Cindy’s Journey Ch. 04

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Sandy helped her get ready that evening, she did her makeup for her. Cindy looked, and felt sexy.

“Oh my god Sandy, I look amazing.” Cindy looked at herself in her bathroom mirror. “Thank you so much.”

“My pleasure.” Sandy stood there in her lingerie of pink and black, looking absolutely stunning. Cindy turned to face her. She ran her hands down her side while pulling her close. “Shit, you are so sexy.”

Sandy pressed against her body, and moaned deeply. They lingered for a minute, sharing a warm embrace.

“Do you wanna fuck again now, or wait until we can fuck Roxy together?”

“I want you so bad.” Cindy said, while caressing Sandy’s hips. “But I think we should go soon, and find Roxy. I want both of you at the same time.”

“Well, that’s hot little sister. I can see in your eyes just how horny you are. I cannot wait to see you fuck that little bitch. I’ll finish getting ready then.”

About an hour later, they arrived at the bar, They walked in like two divine beauties that owned the place. Sandy stood proud and tall in her high-heels, her black mini-skirt flaunting her long legs. Her pink, low cut top revealed her amazing breasts. Cindy wore her new red dress, it hugged her curvy body in the most enticing way. She loved wearing a push up bra too, she was already getting a lot of eyes on her. Their hair and make-up looked flawless, they were definitely the sexiest women in there that night.

They walked over to the bar and ordered strawberry daiquiris. They scoped the place out. Opposite the bar there was a small stage, where a live band was playing rock music. There was a small dance floor between tables to either side. Cindy looked around, she looked over the couches on her left side where people were gathered. No sign of Roxy.

After a while by the bar, Sandy started swaying side-to-side. “I really like this beat. Come dance with me?”

“Okay.” Cindy finished her drink and smiled at her. “Let’s go sexy.”

They got caught up in the music, sweating and moving with the beat. Cindy was really horny by that point. She got bolder, and started grinding against her. Then she was running her soft hands all up and down Sandy’s body, Sandy pulled her close and wrapped her leg around her, Cindy grabbed her ass and looked into her eyes. Sandy kissed her passionately, she didn’t care who was watching.

The music stopped, Sandy turned and spotted three young women staring at them. She held Cindy’s hand as they walked over to them. The one closest to them was holding her drink close. She was nervously glancing at them, then she started nibbling on her straw.

“Hey, I’m Sandy. I saw you watching us. What’s your name?”

“Uhhh, my name is Cassandra.” The pretty young redhead squirmed, she was caught totally off guard.

“Cassandra, a pretty name for a pretty girl.” Sandy moved closer to her, she was well inside her personal space. “Would you like to join us?”

Cassandra’s two friends were in disbelief, they just witnessed two totally hot blondes making out while dancing. And now one of them was flirting with their friend. They both just watched, eager to see Cassandra’s reaction.

“Ummm, no that’s okay. I’m here with my friends.” She was turning bright red. “Maybe later”

“Awww, are you shy? I understand.” She reached up and caressed her cheek, Cassandra didn’t seem to mind. “Well, if you change your mind. Come find us.”

Sandy led Cindy away. “Oh my god, you such a flirt.” Cindy started laughing. “Did you see the look on their faces?”

“Yeah, I know. It was priceless!” Sandy let out a deep belly laugh. “I was ready to rock that hot redhead’s world.”

They walked back to the bar, Sandy ordered them more drinks. Cindy was looking around again. “Hey, umm..speaking of hot, I don’t see Roxy anywhere.”

“Yeah, I know. I hope she’s okay.”

“Me too Sandy. But I am so horny. Especially after how you just kissed me.”

Sandy leaned closer to her and kissed her lightly on the face, taking her time to breathe into her ear while she nibbled on her earlobe. ” I wanna fuck you so bad.” She whispered

“Ohh my goodness Sandy, you’re going to make me soak my panties again. You hit all my buttons just right.”

“I have an idea. Let me go and check this place out. See if we can have privacy somehow. If I find anything, I’ll text you.” She grabbed her purse and started walking.

“Sandy, now hold on-” But Sandy had already faded into the crowd.

Cindy sipped on her drink for about five minutes before her phone went off. The text said: COME TO THE BACK DOOR ON YOUR LEFT. I FOUND AN EMPTY BACK PATIO.

“Is she crazy?” She muttered to herself. She grabbed her drink and found the door. She walked outside.

“I don’t think anyone’s using this tonight.” Sandy said from the couch she had found. “I think it’s for smokers but most are using their upper balcony out front.”

