Closet Exhibitionist Pt. 01

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I was just a small town girl from the Midwest. I never considered myself to be pretty when I was younger, but I really blossomed after high school. At 5’7″ and very fit and lean, I was objectively beautiful and loved the attention. Just feeling a man’s eyes on me greatly turned me on. I wasn’t a classic beauty. I didn’t have large breasts or an hour-glass figure, but I did have a pretty face, incredibly firm “b” cups and a great ass. I discovered that for most men, these traits were enough.

I’ve always carried myself in a conservative and reserved manner. I had very few sexual experiences before my first marriage. You would never know from looking at me the filthy sexual thoughts constantly going through my mind. I married young (18), and my first husband, Jim, was also my first lover. Our sex life was not terribly exciting. Jim was reasonably attractive and seemed to know his way around the female body, yet achieving an orgasm with him always eluded me.

It wasn’t until visiting my sister Michelle, that I thought I figured out why. I was using the bathroom at Michelle’s apartment when I noticed a PLAYGIRL magazine in her magazine rack. Having only seen one naked man before, I was intrigued. I flipped open the magazine and the centerfold fell out. What was suddenly in front of me was a gorgeous black man with an enormous penis.

I was stunned. Jim’s penis was probably only 1/4 the size of this beautiful black man’s. The wave of arousal that went through me shocked me. I studied this beautiful man. I reached my fingers down to my vagina and felt more lubrication than I ever thought possible. As my fingers glided across my clit, it felt like an electric shock went through my body. I stared back and forth between that big beautiful cock and that man’s amazing smile and started rubbing myself.

I slipped two fingers inside my pussy as I studied his masculine, muscular body. I imagined it pressing hard against me, forcefully shoving that huge, hard cock into my inexperienced tight pussy. I had never masturbated before, but the orgasm building inside of me was obvious. The closer I got to orgasm, the more frantically I rubbed my vagina, the more desperately I wanted to feel the delicious pain of that huge cock pushing deep into my pussy.

Then it hit me. It hit all of me. My vagina clamped down hard on my two fingers still in my pussy. I let out a guttural moan as wave after wave of orgasm washed over me. I lost my balance and fell forward, landing hard on the bathroom rug. I couldn’t even catch myself because my entire body was violently convulsing.

This one moment more than anything else started my sexual awakening. I started masturbating nearly everyday, fantasizing about being fucked by well-hung men and inexplicably, exhibitionism. The thought of men getting turned on by seeing me naked turned me on more than I can describe.

Jim worked long hours, leaving me home alone with just my filthy thoughts. One morning I looked out my apartment window and noticed two construction workers on the roof next door. Our apartment was located in an old victorian structure. Their project left them a mere 20′ from my large, floor-to-ceiling windows. Anytime I left my apartment or returned to it, they would be right there, smiling and saying hello.

For a solid month these men were out there working. And every single day of that month I would get completely naked and innocently walk past those windows, hoping to give these men a show. After I was sure I’d been seen, I’d jump into the bath and bring myself to a powerful orgasm.

I would fantasize about the two of them coming over and taking me against my will. They wouldn’t hurt me in this fantasy, quite the opposite. I’d resist enough to avoid accountability for the act, but my pleasure would be known only to me and these strong men overcome by their lust for me. Nobody to blame, really. I had inadvertently walked past our large windows completely naked. They’d both seen me and been overcome…

I was disappointed when I noticed the job was winding down. I hated the thought of losing my audience. I decided on their last day I’d give them a treat. I bought some new blinds for the apartment window closest to them. I started running the tub for my daily bath and disrobed. Then I “remembered” the blinds, so I went to work.

I stood completely naked in front of our floor-to-ceiling window as I reached up to remove the old blinds. I stole a quick glance at the men on the roof, only 20′ away. Sure enough, they were both standing frozen staring right at me. My first instinct was to cover up, but the wave of arousal that washed over me was so extraordinary and overwhelming, it held me in place. They could see every inch of my body.

