College Visitor

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Bob was an eighteen-year-old young man. He lived in a run down bed-sit and had a variety of dull dead-end jobs. The excitement in his life was the evenings, and in particular, girls. Which, as he was reasonably handsome, he had some success with. The previous evening, he had picked up a dark haired, slim sexpot called Pippa. She was seventeen, and highly sexed, as well as being very high class for Bob. They had returned to his room and made love. It had started by Pippa giving him a great blow job. Then, while he recovered, he licked her to two powerful orgasms. They had made love for three hours. It had started with Bob on top, but, as time went on it became apparent that Pippa liked to dominate. Bob was happy to go along with this. He had four more orgasms, as he finally felt his balls were too empty to give anymore of him to her. Pippa had come numerous times. After each of Bob’s orgasms, they had stopped screwing and had oral sex instead until he was hard and ready. The final orgasm for Bob was lying under Pippa and being ridden hard after which, he passed out until morning.

The next morning, he woke alone. He was pleased to see that Pippa had left a mobile phone number, and the next day he phoned her. She told him that she had to go back to her residential college, which was out in the country, and would not return to town for ages. They spoke every day for over a week, and eventually Pippa suggested Bob come and visit her. She explained that it was an unusual college she attended. It was for girls aged seventeen to twenty, who had been in trouble, and who had been sent away by their parents. It was expensive and catered for a high class of girl. It was a long way from any other building, and the staff was all female. The sixty girls were not allowed out unsupervised, and male non-family visitors were banned. Bob asked Pippa what she had been doing out and she said, “ We have to attend fifty two weeks a year unless our parents let us come home. We had a family wedding and my parents stupidly believed I was in bed!”

He also asked why she was in the college and she replied “ Same as the rest of the girls-boys, drugs and alcohol or in my case a middle aged married man and his two sons. However I hope to leave this dump soon and go to a proper college.”

Finally Bob asked, “how could I visit you if no male visitors are allowed. “

Pippa said, “ If you come up on Sunday, I can smuggle you in as we have a lot of visitors then. However, you will have to stay for the week in my room. It will be dull during the day, but I am sure I can a make it worth your while in the evenings and nights. Don’t worry, once I get you to my room, the staff never visits it. They concentrate more on stopping us getting out.” Bob remembered the feel of her lips and pussy and the look of her slim naked body with a pair of large full breasts and long legs. The prospect of spending a week in her bed seemed like heaven particularly as he had just finished a temporary factory job and did not want to rush into another.

So he replied “ Okay, but if you like, I could spend longer maybe a month or even more.”

Pippa laughed and replied, “ You have a one track mind, but okay. I will provide food, drink, books and a massive amount of sex in return for you being my bed companion. “ Then she gave him directions of where to meet her on Sunday, and finished by saying, “ Do not bring a bag, or it will give it away. However, bring some bottles of vodka!” Bob arranged with a friend to look after his stuff, and then wearing his best clothes, which had six small bottles of vodka secreted in them, he left to meet her.

Bob arrived at the college on Sunday after a long bus journey with several changes. It was about three miles from the nearest village, which had a bus service, and Bob had to walk to it. The college was a massive old building, surrounded by a large ancient wall, which Bob noticed was topped with discreet barbed wire and security cameras. The only entrance was through a single, large gate and Bob realised why when the girls were inside, the staff did not worry about them. He gave a uniformed female porter his cover story, that he was Pippa’s half brother John, and was told to sit and wait for her. Eventually, Pippa appeared wearing a sensible long skirt and a jumper. However, she still looked incredibly sexy. They walked around the grounds of the college, which were full of girls and their families, as well as various smiling staff keeping a discreet eye on the girls. They walked around a corner, and then Pippa grabbed his arm. They ran up a staircase, down a corridor, and into a room. It was a small room with an en-suite bathroom, a desk unit, four chairs and a double bed. When the door closed, Pippa kissed him and pulled him close. She unzipped his fly, pulled out his rapidly hardening dick and gently stroked it.

