College Love Meets Cuckold Family Ch. 07

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When I returned, Jake and Jenna were still relaxing. I gave them their drinks but he didn’t acknowledge me. Jenna spoke up, “Wait in the other room honey,” she said shooting me a wink. “Oh, and take off those panties.”

I left them their privacy and went and laid my panties and the marker on the bench leaving that muscle-ripped animal alone with my beautiful naked girlfriend. As it seemed appropriate, I sat on my knees and simply looked down and marveled at my tied, flaccid penis and how resigned it looked to exanimation.

As they laughed and drank, enjoying each other’s company I had nothing to do but to think to myself and wonder about how I had come to this place. Had I been a born cuckold? Was I just waiting all this time to be exposed for what I was? Was this my destiny?

I was remembering all of my old girlfriends back in high school. All of them had ended in romantic as well as sexual failures. At the time, all the romantic failures seemed unique, but looking back now, there was a pattern. I could see it now. I would be unsure of myself, I would lash out at the girl, and then she would cheat on me. It seemed have happened over and over.

The sexual failures sort of went hand in hand. Inability to achieve an erection, premature ejaculation, selfish once-and-done squirts, they all produced the same thing; unfulfilled girlfriends. This would continue the cycle of me lashing out. I was posing as something I wasn’t.

For the guys, it was similar. I commanded no respect. I had lost every fight I had ever been a part of. I was mocked openly, which only made me lash out in beta frustration. Again, I was posing.

Then came Jenna. She was very patient with me. She was able to cool my fire. She was also able to handle my beta outbursts. She was also good at working with my sexual inadequacies without hurting my feeling outright. Had she seen the beta cuckold in me from the start? Mrs. Anderson told me that it was written all over me.

Where they both right? Was I to be locked beta cuckold? “Maybe they were just messing with me,” I thought, “This is just some mind-fuck and I can do the same thing this Jake guy can do?” Then again, I was in chastity, I had seen Jenna fucked and hadn’t done a thing to stop it, and somehow I had actually eaten this guy’s cum. Is that what I secretly wanted to do to all the guys that had cucked me in the past? What the hell was going on?

My mind snapped back to the present as I saw them come into view beneath the shower-head. Jenna had her arms around his neck as they exchanged smiles and kisses. It looked like they were ready for another round.

As he went in to kiss her neck, Jenna smiled and me and pointed to the ground. I quickly scurried up to them and got back on my knees. The shower room was hot and full of steam. Jake grabbed Jenna tight as they made out and then hoisted her up into his arms. She wrapped her legs around him.

I sat below these two prime specimens of the human form as they embraced. Both of Nevşehir Escort their fit bodies looked amazing. It it wasn’t my girlfriend, I would think that they make an amazing pair.

I could see that his cock had become engorged and rock hard again. The looked each other in the eye as he lower her soft pussy right to the thick tip of his cock. She looked at him with hunger and excited anticipation as he held his cock right at her entrance.

He gave a wicked grin as he slowly lowered her onto him. Jenna opened her mouth and eyes in expectant silence as she processed the massive intrusion to her body. He was skewering my girlfriend right in front of me and she loved it.

Once her pussy became acclimated to him, he started to lift her up and down gliding her on his healthy cock. She let out passionate moans as she took every inch of him. I looked up from below and saw how stretched she was and was dumbfounded at her pliability. That had never been an issue with us.

The looked in each other eyes with an animalistic passion that was blowing my mind. He held her close as he lifted her up and down, penetrating her over and over. At times, it became too much to see my girlfriend treated like whenever the reality of the moment came into focus. Other times, I would marvel at his ability to fuck like I always wished I could.

Suddenly, he lifted her completely off of his cock. She let out a loud gasp as he exited her. He put her back onto the ground, but only to push her front against the wall of the shower. He pulled up behind her and reached under between her legs. In a slightly rough and commanding manner, he pushed her legs apart and cocked her hips so that her pussy was lifted for him and her face and chest were pressed firmly against the wall. She closed her eyes as I saw him grab her head and hold it fast in place. He lowered his hips a bit to get his cock in place to enter her from behind.

This time he didn’t wait for anything before driving his cock straight into her. She again let out a gasp and looked back at him as best she could. Her beautiful toes were barely touching the ground as he had her slightly lifted fucking her from behind. He had firm grip on her hips and back of her neck and he pulled her off and onto his snake. His muscular frame had complete control over my girlfriend’s body and she loved it.

Jenna pushed back onto his cock a little, but he was so strong and forceful as he pumped her over and over again, she started to just go limp as the exercise of matching his power was far too strenuous. I could see his massive sack swing as an hefty pendulum between his legs as he jackhammerd my Jenna. I was in cuckold glory as I sat and watched these two fuck as I could only dream possible.

He started to grunt loudly as he put his strong hand around her neck. She was also building to climax as she grasped fruitlessly at the wet, shower room wall. Again, he roared as he pulled her hips tight to him as he unloaded deep inside her. Jenna Nevşehir Escort Bayan screamed in ecstasy as she pushed back on the shower wall with all her might to get him inside her as much as possible.

