Cindy’s Panties

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I am around 24 years old and I have always enjoyed wearing panties. I think the feminine feeling of it all really turns me on. At a young age, I discovered masturbation from cumming on my mothers panties after deciding to be bold and try one out from curiosity. I was never able to fufil my love for panties, being in a house full of males, so I never had a sister who would have constant nice pairs of panties or clothes that would fit me. I’d have to settle for my mother’s boring panties which would not do.

Now that I’m only enough and living on my own, I felt so excited that I could fill my crossdressing needs. I was too shy and had much pride to go and buy panties in store so I ordered them online. I ordered really girly ones like pink, yellow, and purple. Black and red never really did it for me and I only like white if the panties themselves were really girly in terms of design.

Sometimes I’d spend days off work in just my panties. I’m not gay and considered to be straight outside of my panty and crossdressing urges but I have always wanted to be friends with a cute girly boy with a pretty face and long hair. We could suck each other off and make out as our cocks touched in our panties until we let our huge loads out in it.

I jerk off to fantasies like that as I know I wouldn’t try to pursue something like that but it would be nice if it happened. I spent a lot of my life talking with girls, casually and friendly or flirtatiously. I got along really well with girls and I came out as a nice guy so I got a lot of hugs and kisses but I was more of the nice guy brother type to most of them, which was fine with me because it led me to an opportunity where I could steal their panties and they wouldn’t know at all.

I was friends with a girl in high school since my 1st days as freshmen with a girl named Cindy and she was known for having a huge ass. I didn’t care at first but as I got older, I started jerking off to her very frequent. I saw what kind of panties she had and she had very nice girly colors like light purple and fuchsia. I wanted my dick to ride in between her ass checks as I put on her panties.

We grew closer as time went by since we were the only 2 to constantly be in a class where we knew each other since our school was big and we saw different people ever semester. Once we graduated high school, a lot of people went to the same community college and me and Cindy happened to register there too. We decided to take similar classes and hang out after class was over and get a bit to eat and even study.

We Ataşehir Escort talked about a lot of things and we eventually started talking about moving into houses. I told her it would be cool if we lived in an apartment and each paid half rent, so we wouldn’t be alone because living in an apartment after leaving out of our parents’ home was a very difficult experience and it would be easier with longtime close friends.

We decided to look into it in the future and he we are now, living in the same apartment. I felt sexually attracted to Cindy because of her fat ass, soft skin, wonderful smell and her spanish accent because she was puerto rican. I don’t think our relationship would work romantically because truth be told, I have a small 4 inch penis and I’ve heard the spanish girls’ conversation about them wanting tall guys who have big dicks. I’m only 5’4, just an inch taller than Cindy.

One day, Cindy told me she would be staying over with a friend because they were going to spend the next day with her family for a special occasion, so she’d be stepping out for 2 days due to the fact that she’s going to have a sleepover with her friend the night before. Once she left, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and then as soon as she drove off, I dove into her room, which was normally locked but I had duplicated the keys to her room without her knowledge, so she would never know if I was in her room if I locked the door again. I rushed to her panty drawer and spotted a ton of very nice colored panties from pink bikini panties to yellow satin ones I’ve seen her wear around the house when her shorts would sag enough for me to see them and her cute ass crack.

I quickly took all my clothes off and put myself in her panties, cumming in seconds. I spent the day blowing my load over and over in her bed in each of my favorite panties from her. I slept in her bed as I smelled her bed of her beautiful smell of cherries. The 2nd day without her passed by as I knew she’d come home later around 11pm. I made the most of the day by just sitting in her bed and masturbating more and more to her panties.

My 4 inch cock spewing out gallons of cum all over my stomach as I wiped them with tissues, making sure to not dirty any of her panties. I was so tired I fell asleep. I woke up to the sounds of a door opening and my heart started racing, as I hear a male and a familiar female voice outside the room. I had locked Cindy’s door as a habit of doing so whenever I’m in my room even when I’m home alone, so Cindy had to unlock it via key. That Kadıköy Escort would have automatically made it suspicious that I was in her room so I was extremely lucky I had even locked the door out of instinct. I didn’t really make a big mess in her room.

