Colleen’s Coming of Age

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Andy stood on his front stepin the pre dawn darkness, turned the key in the lock making sure the deadbolt was set, along with the alarm. His was a safe neighbourhood, and in all the time he had lived here there had never had a hint of trouble. Today he was taking a well-deserved break and he wanted to get way with a clear conscience.

Just as he turned away from the door the car pulled up. The large Buick sedan was not the conventional airport limo but it would do just fine. Walking down the stone covered walk, Andy looked forward to his vacation.

A television consultant, Andy helped networks and television stations increase their ratings, a “hired gun” he thought to himself. While it was a lucrative job he paid the price in endless, monotonous travel to cities he wouldn’t normally think of travelling to. That, in addition to the fact that his efforts normally resulted in somebody losing their job, made his life pretty stressful.

Andy had been asked to speak at a conference in Mexico City, all expenses paid of course. By fortuitous circumstance he had a small house on the beach in Mexico and was using the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks off there. Colleen was coming with him.

Just then she ran around the corner of the car and fairly jumped into his arms, nailing him with a deep, soulful, sexual kiss. The Irish genes ran deep in Colleen Fluney. She was petite, almost pixieish . A full head of shiny, raven black hair set off large, luminous, deep green eyes. She had a button bedava bahis nose covered in freckles. Colleen was petite only about 5”4’ with a curvy little body, pert breasts, and Andy thought the most magnificent ass on the planet. Like her ancestors she had a zest for life that was irresistible. Sexually she was insatiable.

Andy chuckled as he peeled her off his 6’2” frame. He held her away from him and looked her over. She was dressed in a black cotton sundress, quite fitted to her lithe body until the hips then it flared out only to stop abruptly 5 inches or so above her knees. It barely covered her pussy and ass, and when she walked in her black spike mules, an attentive observer got a tantalizing glimpse of both.

The driver stayed in the car as Andy climbed in the big leather covered back seat and Colleen slipped in right beside him. The car had barely begun to move when the pixie began to stroke Andys rapidly hardening cock through the material. He enjoyed her attentions until she began to unzip his pants.

“Hey, hey, hey what are you doing?” he laughed as he put his hand over hers stopping her. “Oh come on, pleeeeeeze” she begged “Its been three weeks, since you’ve been in town, and I’m dying for a taste of your cock. You know I can’t go long without some of your cock. Gets me all kinda cranky” she pleaded

He knew it was true. Over the last year or so Colleen had gone from a demure, shy financial analyst to a cock-crazed nympho. He also knew that casino siteleri it was his cock that she craved, and in fact she was cranky until she’d “had some”

“But its only 35 minutes to the airport” he continued the torment, his eyes flicking to the rear view mirror as the driver ignored the activity in the back seat. “I just need a little bit” she said throatily “If you let me you know it wont take long”

“All right” he laughed “you have until the off ramp. As soon as we drive off the freeway regardless I’m putting it away and you wont get anymore until the hotel.” With that he released her hands and she went to work with a vengeance. Expertly unzipping and releasing hi cock, Colleen took the entire length down her throat in one complete movement. Andy still marveled at the petite brunette’s ability to take his entire thick hard cock in one foul swoop. Greedily sucking his cock Colleen continued to emit a series of moans and groans.

As she bent over Andys lap he reached under the short skirt, only to be surprised by the barrier of a silken thong panty. He was surprised because she was forbidden to wear panties when with him—a rule she hardly had to be coerced into obeying. As Andy snapped the elastic waistband in annoyance, she barely took his throbbing cock out of her mouth long enough to mumble “balls and plug” Andy knew this to mean that the tight thong was ensuring that the Ben wah balls she had in her clean shaven cunt and whatever plug she had in her ass, bahis siteleri stayed in.

As Andy felt himself give in to her ministrations he began to tap the handle of the butt plug that he could feel through the silk. With every tap he could feel the tiny brunette jolt. As she increased her efforts, he too increased his. Soon Colleen was tugging at his purple cock as she laved the head with her mouth. Within minutes he felt her spasm, as he too, exploded into her mouth. Colleen was moaning and swallowing at the same time, for she did not lose a drop.

Colleen took her time ensuring that she had scoped up every molecule of his cum. Then lavisciously licked each and every one of her long fingers and their red nails. She peeked over the window and smiled as the car pulled onto the exit ramp to the airport. During the five minutes into the terminal she reapplied her makeup and her favourite lipstick—a colour she referred to as “Cocksucker Red”.

At the loading zone, Andy grabbed the bags from the trunk after the driver silently unlocked the trunk. As Colleen crossed the sidewalk he saw her wince. “Whats the matter??” he asked “Oh nothing” she replied.

“I’ve got the black plug in and its quite big” Andy shook his head. Sometimes her determination to please him went to silly lengths “Then go and take it out” She shook her head like a petulant schoolgirl “Uh uh..I’m so looking forward to being able to take you in all my holes…and want tonite to be the night.” Andy knew when to give in”OK” he looked over at the driver, standing well within earshot, a couple of feet away. He kissed her and ran his hand over her ass. Tapping the plug one more time he motioned to the driver

“I’ll go in and check us in. You go over and say goodbye to your husband”

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