Cleaning Cath Properly

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Big Tits

Simon lay in the bath feeling pretty pleased with himself. He was cleaning himself off after a pretty intense session of anal sex on the living room sofa with his girlfriend Cath and began to think and reminisce to himself how lucky he’d been to meet her.

They had been together a few months now and after the first awkward attempts at lovemaking they had started to enjoy a healthy sex life together. Recently they had begun to experiment with anal loving after discovering it quite by accident.

After a particularly drunken night out they had ended up in bed and whilst kissing and licking at Cath’s wet pussy he had lost his bearings and ended up licking at her most private entrance. She had liked it and one thing led to another and they had discovered not only a new method of pleasure, but that they both enjoyed it much more than conventional vaginal sex which rapidly became a thing of the past as they became even better at it.

As he wallowed in the warm water Cath, who had been in the toilet next door trying to clean herself of her lover’s semen, entered the bathroom.

Looking down at him she said,

“You look very happy with your life right now, it’s not fair it’s so easy for you, you just come in here get in the bath and clean yourself off and that’s it. It takes me ages to feel clean properly, look and see if I’m clean down there will you.”

With that she turned away from him and bent forward and placing her hands against the wall she thrust her beautiful bottom out almost into his face.

“Come on check properly” She was quite a domineering woman at the best of times.

“I’m going out with the girls and I want may panties to stay fresh”. He did as he was told and gently pulled her buttocks apart.

Doing this exposed Çankaya Escort her wonderful rosebud to him, the sight of which even after coming so recently, got him half aroused again and a naughty idea crossed his mind, she was spotlessly clean as he knew she would be.

“Sorry Cath you have a bit of stuff still to clean off, don’t move I’ll do it for you” he lied. He leaned forward and stuck his tongue right into the heart of her ass.

“Ohh you bastard” she groaned “that’s not fair, oh oh, OH OH” the last two exclamations came as he found the one spot on her butt that was the most sensitive of all, she was usually powerless to resist after he found that place, even if she had wanted to, which she normally didn’t.

He now began to lick her in circular movements around the entrance to her ass, he’d go clockwise for a while then stop and pause, then in the opposite direction and stop again, every now and again focusing on the little wrinkle to one side where she felt it the most, then he’d go back again and pause just before caressing that spot which she craved him to do,

“Oh please just there, come on you swine lick me there” she begged.

Almost involuntarily after this intense type of stimulation, her right hand left the wall to reach between her legs with the intention of touching her swollen clit which was aching for stimulation, this was how she usually reached orgasm when they made love. Spotting this Simon grabbed her wrist saying,

“Oh no you don’t”. He knew she’d bring herself off quickly and lose interest, he wanted to fuck her for a second time, his penis was almost rock hard and ready for it.

“You can touch it when I say you can”. Usually she was in control Keçiören Escort of the situation but this once he had to take charge to get what he wanted.

“Put your hand back on the wall” he said standing up, she meekly did as she was told surprising herself but then forgetting the moment as she felt him placing his now fully erect cock at the entrance to her bottom.

She was still well lubricated internally from their recent sex in the front room and her muscles were still yet to tighten back to normal. This allowed Simon to easily enter her and feeling no resistance which he normally would at the beginning, he carried on burying the entire length of his cock into her. She groaned at the sheer pleasure of being truly and nicely filled, his prick was an ideal fit not too long or thick.

He pulled slowly back out till just the head was inside and stopped and waited. Sometimes he liked to be reassured that she really loved it up her ass, he knew she did but it felt good to be told.

A few seconds passed and sure enough she gasped.

“Please please, put it in, all of it”! He did as he was told with gusto, ramming it in hard this time.

They began to fuck like crazy, her hand eventually finding it’s way to her clit, she had to break his rule to feel her superiority won back over him even in this moment of high passion and it felt so damn good anyway.

He was almost at the point of climax as she did this and tried to hold back as long as he could, they knew each others rhythms so well, he knew she could come quickly, but only if he stayed hard within her long enough. The pleasure was too great however and he soon felt that rush in his loins it was too late to hold back.

His Etimesgut Escort cock stiffening to a hardness he’d never known it could, began to squirt powerful jets of semen into her, Cath feeling this too began her own orgasm which spread from her clit as her fingers flew over it, to the whole of her body to her toes to the roots of her hair, as she began to emit low animalistic groans which always told Simon her orgasm was one of the strongest of the strong, as they almost climaxed together his just beating hers by a few seconds.

Her muscles gripped his cock like it was in a vice, as they slowly got their breath back, he leaned forward to put his arms around her and support and cuddle her close to him, telling her how much he loved her until he slipped gently out of her and they finally managed to stand up. She joined him in the bath as they began to clean themselves up all over again, properly this time!

Later that evening Simon sat watching TV as she was in the bedroom probably dressing herself for the promised night out with her girlfriends, when he heard her call out to him for help.

“Ok my love I’m coming” he shouted as he walked down the corridor and into the bedroom.

She was by the window looking out and she was ready alright but not to out. Dressed in her Scarlet bustier and matching red fishnet stockings and panties which barely covered half of her well fucked ass, she purred to him over her shoulder

“You were amazing today darling so now it’s your turn”.

As she turned to face him he realised she was wearing one more item, the big (well, bigger than his cock anyway) flesh coloured, vein covered dildo complete with big balls hanging beneath, that they’d bought recently. strapped tightly to her by a harness which she’d cleverly hidden at the back under the bustier.

“Get on the bed now” she commanded, which he rapidly did. Simon watched in amazement and also a little fear as she walked slowly and sexily around the bed, her new found “cock” wagging menacingly from side to side in front of her as she got nearer and nearer.

But that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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