Coffee and Sally

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The old bookstore down the block from my street front office changed hands. The old couple that had run it for years retired and sold to younger folks, who moved in over a weekend. I didn’t meet them until the middle of the next week.

I went to introduce myself that Wednesday and walked in on the wife unpacking boxes of books. She was wearing jeans and a sloppy sweat shirt, with the neck opening half hanging off her shoulder, she stood and we exchanged hello’s and introduced ourselves. She was to run the store as her hubby had a government job that filled his days. A petite 5’2″ brunette beauty, I later found out that she was a 34D with a tight waist and athletic shaped legs hidden under her ‘work’ clothes.

Over the next couple of weeks I would walk by, on my way to the coffee shop, and ask if she wanted coffee and most of the time she took me up on it. I would bring both cups back to her store and as we shared coffee and chatted on these mornings I noticed the store changing, repainted on weekends, etc. and the books in one of the more secluded back areas became more erotic.

One day I walked in, her coffee in my hand, to find her crouched down, unpacking a box of books, her knees open as she bent with no pantyhose on and I got a look at some pretty, white, see-through lace panties.

She saw me looking, but I could not look away and she did not close her knees either. She slowly stood up. She was wearing a pleated skirt that finished mid-thigh and had a book in her hand titled “Sensual Tattoos.” She asked me “do you have any tattoos?” I replied “no,” “I have two” she said “and I got them from this book, do you want to see?” I nodded.

As she looked for the page my cock started to firm, for the pictures were of partially nude female bodies with sensual, tasteful tattoos. She found what she was looking for, a tattoo of a Snake Head with the forked tongue licking out, down under and up the other side of a large areola on a very erect nipple.

I asked if hers was like that and in the same place. “Yes” she said “do you want to see the other one, it’s a fun one!” She turned the pages slowly, ataköy escort obviously seeing my growing interest. The images went from breasts to belly buttons and on to pussy tat’s, now my cock was so firm I had to turn and put the coffee down and adjust myself.

As I turned back around, the page was open to a tattoo similar to the ‘Rolling Stones’ old album cover of a red tongue licking down to the top quarter of some nice pussy lips. I stuttered out “Same place as yours?” as my cock pushed hard against my pants.

“Exactly” was her reply.

My eyes came up from the book and noticed her nipples were hard against her tight white blouse. I was so taken by her round firm breasts that I did not notice her hand until her palm and fingers tightened around my hard cock bulging in my pants. I turned to her, tilted my head and we kissed long and sensual, my hands moved to her tits and I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs as I squeezed each in turn – she moaned, now rubbing my cock through my pants, still kissing.

We pulled apart and without a word she turned, walked to the door, flipped the ‘open’ sign to ‘out’ and snapped the old deadbolt to locked.

I stepped out of the line of site of the front window, kicking my shoes off and unzipping my pants as I went. Her steps were quick as she hurried back to where I had repositioned myself, turned the corner and grinned as she looked down on my fallen pants and shoes.

Without hesitation she twisted her skirt to the side zipped it down and stepped out of it, then pulled that tight blouse up and off. I could see the snake tattoo through the sheer bra that she was reaching back to un-do, her full firm breasts barely moved as the bra came off. I lifted my shirt up and off, showing off my athletic build, and I dropped my shorts and kicked them aside. She was sliding her panties off and as she came up her face slowed at my full, thick cock.

I was so turned on that some pre-cum oozed from my almost twitching cock, she reached under and held my balls and I felt her warm wet lips press around my manhood, she gently sucked and then her bakırköy escort tongue slid down the underneath of my shaft licking at that sticky pre-cum as my cock disappeared deep into her mouth, deep again the next time and again…I was close.

She looked up at me, “mmmmmm, what a beautiful look that is!” I said “You will have to stop or I will explode right now!” I lifted her off my now saliva covered cock slowly by her elbows and directed her around to the table I was half sitting on.

I licked at those now firm and erect nipples, rubbing and gently pinching as I swapped back and forth between the two, sucking and licking. I pulled back and held both nipples between my thumb and fingers and pinched very firmly – a soft gasp came out as she licked her lips. I looked down toward her pussy and she sat up on the table, I am 6’2″ tall and she clearly wanted to be able to open her legs wide for me.

She rocked back on her elbows as her knees came up and opened. My eyes could make out the tattoo under a tuff of well trimmed black pussy hair, “I usually shave if I know I’m going to play” she said — “Next time, OK” was my reply, she just smiled, licked her tongue over her lips “yesssss, next time” she said softly.

I bent toward the nicest set of open wet pussy lips I have seen in a long time, they were open at the top and cum was covering the pink inside; my tongue pushed into the sweet taste of her warm cum and the soft feel of lips; she moaned and gently pushed on the back of my head. I licked up one side then down the other, running my tongue under her lips to that tender spot where cum had run ‘mmmmm nice taste!’ I came up from under there and as my tongue slide through her lips I pushed it deeper each time, licking out from under the clit — getting it firmer each time. She was flowing, drenched, and she was making some noises, but I hardly noticed for I was enjoying her taste and feel too much.

I sucked on her now wet and firm clit, suck, suck, with my tongue each time licking under into her wet open lips and she pushed hard on the back of my head and muffled a loud AAAaaagggg! I felt a rush of the sweetest cum flow over my tongue and on to my cheeks as her orgasm peaked. I sucked at her entire pussy to get ALL of her, I felt like I could not get enough of her in my mouth.

Then she pulled at my hair and demanded, “Now!” I stood up and almost did not recognize my own cock, the head was the thickest I’ve ever seen it — covered with thick white pre-cum that had oozed while I ate her and it was surrounded with pumping blood vessels. I was ready to explode.

She reached to my cock and held me overhand as she directed me into her wide-open pussy. The feel of her lips sliding up my shaft made me twitch, “it’s OK go on” she said and I slid in deep the first push as she pulled her own legs back, opening her cunt wide for me, my head pushed up against her G-spot. “Mmmmmm” we both moaned, as I pulled back I looked down, her cum was covering my cock and getting thicker as I thrust in again and again. A few more deep penetrating shoves and I nodded my head, she said “yes” and I exploded with a load of pent up cum into her willing pussy. With the second squirt of warm cum she opened her mouth, I reached to cover her mouth as she let out a scream, another gentle thrust produced a third major squirt of cum. I felt her smile under my gentle hold on her mouth and I smiled back, still rocking in and out of her cum filled pussy.

I leant forward, gently kissed her still erect nipples then ran my tongue over her, tracing that snake head tattoo. She shivered a little and slowly released her legs, resting them down. I did not want this to end, but we both had a day’s work ahead of us so I slowly pulled my thick, still partially firm, cock out of her wet pussy, and watched her lips slide slowly off my shaft. As the head of my cock cleared her swollen pussy lips I could see her open hole, filled with both of our cum glistening on those beautiful pink inner membranes that had held my cock so firmly.

She stood up and pointed to the cum that was now covering most of her inner thighs, “Look what you’ve done!” We both laughed and smiled at each other. I cleaned up and went back to work, but could not think about anything else for the rest of the day!

There were to be more hot encounters in future months.


With thanks to help editor LittleLillith

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