Close to the Heart Pt. 05

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Disclaimer: All persons engaging in sex are over the age of eighteen. This story contains a very voluptuous older woman with self-esteem issues doing fetish sex things with a sexy young six-inch tall man. The acts include: Tiny man in giantess’s mouth, tiny man in giantess’s cleavage, tiny man in giantess’s vagina, tiny man in giantess’s anus, tiny man being covered in giantess’s sweat, tiny man being pissed on by a drunk giantess, tiny man fucking a giant nipple, nearly-fatal lady-orgasms, and fun with a 3D printer.

If any of that isn’t your thing, don’t read it. You’ve been warned.


Hiro watched the minute-long teaser clip for the third time in a row on his favorite streaming porn site, but he still couldn’t believe it.

He’d never seen such a realistic giantess video. Not ever. He had to see the whole thing now, and that was all there was to it.

For nearly an hour he searched for a free copy, but came up with nothing. If someone had it, they weren’t sharing where he could find it.

Hiro finally went to the Vids4Sale site, and entered the video number. Then ran a web calculator to see how much yen it would cost him.

He sucked his breath through his teeth. That was a little much for a fifteen minute clip. Quickly checking to see if the creator had made anything else, Hiro hit the motherlode. Five videos with different themes.

He worried his lip as he scrolled up and down the page, libido making more of his decisions with each passing moment.

Two. He could afford two of them right now, and the rest after he got paid a time or two.

That unbirthing one, and the drunk pee one. He had to have those both, right that second.


“Well? How do you like my new bra?”

Leanne playfully turned her upper body to the left, then the right, modeling her new underwear for Derek.

Derek scratched his head. There was no lace or defined cups. It wasn’t even a pretty color. Just a bland white that covered up more skin than her others. Derek finally gave up. “I don’t get it. You wouldn’t be so playful unless there was something really awesome here, but all I see is that it covers up more and looks like it supports less.”

Leanne grinned with mischief and walked up close to Derek’s work floor on top of her dresser. She eased to her knees, and lifted her breasts to rest on the top, inches from her boyfriend’s chair.

Then she reached up near her shoulder and unlatched the clasp, pulling a triangle of fabric down and revealing a large portion of the middle of her bare breast, centered on her nipple.

“It’s a nursing bra! You don’t know how hard it was to find one of these close to my size. Finding regular bras is hard enough, but this?”

Derek smiled and walked close, stepping onto the white fabric stretching away from the underside of her giant tit. Once he got close, he fondled her nipple, and kept playing with it until it was erect and pointed at him. “Okay. I see so far. But your face says that there’s more.”

Leanne bit her lip and slid a small bottle of lube from somewhere Derek couldn’t see. “Take off your clothes,” she whispered, and smeared a drop of lube on the tip of her hard nipple.

Derek removed his clothes, much better in quality than his first attempts. If one ignored the fact that the stitching was too big and on the outside, his t-shirt and cloth pants almost looked normal.

Leanne kept swirling the lube around the end of her nipple with a finger. “See, I was thinking. I can simulate sex with your body, but you’ve been kind of stuck jacking it. Even when I give you a blowjob, it’s still more or less just rubbing you off with my lip. But my left nipple? It’s got this deep indent in the center. Fuck me, Baby,” Leanne beckoned.

Derek grasped her thick, moderately long nipple in both of his hands, and sank his cock into the lubricated crevice.

The nub was hard under his grip and softer inside, the entire thing hot with her heat, and if he closed his eyes he could almost pretend he was holding a woman’s hips belonging to a girl his own size.

Derek gave an experimental thrust, and it felt really good, so he kept on pumping into the hot, slick hole.

Leanne watched him enjoying himself. It didn’t do much for her, but that was never the point. The attention guaranteed her nipple would stay hard, and that was all she really needed for this to work.

Then she carefully pulled up the flap and resecured it, pressing her boyfriend against her breast with his dick still slotted in her nip, which made him stop.

She caressed his back through the fabric with a finger. “Take your time, Honey. If one isn’t enough, go for a second round. I want to get some things done, so just tap me when you want back out, okay?”

Derek gave her boob three pats, signaling an affirmative, and began to piston his hips again.

Leanne stood from her kneeling position, lifting her bra-covered breasts from the dresser top, and went to plug in the vacuum.

