Cindy and Mindy Ch. 03

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Chapter – 3 Mindy

OK I thought, so I was still supposed to be having guests tonight, Mindy said to wait up for her. so I did a bit of panicky cleaning up. When the apartment was in a relativity decent shape, I started to make myself a sandwich and before I could start eating I heard a knock on the door. Apparently whoever was at the door couldn’t wait a second longer and tried the doorknob, more urgent knocking followed behind the locked door.

As soon as I released the lock and started opening the door, I was pushed back as Mindy exploded into the room.

“Finally” she said pushing the door behind her shut, and with one long step closing the distance between us and bent over showing her long sensuous tongue in my mouth. I reached out for one of her magnificent breasts, it was bigger than my whole hand, I could feel it overflow on all sides.

“Come here you handsome little bastard, I’ve been waiting to crush you in my arms since the moment I saw you. And today in the restaurant, God.. just thinking about it is almost enough to make me cum.” she said burying my face in her cleavage with a surprisingly strong hug. This was followed by a tearing sound as the giant slab of meat between her legs exploded through her stocking and lodged itself between my thighs. I gave it a squeeze with my thighs, to which Mindy responded by thrusting forward and letting out a loud moan. I heard two silent splats as she came again somewhere on the tiled halfway floor behind me.

“Oh, I just knew I was right to show the queen to you. You won’t run away like the others.”

“Queen…” I asked muffled by her breasts.

“The Queen” She said releasing me and taking a step back letting me see her giant cock in its full glory for the first time looking at it pointedly. She wore the same outfit she did for dinner except this time she wasn’t trying to hide anything, and between the folds of her dress I could see it extending horizontally with a slight upward curve, pointing right above my belly button. It was fully erect, almost two feet long and about 3 inches across at the shaft, it was thicker than a can of cola. The large head at the tip was as big as my fist and flaring madly with each Mindy’s heartbeat. Large drops of cum were still falling from the tip, the remains from a second ago.

“What the… wow.. ” was all I could mumble at the sight before my jaw dropped in shock.

She was looking at me hungrily, and the thing twitched, in an orchestra of movement the tip went up 5 inches spraying another load and bobbing wildly.

“Give it a kiss Chris, kneel before the Queen” she said placing her hand on top of my head. She didn’t need to push, I was already week at the knees from the sight before me. Face to face with it I could see that she was so much bigger than her mother it was almost absurd. It seemed to be twice the size in every dimensions, I reached out with one hand under the tip feeling the weight. It was like holding a carton of milk, a blood engorged 2 to 3 pound meat slab.

“Oh Chris, give it a kiss. I need you to kiss it, please Chris, please…” she begged, this was so far from her normal seductive character it surprised me, she must have been wanting this a while. So I complied, putting my lips on the side of the massive shaft, my whole hand was barely reaching over half the diameter. I heard another splat as she let go again over my shoulder with a moan.

“Oh dear… I’ve never had a man kiss me there, oh fucking hell.” She moaned bucking lightly against my hands and lips.

Licking along Nevşehir Escort the underside I moved to the head, kissing the tip. I had lots of practice with their mother, and I was able to take the whole 14 inches down. The suppressed gag reflex came in handy later for beer downing games. And although Mindy was significantly bigger than her mother I was certain I could take a fair bit of her in, as long as I can make it past the corona. So after the initial kiss i spread my lips going further around the head. I had a pretty big mouth, but I got stuck at her corona.

“Oh fuck, Chris this is unbelievable.. I’m gonna cum.. aaaahhh…” She screamed, putting her hand behind my head and holding me firmly in place. I wasn’t worried, I’ve seen her cum already, it was a lot, more than me certainly but not nearly as much as her mother.

As Mindy bucked against my head and I managed to clear the corona, the whole cock head was now inside my mouth but before I could try to take more in she bucked once more jamming the monster against my throat. She stiffened one more time as a large load was travelling towards the exit. The surprisingly thick and urgent flow of her cum hit the back of my throat, my mouth was full in less than a second. The extra liquid bursting down my throat and exploding through my nose powered by the pressure. A single spurt of cum from Mindy was almost enough to drown me in cum.

