Coed Love Story Ch. 03

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*Many thanks to Jill for being my inspiration for this story*


Chapter III – The Awakening

“It won’t hurt much”, Nicole said, turning sideways to face the girl sitting next to her. “Excuse me?” said the brunette, not rudely, but more nervously. “I overheard you asking the receptionist about the Brazilian wax; it won’t hurt much”, Nicole repeated. They were waiting at the salon next to campus. The petite brunette sat a little more comfortably in her seat after Nicole’s assurance.

At this point, Nicole and Brad had been together for almost a year. Their magnetic attraction was still going strong, despite the usual ups and downs of an open relationship. They occasionally partied with Vanessa, who definitely helped Nicole come into her own as a sexually empowered, and more importantly, confident woman. Looking into the mirror, she no longer found herself ordinary and she knew exactly what Brad, among many others, saw in her.

Brad hadn’t anticipated Nicole eventually becoming a switch, because submission had come so easily to her; but through the last couple of months, Nicole had been gaining the upper hand and using her power over Brad, if only for short periods of time. Brad was no switch; he hated relinquishing control, but at least, he allowed her to experiment.

Ironically enough, Nicole did need Brad’s permission to experiment. The few things she tried with different guys never completely satisfied her and she found herself not wanting to let go of Brad. They were a good team, even outside of bed, even though they didn’t like to admit that very often. So Brad let her experiment with girls and practice her control on them – sometimes they both enjoyed the conquest.

Here was potentially another conquest…

E: Yeah, it’s my first time. I normally don’t worry much about this stuff, but my boyfriend asked me to get one, so I guess I’m here now. I’m Elizabeth, by the way, you can call me Elle.

N: Hi Elle, I’m Nicole. Nice to meet you.

Nicole’s eyes were already sizing up Elle, noting her slight build, thin legs and imagining a pair of small and firm breasts. She seemed impressionable enough to be an easy conquest. “Try not to come during the wax” she said, to get a response out of her, to see if she could provoke her – and she hit the jackpot: “Oh I don’t think that’s going to be a problem”, Elle said, “it never happens for me.” Trap set and shut, Nicole’s eyes shone.

N: Tell you what. I could help you out with that. You know, give you a few pointers and stuff?

E: Oh no, thanks. That would be cheating. Dan would be so upset, then I wouldn’t know what to do without him.

N: Don’t be silly, it’s not cheating. I won’t even touch you. Just show you a few things that might help. And then you can do those with Dan and he’ll go crazy, he’ll come so hard, because you’re such a good girl. Just think about it. I’ll see you after the wax.

Half an hour later, Elle came back out with a slightly flushed face. Nicole was already out, waiting for her.

E: That wasn’t too bad. I actually kind of like how smooth it is now.

N: Yea? That’s a good start. Did you think about me, I mean, about what I suggested?

E: Yes. I guess it’s all right, if you don’t touch me. Dan gets upset when I can’t come and then sex hurts, but I don’t tell him, because he’ll get upset.

N: We won’t tell him anything and next time you can pretend it was all him and he’ll be happy and you’ll be so wet, you’ll enjoy all of it.

Nicole did her best not to push Elle further than that, knowing she’d come around. They hung out a few times on campus for Elle to start getting comfortable around Nicole, who also briefly met the boyfriend, Dan. He had a handsome face, but didn’t make much of an impression beyond that and he certainly didn’t know what Nicole had in mind when she said they were going to have a girls’ night in.

Nicole showed up at Elle’s room that night, carrying a six-pack of beers and a small baggie in her back pocket.

N: Hi Elle, how’s it going?

E: I’m nervous now. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

N: Don’t worry so much. I’m only trying to help you out. Here, I brought us some beers. You drink beer, right?

Elle took a bottle out of the six-pack. The girls said cheers and drank in silence for a little bit. She must have felt even more awkward, because Elle went to her computer to put some music on, never noticing that Nicole slipped something in both bottles.

By the time both bottles were empty, the atmosphere had mellowed down considerably. Elle had no objections when Nicole started undressing and then she joined in. They sat on Elle’s bed, facing each other. Nicole was openly checking Elle out, while Elle was understandably more shy about looking at Nicole’s naked breasts and smooth pussy.