“Looks that way.” Cindy surveyed the patio, there was a lot of empty tables and chairs Küçükçekmece Escort around her. Sandy was sitting on one of the couches at the far end. There was a wet-bar that divided the patio. Cindy walked over to her and sat down.

“So this is your idea of private?” She asked, shaking her head.

“Well, no one can see us on the couch from the door. And there’s a high wall around the patio, so that helps. But that light over head. Let me see about that.”

Sandy walked over to the bar’s wall to examine the light. She held it in one hand and found the set-screw .She removed the cover and unscrewed the bulb, then set both down carefully.

“Much darker on this end, much better now.”

“Oops, the light burned out!” Cindy giggled at her lame joke.

“Yes, lucky for us.” Sandy chuckled and stood over her, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. She unhooked her skirt and set it on the table near the couch. Cindy took in the sight of her thick, trimmed patch of pubic hair poking through her tiny thong. Cindy reached up and caressed her creamy thighs, eliciting soft moans from her sister. Sandy ran her hands up her shirt and caressed her ample bosom.

“I love you Sandy, you’re still the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. I love all the forbidden things we’ve done together.” Cindy kissed her legs gently up to her waist line and caressed her pussy with her hand.

“My god, how I love your touch Cindy.” Sandy ran her fingers lovingly through her hair and pushed her crotch against her hand, feeling her wetness run slick on Cindy’s fingers. Cindy groped and rubbed her breasts with her other hand, Sandy then grabbed her hand and slurped on her fingers. She moaned and let her wet hand find her nipple. Cindy rolled and squeezed it and Sandy shuddered in ecstasy.

“I need to taste you baby.” Cindy sat back and gently pulled Sandy towards her. “Straddle my face.”

Sandy pulled her panties aside and kneeled in front of her. Cindy licked her dripping pussy and let it flow into her mouth, she was in love with the taste of that pussy. She was swept-up in the moment, letting her hunger take over. The gasps and whimpers of Sandy only served to increase the urge that she felt deep inside her. She lost all fear of being discovered, she began pushing three of her fingers deep inside her. Sandy clutched her long hair and grinded on her hand, her back arching as her desperate cries filled the warm, night air.

After a few minutes, Sandy screamed and her whole body convulsed with her orgasm, it ran down over Cindy’s hand and down her arm. She jammed her whole hand in and felt that wet cunt clutch her hand as more cum trickled down onto her legs and dress. Sandy kissed her deeply while she caught her breath.

“Ohhhh my god little sister, you are a fire ball of sex tonight! That was so fucking hot!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Cindy felt the wet spot on her dress. “Although you made quite the mess, not that I am complaining mind you.”

“Well, you should have known that was going to happen. I mean after all-“

They heard a noise behind of a door creaking. Sandy sat down quickly to avoid being seen. They both looked towards the door. Sandy was looking closely at the person that stood outside.

“Oh my stars and garters!” She whispered. “Look Cindy!”

Cindy looked more closely and let out a sharp gasp of shock. “It’s her, the redhead you were flirting with.” Cindy watched her light up a cigarette. “Wow, I want that mouth on me, and just look at those breasts. Those are what I call melons!”

“Well, this is your night Cindy.” Sandy stood up and smiled at her. “Watch me work my magic. “

“Holy shit Sandy! Are you sure about-” Sandy was already closing the distance in her thong and pink top. “There she goes again.” Cindy laughed at the sight.

“Well hello again, funny seeing you out here.” She stepped into the light,

Cassandra’s cigarette dropped from her open mouth. She thought for sure someone had spiked her drink with a drug. She could not believe her eyes.

“Uhhhhh-uhh-uhhmmm. Hel-hello there.”

Sandy moved close to her, her hard nipples clearly visible and her panties wet-spot shining in the light.

“Where are your friends?”

“I uhhhhh-uhh, I came out here to get away from them actually. They can be real cunts sometimes.”

She looked Sandy over and turned three shades of red. “But what, umm are you doing out here half naked may I ask?’

“I’m Sandy. I’m out here with the other blonde you saw me dancing with. We are both very horny and couldn’t wait. Are you going to tell on us?”

“No, I won’t say a word.” In that moment Cassandra looked into her eyes, and she went weak. She had always wanted to be with another woman. She could see the desire for her in Sandy’s eyes, her eyes pulled her into her lust. Her raw needs overcame her rational mind, she wanted to be possessed by the beautiful woman before her.

Sandy could see Maltepe Escort it in her eyes, she knew what it meant when a woman gave her that look. She put her hand on her cheek and her other hand around her waist. Cassandra’s breath quickened and she trembled. Sandy pulled her against her chest and kissed her with all her passion, Cassandra melted under her animal aggression. Cassandra felt electrified by her touch, she felt so wanted in that moment.