Leanne split her attention between vacuuming the Nevşehir Escort small amount of carpet she had, and the tip of her bra cup rhythmically poking out and back in as her boyfriend’s tight, tiny ass pushed against it with his thrusting.


“I see that you’ve worked the same job for thirty years. Is there any reason that you’re looking for a new one?”

Leanne took a deep breath and tried to draw some strength and bravery from the man between her boobs. Having him along to the interview was giving her the courage she needed.

“To be honest, I’ve always wanted to work with children. I was just always scared to try something new. I mean, I’ve been working at Burger King since I was sixteen. That’s a pretty big rut to try and dig yourself out of. Then I met a man, a wonderful man, and he convinced me to try to chase my dreams.”

The woman’s eyebrows raised. “Sounds like a great guy,” she commented.

“The best,” Leanne admitted. “What Derek told me was that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I know I can find that here, at your daycare. I want to know what that’s like.”

The woman leaned back and considered Leanne for a long minute. Then she nodded. “Your CPR is up to date, so why don’t we do a trial period, and see how things work out? When can you start?”

Leanne struggled to keep her emotions in check. “It wouldn’t feel right to not give notice at my old job. Would two weeks be okay?”

The woman stood, spurring Leanne to stand as well. She offered her hand.

“Two weeks, then. Welcome aboard, Leanne.”

Leanne gratefully shook the offered hand with both of hers. “Thank you, Ms. Goldstein. Two weeks.”

Then Leanne shouldered her purse, walked to the parking lot while being serenaded by the loud sounds of small children playing, and let herself into her new, slightly-used SUV.

Once in the vehicle, the tears she’d been holding back streamed down her face, and she muffled her sobs with both of her hands.

It was everything she’d always wanted, as far as work went. Leanne didn’t need to be a CEO, or a millionaire, or the President. All she needed to be happy was to be around small children, and now she was going to. And she owed it all to Derek.

“Congratulations, Babe! I knew you could do it!” came a voice from her covered chest, and Leanne spoke without thinking.

“I love you so much!”

She’d been holding the words back. It wasn’t fair to Derek to tell him what she felt, not when he was so dependent upon her. If he didn’t feel the same, things could get awkward, and terrible. He might just tell her he loved her back for that reason alone. In one thoughtless moment, Leanne was sure she’d wrecked everything.

Derek chuckled from her bosom. “I know. I’ve known it for a long time now. You don’t hide your feelings well at all, Honey. But you know what? I love you too. How couldn’t I? You’re an awfully terrific woman.”

Leanne placed her hand to her breasts, just under where Derek’s head peeked out between them but beneath her blouse, and breathed deeply until she could find her voice again. It was the closest thing to holding him she could manage at the moment.


Derek clawed at the smooth tabletop, but could find nothing to grab hold of. His eyes, wild with fear, darted to the left and right, but there was nothing.

Leanne moaned wantonly, and her asshole clenched, pulling him just a little further inside.

“Mmmm. My ass is so hungry for you, Billdo. You’re just the right size for the perfect snack.”

She clenched again, and Derek was pulled in more, up to his pelvis. The entirety of his legs and feet were inside of her colon. He looked around at the giant, fat ass cheeks that Leanne was keeping pulled apart with her fingers, the flesh extending further down the table than he himself was, now.

Her sphincter loosened a little, and Derek scrambled to pull himself out by clawing forward on his hands. He made it until his calves were almost clear of the ring, and then it tightened up and pulled him back again.

Malicious giggles wafted down to him. “So sorry, Billdo. Didn’t mean to give you hope. You’re going in my ass, and that’s that.”

“Goddess please!” Derek begged. “Please, don’t! I’ll die in there!”

A powerful clench dragged him to his waist inside of the wrinkled orifice. “Do I look like I care if you live or not? All that matters is that my ass gets to eat. You wouldn’t want her to lose weight now, would you? She’s got a healthy appetite.”

Another wanton moan accompanied her asshole inhaling him to just under his chest, and Derek abandoned the tabletop to push against her ass itself. To try and pull himself out with his hands pushing just outside of the gluttonous backdoor.

Leanne giggled again, somehow sounding both sexual and evil at the same time. “It feels like your puny arms are tying to fight me. You think you can fight all of this ass with that tiny body?”

She punctuated her taunt by sucking him up to his shoulders, Nevşehir Escort Bayan causing his arms to stick out straight from her depths.