Everything was the way it was when she left except me taking some of her panties. I did close her drawer so the only real mess was the plethora of cum dried tissues. I only wore one of my absolute favorite pair of her panties, a yellow cotton panty with pink outlines. Her satin panties felt very well on my dick but the colors were someone bland compared to her cotton ones. My only option was to run into her closet and hide until she stepped into her shower. It was summer so she wouldn’t have a coat to put in her closet and she was wearing sandals that showed her cute toes but she’d just throw them under her bed.

I hid quickly, thinking how stupid it was to sleep in her bed that day she’d come back, but I was thankfully because of the erotic situation I was in of wearing her panties in the same room as her while she was unaware of it. She unlocked her room and she was holding hands with a man. A Dominican, it might have been. I didn’t really feel and jealously in general when she went out with guys but this time I kind of felt that way, probably because we were close friends for years and we just recently moved in, so I thought eventually she’d let me have sex with her or blow me at the very least. She had a lot of boyfriends, so I’m sure at least 4 guys have cum in her big ass and her face. Saying she’s a virgin with a butt like that at her age is a lie.

I saw her grab the Dominican man’s hand and push him in bed as the made out. I think it was obvious that they were going to fuck, so I knew I’d be in her closet for a while until both of them were sleeping. I was peeking thru her closet slats and I was able to see her and her friend making out. He fiercely grabbed her ass and eventually they both took their shirts off. I realized that this would be the first time I had seen anyone naked at all, since I was still a virgin so I had never seen a vagina before. It wasn’t long before my 4 inch dick was fully erect as I was in Cindy’s panties, watching her get fucked by some guy I didn’t know.

She started taking off her bra and I saw her nipples. I started beating off in her closet. Even though she probably had a slightly big B-Cup, the fact that I’m seeing her nipples made me hard enough. She then took off her panties and I saw her wearing a light green cotton type. Bostancı Escort The guy just shoved the panties away, which made me mad for some reason. There she was, fully naked and ready to fuck. She then unzipped the guy’s pants and then started sucking on his dick. It was probably 6 inches. Maybe 7? I don’t know but one thing is for sure, it was way bigger than mines, which was pathetic for my age.

Eventually he started putting his dick in her pussy and they started holding each other while he fucked the shit out of her. She started moaning in Spanish, which was really erotic; I started blowing my load and immediately jerking off again. I could see she was getting an orgasm and she was the most happy she could ever be because her cute little toes were curling and twitching in the air. Eventually the guy pulled out and shot a GIANT load all over her face.

At that same moment, I came in her panties again, realizing the situation I’m in and feeling ashamed but extremely aroused. I must have been really tied that day because I slept in the closet after they stopped fucking. I probably slept for 20 minutes before I woke up and realized it was 3am. I peeked out the closet slats to see if they were sleeping and they both were. I could tell they were in deep sleep so as best as I could; I slowly opened the closet door and opened her door silently as I left her room. I quickly went to my room and slept in her panties. I woke up and it was around 11am.

I saw her wearing nothing but a tank top and panties as I went into the living room and sit down to pour myself cereal. We were great friends so she didn’t mind wearing that around the apartment in the summer due to the 90 degree weather we had and she probably thought I was tired of seeing her big ass for so long, but she was very far from wrong. I told her that I was sleeping in my room the entire night and she probably wouldn’t have wanted to wake up at night even if it was to say hi to me, but I told her I heard some loud noises in the apartment that woke me up for a few seconds.

She turned bright red and was trying to come up with excuses, and I told her I don’t really care what she was doing, since the apartment was also hers. I thought it was really cute how she reacted but it was a big sign to me that she didn’t even notice me in her closet or walking out her door. She started to giggle as she hugged me, barely dressed in anything as her soft skin touched me. It was really obvious I was getting erect, and she started laughing even more.

She got off me and then gave me a little kiss on the lip and then she went back to her room. I went back into my room and decided to do what I do best; masturbate to Cindy. That day really sparked some sexual desire in me and eventually I would start crossdressing, but that’s a story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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