Co-worker’s Man Ch. 31

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I gathered up all the documents and files in a brief case that Lori had given me for tomorrow’s meeting. I checked the overnight bag I had brought with me and put the pictures Mr. Wolfe had given me into it. I had just sucked three loads out of Derek but I was still anxiously awaiting my reunion with Frank. I nervously watched the clock and it seemed that it moved agonizingly slowly! Finally at 3:20, I couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed my stuff and headed for the elevator. I carried my stuff over to the curb in front of our building where just a short time ago, Mr. Wolfe had dropped me off. I was pacing back and forth, fretting like an expectant father. Only I was expecting a 10 ½” hunk of hard man-meat, not a little baby! I finally saw Frank’s truck approaching and all of a sudden I got fantastically nervous. He pulled to the curb alongside of me and reached over and popped open the door.

“Hey Kid!” he greeted me with big smile. In an instant my nervousness was washed away and replaced by the intense longing I’d had for him since the weekend. “Hop in and throw your stuff behind the seat here.” I climbed into the truck and threw my bag and briefcase over behind the big bench seat that ran from one side of the truck to the other. I remembered Frank’s rule about not speaking unless he asked me a question so I remained quiet as he put the truck in gear and started to pull away into traffic.

I looked over at him and let my eyes drift over the hunky stud who was going to be making me his tonight. Fuck…..he looked just as perfect as I remembered. His dark curly hair framed his masculine face which sported just the slightest hint of sexy stubble. I zeroed in on his full lips and remembered the searing kisses he had given me. He wore a work shirt open at the neck from which you could see a few whispers of his manly chest hair. His shirt was tucked into a pair of his usual faded jeans and my eyes drifted down to that enticing swelling lying along the inside of his right thigh. Mmmmmmm, he looked good enough to eat and that’s just what I had in mind for the rest of the night!

“So, Lori tells me she’s given you a couple of treats I sent over for you. How did you like those?” he asked with a grin.

“I loved them sir. Thank you very much for sending them for me.”

“Yeah, I think she’s a little pissed off at me since I only fucked her once last night and not at all this morning. I wanted to save it all for you. But she tells me she’s had you eating her out so at least that’s making her feel better.” I was thrilled that Frank wanted to save his cum for me but I was also a little worried that Lori might want to put an end to the whole thing. “There’s a cooler behind the seat with some stuff to drink. Pass me a Diet Pepsi and have whatever you want. Yeah, I want to make sure you get plenty of fluids tonight.” I noticed his play on words as I reached back and grabbed us each a cold drink. Frank popped open the can and downed a good portion in one healthy gulp. He remained quiet as he wound his way thru traffic and eventually headed out onto the freeway. The highway traffic was pretty light as he settled in for the drive ahead.

“Slide over here, Kid,” he said nodding towards the space on the bench seat beside him. I slid over and he held up his right hand in front of my face and pointed his big thumb towards my lips. “Okay, it’s time to start getting that mouth filled. ‘Cause my plan is to have either your mouth or your ass filled for most of the night, starting now.” He pushed his thumb against my soft lips and like the first night we met, I started eagerly sucking and slobbering over his fat digit.

“Oh yeah, that’s the mouth I remember,” he said with a pleased tone in his voice. I sucked on his thumb in earnest, eager to be pleasing him again. I reached down with my left hand and let it slide over the long tube visible on the inside of his jeans.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned into his thumb as my fingertips felt the heat of his mighty cock thru the straining fabric. I slid them along the impressive length and felt his member start to thicken and extend.

“Is that what you want, Kid?” he asked knowingly as he smirked at me. With his thumb still lodged in my mouth, I nodded and hummed in agreement. “Well, I guess I can let you play with it for awhile. Undo my shirt first, I don’t want it getting in the way.” He pulled his thumb out of my sucking mouth with a “Plop” and I turned towards him and unbuttoned his shirt. I almost gasped with longing as more of his muscular chest and taut stomach muscles came into view. I undid his belt and popped open the button of his jeans and then slid down his zipper. I pulled the tails of his shirt out and undid the final button that had been hidden beneath his waistband. I let his shirt fall to each side and could see his defined muscular pecs clearly. I leaned forward and licked over his nipple. It hardened under my licking and I softly drew on the little pebble with my lips and tongue.