“Well, this has been a fun game Billdo, but I’m just not in the mood to play anymore. Goodbye, Toy. I’ll have forgotten about you by the morning.”

A series of absolutely sexual grunts sounded in time with rapid contractions of Leanne’s sphincter, and in starts and stops Derek was pulled the rest of the way inside until only his hands desperately clinging to the inner ring were showing, and with one final grunt those, too, vanished.

Leanne clenched her anus a few more times and made pleasurable sounds before letting go of her cheeks, the fat clapping together with a gelatinous wobble and closing the doors over her captive with finality.

She casually eased her ass off of the table, her massive plump ass cheeks dropping off of the edge one at a time. She took her time pulling her thong up over her hips and wedging the string in her ass, then slowly walked around the corner, scratching under an enormous bare breast as she did so.

The instant Leanne was out of the camera’s view, she hurriedly tugged her thong down, squatted in the hallway, and shat her boyfriend back out.

It was weird to Leanne to push like she was trying to poop, but feeling the contours of Derek’s body move through her bowels instead. Weird, but also scarily good. He slid out easily, squeezing through her anal ring to drop into Leanne’s waiting hand.

Leanne stood with her soiled man, stepped out of her thong, and hurried to the bathroom. She placed him in the left sink basin and turned on the water. Once it was running warm, she walked back out, stopped the recording, and went back to the bathroom to wash her hands in her own sink.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into that. I can’t believe I did it!”

Derek chuckled, vigorously scrubbing himself under the water with his hands. “We needed to go out with a bang, and having you swallow me was just too dangerous. There’s no guarantee you’d be able to puke me back up. We talked about this, Leanne.”

She rolled her eyes. “I know! But I still slurped you up into my asshole, then pooped you out. I’m a little weirded out, here.”

Leanne stopped the water draining in her boyfriend’s sink and pumped healthy dollops of Derek’s shampoo and body wash for him, then sat on the toilet and tried to wipe the odd feeling away.

“Well, the enema beforehand worked great. How did it feel?”

Leanne shifted, a little embarrassed. “I think I liked it. Way too dangerous, though.”

Derek started a second round of shampoo. “I’ve got an idea for printing a helmet, and using aquarium tubing as airlines. Maybe we can make this safe enough for you to have fun that way. Variety, right?”

“And adventure,” Leanne agreed with a smile. “Maybe something with a base I can grasp?”

“I’ll give it some thought. So, are you sad that we just shot our last video at all?”

“Not really. The money we made bought everything we needed it to. New vehicle, two bedroom apartment so we each have our own sinks, and you’re not stuck using my dresser top as your work space anymore. I mean, I have a kitchen table and a couch now!”

Derek finally figured his hair was as clean as he could get it, and started washing himself with the body wash. “Well, ten is a nice round number for our amount of videos. And we have an excuse for why the videos ended, now. Goddess’s ass ate poor little Billdo. I think I’m going to title this one ‘Billdo in The End’, because ass pun.”

Leanne agreed, “And I don’t want this to jeopardize my new job. I do work with little kids now, you know. You’re sure no one will ever recognize me?”

Derek was confident. “We made very sure your face wasn’t in any of them, except that mouth one where you wore that huge frilly mask. Also, I filtered the audio a bit on every one to make my voice not quite so squeaky, and that made yours sound a little lower and sultrier. No one will recognize you from that. You don’t have any tattoos, so I think we’re golden.”

Derek scrubbed himself down with his body wash, vigorously trying to get the smell of his giant girlfriend’s small intestine from him, but he just couldn’t reach certain places. He finally quit trying to contort himself. “Hey Love? Can you wash my back?”

Leanne beamed the private smile only he got to see his way at the appellation. “Of course.”

Leanne wiped her ass one last time, flushed the toilet, and went to thoroughly clean her boyfriend after his cave diving adventure.


Leanne let herself into the apartment, a persistent smile lingering on her face.

A lot of her hair had escaped her ponytail, and she had a blue child-sized handprint on her blouse just over her right breast, but Leanne couldn’t even be bothered over her disheveled state, nor her blouse. The paint would wash out.

Caring for and playing with all of those wonderful kids was more fulfilling than even she thought it would be. She Escort Nevşehir looked forward to her workdays for the first time in her long life. She couldn’t believe she’d wasted so much time working fast food.