She rotated her hips on his cock, seemingly to squeeze whatever might be left into her. He grunted as he held his thick cock at the base as he slowly pushed her off of him.

She hurriedly looked down at me. “Lay down on your back honey,” she commanded.

I quickly listened. She position herself onto of my face and preceded to queen me with her hole right on top of my mouth. Jake straddled my head as his thick cock hung low in front of her face. She crammed it into her mouth as his cum came pouring out of her gaping pussy and into my mouth. I gagged a little as I did my best to swallow his massive load.

It was a lot and some ran down the sides of my face as Jenna, eyes closed massaged his cock with her beautiful mouth. He stood over both of us the champion again. He looked down at the cuckold couple he owned with pride and accomplishment.

“I guess your mom was right,” Jake said looking down at us with a smile, “Taking whatever masculinity your little boyfriend had left really punches things up!”

Jenna looked up at her lover and let his still engorged cock fall out of her mouth. “I know right?” she said smiling at him. She released hog and looked down at me with my face between her legs. We made eye contact as my mouth still held some of his Alpha load and was open firmly on her vag.

She grabbed my hair and smiled down at me, “And how are you?” she asked beaming ear to ear. “Wasn’t that amazing?”

I did my best to nod as I was trapped under her. It seemed like the only answer. How I was really feeling would take some time to process as I swallowed the last of a stronger man’s sperm emanating from my girlfriend’s swollen pussy.

Jenna pulled herself off of me and kissed Jake on the lips. She then went and rinsed herself off at one of the shower heads. I sat on the ground for minute in state of shock having experienced that extreme queening.

As I slowly rose Jake suddenly came up behind me, grabbed me by the back of my neck pushed my face against the shower room wall. “What the hell?” I yelled.

“Arch your back!” he commanded from behind me. “Arch your back like a woman!”

I was naked and I could feel my cock-cage rub against the wall. What did he intend? “Please, no!” I cried out. I tried to struggle, but he was far too strong.

“Do it! Now!” he yelled.

Terrified and unable to see behind me, I slowly pushed my chest against the wall as I pushed my hips back and away from it. I gingerly lifted my ass as I thought the Alpha wanted.

“Good boy!” Jake laughed as he put another marker slash down my cheek. He laughed as he released me from his strong grip. I looked over at Jenna in surprise. She bit her towel as she struggled not to laugh.

“What did you think cuck?” Jake asked mockingly. “Don’t Escort Nevşehir worry, you will get to know this better one day,” he said smiling and lifting his hefty cock, “But you will have to earn it.” He laughed with derision he threw the marker at me. “That’s three by the way.”

He and Jenna put on very expensive looking bathrobes. I picked up the maker and put my panties back on. They kissed as we exited the building. I follow behind them. They walked very calmly as we passed the doorway to the huge room where Mrs. Anderson made me squirt. Jake indicated to the door, “We won’t be using in there tonight. Soon, but not tonight.”

We got to right outside of Jenna’s room. “Lock the cuck up,” Jake said before entering and shutting the door behind him.

Jenna and I were alone together for the first time in a while. She wrapped her arms around my head. “I am so proud of you honey,” she said kissing my cheek and holding my face.

I started to form tears in the corner of my eyes, “Jenna I…”

“It’s ok honey,” she said sweetly, “I know…”

She indicated down to the pylon. I got down on my knees as she affixed me collar. She then pulled the chain through and locked me into the fetal position. My head was in between my legs.

She rubbed my panited ass as she spoke, “My mother will be proud too. We will have to talk more about this tomorrow, but I do have good news,” she said in an upbeat manner. “Jake is going away for a few days and I still have your keys.” She kissed her hand and put it on my ass. “Bye honey, I will come get you tomorrow.” As she opened the door, she looked back at her locked boyfriend and said, “I love you.”

I sat there and just let my mind go blank. Thinking about what I had done and saw would be too much for me to handle at this point. I was defeated and I knew it.

Acquiescing to that face made the next few hours tolerable. I could hear loud noises from Jenna’s room. At that point all it did was just made my cage tighten now and again.

Eventually the door opened and then closed. A man’s voice spoke. It was Jake. “You did ok tonight cuck,” he said calmly. “You follow orders pretty well for having just starting training.” He didn’t sound as aggressive as before, but he was certainly in control and he knew it. “But, I will accept nothing less than total submission. I’m sure you still have thoughts of being the man you thought you were. That is something we will have to work on.”

He paused a bit before continuing, “I will say this, normally when I cuck guys it takes some coaching before they eat cum. You seemed to really take to it!” Did I? Was he telling the truth? Either way, I couldn’t tell if he was some sort of real praise for a beta or he was further relishing in his triumph and humiliation over me.

With that he pulled down my panties. He opened the marker and put two more slashes on my ass-cheek. “And to show I’m a reasonable man,” he dropped what felt like a small piece of metal between my cheeks. It was the new emergency key. He pulled my panties back up and I could feel its cold against my perineum.

“That’s for Mrs. Anderson. I know she likes control as much as I do,” he said calmly as he walked off leaving me helpless, emasculated, and officially cuckolded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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