things were about to change at the farm. Her mother was called away to care for her uncle in another realm.

Cinderella was to remain at the idyllic farm with her stepfather and help take care of him and his sons. ‘Obey your Stepfather, my lovely Cinderella,’ her mother said. ‘Always do what he and your brothers tell you to do and things will go smoothly.’

‘But, mama!’ Cinderella whined, ‘Why can’t I go with you?’

Her Mother kept packing as her daughter pouted. ‘My dear, Cinderella, my Uncle has forbade me to bring any of my children with me.’

‘But, mama!’ Cinderella whined, ‘I’m eighteen years old, now!’

‘That is exactly why you need to stay here with your Daddy & brothers,’ Cinderella’s mama looked past Cinderella’s shoulder to the doorway where her handsome husband stood watching the situation carefully. ‘I need you to take care of them and the farm.’ Her mama stared at her husband when saying that with a shrewd smile on her face.

‘But, mama,’ Cinderella didn’t notice her Stepfather behind her. ‘Stepfather doesn’t need me!’

‘Now Cinderella,’ the deep voice behind the girl said loudly – enough to startle poor Cinderella, she practically jumped out of her skin. ‘What have I told you to call me?’

Cinderella swallowed and weakly said, ‘Daddy.’

‘And when are you to use that?’ he chided.

‘Always, Daddy.’ Cinderella whispered. He was so big and tall and commanding. Her Stepfather made her feel weak and small. She automatically assumed the submissive position he prefers her to stand in, her hands behind her back and her head tilted to the ground.

‘Don’t you want to stay here with your Daddy and the boys?’ Her Stepfather said standing behind her as he put a hand possessively on her neck, petting her slender neck with his thumb as he towered over her. The ‘boys’ he spoke of were his sons. Both were over 6 feet tall and as big and strong as their father. Malcolm was 21 years old and Rhile was 20.

Her stepbrothers always overwhelmed her. They seemed to leer at her all the time, making her feel self-conscience. Cinderella mumbled, ‘I’d rather be with my mama.’

Her mama encouraged her to stay. ‘Daddy and the boys need you here to look after them and take care of them.’ Again she said that looking at her husband rather than Cinderella.

What Cinderella didn’t know is that her mama was going to her Stepfather’s uncle to pay off her Stepfather’s debt. A debt that her submissive mama didn’t want Cinderella to know about. A debt Cinderella’s mother was commanded to pay by the dominant man standing behind her beautiful young daughter.

Her mother walked over to where her husband stood over Cinderella and touched her daughter’s cheek. ‘Obey your Daddy, my lovely Cinderella,’ her mother said. ‘Always do what he and your brothers tell you to do and things will go smoothly.’

‘Yes, mama,’ the eighteen year-old beauty promised.


She stood outside the doorway of the manor and waved goodbye to the richly ornate carriage her mama’s uncle sent for the young mother. Her Stepfather’s large hand possessively gripped her delicately curved shoulder. He smiled evilly as Cinderella waved goodbye. His tall, strapping sons flanking them caught their father’s evil smile and smirked themselves. Cinderella felt small and helpless surrounded by her stepfamily.

Holding onto petite Cinderella, he smelled her lovely blond hair cascading in curls down her back. Her Stepfather was tall enough, and Cinderella was short enough that he could look down at her blossoming body. He admired her curves and large swelling tits spilling over her corseted dress. ‘Well, my little Cinderella,’ her Stepfather started, ‘some new tasks will be added to your chores, my dear.’

‘Yes Stepfather – I -I-I mean Daddy,’ she said shyly as he had already commanded her to call Şirinevler Escort him Daddy.

‘After supper, come up to my chambers so we can discuss the new chores.’

‘Yes Daddy.’