Pippa said, “ I cannot be up here for long, or the staff will come hunting. They know I have a visitor. In an hour, they change porters on the gate. My Kadıköy Esmer Escort friend Petra’s brother will pretend to be you leaving. Later, when they check with her Father about why he did not sign out, he will say he did, and we will have you inside without anyone suspecting. “

Bob said, “ How complicated! What is in it for him? And her?”

Pippa smiled and replied, “ I have already given him one blow job, and I had better go and give him his second. As for Petra, she loves to have her pussy licked and I have promised that you will spend at least three hours going down on her.” It dawned on him that he was about to be locked into a building full of young girls, under the care of a woman he had slept with once and knew little about. He did not like the idea of Pippa using her mouth to gain favours, or that she would promise his mouth to another girl. However, the feel of her fingers stroking his dick stopped him from running away after all the situation was every boy’s dream.

Pippa said, “ Why don’t you get naked and lie on the bed? I want to screw!”

Bob started to undress, and Pippa assisted by pulling his clothes, off placing the vodka carefully to one side. When he was naked, she pushed him on to the bed, and then pulled up her skirt while pulling her panties aside, mounted him and started to ride him saying, “ God that feels great! Two weeks without a dick is far to long. This will be a quickie, but my God, am I going to enjoy tonight with you.” She rapidly rode his excited body, and within a minute she was coming like a train. Bob could not help himself, and exploded in her.

When they had both finished coming, she pulled of him and after checking her appearance said, “ I had better go and please Petra’s brother. His dick is dull, fat and short, but it squirts easily enough. Now lie here quietly darling. I will be back within an hour. “ Pippa left and Bob looked around the room. It was obviously a girls room, and had boy posters and pretty items in it as you would expect. Bob was now worried about staying, and in particular being promised to another girl’s pussy. He decided to runaway. He would miss the delights of Pippa’s sexy body, but the ocean was full of exciting fish. However, as he looked around, he realised with horror that Pippa had taken his clothes. He was trapped, as he could not leave naked, as the college would undoubtedly call the police.

Bob got into Pippa’s bed and waited worried. However, the time went on for her to return, and over two hours had gone before she re-entered the room with another girl. The new girl was tougher looking than Pippa, with a hard face and short-cropped hair. Her figure was good, but overall she was okay but not attractive. Pippa said, “ See Petra, success! I now have a love toy to use when I want. Bob this is Petra. Her brother has gone away happy and now it is her turn. Petra, we agreed three one hour sessions of head and two bottles of vodka okay?”

Petra looked at the worried boy and smiled saying “ Yes it is a deal. Can I have my first session now, before dinner?”

“Of course, it is a couple of hours to dinner. Use him for as long as you like. Bob is happy to please. Remember to keep his presence secret, or all the girls will want a go!”

Bob gulped, and started to speak but Pippa kissed him and whispered “ Just please her, and think of me doing the same to you later my beautiful lover.”

Then Pippa turned and left the room saying, “ Have a good session! Petra here is a key, I will lock you in so you will not be disturbed.”

As the door locked, Bob looked at Petra, who was removing her shoes, socks and skirt. Petra moved over and lay on the bed saying, “ Go down on me toy boy! I want you to remove my panties with your teeth, and then apply your tongue to pleasing me. Pippa says you give good head and she had better be right!” Bob moved down the bed until he was kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed, his head between her legs. Her sensible white panties stared him in the face, and he started to pull them down with his teeth moving position from side to side to slip them down her legs. It took him a couple of minutes to remove them, and then drop them from his mouth onto the floor.

When he finished, Petra grabbed his head and pushed it into her pussy saying, “ Removing my panties. That always gets me wet. Now lick me!” Bob applied his tongue to her pussy, which was covered in thick wiry hair, and found her clitoris, which he started to suck and lick. After a short amount of time, she came grinding into his face. When she had finished coming, she pulled his head off her and rested for a minute before pushing him down again. Her hands held him firmly into position. Bob licked and sucked away as she had two more orgasms. As she held his head off her after her coming for a third time, Bob saw a clock and realised that only twenty minutes had passed. His tongue was exhausted, and he did not want to continue. Petra pushed him back Kadıköy Eve Gelen Escort into her wiry wet pussy, and he realised that he was trapped.He had no choice but to co-operate, and continue to serve her. Time passed with Bob’s tongue getting tired, but Petra’s demands did not slack as she came regularly under his stimulation.