Derek was right. She hadn’t even felt like she was working. She just had to restrain herself to hugs. Kissing the kids’ cheeks or hair was absolutely not allowed.

She entered the second bedroom, surveying the two side-by-side tables that comprised Derek’s place within their place.

He wasn’t at his desk, the printed stand holding his active phone up and slightly leaning backward, the plastic rolling chair with padding glued to it was likewise unoccupied.

The laptop was over to the right of his phone, further back and turned at an angle so he could easily see its screen, a single cord running from its side to connect to the underside of the smartphone that doubled as a charger and data cable.

The water bottle intended for gerbils was getting low, she noticed. Derek used it as a water dispenser, only having to push up the steel ball in the bottom to fill his cup whenever he felt the need.

The toilet bottle was still good, too. Her genius of a boyfriend had 3D printed what was basically an outhouse, with tiny plumbing that led to an empty soda bottle below the table’s surface, clamped to one of the legs. All he had to do was dump a thimble of water into his toilet to flush it, and it all wound up in the bottle that functioned as a septic tank. She could simply unscrew the bottle from the apparatus on that leg, tighten its original cap on, and toss the whole thing in the trash. A new bottle was easy enough to come by. They were pretty much a standard size at the cap, whether it was a 20 oz., a two-liter, or even a little six ounce water bottle.

His snack table could use a little restocking, and Leanne made a mental note to do that.

Derek wasn’t in his bed, either. The doll bed, with a fluffy mattress and a Derek-made silk mattress cover, that wasn’t where he normally slept at night. Where he usually slept was next to her, between her tits most of the time. Leanne just didn’t move when she slept, and her giant breasts were both the softest and warmest place for him to sack out.

Also, she liked having Derek between her tits. There was nostalgia there, from that first week they were together, and she never felt so unalone as when her man was right there, able to talk with her with no notice at all. In addition, Leanne felt like he was safer there than anywhere. Her airbags would cushion him from any and all impacts. She worried about him when they were apart. He was so little!

No, the doll bed was where Derek slept when he felt like a nap and Leanne wasn’t home, and that currently wasn’t where he was.

It was the 3D printer that caught her attention, though. He was making a couple pretty big things, but they weren’t finished so she couldn’t quite grasp their functions just yet.

She finally gave up on her search and just called out. “Derek, Honey? I’m home!”

Derek’s little head popped up from behind the printer, where he must have been changing a plastic spool. “Hey!” he greeted, then scrambled down his scaffolding to walk closer. He caught sight of the bright blue handprint on her chest, and started laughing softly. “One of the kids get fresh with you?”

Leanne chuckled helplessly. “Finger painting today, and Tommy really wanted my attention. What’re you making there?”

Derek casually looked back to the production in progress. “Well, when it’s finished, and I’ve put some padding inside, it’ll be a hollow dildo and butt-plug that a six-inch tall guy can fit inside of. The tops screw into the bottoms, and have ventilation holes built in.”

Leanne looked at the things with new eyes. “For what purpose?”

Derek shrugged. “Well, you know how you like doing public stuff? These will let you safely put me all the way inside of you. Imagine doing our grocery shopping and no one knows you’ve got your boyfriend all the way up your ass. Just walking around in a sundress with a little extra swing to your hips, and enjoying your naughty little secret.”

Leanne felt herself get moist at the thought. Her love sure knew what she liked. “That’s a pretty big butt-plug. Might take some work to get it in.”

Derek nodded in thought. “You’re right, and it will be. Still, I wanted you to have the option. No one says that you have to use it.”

“Oh, I will want to, you know that. Just, do me a favor and order me a couple smaller ones to work my way up to it, will you?”

“Can do,” he agreed. “So, what’s going on?”

Leanne shrugged. “I’m happy and kind of horny. Wanna play?”

Derek laughed and casually tossed the tiny bit of cloth he’d been cleaning his hands with away. “Of course. Always. What’s on your mind?”

Leanne began to unbuckle her belt, greedily watching Derek divest himself of clothes. The sight of him getting naked never did get old. “Wanna lay in my panties while I restock your stuff? And then, maybe you can put on your base and go in the backdoor?”

“Sounds good to me!” Derek agreed, greedily watching Leanne lower her slacks and panties just enough. The sight of Leanne baring her bush never really did get old. “I could use a new square of toilet paper,” he remembered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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