The boys and their father were charming at dinner. Cinderella was offered a lot of wine. She got a little drunk and laughed at her stepbrothers’ stories and antics. It wasn’t so bad, she thought. After the first dinner without her mother, she followed her Stepfather demurely to his chambers and stood before him as he sat down on the chaise lounge at the end of the bed. Her Stepfather was a large man who used to command great armies of men. Cinderella folded her hands behind her back and looked at the floor as Stepfather had already taught her.

‘My dear little Cinderella,’ he started, ‘you must take your mother’s place in all her duties now.’

‘Yes Daddy.’

‘That means you must keep me satisfied and calm.’

‘Yes Daddy.’ Cinderella was confused, but kept looking at the floor.

‘And the only way for you to do that is to take my cum.’

Cinderella looked up at her Stepfather’s stern yet handsome face. She was confused with the unusual way the word was used. She did not understand. ‘Cum, Daddy? What do you mean?’

‘Oh, my dear Cinderella, you have been so sheltered and you are so virginal. It will be a pleasure teaching you these things. Cum is something men produce for a woman’s pleasure. If we don’t release the cum, men get very agitated. So you must take my cum.’

Cinderella swallowed nervously and remembered what mama said: Obey your stepfather. Always do what he and your brothers tell you do to and things will go smoothly.

‘Yes Daddy. Mama said I must obey you.’

‘Your mother has always been so wise,’ Stepfather said in a silky low voice and then commanded, ‘come closer Cinderella.’

Cinderella walked closer to her sitting Stepfather until her pretty dress was touching his knees. ‘Turn around, Cinderella.’

‘Yes Daddy.’ And as she turned around her Stepfather gripped her dress and ripped it from her body. Cinderella squealed and fell to the floor wearing nothing but the petticoat and corset that her big beautiful tits spilled out of. He ripped off the petticoat. She wore no underpants. Her bulbous ass and pussy were exposed as well.

Stepfather’s hand smoothed over the tight corset and moaned. ‘We’ll have to buy more of these,’ he said almost to himself. He left the corset on. ‘I’ll have a new wardrobe for you,’ he coaxed, knowing he had already purchased new corsets that left her breasts exposed. He couldn’t wait to see her in them. ‘Face me on your knees,’ Stepfather directed with a stern voice. ‘Keep your hands behind your back, my little cum slut.’

‘B-b-but Daddy!’ She said with a whimper looking up at him. The stern look on his face would brook no argument. At his feet, Cinderella exposed her naked tits and corseted body to her Stepfather and held her hands behind her back.

‘You are so beautiful, Cinderella,’ he said with his big hand gently petting her cheek. ‘Your beauty overwhelms me and I must use that beauty to relieve myself of the cum. You see Cinderella, your delicate beauty produces cum in men.’

Tears glistened in her eyes as the innocent girl looked up at her handsome Stepfather and apologized. ‘I’m so sorry Daddy. I didn’t know I could do that. How do I stop it?’

‘Oh my dear little cum slut, you can’t.’ He smiled at her naiveté. ‘Some women are just born with the natural ability to make men cum. Now that you are a woman, my dear Cinderella, you will be obligated to relieve men of their cum. You will become my cum slut.’

‘Oh. Yes Daddy, whatever you need. I can be your c-c-cum ss-s-slut,’ the nasty words tripped on her naïve tongue.

‘Cinderella, you’ve always been so helpful,’ he smiled. Cinderella looked at Stepfather’s demonic smile and got a chill down her spine. ‘Come closer.’

With her hands behind her back, Cinderella scooted on her knees until she realized her Stepfather had his penis in his hand and she could stick her tongue out and lick it.

Which Şirinevler Escort Bayan is exactly what he asked her to do. ‘My cum is in my cock. There are various ways to get my cum out. Right now, as a cum slut, you must suck on it and used your tongue to massage it out.’

So strange, she thought, but these were her new duties. And mama said to obey him. ‘Yes Daddy.’

He bounced his cock off her lips and smeared the leaking tip on her face. Her skin was so smooth and delicate. He couldn’t wait to defile her in every way. Cinderella licked the pre-cum off Stepfather’s large, hard cock knob.