I sat back and looked down at the thick base of his cock visible at the bottom gaziantep escort of his zipper. I reached in and wrapped my little hand around that magnificent hunk of man-meat. It was hard in my hand and I had to strain to pull it back and out of his jeans. I saw more and more of the beautiful shaft come into view and then the big wide head popped free of the clutching material.

“Ooooohhhh,” I moaned out loud as I feasted my eyes on his huge upright erection. I bent down and wrapped my lips and tongue around the thick base and slowed kissed and licked my way up the mighty trunk until I reached the purple engorged crown. I licked softly at his damp piss-slit and then slid my lips over the flared head. I was turned sideways and had both hands wrapped as far around his cock as they would go as I started to enthusiastically suck him off. I was in a trance of lust as my head bobbed furiously on his mouth-filling cock. I was moaning and whimpering with need as I was so overjoyed to be once again servicing this cock that I loved so much. Frank obviously sensed my eagerness.

“Oh fuck. You are so good at that, Kid. Yeah, this first one isn’t gonna take long.” I kept my hands shucking the outer sheath of his iron-hard cock up and down as my bobbing head and vacuuming mouth pleasured the top part of his throbbing spear. His shaft was becoming slick with my drooling saliva and my hands were sliding easier. He had one hand on the wheel and the other encouraging placed on the back of my head as he guided it on his surging dick. I took my bottom hand and started scratching my fingernails around the base as I knew he liked. I instantly felt his cock get a little bit harder as the head itself almost totally filled my mouth.

“Oh yeah….that’s it…you know just what I like, Kid. Just a little more…yeah…just a little……..OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!” he bellowed as his cock started to erupt. Once again, his first blast rocketed forth as if it was trying to lift my head right off his cock! I sucked and sucked at his spewing cockhead as he blasted shot after shot into my vacuuming mouth. I let his warm milky cream languish on my tastebuds before I swallowed my delicious treat. He kept shooting and shooting and I kept swallowing and swallowing until the final warm morsels of his potent seed oozed forth from his gaping piss-slit. As he fought to regain his breathing, I nursed softly at the leaking head as his cock softly deflated in my mouth.

“Yeah, that’s the mouth I remember. Now kid, just lay down there across the seat and keep sucking. We’ve got quite a bit of a drive to go yet.” I lay down as best as I could on my side with my face across his thighs. I kept his semi-hard cock in my mouth as I nursed at it softly. I lay there sucking at his member as I traced my fingertips over his chest and stomach, thru the thatch of his pubic hair and along the velvety-soft skin of his cock-shaft. I luxuriated in the feeling of exploring his body and having his warm beautiful cock in my mouth as he concentrated on driving. He reached back into the cooler and I saw him open a bottle of water and down that over the next little while. I continued to nurse at his manhood for a long time before he spoke again.

“Okay Kid, I gotta take a piss. I know an old abandoned highway stop just a little ways off the main road.” He flicked on his turn signal and I felt the truck move over into the exiting lane. He drove for about five minutes off the main road and eventually pulled over and turned off the truck. I sat up and looked out the window. There were two old picnic tables set amongst some trees and an old little building that I guess at one time had held working washrooms. It looked sealed up and in bad shape and as Frank said, I bet nobody had used this place in a long time. He had parked just off the little entry road to the area and set amongst the trees, it was totally private.

“Come on, Kid,” Frank said as he climbed out of the truck and took a few steps towards the picnic table. I followed like a little puppy until he stopped and turned to me. “You better take your clothes off Kid. I don’t want to make a mess.” I kicked off my shoes and quickly had everything off except my socks. Frank did the same but put his shoes back on. He took his two hands and pressed down firmly on my shoulders, forcing me to my knees. Nothing needed to be said as he stepped in front of me and took a few leisurely strokes at his heavy cock. I opened my mouth and he dropped his cockhead right on my tongue. I closed my lips behind the flared corona and waited. He stopped moving his hand and I felt a slight shiver go thru him and then his hot acrid piss spewed forth. I started swallowing right away and it felt warm and comforting as it sped down my throat. I had learned from Mr. Wolfe how to swallow rapidly to prevent any leakage from the corners of my mouth.

“You’re doin’ great, Kid,” Frank said encouragingly as he kept flooding my mouth with his golden nectar. I was feeling proud of myself for keeping up with his forceful stream and held onto his hips as I mewed and moaned as I swallowed. Finally his stream diminished and I savored the final salty drops as I drew softly at the opening to his urethra.

