Cleaning Cousin Ch. 04

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She looked at me and I thought she was going to cry as she said “You’re a sweetheart. That’s why I love you so much.” And she threw her arms around me to give me a hug that I thought would last forever and part of me wanted it to.

What was I doing? Was I creating a situation which would be impossible to extract myself from later, at least without being disowned by the rest of the family? She just told me she loved me and I think she really meant it. We still don’t know if she’s pregnant.

I was beginning to feel a panic attack come on. You know a “coyote ugly attack” you wake up with a strange woman in bed with you and she’s so ugly you don’t want to wake her so you chew off your own arm rather than try to slid it out from under her. Just as quickly it passed as I felt her arms around me and I felt the glow growing in me I decided that for now I didn’t care. I’ll worry about that later. For now she would have to go home too soon but she’d be back next week.


The weeks went on, Melissa found a fulltime job as a secretary at a construction company but still kept coming over on Saturday and was even able to get over one or two nights a week during the work week and our illicit affair continued. We found that she was not pregnant, yet, and got her on the pill. I had gotten used to having her around and had pretty much stopped drinking and carousing, being content to have my cousin take care of my needs. Take care of me she did too. In those weeks she had gone from cleaning my house on Saturdays to cleaning out my plumbing and advanced to doing my laundry and making sure I had a stock of reasonable groceries in the kitchen. She got rid of all the furry things that bachelors seem to accumulate in their refrigerators and in general was taking care of me. I was loving it. I could not remember a time when I had been so content. I did anything she asked, hell, I even started putting the toilet seat down. That was a major accomplishment, something that neither my mother or ex-wife had been able to do with all the threats and nagging, Melissa accomplished it by just plain asking me if I would do it for her.

Then things started to get interesting. I was at work one Saturday morning, anticipating my time with my cousin later in the day, when my phone rang. It was Melissa, she had had to go into work for a bit in the morning but was to come over before lunch and wait for me but there was a problem. My heart sank, I was expecting her to next tell me that she would have to cancel but she continued. One of the girls she worked with had been getting friendly. Mel felt sorry for her because she seemed to be shy and the other women at the office didn’t treat her very well. She had told me about the girl and how she tried to be nice to her. Apparently nobody had ever been nice to the girl before and she was so starved for friendship that once Mel started she latched right on to her. Now both of them were putting in a little OT on Saturday and Janet wanted to spend the day with Mel, she was wheedling and begging and Melissa, being the sweet kid she is was having a hard time saying no.

Melissa explained that she had to go clean her cousin’s house after work, Janet wanted to come along and help. Melissa told her I was grouchy and might get upset, Janet begged her to call and ask. Melissa told her she usually made dinner for me and stayed to eat with me, Janet offered to buy steaks. Mel wanted to know what to do. I sighed and told her she might as well bring her along, so things didn’t look fishy and we would just have to behave ourselves. Maybe she would get bored with cleaning a stranger’s house and leave, at worst Mel could tell her on Monday that I had been annoyed and told her not to bring friends along any more. At least then it wouldn’t happen again.

So I resigned myself to staying a little longer at work, there was little point in rushing home to see Mel if she was going to have someone there with her. I normally stayed till noon on a Saturday but today hung around the office till 2 PM before going home. When I got there I found Mel cleaning away and Janet working right beside her. Now I admit I was a little annoyed. I am a little touchy about my privacy and to have a stranger in my house disturbed me a bit, besides this girl was interfering with me getting laid. I tried to ignore the feelings and be polite. I offered both girls a soda and made small talk for a few minutes. Then I asked “Mel, are you finished with my room I was going to lay down for a bit.”

She looked at me surprised “No, I’m sorry I didn’t even start there yet or the bathroom.”

I frowned “Ok then don’t worry about it. Catch it next time.”

“No I can do the bed quick now while you finish your drink, then do the bathroom while you rest. I’ll just be super quiet. Maybe Janet could start the other bathroom for me.”

Now for the first time Janet opened her mouth and addressed me “I’m sorry it’s my fault. If I hadn’t been here I would have not interpreted Mel’s routine and she would have it done. Kağıthane Escort I’ll help her do the bed then I’ll go, I guess I got a little pushy.”