Sandy had this seductive presence that sent shivers down her spine, she breathed heavily under her spell as she lost all inhibition. She ran her hands along Sandy’s strong back and down to caress her round ass. She thought maybe she was dreaming all of this: if so, she didn’t want to wake up. Sandy responded by groping her 38E cup breasts while kissing her neck.

“We should continue this over there,” Sandy said, pointing at the dark corner. She took her by the hand over to the couch, Cindy was waiting completely naked.

“I am glad you decided to join us. My name is Cindy sweetheart. Cassandra right?”

“Ye-yes that’s my name.”

“Aww, don’t be nervous. I am going to make you feel really good, I promise.” Cindy stood up and got behind her. “Let me help you get this dress off.” She was wearing a long, blue summer dress, covered in a bright floral pattern. Cindy untied it behind her neck and she pulled it down, freeing her big red nipples that capped her hanging breasts. Cassandra pulled it down over her wide hips and big ass. The dress fell to the pavement, revealing her full-figured tempting body.

Cindy kissed her back and cupped her heavy breasts in her hands. Sandy kissed her chest and licked her nipples with loud slurps, Cassandra felt her pussy hairs becoming soaked by the beautiful women touching her so lustfully.

Soon Cindy moved her to the couch and sat down with her. “Let me see that wet cunt baby.” Cassandra spread her thick thighs for her. Cindy felt her wide, thick patch of red pubic hair under her purple panties. She bent over and smelled her inviting wetness, it drove her mad with passion.

She reached down and stroked her pussy through the fabric. She made big circles on her clit as she French kissed Cassandra, who was pushing her hips against Cindy’s hand. She was burning with passion from such an erotic sexual experience.

Cindy pulled her panties off and slid her slick fingers up her cunt, she sucked her pussy like a woman possessed. Sandy had removed her thong and dangled it over Cassandra’s face to see her reaction. Without thinking Cassandra grabbed them and licked them with a deep moan. “Ohh, do you like that? Do you like tasting how wet you made me tonight?”

“Yes, fuck yes I do!” She stuffed them into her mouth and locked eyes with Sandy. Sandy was so aroused by the degrading act that she was even wetter than before. Then she reached for her purse and fumbled around until she found her sex toy. It was a small vibrator with a soft, flared rubber tip.

“I think you’ll enjoy this, you slut.” She smiled at Cassandra and turned it on. It was compact, but it had a powerful motor. She leaned over and applied it to her clit. Cassandra let out a muffled groan and reached for Sandy’s cunt. She slid her hand into her soaked pussy.

Their collective noises filled the air with orgasmic sounds of wanton lust and hungry fucking. Cindy edged Cassandra closer and closer to her climax, her juices flowed down into her ass crack. The vibrator made her tremble all throughout her loins, and down into her toes. Her thighs jiggled as she spit the panties out and let a deep gasping noise.

“God fucking damnit..Yes…yes..yess…yes-yes-yes-ye-OHHH FUCK!” Her hips thrust up with the force of her climax and she slapped the couch hard with her thrashing arms.

Cindy kept pumping away as her orgasm faded, then she looked up at her with a big smile. Cassandra squealed with delight and sweet relief. “I can’t remember the last time I came like that, if ever.”

Cindy kissed her way up her front and stopped at her mouth, she sucked on Cassandra’s ruby red lips.

“Do you wanna eat my pussy now?” Just hearing that question spoke to Cassandra’s long-hidden secret desires.

It made her tremble and she thought that was enough to make her cum again. “Yes Cindy, I really want to.” She gave Cindy another passionate kiss.

Cindy laid back and Cassandra bent forward between her legs. She was new at eating pussy, but she was familiar with her own pussy of course. And Sandy was behind her, she had her panties and was eyeing the big, juicy ass in front of her. She spit on Cassandra’s ass crack, which made her whimper.

Cassandra looked back at her, Sandy was licking her ass cheek. “Do you like that when I spit on your cute asshole?”

Cassandra felt a shiver in her cunt at the degrading treatment. Sandy could have spit in her face at that point and she would have loved it. “Yes I do, fuck my ass Sandy please?”

“Of Mecidiyeköy Escort course I will.” Sandy took her panties and spread her pussy lips, she pushed them slowly until they were deep inside her. Cassandra moaned while she licked Cindy and her cunt soaked the panties. Sandy licked her crinkled bud in big, sloppy circles. Then she put the vibe on her clit again while she stuck her finger up her tight asshole.