As the second spurt started Mindy released my head and I popped off and a thick burst of cum bored into my face covering my whole face blinding me with an impossible amount of cum. The next spurts went to my face, and down my chest boring into my skin even through the clothes. I managed to cough out the cum clogging my air canals, and clean my eyes just in time to see the final drops fall down from the now flaccid 16″ monster hanging limply between Mindy’s thighs.

“Oh, my.. I’ve made a mess.. I’m so sorry Chris… I should have warned you…I ..” Said the stunning red head towering above me.

“It’s OK Mindy, don’t worry” I answered.

I was completely in shock, the thing I saw before were not her orgasms, that was just her pre-cum. I reached out to take her cock in my hand and brought it to my lips giving it a kiss.

“But look at you, you’re a mess. And you’re not angry at me” said Mindy.

“Don’t apologise, you wonderful, beautiful creature… You never need to apologise to me.” I said weakly, still out of breath, standing up and pulling her down for a kiss.

“Oh, you sweet little man. You’re the best.” she said kissing me on the top of my head

“Now. The queen desires a royal bath, and you might use a shower as well” she said stretching to her full height, striking a royal pose, and quickly breaking down into laughter.

“That I have to agree with” I said and led the way to the bathroom.

The feeling I had all those years before with their mother came back to me once again when it was time to take of my clothes. My dick was perfectly average, but compared to Mindy it almost completely insignificant. Taking a deep sigh I took of my clothes and turned around to see Mindy taking off her bra. Her breasts were magnificent, large globes of perfection, smooth and perfectly rounded. Too big to stand up, they were hanging down to just above her ribcage, nipples pointing straight at me. The rest of her body was perfectly formed in her youthful smooth muscularity. I completely forgot my inadequacy getting an erection standing proud all 6″ of it pointing painfully towards Mindy. Nevşehir Escort Bayan

“Is that for me Chris, I’m honoured. Maybe we could do something about that before we shower” she said taking two steps and sitting me on top of a bathroom closet. Bending over to give me a long probing kiss, she went down on her knees, her plump red lips closed around my penis. She took the whole thing in her mouth in one go, her tongue expertly working on the shaft inside her mouth.

“I love it, Chris. It’s beautiful.” she said between slurping, sucking sounds.

“I know just what you need Chris” she said bringing up her massive breasts and closing them around my aching erection. Burying her head in her own breasts she sucked the tip of my cock.

“Oh fuck, Mindy… I’m gonna…” I screamed bucking inside the breast prison. She popped off jerking me off with her breasts, and I came from between the fleshy valley. It was probably less than her pre-cum spurts, but she seemed extremely happy, spreading the tiny amount all over her breasts.

Standing up she headed for the shower, her cock was already standing half erect at 45 degrees.

“Mindy, you’re getting hard again, so quickly.” i asked jumping of the closet and following her.

“I’m a very horny girl Chris, besides, I’m so happy to find someone who likes the Queen. I’ve never found a guy who wasn’t intimidated by it before.” Mindy said while letting the water slide over her smooth skin.

“Well it still is quite intimidating Mindy. Look at the size of that thing, how can I even compare” I said looking at my own flaccid cock, barely as big as her glans.

“In size, you really cannot, that’s why it’s called the Queen.” she said teasingly rubbing her monstrous cock against mine, The thick blood supplying veins along her cock seemed closer in size to me than her cock did.

“But not everything is about size silly, and I’m getting really horny looking at that cute little cock of yours. I want you to fuck me silly as soon as we get out of the shower. Now get wet and soap start washing the Queen before she gets angry.” she said spraying me wet with the shower and handing me the shower gel.

I rubbed my hands full of shower gel and started lathing up the queen with the soap, as i did, the head was starting to come out of the foreskin, growing in length under my hands, spreading my fingers apart as it grew ever thicker. While I was busy with her shaft her fingers disappeared under it, inside her snatch, while her other hand was frenetically rubbing her breast.

“Ohhh… I need you inside of me.. now” she said, her eyes half closed, her cock now again pulsing strongly.

