College Jocks Ch. 01

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I walked into the locker room, feeling good about my performance on the court that day. I was a college sophomore on the basketball team, and life really couldn’t have been better. I was on top of my game, had lots of friends and girls were throwing themselves at me all the time. I hadn’t joined a fraternity (I still got into all their parties, though), as I figured I really didn’t have time, what, with all my other…um… “extracurricular activities!” Even so, I did have a girlfriend, too. But she didn’t seem to know about all the other girls!

That day, I stepped into the shower as usual and started soaping up my muscular 6’0 frame. I let the water fall over my curly blond hair, my brown eyes shut tight. For some reason, I almost always had a hard-on after a good workout or any other physical activity. I figured it was no sweat, something the other guys would understand, and usually let my hand fall down to my 7 inch cock to slowly stroke my spunk out. I also figured all the other guys were in their showers so no one ever saw. Plus, I had absolutely no problem getting off quietly since I had experience fucking several girls in situations that required us to be very quiet–be it during high school while supposedly studying in her bedroom with the rest of her family in the house or back at home with my parents nearby sound asleep.

I shot my load, finished soaping up and reached for my towel as I turned the water off. As I was turning towards where my towel hung, I thought I saw a shadow hurriedly moving away from my shower stall. I paused for a second but then just brushed it off as probably one of the guys rushing by on their way out the locker room.

When I stepped out into the room, I didn’t see anyone but Jake Michaels. Jake was a pretty athletic-looking guy with lots of brown hair that kind of fell into his dark brown eyes and tan skin. He wasn’t quite as tall as me—he was only about 5’9—but he still was a good player. It seemed like, regardless of whether any of the other guys were ever in the locker room, he was always there when I got done with my showers. That day, Jake was just standing out there fully dressed.

“Hey, man. Good practice today,” he said when he saw me coming out of the showers. “Your game was really tight, Kev.”

“Thanks, Jake. You weren’t too bad yourself. I saw you get some shots in.”

“Yeah,” he answered.

“So what’d you think of that party Saturday night? There were some hot girls there, right?” I asked, grinning as I thought back to the incredible night I had, shagging two girls at once.

“Um, yeah…there were some hotties alright!” Jake replied, sounding a little uncertain.

“What’s wrong, bro? Didn’t get any play?” I asked, smiling and kind of smacking him on the back. “That’s alright. There will be PLENTY of girls at the party on Friday night! You’re sure to get some there!”

“I don’t know if I can make it Friday night,” Jake said, sounding kind of nervous for some reason. I just ignored it.

“What are you talking about? You CAN’T miss Friday night! There’s going to be a LOT of bangin’ going on!” I said, posing as if I was lifting weights and thrusting my hips back and forth. “You know?”

“Yeah. I don’t know, though…that’s kind of not my scene.”

Jake was a freshman, and this was his first semester at the school. I guessed he didn’t really know what he was getting himself into when he joined the team. ALL the guys on the team loved the jock and frat parties because we ALWAYS got special benefits. It couldn’t have been that the girls weren’t responding to him. Jake wasn’t bad-looking at all. In fact, I’d heard a lot of girls in class and at the parties talk about how they would love to bend over or spread their legs for him. There were worse-looking guys who’d been on the team since I’d been around that constantly had pussy offered to them just because they were on the team. So hearing him talk like that was kind of confusing.

“What do you mean, not your scene? Jake, I don’t get it! You can have all the pussy you could ever ask for. Are you trying to tell me you don’t want it?”

Jake squinted his eyes a bit at that question, like he was really thinking hard, and looked away from me.

“What kind of jock doesn’t want tons of pussy?” I asked, wanting him to tell me what was going on.

“Geez, Kevin! You really DON’T get it, do you?” he said, raising his voice and staring hard at me all of a sudden. I really couldn’t see what he was getting so upset about.