“Good job, Kid. You never spilled a drop. You’re getting to be a real pro at that. That’s good.” I saw Frank look around as I sucked softly at his spongy cockhead. “I got an idea. Yeah, I think this is going to be just about perfect. You brought some lube, right Kid?” I nodded. “Good, go and get it and grab that old blanket behind my seat.” I went to the truck and got the jar of Vaseline from my bag and found an old blanket stuffed behind Frank’s seat. He was standing next to the picnic table when I returned. He took the blanket from me, folded it and set it so it covered one end of the table.

“There, that should do it.” He put his hands back on my shoulders and once again forced me to my knees. He stroked his cock as he stepped in front of me. “Okay, Kid. Get those beautiful hands of yours lubed up and start working on this cock while you suck on it,” he said as he started to smear the slick end of it over my face. “I’m gonna be deep in your ass in a few minutes and I want it nice and hard before I bury it inside you.” His words were getting me really turned on and I ardently sought out the end of his cock and slipped my lips over it. I lathered my hands with the Vaseline and wrapped one around it while I rubbed some of the lube over my puckered hole with my other hand. As his cock started to thicken and lengthen, I took my second hand from my hole and joined it with my other one around his powerful tube of flesh. I sucked and stroked and within minutes his full 10 ½” was up and rearing like a stallion in heat.

“Okay, that’s good,” he said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and grasping hands. “Get up on the blanket on your knees,” he instructed. I crawled onto the blanket at the end of the table and got on my hands and knees facing away from him. “No, keep your knees apart but sit back down so your ass is hanging over the end of the table.” With my legs folded up underneath me, I sat down on my calves so my asshole was hanging over the edge. With my knees splayed apart, it felt like my hole was wide open. As Frank moved into position behind me, I now knew what he had been picturing in his head. The height of the table was perfect for him to stand and feed his hard erection into my waiting hole.

“Oh yeah, this position is just right,” he said as I felt a thick finger circling my hot pink hole. He pressed on the opening and I let out a hiss as it slid all the way in. He started sawing his finger back and forth and I felt the fire in my prostate starting. He soon added a second finger and probed and spread them inside me as he loosened up my hole for the massive girth that would soon be stretching it. I was rocking back and forth on his invading fingers and my cock was up hard and throbbing already as the pleasant friction had my prostate humming.

“Alright Kid, get ready to get fucked hard and deep,” he said as he withdrew his fingers and I felt the broad hot head of his mighty cock pulsing against my twitching hole. Once he had situated the end of his cock snugly up against my nibbling hole, he took his two big hands and put them on my shoulders, gripping firmly for leverage. I felt him flex backward and then he started to press forwards. The pink lips of my anus stretched wide as his cock forced its way in. I was gasping as my ass stretched and stretched and then I felt that now familiar pleasant feeling as my pussy lips settled in behind the protruding ridge of his corona. He paused for just a second with the head encased in my gripping flesh.

“Get ready, Kid. This is gonna fit in perfectly like this.” I was gasping in anticipation and then as he flexed forward I felt the huge crown of his cock rising up within me.

“Ooooohhh,” I moaned out loud and I arched my back as his magnificent erection rose higher and higher into my clutching guts. It was like I was an extension of his own body as his upward pointing cock slid into me like a steel rod into a buttery glove. As it rose inch after delicious thick inch I was feeling wonderfully filled. That yearning void within me was being stretched and crammed full with 10 ½” of virile manhood. As he finally slid it fully home, I threw my arm back and around his body and held him tightly against my back. I was gasping for air as his powerful thrust seemed to knock it right out of me. He held tightly to my shoulders as he stood balls deep into me.

“Does that feel good, kid?” he asked as he held still but hunched it up into me.

