College Education

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This is a short story of a onetime event that happened in college. You have to love the free spirited days of college back in the 80’s!

In college I signed up for a class on Human Sexuality. I figured it would be an easy credit since I “thought” I knew everything there was to know about sex. I quickly found out that I didn’t know half the things I knew about sex but I also had to know the proper terms and uses of the male and female sexual body parts.

My first day of class I see a girl I have known for about a month. Her name is Kathy. Kathy was just a good friend. Not the type of girl I would typically date. She had some qualities I did like. She was tall, thin, blonde hair, dazzling blue eyes, B cup breast and a big smile that showed straight white teeth. Really her only downfalls were she didn’t act very feminine and occasionally she would have flare ups of acne. But she was fun to be with and a good friend.

I say hi to Kathy and we sit down next to each other. The class is in an auditorium as there are about 100 students in this class.

Kathy said, “Well hello. This may be awkward sitting with you in this class.”

I laugh and say, “Don’t worry; nobody needs to know that we don’t know anything about sex!”

She laughed back and said, “Ok, this will be our little secret.

While sitting in class I notice a very attractive girl with long brown hair. I start thinking about how I can arrange to sit by her instead of Kathy going forward. I figure I will have to get to class early and try to plan to sit by her next time. Of course Kathy catches me looking at the brunette.

Kathy asked, “You see something you like?”

I reply, “Guess you caught me. Guilty as charged.”

The class is pretty interesting. The teacher is totally blind. He has a seeing eye dog he brings to class. He wonders around on the stage while he talks. We will gasp when he gets close to the edge of the stage. He will say, “I must be close to the edge.” Then will turn and walk back up stage. On top of everything he has a great sense of humor.

One day in class he passes out a list. The list was randomly selected on a partner of the opposite sex. Our assignment is to meet with the person that is chosen as your partner sometime outside of class. We are then to be able to name the body sexual part and the use of it of the opposite of your sex. Thus if we are not sure the person can tell us how they use it. The guys get a picture of the female anatomy with numbers by certain parts and the women get the male picture.

I am thinking I have a 1 out of 50 chance of getting the hot brunette as my partner. The god’s were not with me. Of all people I got Kathy!

Kathy and I both started laughing at the same time as we saw our names next to each other.

I look at Kathy and say, “Well do you want to meet in the library, my room, your room or a bar and do this?”

Kathy replies, “My roommate is gone tonight. How about you come over at 7 tonight.”

I agree. I go back to my room and start looking up the parts and the proper name. We have to say Vagina vs Pussy ect.

I get to Kathy’s canlı bahis at 7 that evening. Typical Kathy has on a pair of blue jeans and a baggy sweet shirt on. But she looks cute tonight. Plus her acne has pretty much cleared up.

Kathy pulls out a bottle of wine and two glasses and says, “I think I will be less inhibited with a little wine in me.”

“So will I.” I replied.

We each had a couple of glasses of wine before we started on the assignment. I went first. I did pretty well except the G spot. I had never heard of it before and neither had Kathy. By the time we got done with the female anatomy chart we were half way into the second bottle of wine.

Kathy didn’t do as well. Even though we were both feeling a bit drunk I was a bit shy about telling her how good different things felt when playing with a man’s penis.

Kathy said in slow hesitation, “Okay, I am going to be honest. I have never seen a cock before. The most I have done is some heavy kissing.”

I said, “What? Really?”

She replied, “Yes really. Would you be willing to show me yours?”

I said, “Okay. I can see your curiosity. Then I have a favor. I always wondered what it looked like inside a pussy. Plus I want to find this so called G spot. Would you let me look?”

Kathy’s face turned dark red. She took her wine and guzzled the half of glass that was left.

She looked at me and said, “Alright, I will do it. But I want to play and explore your cock and see it cum. Oops, I mean ejaculate.”

I got up and moved over to the bed. I told her, “I am all yours.”

With that I removed all my clothes and lay down on her bed. I was already almost hard from the excitement.

She sat down next to me and ever so gently started to touch my cock like it was a cactus that was about to prick her. Each time she would gently touch my cock it would twitch and she would pull away.

Finally I said, “Take a hold of it. It won’t bite you.”

Kathy took a firm grip of my cock and just started to squeeze and release it for a bit. Then she started to explore it more and doing things that I had told her earlier that felt good. She gently played with the head and the underside of my cock. She was playing and massaging my balls when she noticed my pre cum.

Kathy said, “Oh my god is that the pre ejaculate?”

I told her, “Yes. Touch it.”

She took her index finger and touched it lightly. Then she wiped it off and started to play with it between her fingers.

I told her, “Taste it.”

She said, “Gross, no way. Would you ever taste it?”

I told her, “Indirectly I have. When I have gotten a blow job and I came in her mouth we have kissed afterwards. Also there have been times where I have given oral after intercourse.”

With that she slowly put her tongue to my pre cum. Then she licked her finger clean.

She looked puzzled then said, “Doesn’t taste much like anything. Just a bit salty.”

With that she returned to examining and playing with my cock. She asked me, “In class they say the average penis is 6″. Yours looks bigger than 6.”

She kaçak iddaa gets up and goes to her desk and comes back with a ruler and measures me.