Now I gave the girl a good look. Up until now I had ignored her. She hung her head in the way a dejected and rejected child will. I suddenly felt sorry for her and regretted ignoring her and brushing her off. Before I knew what I was doing I found myself telling her, “No, it’s not a big deal. Don’t worry about it, any friend of Mel’s is welcome.” And on and on trying to make her feel better. Shit, I was as soft hearted as Melissa was and I was doing exactly the opposite of what I had intended. Instead of driving her away I was inviting her to stay. She just looked so damn pathetic. Then as she looked up at me and gave me a shy smile and an “are you sure it’s OK” I looked at her as a person.

Janet was a cutie, a year older then Mel at 19. Long dark curls hanging down framing a round face. Pale skin with a scattering of freckles. She was a bit taller than Melissa, about 5’4″ and thin. She had next to nothing in the bust department, at least from what I could tell, from the clothes she was wearing. Overall a pretty girl, not unattractive.

I assured her that there was no problem and shooed both girls back to the bedroom to strip the bed before I went and laid down. As they headed back Mel glanced at me over her shoulder and I just shrugged. She answered me with a smile. Then as the moved down the hall I could hear Janet talking to Melissa. “You didn’t tell me your cousin was such a hunk. Does he have a girlfriend? Do you think maybe he might be interested in somebody like me. Maybe you could help me get to know him so he might ask me out.”

I was stunned, this shy little girl suddenly had an interest in me and it seemed in a major way. Mel was very non-committal in her answers.

“Hunk? I never noticed, he’s my cousin but I guess so. No girlfriend I know of. I don’t know if he’d be interested he’s a lot older than us you know and he’s divorced.” Still it did not seem to put Janet off as they moved into my bedroom and out of earshot. But I could hear the jealousy and possessiveness in Melissa’s voice. This other girl was suddenly interested in what she had come to consider her man. I could almost hear her claws extending and the effort she was using to hide it. I decided that it was a good time to stay out of it and finish my drink like a good boy.

I flipped on the TV and sat down. A few minutes later Janet came out and meekly told me they were done, that Melissa was doing the bathroom. I thanked her and went back to the bedroom. I closed the door and went into the master bath where Mel was waiting for me. I took her into a hug and kissed her and she returned the kiss. Then, “I’m sorry about Janet. I didn’t know what to do.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find some time alone later. I can see why you had trouble saying no. She looks so pathetic if she thinks she’s being pushed aside.” I answered as I nuzzled her neck.”

“Were you really going to lay down or was that just a ploy?” she asked as she rubbed the bulge in my pants.

Both, I answered. “I wanted to lay down with you.”

She giggled and started to work my pants, “Well I don’t think we have time for that but I can take care of this for you.” She went to her knees and took me into her mouth. Her lips began to massage my cock and her tongue flick over and around the head as she jacked me. I knew she was trying to get me off quickly before there was any chance of our guest interrupting and she succeeded as in just a few minutes I shot a load of sperm into her mouth. She took it all and swallowed it then stood and kissed me. “That’s for being sweet to my friend. I’ll give you more later, promise. Now why don’t you go get your shorts on and take a nap. Then when you get up we’ll make the steaks and maybe we can figure a way to get Janet to go home and give us a little time together, without hurting her feelings.”

I smiled and kissed her again before I walked out of my pants leaving them on the bathroom floor and went to my dresser to slip a pair of running shorts on. I peeled my shirt off and laid on the bed. Mel came over and took my shirt to put it in the laundry before kissing me. I was tired and as she left the room with the laundry I dropped off to sleep.

I found out later that Janet noticed that the clothes I had been wearing were in the laundry and that my underwear were tangled in my slacks. She looked at Mel and in her shock asked “Did he change his clothes with you in the room?”

Mel realized that Janet noticed the clothes and brushed it off “Yeah so, he still had his underwear on and besides he just my cousin. Besides he used to change my diaper.” She did not realize she had been caught in a lie about the underwear. Janet said nothing.

I woke about an hour later and walked out to the kitchen to find Melissa and Janet getting things ready fro an early dinner. Melissa turned and saw me. “Are you going to walk around Kağıthane Escort Bayan half naked in front of company?” She asked.

