College siblings: Devon’s part

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*****Preface, this is a two part series where both siblings are deeply attracted to each other but neither are willing to say anything. They have a very open and honest relationship and even though they talk about sex all the time, the idea of them together is never brought up for fear of the other hating them for it. The first part delves into our sister Jackie. I encourage you to give it a read it will help you understand some of the things that happen in this story. I hope you enjoy!

I started college last year and dorm life was not for me! After one year of that I convinced my parents and my sister that we should buy an apartment, and when we finished college we could rent it out. So my sister, Jackie and I started this year sharing a two bedroom apartment off campus. It’s been great! It’s way better than being on campus in a dorm. Now my sister is drop dead gorgeous, 5’5″ C cup breasts, a healthy ass and a waist I can almost put my hands around. Obviously being college students and having our own place has serious perks. We’ve had a really open relationship so we’ve had no problem inviting, let’s say, overnight guests over. I have had a couple of girls over sure, but Jackie has had a seemingly endless stream of dudes over! New guy every week guaranteed ever since finals week ended.

Most weeks she’d sneak in a guy in the middle of the week and I’d pretend not to notice. Truth be known I have heard my sister fucking most nights and well, she turns me on a lot! I’ve been jerking off to her encounters a lot! I mean come on, she’s hot as fuck and she moans so seductively I just can’t help myself ok, I don’t care if it’s wrong she’s a hot slut and I notice. Lately though she’s been getting more and more visitors showing up alone, I’d get the door let them in and tell them how to get to her room they’d knock she’d yell “come in” her guest would go in close the door and an hour or so later they’d just leave. Every Saturday between 8 and 10. Like a ritual or something.

I’d thought about asking what that’s about but I figured she’d tell me if she wanted to. I got the impression she’d found a new kink and was exploring it. One nurdağı escort night though, It was getting close to her usual time and then I saw it. She left her phone on the counter. I don’t mean to pry but I wanted to know what she’d gotten into. I checked her phone and read the following exchange.

Hey Luke, just making sure were on for tonight!

Hell yeah we’re on Jackie!

Good deal! My brother will let you in, I’ll be tied up and blindfolded in my room at 8:15, I’ll be completely helpless until you get to me, can’t wait to see what you want to do to me while I’m tied up!

Oh don’t worry baby! I’ll be rough.

Mmmm, can’t wait!

Jackie! I was in a car accident on the way there! Don’t tie yourself up! I’ll be in the hospital for a few days!

I was processing for a good few minutes and then I did the only thing I could think to do. I downloaded one of those texting apps, switched the number in her phone blocked the random guy made an exact duplicate of their messages in the new thread and rang the doorbell. I had to be crazy right? I was going to go fuck my sister! I knew what I was doing, I knew this was a bad idea. I had already gone too far. Things were deleted, the doorbell had been rung, I had to do this now. I went back to my sister’s room and found her there legs and hips supported by pillows, her arms and legs tied down to the bedposts. Her freshly shaven pussy on full display! God damn I was hard! It was wrong, and I fucking loved it! I closed the door.

She had headphones on and was listening to porn on her tablet. She clearly had been trying to get wet for him, and she had succeeded! I could see from the edge of the bed she was dripping wet. Obviously the guy was supposed to be there a while ago. She’d been listening to a bondage video for half an hour! I dove in! I started eating my sister’s pussy with wild abandon, she moaned loudly as soon as I started. She needed it, BAD! She didn’t last long at all! She moaned instructions at me and I figured out exactly how she liked it in no time! I had her cumming in less than five minutes. She strained nurdağı escort bayan against her restraints and ground her pussy right into my face for a good thirty seconds! After that she started talking!

“Oh fuck Luke! That was a welcome relief! You kept me waiting too long! Now I believe it’s your turn! Put your cock in me already!”

I didn’t respond but I did slide my way up my sister and started kissing her. I was surprised when she kissed back. It wasn’t just passionate, it was loving. She kissed me like I was delivered to her on a golden platter. While we were kissing I slid my cock out of my shorts and started teasing her with it. She practically yelled “Fuck Me!” into my mouth and I obliged her. I slammed my cock deep into my sister, she was so wet there was no problem bottoming out in her. She moaned loudly, having no idea she was being taken by her own brother. I needed her to cum again, I needed her satisfied. I needed her to want a repeat performance. I was going to give my sister the encounter of her college career. I found her g-spot with the head of my cock and rocked against it. She was in heaven, she moaned longer and harder as she approached her second climax. She begged me to fuck her hard as she approached the edge. She could tell I was close and wanted me to cum too.

“Oh fuck, right there! Keep going! Use me! Make me yours! I don’t care if you cum inside me just keep going! Harder! I want you to fucking take me! Oooohhhh mmmmm I’m going to cuuuuummmmm! Fill me up! Cum deep in my pussy! OOOOOHHHHH FFFFFUUUUUUUCCCKKK!!!”

About halfway through that I absolutely tore into her, I went absolutely all out. I knew her second orgasm was in the bag and I had to get mine! I felt her pussy clamping down on me and that was all it took. I didn’t really want to cum inside her but in the moment it’s all I could do. I came hard inside my younger sister. She screamed as I started cumming inside her. I was proud of my work. I’d been listening to my sister cum for over a semester and I knew this was the best she’d had so far. She absolutely loved my cock. As I started escort nurdağı to get up to leave she yelled.

“Wait! You have to untie me!”

I started to panic a little bit, sure on some level I figured there’d be something like that involved but I didn’t think about it. I made sure I was fully clothed left the door open and loosened her left hand. As soon as I did I bolted for the door. I ran to the couch and sat down resuming the game I had been playing. It wasn’t long and my sister came out of her room in a tee shirt and panties. She looked around for a second then she started talking to me.

“Hey Devon, have you seen my guest?”

“Yeah, he just took off.”

“Aww, that’s a shame, tell me, what did you think about him?”

“Seems like a good guy, why?”

“Well honestly, he just rocked my fucking world! He knew what he was doing! I know I usually don’t but, I might need to call him back. Shame he left.”

“Yeah, well hopefully you have his number.”

“I have his number yeah…”

She said that trailing off a little. She sounded a little disappointed. I hope she didn’t think she preformed poorly. I wanted to yell “You rocked my world too, we should fuck all day everyday!” but obviously I couldn’t do that. She’d find out and be disgusted with me. Well mission accomplished, my sister was my new lay, but it felt hollow I wanted my sister all the time, not just once and a while. She sat next to me cuddling up to me, not completely unusual for her but this felt different. She looked at me, longingly. Her eyes were trembling slightly, she looked like she might cry. I didn’t know what to think.



“I have to tell you something”

“Go ahead”

“I know that was your cock, I have a lot to confess, but right now all I want is you to hold me until we’re ready to go back to my room. I have wanted you to be mine for so long. And now that I know you want me back, I want us to be lovers.”

A weight fell off my shoulders. I held my sister close. She cried briefly and then she looked up at me and kissed me. There was no more thinking, no more worrying, only passion after that. We made love properly that night, no pretenses, no hiding, we bared all. She eventually confessed everything to me. I told her it was alright, I understood why she did what she did. I had done the same. I understood her completely. If I would have woken up then we would be right where we are now. Together as lovers at last.

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