To start things off, Nicole cupped her own breasts and started playing with her nipples, whilst looking into Elle’s eyes. She wetted her fingers sensually in her mouth and pinched her sensitive gungoren escort nipples, which stood up hard in attention. Nicole sat back and spread her legs for Elle, who was looking carefully enough to see the lips start to glisten. Elle even dared to inch her face closer when Nicole moved both her hands to her crotch, one to gently finger fuck herself and one to stroke her clit.

N: OK, now it’s your turn.

Doing this in front of a stranger was not very comforting, but Elle realized she didn’t want to resist. Spreading her legs, she mimicked what Nicole was doing, while being watched. She started to feel an electric current when Nicole started moaning. Elle could see she was getting faster in her motions, but she herself was barely wet. She huffed and puffed in frustration, which made Nicole stop.

N: What’s wrong, sweetie?

E: I’m not getting wet. I’m doing everything right, but it’s not working.

N: Do you want to show me what you’re doing?

E: Weren’t you just watching?

N: Yes, but I don’t feel it by watching it. Can you show on me? I promise I won’t touch you at all.

E: I don’t think it’s going to help, but fine, whatever.

Elle’s speech had a slight slur to it at this point, which meant her inhibitions were definitely down. She moved next to Nicole on the bed and put her hand on her navel, before slowly moving it between her legs. Nicole was dripping wet – being high always made her wet, but Elle didn’t need to know that. Nicole encouraged her to touch her and felt the girl pinching her clit. The pressure was a little much and she wasn’t moving her finger enough to stimulate.

N: OK, now can you try just resting your finger on my clit? Good, now press more lightly, treat it gently. Mmm better. OK, now just for a second, dip your finger into my pussy, get it nice and wet. Ooohh, that’s good. Now back on the clit, no moving, light pressure. You got it. Now, try moving in circles, don’t change the pressure. Mmmm yes, that’s good, Elle, you’re learning fast. Keep going.

Nicole was quite turned on by Elle’s innocence and drunk eagerness to learn, which was probably how Brad had felt when they had first met. Thinking back to their first shower sex and how he had played with her brought Nicole closer and Elle barely got a warning before she climaxed out loud. Elle retreated with a red face, deciding between pride and shame.

N: That was really good. You made me come so hard. Do you want to try on yourself now?

Nicole got off the bed to get two more beers. To Elle’s surprise, she had gotten wet during Nicole’s show; whether it was feeling Nicole’s naked body under her hand, her intoxicating female scent or the sound of her moans, she didn’t know. Taking the second beer, she decided she didn’t care, she would just go with the flow. Nicole was keeping her promise, so what was the harm?

Elle settled back in her bed, back resting against the headboard with the beer in her left hand. She closed her eyes and let Nicole’s gentle voice guide her.

N: You look so sexy right now. You want to touch your clit for me? I bet you’ll come this time, I can see you’re wet. Your pussy looks smooth and delicious. Come on, show me what you can do.

Elle’s right hand went between her legs, fingers probing the opening of her pussy, almost surprised again to see how wet she was. She dipped her finger inside, like she had done with Nicole and moved up to her clit. With the lighter pressure of the circles, her body was definitely responding to her touch and making her want to moan out loud. Her eyes opened for a few seconds to take a sip from the bottle and she caught sight of Nicole warming herself up for a second round.

She thought she had everything right, but still nothing much was happening. Elle pouted and stopped, moving closer to Nicole to see what she should be doing differently. Nicole’s eyes were closed so she didn’t notice Elle, until Elle brushed her nipple. The poor thing had a frustrated look on her face from her failure to come. “Time for the final move,” Nicole thought.

N: What’s wrong sweetie?

E: It’s still not working. I’m wet and doing the circles and everything, but nothing is happening.

N: You have to be patient.

E: No, I don’t want to be patient. I want to come.

N: But I made a promise not to touch you and I showed you everything.

E: No! Fuck! I don’t know… (she shook her head at herself) I’m really horny right now. Please help me.

Nicole didn’t need to hear more. She’d been ready to pounce on Elle since earlier that day and finally she was in. She gently pushed Elle on her beck and pinned her hands above her head with her left hand. Her right hand traveled down, trailing down her navel and the newly waxed pussy. Elle’s clit was begging for attention, just like the rest of her body. Her eyes closed involuntarily when Nicole’s finger slid inside her. Elle waited for the finger to come out, but Nicole used her thumb on her clit and resumed finger fucking her tight istanbul escorts little pussy. She had already been close, but she didn’t need to know that.