“What do you mean half naked? Do you want me all the way naked instead? That’s how I’d be if you guys weren’t here” I answered as I grabbed a clean T shirt from the wash basket sitting on the table.

Janet giggled and Melissa looked at me, smiled and just said “Pervert” Which brought more giggles from Janet.

They continued making dinner and I moved to the living room and put the TV on. I could hear them talking in the kitchen but could not hear what was being said, so I ignored it and relaxed. Before longe dinner was ready and we sat down, we ate and talked. Janet came out of her shell a little and I found she was actually pleasant company. The three of us had a good time, even with Mel rubbing her bare foot over my dick while we ate. I was afraid to get up as I knew that my hardon would be acutely visible to my guest if I did. I was not worried about Mel seeing me with a boner but did not want to be waving it in the face of a stranger. During dinner I reminded Mel that I was supposed to take her over to my Mom’s this evening when we finished for our grandparents party. She caught on immediately and pretended to have completely forgotten. She knew full well that there was no party but played along knowing that I had figured a way for Janet to go home soon and not be hurt. Janet took the hint well and apologized for intruding. We both brushed it off as having time yet and Mel apologized to Janet for forgetting about it, she made it up to her by planning a shopping trip with her for the next day.

The girls cleaned up after dinner and Janet thanked us for dinner and said her goodbye’s. She was barely out the door and I had Mel in my arms. I held her and kissed her and she returned my kiss as she slid her hand into the waistband of my shorts and grasped my hardened cock in her little hand. She began to work me as I kissed her neck and then peeled her shirt off and began to suck her nipples into my mouth. It took no time at all before I had all of her clothing off and she had me stripped also. We were on the living room floor and I was hungry to get my dick into her pussy but I don’t think I was half as hungry as she was. She got up on her knees and stuck her ass out and began to beg me to put it into her pussy. I complied immediately and sunk my meat into her pussy. The rest of the world did not exist right then. I had everything I wanted, I had my dick buried into my cousin’s hot little pussy and was banging away doggie style getting a moan and a grunt from her on each stroke and that’s how we were when Janet opened the door and walked back in. I did not even hear her open the door and was not even aware she was there, nor was Melissa, until the door shut and she said. “Oh my God. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…but my car won’t start. Oh my god I can’t believe you’re fucking your cousin Melissa.” Then her look of shock turned to a smirk. “On the other hand if my cousin was a hunk like yours I probably would be.”

I grabbed my clothes and darted into the other room and Mel was frantically gathering hers up as she started to plead. “Please don’t tell anyone. Oh my god. Please don’t tell. I can’t help it I love him.”

I had managed to get my clothes on again and returned to help Melissa. She was starting to cry and I held her to me and helped her pull her shirt and pants on. Now Janet was starting to look embarrassed but the look in her eye worried me. I started to get angry, “You should have knocked” I blurted out.

“I’m sorry. My car won’t start and I was frustrated so I came to see if you could help. I’m sorry I just never crossed my mind that you would be… well you know. I still can’t believe it, you’re cousins!”

“Yeah well shit happens.” I muttered.

Melissa started in again. “Please, you won’t tell anyone will you? I’ll do anything. Please.”

I moved Mel to the couch where we sat down, me with my arm around her protectively. I was screwed and I knew it. I had been caught red handed, well actually red cocked. She had walked in while I had my cock buried into my cousin’s pussy. There was no doubt what we were doing and I figured I was at least going to be publicly humiliated and banished from the family and perhaps even sent to jail. Mel sat in my embrace whimpering about how much she loved me and begging for Janet’s silence. Janet sat on the chair facing us and just started asking questions. How did it start? How long had we been doing this? What kind of things did we do? Melissa told her the whole story, how she had found me half drunk and naked, how she had always been attracted to me and what activities we engaged in and how wonderful it was. She was a lot more honest and vivid than I was comfortable with but then I was scared and just kept my mouth shut.