“Oh fuck! It feels absolutely incredible. It feels so high up into me. I love it Frank. Fuck me Frank. Please, fuck me hard.” I was almost drooling with pleasure as his cock felt like a vibrating throbbing being way up inside me. I felt a feeling of anguish as he slowly started to withdraw it downwards. I could feel the protruding ridge searing over my prostate as he slid it out. He paused with the head just about to pop out of my clutching ring, and then as he gripped my shoulders tightly, he drove it forcefully up into me.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHH,” I yelled as it tore into me like an exploding bomb. Sweat was popping out all over me as I concentrated on the exquisite feeling of his magnificent weapon of pleasure tearing up my insides. I threw myself forwards and held onto the sides of the table as my splayed asshole hung over the edge, the eager receptacle for his anal assault. Frank was letting out a continuous stream of groans as he started to rapidly thrust it into me again and again and again. I was soaked with sweat and I was panting uncontrollably as his hard erection tore across my prostate time after time. In this position his cock felt so hard and powerful. I was almost twitching in pain at the immense size of it but at the same time, it was bringing me the most intense pleasure I had ever felt in my entire life. I looked down at my throbbing cock and thought the hot purple tip looked like it was ready to explode, it was so engorged with blood! As he continued to pound his searing cock across my thrumming prostate, I felt the semen start to speed up the shaft of my lurching cock.

“I’M GONNA CUM…..I’M GONNA…..OOOOOOOOOHH!” I shouted as I was wracked by a huge orgasm. I twitched and spasmed on the end of his hard erection as my cock shot a huge rope of whitish cream all the way to the other end of the picnic table. My cock kept shooting with each mighty thrust that he buried deep within me. I was slobbering and drooling all over myself as I continued to cum. My climax had me moaning uncontrollably as Frank held me tightly and levered his massive erection in and out of me. I could see the blanket beneath me was streaked with my cum as I kept convulsing and semen was leaking in a stream from the end of my cock as Frank kept up his heavenly torture of my enflamed prostate.

“OH FUCK, KID! HERE IT COMES!” he bellowed as he slammed himself into me. I was impaled to the hilt and felt his balls slam up against mine as he crammed all of his incredible length way up high into my yielding guts. I felt his first shot blast as a hot spike against my welcoming membranes deep within me. He continued to pound and thrust and each jab saw him spray forth wad after thick wad of his creamy semen. I was like a gelatinous mass of rubber as I moaned and twitched on the end of his spearing dick.

“Fillin’ you up, Kid,” he growled as he kept shooting gob after gob into my clutching ass. He held me tightly against him as he drained himself into me. I was an eager receptacle for his lust-driven pleasure. His orgasmic convulsions slowed and finally ceased as he held still with his full 10 ½” resting high in my guts. Both of us were panting like runaway steam engines as our climaxes flowed thru us. I had thrown myself back against him and could feel the sweat on his hairy chest pressing against my soaked back. I felt like I was almost going to pass out from the intense experience.

“You okay, Kid?” Frank asked.

“Oh fuck, yeah. That was incredible. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. You were just so high and deep into me,” I said between ragged breaths. I leaned forward again and felt the breeze leave a fresh cooling sensation as it washed over my sweat-covered back. I felt that aching void within me again as Frank slowly withdrew his cock from my overworked ass. As his head popped free, I clamped my stretched ring shut.

“Okay Kid. Just let it out,” he encouraged as he placed the flat of his hand on my lower back. I relaxed my asshole and felt his big load start to slither out of me. I felt it running over my ravaged lips as it slid from my stretched hole.

“That’s it, Kid. That’s the way. Use those muscles and push it all out.” I pushed down with the muscles deep within my ass and felt sizable gobs move down the slick walls of my love-chute. I flexed and pushed until I felt I had it all out of me.

“Turn around, Kid.” I turned around on my hands and knees and Frank held his hand out towards me. I thought I was just pushing his cum out to fall to the ground but he had cupped his big hand beneath my asshole and captured all of his warm cream. I leaned forward and slid my tongue into the cloudy pool.

“That’s my boy,” he said with a smile as I lapped up all of his pearly semen from his hand. I slurped and licked until I had captured all his cum and his hand was shining with my saliva.

“That’s beautiful. Only one thing more to do,” he said as he hefted his cock and lifted it towards my waiting mouth. I could smell the warm musky flavor of my ass combined with his cum as I ran my tongue lovingly over the length of his softening cock. I licked it from top to bottom and covered every square inch as I cleaned his warm heavy manhood.

“Okay, Kid. We better get going,” he said as he withdrew his cock from my mouth and started to put his clothes back on. I moved on wobbly legs and he had to help me get dressed as I was so totally frazzled and exhausted from the tremendous fuck. He helped me back into the truck before he climbed in himself. Within minutes of leaving the rest stop, I was fast asleep with my head in his lap, his sleeping monster warm against my cheek………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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