She smiles and says, “Wow 9 inches. Did you know you were longer than normal men?”

I replied, “Yes, I read that too so I measured. I am also thicker than normal.”

She started to play some more then said, “I want to see you ejaculate.”

I took her hand and showed her how to stroke my cock.

She took over stroking my cock for me. I could feel the pressure building up in my balls. I instructed her to go faster and move her hand up higher so she up strokes included the head of my cock. I began to breathe heavy and my hips started to thrust with her hand motion. I just a big rope of cum up and it landed on my belly. Kathy quickly pulled her hand away.

I told her, “Don’t stop. I will tell you when.”

She returned to stroking me fast and hard and I release a couple more ropes of cum. Some landed on my chest and belly and some on her bedspread. I told her to slow down and to more of like massage the rest of the cum out of me.

She did so and she felt my cock slowly go limp in her hand.

Kathy said, “Wow that was amazing. It scared me at first.”

She then wiped some of the cum up from my belly and gently tasted it. She took the rest that was on her finger and put it in her mouth. She sat there for a bit like she was studying the flavor.

She said, “Taste a bit stronger than the pre cum and more salty.”

I got up and put on my underwear then said, “Ok, now it is my turn.” You wouldn’t happen to have a flash light would you?”

Kathy got up and went across the room opened a drawer and pulled out a flash light and brought it over and handed it to me.

She said, “Hold on.” Then took a big drink of the wine right from the bottle.

She said, “Okay, I am ready.”

I instructed her to lie down on the bed and I removed her jeans then her panties. She had thin blonde hair surrounding her virgin pussy. I moved her legs apart and flipped on the flashlight. I gently inserted a finger and she was already wet. I put in a second finger and I could feel her tighten up and her face showed she was in a bit of pain.

I took out the second finger and used one finger inside her and the other finger I gently circled her clit. I do this for several minutes and I can feel her juices flowing down my finger. I slide the second finger much easier now. I add a third with little problem.

I then spread her lips as wide as I can and shine the flashlight inside her wet pussy. I see it is a light pink in color. Strand of wetness is inside her like a spider web. I look deeper and from my text book I can tell I can see her cervix.

Kathy says, “How is it? Everything look normal?”

I tell her, “I don’t know what normal is. I have never done this before.”

Kathy replies, “Can you see my G Spot?

I tell her, “I don’t think so. It should be right about here.”

As I say that I hooked my finger and rub where I think it should be. The spot starts to grow slightly and goes from kaçak bahis a smooth surface to rough like a raisin.

Kathy moans and says, “Oh god that feels good. I think you found it.”

I continued to rub her G spot and then played with her clit at the same time. I can see her pussy contracting right in front of me. I have had enough of watching. Without saying anything I turn off the flashlight and move in and I lick her pussy.

Kathy jumps as I licked her pussy and said, “We didn’t agree to this.”

I tell her, “I know but you made me cum. No I want to return the favor.” Without asking for permission I go back to licking her pussy. It smells good and taste sweet. I am taking it slow with her as I can tell she is on edge all ready. I reach my hands up under her sweat shirt and find she is not wearing a bra.

Her nipples are rock hard. I massage her breast and nipples as I now am gently sucking on her clit. I look up to see her tits but the sweat shirt still covers them. I push it up to her neck. I like what I see. Areolas about the size of a quarter that are all puckered from excitement.

I went to town on just her clit now and in no time her body shook from her own orgasm.

For the first time I ever heard her swear as she said, “Holy fuck that felt good.”

I said, “It was a pleasure to serve you!”

I got up and started to put my pants on.

Kathy looked at me and said, “Brian I don’t want you to leave yet. I don’t want to be a virgin. I want you to fuck me. I also promise there are no strings attached.”

I couldn’t say no. I dropped my pants and took off my boxers. I was still hard from the excitement of giving Kathy oral.

I got between her legs and told her, “Take my cock and guide me in.”

I looked over at the clock to see how much time we had. 9:00 p.m. Her roommate would be home at 10:00. The tip of my cock slowly entered her. Kathy’s eyes went wide open. I pushed a bit further. She flinched in pain. I pulled back out and started again. Each time I would try to go a little bit deeper. It took some time when I finally was all the way in the clock was 9:20. I still had plenty of time.

I laid on top of her with my cock deep inside her. I gently rolled my hips grind on her pubic bone. I could feel her hard cervix against the tip of my cock. It felt really good. She seemed to be comfortable now with my cock inside her. I slowly began to pump away. This was not my first virgin but the taboo of taking a virginity is vey arousing.

It didn’t take long before Kathy reached her orgasm. I was close and I shot my load inside her a few seconds later. I laid on top of her feeling my balls empty themselves into her.

Then I rolled off and said, “Oh fuck we are going to fail this class. We forgot the first rule of sex of practicing safe sex.”

Kathy said, “I doubt I would get pregnant on the first try.”

I told her, “You and never know. We will have to wait and see.”

We got dressed and thanked each other for the fun study session. As I left I realized that we never even kissed.

We continued to sit next to each at class and would tease a bit about our study lab. It was a week later when Kathy said she got her period so all was good.

It was about a month later and Kathy had a boyfriend. We continued to study together but only study. I never did get to meet the brunette!

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