The gaziantep escort next thing I knew, he was storming out of the locker room. I stood there confused for a bit, then just gathered my gym bag and headed to my girlfriend Karen’s dorm. I made a mental note on the way over to drop by and see Jake later, just to make sure everything was okay between us. The team didn’t need anyone mad at each other.

When I got to Karen’s room, she was waiting for me just as I like her to be—dressed in a skimpy little dress that showed the bottoms of her ass, no panties and no bra, just easy access! It was a Monday, and her roommate always had lab on Monday for three full hours. That usually gave Karen and I enough time to fuck all the ways I like it. In case you haven’t been able to tell, I’m kind of a dominant type. In order for me to even consider someone as a girlfriend, she had to be willing to do whatever I want sexually. And Karen was absolutely perfect for that, not that it would stop me from taking any piece of ass, pussy or mouth that was offered to me!

“Hey, baby! You look so sexy!” I told her, wasting no time and grabbing her tits. Karen didn’t mind at all, and I knew she wouldn’t! She was always just as horny as I was and up for anything! I could have just taken her out to the quad and fucked her right there in front of everyone and she probably wouldn’t have protested!

“I knew you’d like it! So how was practice?” she asked, enjoying my hands massaging her breasts.

“It was pretty good up until Jake started acting weird in the locker room!”

“How do you mean?” she asked, reaching for the zipper on my pants.

“Well, all these girls were throwing themselves at him on Saturday night, and he still didn’t get any action. He said he wasn’t into that kind of stuff. Then when I wondered why, he got mad and ran out,” I explained to her as she brought my cock out my briefs.

“Hmmm…I can tell you why. He’s a fag,” she said nonchalantly, starting to stroke me.

My eyes widened. “What? Why do you say that?”

“Well, Cindy and Jasmine have both offered him the goods, but he’s turned them BOTH down. NONE of the guys they’ve offered it to have turned it down. Also, once when Bryan and Justin hooked him up with Samantha at one of the rooms in the frat house, he couldn’t even get it up. She said he actually started crying and begged her not to tell anyone. He wanted her to tell everyone they fucked.”

“Hmm, that does sound weird. But I’m not sure that really means he’s into guys. Maybe he’s just picky,” I said, just about ready to stop talking and start fucking. I didn’t want to run out of time. If I could, I wanted to shoot about three times, once in each of her holes. I was just about to say so when she said something I couldn’t believe.

“Well, get this—you know Mark Brannon? I didn’t want to tell you before because I didn’t really know how you’d react. But Samantha told me that Mark was blackmailing Jake into having sex. Sam found out because her brother Adam is in on it and actually has pictures of Jake taking it up the ass on his computer. Mark, Adam and some other guys found out Jake is gay and said they wouldn’t tell as long as he fucked them whenever they wanted. Now that they have pictures, they just threaten to post them on the internet if Jake doesn’t do what they want.”

“That’s got to be a bunch of bullshit!” I said, not believing a word of what she said. “Why would Mark and Adam be into fucking a guy’s ass if they’re straight?” I knew Mark and Adam—they were on the wrestling team and fucked a lot of girls, too. There was no way they were queer!

“But they don’t look at it that way. They see it as more sex. If it just happens to be a guy’s ass or mouth, it doesn’t matter. It’s still a hot, tight hole to them. They said it’s only gay if they wanted to kiss him and date him and stuff like that.”

I don’t know if it was the combination of Karen stroking my hard cock and talking about sex, but that explanation made some sense to me. It WAS more sex, and sex was something I couldn’t get enough of. Hell, I’d done everything else BUT fuck a guy. It was kind of grabbing my interest as a whole new world of sexual possibilities and adventures.