Then a bell rang and Petra said, “ Damn, it is dinner. I was really having fun. Still, I can use you later. See you soon. Have a rest, you are going to need it.” She leapt off the bed, dressed and left, locking Bob in. Bob lay on the bed, and rubbed his sore jaw, thinking about what was happening to him.He had been used for two hours without pleasure for him.

After another hour, Pippa reappeared. She produced a box with some food in it, and Bob realised that he was hungry. He ate rapidly. As he did so, Pippa filled him in with information. The college was in two parts. The section they were in is used for improving girls. Another section of the college housed a dozen girls who caused trouble in the college, or had serious drug problems. These poor girls were constantly watched and given extra work. The rest of the girls had classes all day, but were free in the evenings. The girls were divided into gangs or friendship groups within the college. As money was only of use in the college shop, and all the girls were drug tested weekly, the main currency was vodka and sex.

Bob questioned this, and Pippa replied, “A girl can sell her tongue or hands to another. However, the best prices are paid for a boy! You are not the only one who has been smuggled in by the girls. I think two others are hidden on site. The staff turns a blind eye to it so long as it does not cause trouble, and the management does not find out as it keeps us happy. Any way, we are all put on the pill here. Most of us are here for being oversexed, and a quick session with a love slave keeps us contented. You however, are mainly for me and not general usage. If you let me down, and I will sell you on. Remember, you cannot escape. Because if you are caught, the staff will say you are an intruder. The courts will give you eighteen months in jail at least. So welcome to your new life as a love slave sexy. Now let us screw. I promised you a blow job!”

With that, Pippa stripped rapidly, exposing her sensual figure and pulled Bob onto the bed. She mounted him, her pussy tight against his lips as she bent down and applied her own lips to his rapidly hardening penis. Bob started to lick her glorious pussy as her warm mouth engulfed his penis. He was now extremely worried about being trapped here, but agreed with Pippa in that he had no way out. His best hope was to serve her well so she kept him for herself, as being passed around would seem to be much worse. He would find his clothes and escape on the next visiting day if possible. This plan meant, however, a week of sexual service to Pippa, Petra and probably more! However, the sensation on his dick soon removed any other ideas from his mind. Bob concentrated on licking Pippa and managed to give her a powerful orgasm before he exploded into her mouth. Pippa reversed on him, and kissed him, forcing his come down into his throat and making him swallow.

Pippa said, “ Boys’ come is such a problem. I am afraid that you will have to eat most of it! Now massage me and snog!” They lay next to each other kissing and playing with each other’s bodies.

Within five minutes, he was hard again. Pippa mounted him, pushing his dick into her tight pussy saying, “ Now let us screw for hours!” Pippa started to ride him, her breasts bouncing around in a highly attractive manner as her body moved up and down on the supine boy. After five minutes, she came with a sigh, but rapidly recovered and continued to ride him. After twenty minutes, she had come three more times. Bob was too excited to care as he shot a load of spunk into her dominant sexy body. Pippa did not stop, but pulled off him and moved up his body. Her pussy ground into his face and he was forced to lick her wet sticky pussy as her hands roughly rubbed him hard again. When he was hard, she moved down and started to ride his sore penis. She rode him for another hour, coming regularly, until the exhausted boy managed to come in her.

Pippa looked down at the shattered boy, with his softening dick firmly clamped inside her and said, “ Naughty little toy boy. I must be too hot for you. I know you can come again, but that will mean I cannot use you tomorrow. So we will sleep now. However, lick me one time!” Again the exhausted boy was forced to apply his tongue and satisfy the voracious cunt.

The next morning when Bob awoke, Pippa was already dressed in her sensible shirt and long skirt. She said, “ I am off to breakfast and then classes. We have to clean our own rooms, so no one will come in. Keep quiet, clean the room and yourself. You can read my magazines. I will see you at lunchtime, and if you have been good, I will feed you.” With Kadıköy Evi Olan Escort that she kissed him, and left locking him in. Bob got up washed and tidied the room. Then he lay on the bed reading Pippa’s women’s magazines. The morning passed very slowly, as Bob realised that another disadvantage about being Pippa’s love slave was boredom. When it was lunchtime, Pippa came up stairs and visited him handing him a plate of food.