My God, this was hot! I pretended I was struggling with the old blinds so I could hold my pose longer. Every second that ticked by was excruciatingly hot. I could feel my wetness building. I eventually brought down the old blinds and lifted the new Betturkey ones in their place. I stole another glance, only to find my to voyeurs in the exact same places, staring at my naked body. What seemed like an eternity only lasted for about five minutes, but those were the greatest five minutes of my life. By the time I’d completed my project, my juices were running down both of my legs.

There’s very little I wouldn’t have done in that moment. Had they come over right then, I would have enthusiastically fucked both of them. Instead I had to settle for my daily bathtub routine. This day’s orgasm nearly knocked me unconscious. I was incredibly turned on for the rest of the day thinking about the show I’d put on.

When Jim came home that night, he was greeted with my sexiest lingerie. I needed to be fucked long and hard. Unfortunately, Jim was tired and not receptive to my advances. This was the beginning of the end for us. I’d recently enrolled full-time at a nearby university. Every single day I was surrounded by hot men more than willing to fuck me.

Don was a guy in my sociology class. He was gorgeous and always smiled and flirted with me. It was my big crush on Don that gave me the courage to ask Jim for a divorce. I was far too young to be in a sexless marriage. Jim and I separated right away and I started dating Don. He was a talented lover, but my dream of experiencing my first huge cock would have to wait. Don was pretty average in that department, but he definitely made the most of it. He was an expert at oral sex and usually brought me to orgasm when we made love.

Having no place to live, I moved into a single room in an old dormitory on campus. My window was across the street from a frat house. The temptation to stand naked in front of my window for the pleasure of a bunch of frat guys proved too much for me. Every evening after dinner, I would take a shower and return to my room, where I would turn all of my lights on, slide off my silk robe in front of my window, put on lotion, then casually walk around naked while slowly collecting my sleep-ware for the night.

Once I’d had enough, I’d turn out the lights, jump into bed and masturbate. This was my nightly routine. I believed my window was close enough to the frat house to allow them to see me naked every night, but far enough away to prevent them from being able to recognize me on campus.

That is, until the afternoon I got a knock on my door. I answered and found two frat guys standing at my door. They introduced themselves as Nick and Tony. They said they wanted to meet the prettiest girl on campus. I was flattered. I shook their hands and told them my name was Kim. Them seemed flustered and left when the conversation stalled.

When they left, it occurred to me they’d probably seen me naked every night. Now that they knew my name, I was no longer incognito. I have to admit, the thought of meeting two guys who had been enjoying seeing me naked through my window was a big turn-on for me. After meeting Nick and Tony, it became somewhat common for random guys on campus to say, “Hi Kim!” I always smiled and returned the greeting, knowing it was quite likely they’d gotten off on seeing me naked before.

Don and I continued to progress in our relationship. Our sex life was exciting and fulfilling. He didn’t have a clue about my exhibitionist proclivities, but because I was in a constant state of arousal, he certainly benefited from them. At the end of the spring semester Don and I decided to rent a two story townhouse together. Our spare bedroom had a window overlooking the parking lot to our complex and just behind that, a huge shopping center parking lot. It was perfect for my new hobby.

I kept a lot of my clothes in the spare bedroom, so it was natural at night to go into that room before and after my nightly bath. Once in the room, I would turn the light off and get naked. I’d watch from the window until a male neighbor or shopper was in range. Then I’d flip on the light and stand in front of the window and pretend I was looking for something to wear. There were two hot guys who lived at the end of the complex who always parked in front of my window. Several times a week these young men were rewarded with a show. They showed their appreciation by alway greeting me enthusiastically when we’d run into each other around the complex. Those two men were the stars of many of my sexual fantasies. The thought of getting fucked by two men was almost as hot as fucking a black guy with a huge cock. Almost.

Don really got off on hearing about my sexual fantasies. He knew the thought of me being seen naked turned me on, but he still had no idea I was acting on it. Like I said, I was a nice, conservative girl. I never even dressed provocatively, so my exhibitionism seemed way out of character. Don always told me I was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, and that I should pursue modeling. I loved the idea of it, but at only 5’7″ I knew this Betturkey Giriş wasn’t a real possibility. Still he pushed.