“Not so soon, Mindy ,it’s been 10 minutes. But there is something else I can do.” I took her hand and led her to the washing machine, motioning for her to sit down on it. I then licked down the length of the Queen and concentrated on her clitoris, probing inside with the fingers of one hand while my other hand was stroking the Queen.

“Ooohhh.. Chris.. Fuuck… You’re very good…. Mhmm…” The sounds became muffled as her thighs closed around my head, her long silky legs resting behind my back. I could feel the thick drops of pre-cum falling from her cock on my back, intensifying in frequency. She was starting to buck wildly, and then she tensed suddenly pressing her thighs with crushing force on my head as she exploded in orgasm.

I could hear her muffled screams as she bucked and after a while feel a few ropes of cum fell on my back, soon Escort Nevşehir followed by a wet thud as the 16″ beast fell heavily on my back still dripping cum heavily.

“Oh you animal, Chris” I heard her say, still panting from the orgasm.

“What have you done to me. You cute little man, you better be ready now because I’m gonna ride you like a mechanical bull.” she said looking at me hungrily. And to my surprise, I was ready not 15 minutes after the first time, I guess being with the woman of your dreams can do that to a man.

“Take me to the bedroom little one…” not even daring to wipe the cum from my back I led the way. Mindy tossed me on the bed and crawled after me. I could see the thick monster sliding along the sheets leaving a wet trail. She crawled forward, her limp cock sliding along my torso until it was directly on my face.

“Give the Queen a kiss Chris” Mindy said, and when I complied she slid back impaling herself on my erection.

“Oh. Chris I just love you hot little cock. It’s perfect” Mindy said as her snatch was hungrily snatching me up. She started out slowly but soon gained speed, and her landings were heavier with each stroke. The still flaccid 16″ meat was slapping against my stomach wetly, but it hasn’t stayed flaccid for long. Soon it grew again, now hitting me heavily on the chest, still growing more rigid.

“Oh, fuck me Chris, fuck me, fuck me…” Mindy screamed collapsing on top of me, her breasts spilling around my neck. The tip of her cock was trapped in her cleavage underside and firmly lodged between the two of us.

“Ohhh… you feel soo good, Chris.” she moaned as the thick meat was pulsing with incredible warmth between us.

“Mhmm.. Chris, I fucking love what you do to me.” she was now holding me firmly against her body, sliding me up and down effectively sliding on my cock and fucking the area between us. I could only see her collarbone while she moaned above me, in just a few moments Mindy was ready to cum, and I could feel her stiffening holding me firmly against me. The cum torrent started filling the space between us, between her breasts, seeping at my neck, behind her breasts, on all sides. Lasting a full minute I was now laying in a sticky puddle of mud.

“Ohh.. Chris darling, you’re mine tonight” she said sitting up and smiling satisfied, she was rubbing her own cum on her torso and breasts making them slick and shiny.

“Oh.. you are going to be fucked tonight.” Mindy said, and true to her words, Mindy was really insatiable, fucking me well into the night. She came at least 6 or 7 times that evening, every time coating and drenching me with long ropes of impossible amounts of thick white cum. She must have come a gallon of cum that night, and I was completely exhausted.

“I have to go now Chris, me and Cindy s are visiting mom soo we’ll be out of town for a few days. But I promise to come finish breaking the bed add soon as I get back.” said Mindy and left before I had a chance to ask any of the questions piling in my head.

I went to the bathroom to relieve myself before going to bed, and looking through the tiny bathroom window I could see a long haired silhouette in identical window opposite mine. I sneaked out on the balcony to satisfy my curiosity, whoever it was left the window slightly open and I could hear almost everything in the dead of the night.

“Mr. Chris.. oh yes.” that sounded like Cindy.

“… Mr. Chris right there.. yes…oohh..” and then with a silent moan, came the splashes in the toilet bowl. Long loud intermittent splashing sounds, just like Mindy’s orgasms would sound like if aimed at the toilet. But Mindy had already cum so many times tonight, and this sounded even longer and with more spurts than Mindy….

Ad then I saw the light go on in Mindy’s room.

Could it be….. Cindy?

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