Cinderella moaned, liking the hot smooth cock rubbing her face. ‘That feels good, Daddy,’ she whispered.

‘Now fit the knob in your mouth, my little girl,’ Stepfather commanded. ‘And suck.’

‘Mmm. Yes Daddy.’ Cinderella had to open her mouth the whole way to fit the knob in.

‘Use your tongue, Cinderella.’

She whimpered and moaned and did as she was told.

‘Mmm, yyyessssss,’ Stepfather luxuriated in her virginal ministrations. His strong fingers went into her hair and guided her head on and off his long, hard cock.

Cinderella started to love the feel of this cock in her mouth. Her belly quivered and her pussy lips got thick with moisture. She squirmed on her knees. Cinderella gently put her hands on his knees and eagerly sucked more of her Stepfather’s stem in her mouth.

‘That’s it, Cinderella,’ he encouraged. ‘Look up at me. I want you to swallow my cock down your throat now.’

Cinderella looked up at her handsome Stepfather with confusion but the pressure on her head convinced her to start to swallow. She gagged and coughed, but her Stepfather force more cock in and kept saying, ‘Swallow, little cum slut. Swallow it all.’

Saliva leaked out of Cinderella petite mouth as her Stepfather filled it with hard cock. ‘Take a deep breathe, cum slut, and swallow,’ the dominant man gritted out.

Cinderella took a deep breath and her Stepfather pushed his length down her throat and moaned. Her throat opened and the virgin beauty swallowed the long hard cock her Stepfather forced her to suck deep. She tried to slow him down by pushing her hands on his thighs, but he stood and forcefully and roughly filled her mouth with his hard stem. His hands roughly pushed and pulled her hair as his hips thrust and fucked her face deep, keeping the pretty girl trapped, fucking her mouth and throat on his cock.

And Cinderella took it.

‘Oh, it’s cumming,’ Stepfather said. ‘It’s cumming, little cum slut. I’m cumming!’ He looked down at his long hard cock in Cinderella’s petite little mouth as she struggled to swallow it all down her throat. He smiled as Cinderella did exactly what she was told, with the exception of keeping her hands behind her back. He smiled as he pounded her face. He’d have to punish the little cum slut for that.

Soon his pelvis thrust hard in and out of her delicate mouth as he started to spurt the precious cum. Cinderella’s eyes went wide as her mouth filled up with the salty stuff. She tried to swallow but there was too much, it spilled down her chin and neck and landed in her cleavage.

‘Don’t touch it,’ her Stepfather commanded. ‘You look so sexy with cum on your face.’

They both panted as Cinderella kneeled before her Stepfather with cum dripping off her delicate face. She looked up at him with innocent eyes and cum on her pretty face. He couldn’t be more pleased. But he had been waiting a long for this moment to defile his little Cinderella, so his cock barely lost its hardness.

He took her hand and led her to his bed, and made her sit on the side of the bed. Then he made her lie down and he spread her thighs and dove head first into her virgin cunt. ‘My goodness, Cinderella! You are so wet! How lucky we are that you have these new duties!’ His tongue made havoc on her clit as he stuck a finger in her cunt, making her moan and swivel her pelvis in all directions.

‘Oh! Daddy! So good, Daddy!’ she squealed in delight. Never has she imagined anything could feel Escort Şirinevler this good.

‘You like this feeling, baby girl?’ Her Stepfather smirked. Then her Stepfather fit in two fingers and thrust a little faster.

‘Oh! Yes Daddy. Ahn!’

Then her Stepfather stuck a third finger in her cunt and finger fucked her while flicking and sucking on her clit. Cinderella shattered right there, quivering with her first orgasm.