There was a small modeling agency in town and one day I mustered the courage to drop by. They were encouraging and seemed genuinely interested in me as a potential model. They said they felt they could get me into a magazine almost immediately. The scheduled a photo shoot to complete my portfolio and we were off and running. While filling out my profile, John, the main guy asked me if I’d be interested in doing “figure work.” I had to ask what that was because I didn’t understand the question. “Nudes,” he said. “Tasteful nudes.” Despite my newfound love for exposing myself from the safety of my own home, I had no interest in posing nude for modeling shoots. He saw my hesitation and offered, “It’s best to list figure work in your portfolio because you’ll look more professional and will land more gigs.” I reluctantly agreed to include it, but had no intention of ever doing it.

When I told Don about the portfolio question, he surprised me with, “What’s the big deal? I’m guessing this is very common in the modeling business. I bet it’d fun.” The agency followed through on its promise to get me into a magazine right away. I was only carrying groceries and it was a small publication. Still, seeing myself in a real magazine was thrilling. Soon after that I was called for a few small shoots like that one, then the phone stopped ringing. I was disappointed, of course, but I never thought much would come of it anyway.

Then I got a call from the agency. A big-time photographer from a nearby town needed a model for two different shoots and he needed one right away because he was on deadline. The catch? It would involve figure work. I needed to think about it. Don was supported and advised me to take the job and if at any point I wasn’t comfortable, just quit. It was sound advice and I accepted the two-day job.

The following Saturday I drove to a large photography studio 20 minutes away. I was greeted by a pretty blonde who introduced herself as Annie, Pete’s assistant. Annie escorted me to the green room. “This room is just for the talent,” she said. The room was stocked with water bottles, booze, fruits, and various snacks. I felt like a celebrity. Then she walked me through the impressive studio and led me to the photographer, Pete.

Pete had a very warm, professional demeanor. He was tall, lean, and had amazing green eyes. His long brown hair was held back in a ponytail. The studio was already set up for the shoot with two gorgeous motorcycles and multiple lights. Annie led me back to the green room, telling me I needed to be ready in five minutes. “We’ll do five different scenes today. Your outfits are in the bins labeled with each scene. There’s a robe for you to wear from the green room to the set.”

My heart was pounding. I walked in and found five labeled bins. The first bin was labeled: Scene One/Black Bikini. The outfit in the bin was a very small, black string bikini in my size. I quickly put it on, threw on the robe and nervously made my way to the set. Pete was waiting for me with a crew of four assistants. “All right Kim, we’re going to have fun today. We’ve got a lot to get through, so if at anytime you don’t understand something, just ask. OK?”

“OK” I said. Annie motioned for me to take off the robe.

“Great!” Pete said. “That’s exactly the classy-hot look I was hoping for. Kim, I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with a real pro.”

Who does he think I am? I thought. Pete positioned me on the black bike and with minimal instructions started to click off photos. I did feel like a pro! After about fifteen minutes of shooting, Pete yelled, “AND SCENE! Take ten people! Great job Kim! Exactly what I was hoping for.” Annie handed me my robe and led me back to my room. I was exhilarated.

I started drinking some water and made my way to the bins: Scene Two/Yellow Bikini Bottoms. Umm what??? In the bin was just what it was labeled; yellow bikini bottoms. No top? Could I do this? I quickly looked at the other bins: Scene Three/Black Bikini Bottoms, Scene Four/Red Bikini Bottoms, Scene Five/Full Figure Shoot.

There was nothing in the last bin. I nervously removed the black bikini, put on the yellow bottoms and stood in front of the mirror, topless. It was definitely sexy. I just stood there staring in the mirror, trying to wrap my mind around what was happening, as my precious ten minute break ticked away. “PLACES!” Yelled Pete.

I took a deep breath, threw on my robe and made my way to the set. Annie casually waited for me to hand her my robe. I felt I’d crushed the first scene. A pro wouldn’t even blink about disrobing for a shoot. I peeled off the robe as if I’d done it a thousand times. This time Pete positioned me on the yellow bike.

I was incredibly nervous but decided to act like I was an experienced model and this was no big deal. Pete started Betturkey Güncel Giriş clicking off pictures and I settled into the shoot. This was an out of body experience. Annie was the only other female in the studio. I was doing a topless photo shoot in front four men! As a fantasy, I know this would have really turned me on, but the reality was very different.