But, either way, I had a hot blond bombshell right in front of me at that moment, spreading her legs. That was good enough! I rammed my cock all the way up her twat and screwed her hard and fast. After shooting that load, I let her taste the mixture of my cum and her cunt when I shoved my cock down her throat. The thought of a woman tasting herself on me just before swallowing my cum turned me on, and that was something Karen and I always did. But when she bent over the bed and offered me her ass, I suddenly started thinking about Jake and what it’d be like to insert my cock inside him. It was turning me on so much, imagining it was Jake’s ass that I was plowing. I didn’t really even pay attention to Karen’s gasps and moans as I fucked her hard, finally unloading for the third time in our session in her ass.

I took a few minutes to catch my breath and listen to Karen tell me how great I was, but I also was thinking more and more about Jake. Not really hearing anything she said, I finally kissed her on the cheek and split.

I knew my cock probably needed a rest. After all, I HAD cum 4 times in less than three hours. Still, I was extremely curious and, thus, made my away across the quad to Jake’s dorm. Hey, I couldn’t help being a horny 19-year old guy who just couldn’t turn down ANY sex whatsoever!

He was surprised to see me, but he let me in.

“I’m surprised Adam and Mark aren’t here,” I said with a smirk on my face.

Again, he squinted his eyes. “What?”

“I GET it now, Jake. The kind of jock who doesn’t want tons of pussy is a GAY jock. Just admit it, Jake—you like cock.” I stared directly at him, waiting for his reaction.

“H-how did you know about Adam and Mark? WHAT do you know about Adam and Mark?”

“I know they’ve been tearin’ up your hot ass all because you don’t want anyone to know you’re gay! I think I might want a piece of that action, too!”

“Oh my God!” he yelled, starting to shake vehemently. “How did you find that out?” Jake had tears in his eyes.

“Shhh, don’t worry, dude! I won’t tell! You know, just as long as I get the same kind of service you’ve been giving Mark and his friends!” I said, smiling and walking towards him. Jake was too busy crying like the big pussy he was to notice me until I placed my hands on his ass. When he felt that, he jumped. I just kept massaging his ass on the outside of his jeans. “Come on, dude. You know you want it,” I whispered in his ear. “You watch me jack off in the shower, don’t you? That’s why you’re always in the locker room when I come out. And you’re the one I saw running away from my stall today after I shot, right?”

He couldn’t even answer my questions. They just made him break down even more. “Hey, come on,” I whispered, licking his ear. “I think I know just what will make you feel better.” I moved one hand around to the front of his pants and started working on the zipper. Jake made a half-hearted attempt to push my hand away, but I just went right back to it and had his pants around his ankles in no time. I started to fondle his balls without pulling them out of his briefs.

Jake tried to protest, but I knew better. “Please don’t do this to me,” he pleaded. “Please.” I just steered him towards his desk and made a few swift hand movements to free my cock. I tugged on Jake’s briefs, and they slid down to his pants. I pushed his shirt up some so that I could feel his nipples, and I brought my cock to his ass crack and started rubbing it around.

Jake was still giving the occasional “no” and “don’t,” but he was also breathing heavily and his cock was rock-hard. I kept one hand on one of his nipples and reached down to rub his hard meat with the other. “Doesn’t that feel so good?” I asked him. All he did was moan. He was also thrusting his ass back at my cock, so I knew he was ready for it. I knew he’d been getting pretty well fucked regularly, so I didn’t think I needed to lube his ass.

I grabbed his hips to stop his thrusting, then I took one hand and guided my cock farther into his ass cheeks. Without my even telling him, he bent over even more on the desk and spread his legs, which opened up his ass some more. These guys had really turned this jock into a huge slut who immediately assumed the position. He wasn’t even putting on an act for me anymore. He just lay there moaning as I drove my cock into him.

Pretty soon, I was basically riding him. I grabbed a handful of his loose brown hair and just pulled hard, just like you’d do to a slut. It was so hot! His ass was the tightest thing I’d ever felt, despite the fact that he’d been fucked by other guys and the fact that I’d done so many girls up the ass. Part of that was because he just knew how to work his ass muscles around a guy’s pole. That just made it that much tighter. Soon, I was losing my mind and just started fucking the shit out of him. I just started ramming it in as hard and fast as I could and grunting. The desk was shaking and banging the wall. I was still pulling his hair pretty hard, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. He was just moaning and begging for it harder.