Her Stepfather got up and fit his large knob into her cunt as she came and pushed in with slow, brutal force. He pulled out slightly and then slammed into Cinderella’s tiny, wet, virgin cunt. His mighty cock destroyed her virgin barrier. His balls slapped her ass as he started to fuck his new little cum slut.

His head snapped back in ecstasy, feeling Cinderella’s tight velvet pussy encase his intruding cock.

Cinderella screamed in pain and pleasure, not knowing which dominated. She was coming off her first intense orgasm and being forced to fuck at the same time by her own Stepfather.

‘Ahhh,’ Stepfather gritted out, ‘my little cum slut, my wet little cum cunt. Take my cock. Take it! Take it all!’

‘Ahn! Daddy, please,’ she cried out, not know if she wanted him to stop or push harder.

‘Yes, yes, my dear slut,’ he pounded her with brute force. ‘You are Daddy’s dirty little girl, aren’t’ you baby girl?’

‘Anh! Ahn! Yes Daddy. Yes!’

Her Stepfather stood at the edge of his bed and pulled on Cinderella’s legs to him and spread them wide and brutally pounded her delicate little virgin pussy. Cinderella’s head just twisted back and forth as her cunt was filled with hard, slamming cock.

Her Stepfather looked at the petite beauty’s body as he pounded her. Her tits bounced with each thrust above her tight corset, her pretty face in pain and ecstasy as Cinderella bit her bottom lip while she whimpers.

‘Ahn! Ahn! It’s too much Daddy! Ahn!’

‘No, it’s not my little cum slut,’ he slammed into her making her moan. ‘You haven’t even begun to get too much.’ Her Stepfather snickered at what he had in store for her as he kept pounding her tiny cunt.

Then it started. Cinderella started to moan and moved her hips to meet her Stepfather’s stabbing prick.

‘Wh-what’s happening to me?’ Cinderella moaned and got the glorious feeling again. ‘Oh Daddy! What’s happening Daddy? Oh, yes! Daddy!’

‘You want more, baby girl?’

‘Yes Daddy. More!’

‘You want me to pound you hard, little girl?’

‘Oh! Yes Daddy. Pound me hard, Daddy!’ She kept repeating anything he said as it increased her pleasure.

Her Stepfather pulled out to her disappointment. But he quickly flipped his beautiful stepdaughter over and propped her knees up. ‘You want it harder, baby girl?’

‘Yes Daddy! Harder!’

He stabbed his iron cock into Cinderella from behind and thrust all the way into her open yet tight cunt. And he started to pound.

Cinderella quivered with orgasmic pleasure from this new position. She arched her back and met her Stepfather’s thrusts. ‘Oh! Yes Daddy. Pound me hard, Daddy!’

‘You are fucking amazing, baby girl!’ He couldn’t be more pleased with her willingness to perform for him. As he pounded Cinderella’s tight little cunt, he spit on her anal bud and stuck a thumb in her moistened little asshole, massaging it open.

Cinderella squealed but had another rapid-fire orgasm on top of the one she just had. Her Stepfather’s thumb up her ass just nailed it for the recent virgin. ‘Oh, Daddy! Yes Daddy! More Daddy! Ahn! Ahn!’

‘What a little cum slut you are, baby girl,’ he encouraged. ‘I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum! You fucking whore! Ah!!’ Her Stepfather pounded her from behind until they both collapsed.

He blasted her cunt with its first load of cum. He slowly pulled out and his cock was wet with cum and a little blood. ‘Come here, baby girl,’ he directed, pulling her head towards his cock. ‘Clean this up with your tongue. Make my cock clean.’

‘Yes Daddy.’ Cinderella said in a submissive sexual haze. With her Stepfather’s forceful hand on her neck and fingers in her hair, Cinderella moved to lick her Stepfather’s cock clean, tasting her own essence and his cum. The taste of sex made her moan.

‘Good girl, my little cum slut. There’s my good girl.’ He pulled her up to lie beside him, clamped a hand possessively on her tit as they both fell asleep spooning.

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