With no objection from Elle, her body yielding to Nicole, she put another finger in her and increased the pressure ever so slightly. Elle was now thrusting into her hand and moaning audibly. Nicole could feel her enlarged clit under her thumb, pulsing slowly. She wanted to taste Elle really badly, but she’d have to wait. She went back to one finger and reached deeper inside her, looking for Elle’s g-spot. It was harder to find, but when she found it, Elle’s whole body shook. She let out a high-pitched moan and her pussy tightened around Nicole’s finger. Nicole kept lightly stroking her until the shaking stopped. When she moved her hand out, she could see Elle’s pussy was dripping wet.

E: Oh fuck! What was that! Oh fuck! I want to do that again. Please fuck me again.

N: Are you sure? I can let you rest a little bit. Maybe get another drink and talk about it?

E: No, just do that again. Fuck me, make me come again. Oh God, I’ve never had that before.

Nicole moved between her legs, awarded with a sharp gasp when her tongue made contact with Elle’s clit. As she squirmed and moaned, Nicole lapped up her juices, smearing her face against the smooth folds. Her middle finger slid inside her so easily, the g-spot waiting to be plucked like a ripe fruit. Elle’s second orgasm hit much more quickly; it was much louder and longer, she kept convulsing for what felt like a whole minute. Nicole was sure she was now spent and ready for bed, but Elle wanted to keep coming.

In the following hour Nicole spent between Elle’s legs, she came three more times. Nicole needed a break and laid down on the bed. Elle had drunk more beer in the meantime and asked Nicole if she could give it another try to make her come.

Being drunk made Elle sloppy, her finger couldn’t apply much pressure, but Nicole was enjoying it. She tried to push Elle’s head down. Slowly Elle went down between Nicole’s legs. She knew how to finger fuck her, so she started with that. Nicole told her how to reach in and curl her finger to find the sweet spot, which came easy to Elle. Her curiosity won her over in the next minute and she ran her tongue on Nicole’s clit. The audible response she got encouraged her to keep going. It was fascinating to listen to a girl edge closer to orgasm. Elle found out she could feel how hot Nicole was getting and increased her fingers’ speed. Soon, Nicole let out a loud “Fuck!” and her knees buckled, her pussy tightening around Elle’s finger.

All this time, they actually hadn’t even kissed. Elle kissed Nicole sweetly on the lips and just as Nicole was about to say something, Elle passed out on the bed, legs dangling from the edge. Nicole got up and got dressed; before she left the room, she planted a kiss on Elle’s head and put a blanket on her.

Brad would be so pleased she had found a new plaything. Although, she suspected, getting rid of Dan wouldn’t be easy. But maybe they wouldn’t have to get rid of him. Elle’s innocence could surely be leveraged into another scenario. Not entirely unlike what Brad and Vanessa had done to her, only a few months ago.

She made her way back to her dorm room. With Brad away for a swim meet, she had a craving that nobody else could satisfy. Her roommate was already fast asleep in the other corner of the room. Since vibrators were out of question due to the noise, she’d have to dig up the dildo and make sure she was quiet all the way through the orgasm.

Finally between her clean sheets, Nicole readied herself for the giant dildo, which had been a present from Brad for occasions like this. Elle might have been a sweet, innocent girl, but drunk, high Elle definitely knew how to get a girl wet. Nicole needed lube only for the tip of the dildo and had to bite her lips as the cool toy got pushed inside her. The ribbed sides threatened to make her come with every inch she took inside her and pulling it out was another sensation on its own. Once she was stretched completely and could comfortably fuck herself with one hand, she focused the other hand on her clit, where Elle’s fingers and tongue had been before.

Nicole imagined she was fucking Elle, as the giant toy slid in and out of her. She could already see how good it would feel to teach her the thin line between pain and pleasure, show her how rewarding obedience can be.

She slowly rode the dildo, still imagining Elle’s smooth pussy being stretched by the sheer size of the thing. Her squirming in pain and ultimately coming and creaming all over the toy would be enough to make Nicole come, too. Her pinky twisted to probe her asshole lightly, and soon enough, Nicole was inches away from moaning out loud, as her pussy clamped around the toy and threatened to make her pass out. After stashing the toy and the lube back in her drawers, Nicole drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning, Elle woke up bayrampasa escort from a wonderful dream, only to find herself naked on top of the covers, with a small blanket around her, both her head and heart pounding fast. As she thought back to the previous night, she was shocked at her own brazenness, but then she remembered how good the orgasms felt – she had had no idea she could have one to begin with, but she had, what, four in one night? She was now unsure about how to tell Dan. Would he believe her if she told him she had watched and learned from videos?