Before I knew it, my load was gushing into his ass. I kept thrusting really hard and shot more loads than I could ever remember shooting with anyone. Near the end, I finally slowed to a stop and whispered in his ear, “That’s the most I’ve shot today, and this is my fifth cum in three hours! Your ass is SO sweet, and I’m going to keep coming back for more and more…possibly every single day! I would fuck you again, right here and right now, if I could!”

Suddenly, we both heard a key in the lock. I smiled, knowing we were about to be caught like this. Jake, of course, panicked and tried to buck me off him. My cock was still in his ass, and I had no plans of taking it out. The door finally opened, and Jake’s roommate Matt, who was on the baseball team, came walking right in. He looked at the position Jake and I were in, studied my face for a while to see if he recognized me, then just smiled and shook his head and lay his books on his desk. My smile grew even wider.

“Have you given your roommate some of this boy pussy? Has he seen you like this before?” I was holding Jake’s hips as he was trying with all his might to get me out his ass. “Answer me! Does Matt fuck you, too?”

“Yes!” Jake said rather loudly and blushed. I looked over at Matt, who smiled and shook his head again.

“He’s such a fucking cunt,” Matt said. “Just about every time I walk in here, some guy has got his cock up that ass! He tries to play like he’s embarrassed or as if he doesn’t like it, but I know better. The first time this happened, I saw Adam from the wrestling team pounding him. I couldn’t believe it, but Adam explained to me that it was just sex and that Jake was the cock-loving fag who didn’t want anyone to know he was gay. Well, I just let it go and said I wouldn’t tell anyone, but then I started seeing more guys from the wrestling team in here. They always seemed to be enjoying themselves, so I thought why couldn’t I have some fun? I need to shoot off every now and then, too, you know, in between the jock and frat parties! And with a fag for a roommate, it’s no problem at all now whenever I get horny. He lets every other guy use him, so why not me? He always says no and that he doesn’t want it, but once I get my cock up that ass, he’s moaning and begging like a little bitch!”

Hearing Matt describe their situation was, believe it or not, getting me horny again. My cock being in Jake’s ass still, I just started pounding away at him while Matt just watched and grinned. Then he got up and removed his pants and underwear and started stroking his cock.

Like me, Matt was tall and blond, but he had blue eyes. He kind of had the surfer look, too. His cock was a little shorter than mine but just as thick—nearly 2 inches.

I decided to share with Matt and turned Jake away from the desk. I pushed him down on his knees into the doggy style position and motioned for Matt to sit on his bed. Again like a good little slut, Jake instantly put his mouth on Matt’s tool and started sucking while I resumed fucking his ass. Matt started moaning and ran his fingers through Jake’s hair. I just grabbed Jake’s hips and rammed my cock as far up his boy cunt as I could possibly get it.

Matt didn’t last that long and started cumming in Jake’s mouth. But that wasn’t the end of Matt—he laid back on the bed, and I guess the little bitch knew what to do because Jake immediately lifted Matt’s legs and started licking Matt’s balls and ass. Seeing that made me lose it once again, and I really started pounding. My balls were hitting his ass so hard that there was an incredibly loud slapping sound throughout the room. I’m sure anyone walking through the halls could hear it, but knowing how Jake’s life was, everyone was probably used to hearing it.

A few more strokes, and I started unloading in Jake’s ass once more. It was totally mind-blowing! For the second time in 30 minutes, I was blowing more cum than ever before. I decided I needed to pull my pants back up and get the hell out of there before I ended up moving into that guy’s ass permanently.

On my way to the door, I noticed Matt was hard again and mounting Jake’s ass. I guess that guy NEVER got a break from cocks, but he totally didn’t seem to mind since the last thing I saw was him pushing back against Matt’s hard cock!

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