Bob asked, “ Won’t the staff notice you taking extra food?”

Pippa replied “ No, in an all girl college, the problem is us not eating enough, not eating more! Now kneel and lick me quickly! I have only got five minutes, so make it worth my while!” Pippa pulled up her skirt and pushed her panties to one side as Bob knelt and applied his tongue. It only took a couple of minutes until she came.

Pippa pushed him away, and then unlocked a drawer and removed one of the vodka’s saying, “ Thanks stud, see you later! I have a dull afternoon so this vodka will help. You rest up as you will be working this evening.” Then she left, locking the naked boy in. Bob waited for an hour, and then he decided to hunt around. He searched the room, but all the alcohol was locked away. He found a collection of porn, both male and female nudes, and a selection of vibrators of various shapes and sizes. He also hunted through her clothes and found a unisex white shirt and trousers, which with a pair of trainers would not look particularly stupid. Bob figured that dressed in these clothes he could next Sunday escape the college, as he was now entirely put off being her lover. As the boredom and threat of being handed around like a toy did not appeal to him at all. Bob carefully replaced the items he had found, and lay back in the bed and waited. He decided to play along with Pippa’s demands, and to give her no idea that he was unhappy, to hide his escape plan, and also to stop her loaning him to any other women.

Many long, tedious hours passed before Pippa returned. She handed Bob some food, and opened the drawer to remove two more of the vodkas, saying, “ relax sexy. I am off for a keep fit session, and Odette has promised to give me a deep massage in return for vodka. If you are lucky, you may experience her technique. She makes all your stress go away!” It was nearly midnight when she finally returned to the room. She was drunk and Bob realised that the vodka was gone. It was also apparent to him that when she was satisfied, she did not care about him stuck in her room. Pippa stripped and joined Bob in the bed without speaking. She pushed him down until his face was pressed into her pussy. Bob knew what was expected of him, and started to lick her off. It took her some time to come, but when she did, she pulled him up and into her. Bob started to move gently, in and out of her, determined to give her a lovely session. They made love for a long time, with Pippa having at least three separate orgasms, until Bob could hold back no longer and filled her with spunk. Pippa smiled and pushed him down again and he licked her sticky pussy clean and gave her another strong orgasm. Then, he was pulled up and flipped onto his back and Pippa assumed the dominant position. Pippa roughly rode him, slamming her body down onto his and twisting his nipples. Again, they made love for a long time with Pippa coming regularly until Bob with a gasp came into her. Pippa smiled down at the exhausted boy, then moved onto his face. Bob was forced to lick her pussy as it rammed down onto his tongue. As he did so, her hands fondled his penis until it was ready for service again. Pippa started to ride him savagely, her body pounding into him as her mouth latched onto his, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth. Pippa pulled his hands onto her pert breasts, and forced Bob to massage them as she used his body. Eventually, after a long period of service and countless orgasms for Pippa, Bob came and passed out under Pippa’s conquering body.

When he awoke, it was late morning and Pippa had gone. She had left him some biscuits and a pile of books. A note was with the books. It read”Biscuits for breakfast and Lunch. Clean room and yourself ready for me tonight. I have given you some books to read. Read them and write me an essay on each. If it is a good essay, you will get a treat. If not, I have some friends who can show you what the books really mean.”

Bob looked at the books, and discovered that they were all on feminism. However, as he had no choice, he cleaned up and started to read. The books were dull and boring, but by the evening, he had read two books and written two essays on them which he hoped would be enough to please Pippa. At about 6 p.m., the door was unlocked. But it was not Pippa who entered. Petra antered as she said, “ Hi stud. I have some food for you, but first you can serve me. It is my second hour, but Pippa says I can use your mouth for as long as I like tonight, as she has a drama class until late.” Petra removed her shoes and skirt and lay on the bed. Bob knew what he had to do and knelt and removed her panties with his teeth, and then applied himself to pleasing her. Bob licked and worked on Petra’s vagina and soon she was coming regularly. After about three hours between her legs, Bob was shattered and finally Petra seemed to becoming satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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