When she was finished Janet just sat there and stared at us. “I envy you.” She said. “You found someone to love and who can give you pleasure Escort Kağıthane and all I ever had was my hand” I was shocked by how blunt she was but she continued. “I never even had a boyfriend. The only orgasm I get are when I play with my own pussy. Not that they’re bad but it would be nice to have somebody. God you guys looked so great when I came in. I mean I could tell you were both really into it. I was shocked though I must have stood there for 30 seconds and watched before I blurted anything out. It was really hot to see. I can’t believe how wet my panties got when I saw you.’

Then she paused and I saw that glint in her eye again. “I’m make you a deal. I won’t tell anybody as long as you let me watch you guys just once.”

“What?” I asked, indignant, “I’m not some porno show that performs for people.” Melissa just chewed her lip and then Janet answered me, “No you’re not, you’re just a guy who’s screwing his cousin who happens to be 10 years younger than you. Who would ever believe that you didn’t seduce her in the first place.”

Then in a small voice Melissa said “I don’t mind. If she wants to watch us once and promises to keep the secret, I don’t mind.”

I looked back and forth between them and decided to call her bluff. “Ok but on one condition. You have to be naked too. Completely naked.” I figured that as shy as she seemed this would scare her off. I was wrong. She stood up and stated to undress and just answered “Ok, and I warn you I will probably play with myself.”

Not only was her shyness gone but she was now matter of factly talking about masturbating while we were in the room next to her. I mentally surrendered and shrugged. If being a performing seal would get this woman off our back then Ok I would do it. I had never had anyone just watch me before and it felt odd to think about it but I decided that the best thing to do would be to ignore her, pretend she wasn’t even there. I stood and took Mel’s hand and drew her up off the couch to lead her back to my bed. By this time Janet was down to just her panties and she pulled them off as she followed us.

We got to the bed and stood next to it, I turned and faced my cousin and took her face in my hands, “Are you Ok?” I asked she nodded and Janet blurted out “Just kiss her already.”

I looked at her angrily and snarled “We agreed to let you watch not be the fucking director.”

“Sorry.” She answered meekly.

But then I did kiss Mel. I gently pulled her face to mine and let my lips touch hers. Then as our lips touched I slid my tongue out to run the tip over her sweet lips. She responded by opening her mouth and sliding her tongue out to meet mine and suddenly we were alone again. It was just the two of us as we blotted out the whole world. We continued to kiss and run our hands over each others bodies, with less urgency than we had earlier our fires had been partially banked and now it was love and not lust that drove us. I ran my hands to her hips and grasped the waistband of her shorts and started to slowly push them down until they slid over the hump of her perfect little ass and fell to the floor, leaving her naked from the waist down and exposing her ass and pussy to our watcher. That done I slid my hands back up and under her shirt to rub her breasts and in doing so brought her top up with me. She let go of me and pulled it the rest of the way off herself freeing her beautiful round breasts and letting them bounce in the air. I heard a little gasp from the bed to my right and glanced over to see Janet kneeling on my bed staring at us with her hand buried in her pussy and working it while her other hand was rubbing one of her breasts, her small “A” cup breasts. I was struck by how small they were, hardly more than bumps on her chest with areoles mot much bigger than a quarter and big, long nipples protruding from them. I turned my attention back to Mel as she moved her hands under my shirt and lifted it up over my head to drop it on the floor. I kissed her again as she slid my shorts off me and allowed them to drop now we both stood there naked while our guest watched.

I leaned my head down and took a nipple between my teeth to tease her. She was already hard and protruding and I grasped it and gently bit down as she moaned. She took me in her hand and grasped hard and began to pull on my meat as I licked and chewed her tit. Now I wanted her pussy, I wanted to taste her. I turned her and sat her down on the bed and let her fall back as I went to my knees between her legs. Her legs spread apart as she knew what I intended and her pussy opened to me as I leaned into it and ran my tongue from her hole to the top of her slit and she moaned again louder as I attacked her lips and clit with my tongue then drove my hard tongue deep into her and licked out her insides to get all the sweet nectar I could. I teased and licked her for a long time and all too soon my tongue began to tire and I decided to finish her off, I attacked her clit and teased it running around it with my tongue and flicking over it until she was shaking with anticipation and begging me to let her cum. I relented and drove three fingers into her heated box while I sucked her clit into my mouth and grabbed it with my teeth. She came with a scream. Squirting cum out onto my face and clamping her legs onto my head.

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