Turns out, Dan would indeed believe her, when Elle would tell him she’d been watching videos. He was way too excited that he now got to watch porn with this girlfriend, as he fucked her – lesbian porn, even better! He couldn’t believe it the first time Elle came while he was inside her. Elle was pleased her secret was safe and that sex had gotten a whole lot better since she had met Nicole. Dan didn’t have to know Elle was imagining Nicole half the time, her face buried in Elle’s swollen pussy, making her come multiple times.

About two weeks later, she ran into Nicole out in the quad. She tried not to stare at the incredibly hot guy next to her, as she walked up to her and asked her if she wanted to hang out. Nicole’s smile as she fixed Elle’s gaze was mesmerizing. “I’ll clear my schedule. 10 pm, my room” she said. Elle tried not to skip like a child as she walked on to her next class. Once she was calmer, she started wondering who the guy was. Was he Nicole’s boyfriend? Was he good enough in bed to make Nicole come? Elle allowed herself a small daydream, imagining the guy naked in her own bed, before slightly guilt tripping herself and reminding her of her real boyfriend, Dan.

Nicole’s roommate was usually understanding enough about clearing the room, especially since she had started hooking up with one of Brad’s teammates. So when Nicole asked her about that night, she said it was cool.

Nicole had a feeling she could go much further tonight with Elle than before, maybe even get Brad to join in, so she could choreograph both of them. She’d need slightly higher dose to subdue Elle with Brad around, so she made a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea and spiked the cup she’d give to Elle.

Sure enough, Elle showed up at 10. The girls had a drink, as usual, before they started undressing. Nicole pushed a naked Elle onto the bed and spread her legs wide, diving right in with her tongue. She tasted even sweeter than before, as she thrust her pussy in Nicole’s face.

N: I want to try something with you. Please?

Elle nodded without asking and watched as Nicole tied her hands together and then to the headboard. She squirmed a little and found that while the restraints didn’t hurt her, she wasn’t getting out of them easily. Next came the blindfold, which was soft and snug around her eyes. As she sat on the bed, exposed, Nicole made her drink a little more of the cocktail and spilled some of her own unspiked drink down Elle’s body.

Her breasts, covered in the sticky liquid, tasted like honey. Nicole’s lips sucked her nipples, licking them clean, as Elle moaned. With each kiss, Nicole lowered herself and soon landed on her crotch. Most of the wetness was Elle, although the cocktail did have a part in that, too. Nicole’s lips closed on Elle’s clit, sucking and nibbling on it, while her fingers invaded her pussy, making her drip with anticipation. As she finger fucker her harder, Elle got louder and louder. When Nicole stepped back for a second, she could see Elle’s clit throbbing, her pussy gaping ever so slightly from her fingers. She was so close to coming and she started squirming and calling her name, once she realized Nicole wasn’t doing anything.

No response came. Elle tried closing her legs and rubbing them together to finish herself off, but it didn’t work. She started calling for Nicole again, begging her to finish her off, promising she’d do anything she asked.

N: You promise you’ll be a good girl?

E: Yes, yes! Please! Anything!

Nicole spread Elle’s legs again, forcefully, and slid her middle finger in. Her thumb flicked at her clit and made slow circles. Elle shrieked a few times before losing control over her body and came hard. She was very quiet for a few minutes; Nicole started to wonder if she had passed out.

During this quiet time, almost as if on cue, Brad entered the room. The door closing didn’t break Elle’s trance. Nicole walked up to Brad and they started making out, while Nicole undressed Brad without ceremony. They had caught up on sex after he’d come back from the swim meet, but this was a different kind of adventure and they didn’t want to waste any time.

With little regard to Elle, Brad tossed Nicole onto the bed and crawled on top of her. He buried his face between her breasts, which made her giggle and squirm. Them moving on the bed and the increasing volume of Nicole’s moans, as Brad touched and kissed her, got Elle to finally speak up and demand to know what was going on.

N: This is how this is going to go, sweetie. I’m going to take off your blindfold, but I won’t untie your hands. Then my boyfriend here will fuck my brains out. You’re free to watch, but anytime you say something, we’ll make you take a shot.

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