Cindy melted and quivered under the lapping mouth on her pussy, the sensitive flesh buzzed with every lick. What Cassandra lacked in experience, she made up for with her horny eagerness. The heat that she gave off drove a spear of lust deeper into Cassandra’s mind, Cindy trembled as her lips mashed against her juicy cunt.

The sensation filled her body as every muscle tensed up. She spread her lips so Cassandra could tongue her cunt, Cindy’s wetness on her nose and mouth made her feel very dirty. She wanted to drink gallons of the beautiful blondes cum. She increased her speed, darting her probing tongue deep inside, then up and down her pussy. Cindy was leaking into her greedy mouth, she rubbed her clit and grabbed Cassandra’s hair. She pushed her mouth against her grinding hips and let out a guttural moan of ecstasy.

Their sweaty, wet, dirty fucking went on for a while as they all enjoyed the revelry of their shared erotic encounter.

Cindy could feel it building inside her, the pleasure was engulfing her as she could barely breathe. She was dizzy and she heaved with long raspy moans. The edging towards her orgasm was making her whole body clench and beg for sweet relief.

“Fu-fuuck-my-my-my-pusssy..with..with..your fingers,,,pleaaase..fuck me baby.” She could barely speak as she desperately begged for more. Cassandra pushed her fingers inside and rammed them hard. Cindy grabbed her wrist and thrust her deeper inside. “More? You want more inside?”

“FUU-FUCK!..sho-shove it up there. Make me squirt on you!” Cindy demanded through clenched teeth as her eyes rolled back.

Cassandra stuck her whole hand up her sopping cunt and fucked her rapidly. And Sandy’s constant licking and fucking of her backside was making her about to cum too. She felt compelled to say dirty phrases, things she had not said before. “Give it to me Cindy! Cum in my face, I want it!”

Then Cindy felt that hot little tickle in her body as her pussy spasmed and she jerked her hips upward with a thrashing motion. “Ahhhhh! Uhhhhh-uhh.mmmm fuck!” With a gush of messy squirts, Cindy soaked Cassandra’s face as she caught it in her mouth. She spurted into her hair and over her face. Cassandra Hit her edge too, she rubbed against Sandy’s wet face. Sandy grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them out, that sent a wave of bliss through her pussy as Cassandra felt a second orgasm.

Cassandra and Cindy held each other as they trembled together in their glowing bliss.

Sandy held the wet panties in her face, she licked them while looking at Cassandra. “You want a taste?”

She licked them off, sucking them into her mouth. She moaned as she tasted her own sex juices on her panties, she had never done anything so dirty. She loved every second of it.

“That is so hot.” Cindy was watching while touching herself. Then the three of them groped and kissed each other for a few minutes. Cassandra wanted more of them, but then Cindy’s phone chimed. She reached for it and her eyes lit up.

“Sandy! Roxy is finally here!”

“Oh I am sorry Cassandra, but we have to go.” Sandy started to get dressed and Cindy looked for her clothes.

“Will I see you two sexy ladies again?”

“I live in New York, but I’ll give you my number.” Sandy was putting her skirt on, as Cindy was pulling her dress up. Then she helped Cassandra put her dress back on too. Sandy grabbed her phone and waited for them to finish, she showed her number to Cassandra.

“Can you remember that babe?”

Cassandra quickly memorized it. “Yes, I got it Sandy.”

They both gave her a passionate kiss on the mouth. Cindy squeezed her ass with both hands. “You’re a good fuck Cassandra. I certainly hope I see you again!”

With that, they turned and headed inside. Cassandra just smiled to herself, she was still tingly and riding the emotional high.

“Well, that’s one thing I can cross off my bucket list.” She muttered while caressing her breasts.

The sisters went back to the bar and looked for Roxy again. “I don’t see her Sandy.” Cindy was about to order another drink, when she heard a sultry voice behind her.

“Well hello sexy ladies.” Cindy heard a familiar voice behind her. “Speak of the devil, and she will appear.”

Cindy turned around to a sudden warm embrace, and a wet kiss on her cheek.

“Oh my god! Roxy, there you are” Cindy gave her another kiss on the lips, it was deep and passionate as her tongue probed her welcoming mouth. She then nibbled and sucked hard on her lower lip, Roxy moaned and felt her pussy tingle.

“Oh sweet Jesus Cindy!.” Roxy held her close. “I’m happy to see you too. Let me catch my breath, where did you learn to kiss like that?”

“Well, Sandy helped me practice.” She winked at her sister, who smiled back.

“Wait a minute, your hair is messed up. So is yours Sandy.” She sniffed Cindy. “You smell like fresh sex. What have you two been up to while you were waiting?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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