I was too nervous and overwhelmed to be aroused. Then something truly incredible happened. I started getting desensitized to my own nudity. I’d heard of this happening to people their first time at a nude beach. I suddenly stopped caring about it and instead, focused on the modeling. I was giving him great shots, eating up the attention. The scene eventually ended and I went back to the green room. I couldn’t help smiling as I looked into the mirror. I was kicking ass!

The third and fourth scenes went much like the second. Feeling pretty good about myself after the fourth scene, I went back to my room and tossed my robe in the direction of the couch. I went to the mirror and took off my red bottoms, then stood back and stared at myself, completely naked. Could I really do this? Suddenly there was a knock at my door. I went to the couch to retrieve my robe, only to discover it had fallen behind the couch.

“Kim?” Annie yelled from outside of my room.

“I’m still dressing!” I answered.

“That’s OK,” she said. “Pete would like to talk with you before the next scene.”

“OK!” I yelled. I needed to retrieve my robe from behind the couch. I reached back as far as I could, but couldn’t reach it. I tried to go under. I could reach it, but it was snagged behind one of the back legs. I would need to move the whole couch. I stood up and tried to pull the couch away from the wall. It wouldn’t budge. What the hell? Upon closer inspection, I discovered the legs were all bolted to the floor. Who does that?

“PLACES!” I heard Pete yell. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! I took a quick look in the mirror, took a deep breath and started walking toward the set. Completely naked. “Kim!” Pete yelled, waving me over. I started walking his way when I noticed he was talking with another man. Oh my God! When I got there, both men seemed a little thrown by my full nudity. I played it cool. Pete said, “Kim, I’d like you to meet Terrance Williams.”

Terrance smiled and shook my hand. “I don’t know if your agency mentioned it, but tomorrow’s shoot is a multiple model shoot. Terrance is the other model.” I wanted to die. I recognized Terrance immediately. He was a star football player at my university and I’d actually had him in class before. He’d suffered a career ending injury last season, so I guess he was trying his hand a modeling. It was no surprise. He was gorgeous. He was muscular and lean with Hollywood good looks.

The rest of that scene was a blur. Meeting Terrence like that had really thrown me off my game. Terrance had stayed for the entire scene. Pete told me I’d done a great job and that he looked forward to working with me the next day. I took the long, naked walk back to my room. I quickly got dressed and made my way back home. My mind raced the entire drive home, piecing together the events of the day. Did all of that really happen?

Don was waiting when I got home. He asked for all of the details. I was nervous to tell him, but I felt I needed to. I gave him every detail. He didn’t get mad. In fact, it seemed to turn him on. I needed more time to come down from everything. Don was a big football fan so he was excited I had gotten to meet Terrance. He thought my robe story was hilarious. By the time we went to bed I was fully aroused from the events of the day. Don got fucked really well.

I didn’t sleep very well that night. I was anxious about the day’s events and the uncertainty of the next day. What the hell was a multiple model shoot?

I woke up early the next day feeling great about the day before. I’d faced down my fears and learned a lot about the business. I made up my mind that today would be even better. I got to the studio a little early to mentally prepare for the shoot. I could do this! I would do this! Once again, Annie greeted me upon my arrival. She said, “Go on back to the green room. Terrance is already in there.”

“Why is Terrance in there?” I asked.

“There’s only one green room, Kim.”

“OK,” I answered. “Are my outfits in the bins again?” I asked.

“Oh Kim. Nobody told you? Today Pete is combining two separate shoots. They’re both full figure.” OH MY GOD! I thought.

Once again, I played it cool. I made my way back to the green room and found Terrance relaxing on the couch. He stood up and greeted me with a smile and a handshake. At 6’3″ Terrance towered over me. He smelled good. I scanned the room for somewhere for me to disrobe.

“TEN MINUTES!” Shouted Pete. My heart sank. How was this going to work?

Terrance stood up. He pulled his tee shirt up and over his head.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“You better get used to this. Sounds like we’ll be naked all day.” He said with a laugh. His lean muscles were impossible to miss. He undid his belt buckle and let his jeans fall to the floor. He was so nonchalant about it all. This was a little nuts.

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