Collisions Ch. 01

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This is my first ever submission, so any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. 🙂 Sorry it’s not very steamy, but I added the sex dream to hopefully add some spice. Thanks for reading! AvaAmour


“Ooh. Oh God Bobby. Just like that.”

Bobby looked up, smiling at his girlfriend writhing on his bed. As he paused, she moaned in protest, so he quickly resumed his position at her slick entrance. He licked up and down prior to probing his tongue as deep within her as possible.

“Mmm. Ooh. Ooh Bobby. Please, more.”

He obliged, gently sucking and nuzzling into her. Then he began using his finger. He gently thrusted in and out a few times, causing her to pant at him. Then he began using two fingers, going in deeply before pulling almost all the way out. Simultaneously, he continued lavishing her with attention from his tongue.

“Oh God. Ooh. Oh yeah, babe. I’m ready, Bobby. Please.”

In response, he continued fingering her while he ate her out. He loved hearing her beg for sex before he gave it to her, and she would be so incredibly wet when he finally gave in that he loved going down on her before sex. Just a few minutes more and he would feel heaven-on-earth.

“Please Bobby. Please. Mmm.” She continued begging until he brought her dangerously close to orgasm. Then he finally stopped and paused for a moment.

“Are you ready, baby?” He asked quietly. She just kept begging. “Okay, here we go.” He said to her. He looked down at her glistening wetness and readied himself to enter her. Placing the tip of his shaft at her entrance, he rubbed it around, allowing himself to tease her while also lubricating himself. He smiled as he watched her thrusting up, trying to take him into herself. Then he began enter—


“Mellie! Mellie wake up this instant. You’ve already slept through your alarm and the two snooze modes!”

Mellie sat upright quickly, breathing heavily from the shock of being pulled out of her dream and from the excitement she felt on waking. She looked at her clock. Shoot, it’s already 6:45. She usually got up at least half an hour earlier in order to ready herself for school. Do I have time to shower and blow dry my hair? She had wanted to wake up earlier to look especially nice on her first day back to school.

Oh well, she thought. I can shower quickly and wear my new pair of jeans instead of a skirt. Then I don’t have to shave my legs. She ran to the bathroom and quickly stripped out of her pajamas, her mind going back to her dream. Her amazing dream. She jumped into the stream of hot water, still contemplating Bobby.

Mellie had always harbored a huge crush on Bobby Boedon. He was the hottest boy in her class, and was also 19—a year older than all the other seniors at school. Somehow, that extra year added so much more mystique and maturity to him. Of course, every other girl probably dreamed about him too. Tall, muscular, with wavy blonde hair and illegal bahis deep brown eyes, he also was on the Honor Roll and dominated at any sport he played.

Bobby had moved to Bloomfeld at the start of high school, and Mellie had fallen for him the first day. She wished that she could actually experience such pleasure as he had given her in the dream, but he doubted that he even knew of her existence.

Although Bloomfeld High was not overly large, their social circles did not even touch one another. Bobby fit in with the jocks and cheerleaders. He always seemed to be dating one of the girls from the squad, especially if they were blondes.

Mellie fit in with many different groups, but none of those included jocks. She participated in band and theater, and was one of the top 5 students in the class. As such, she took all Honors and Advanced Placement level courses. She also was not blonde. She had light brown hair that could be said to have some blonde and red natural highlights, but definitely couldn’t pass for a blonde.

Mellie turned off the water and got out of the shower. Wrapping herself in a towel, she went to the mirror, grabbing a hairbrush from a drawer on the way. She brushed out her hair, regarding herself critically in the mirror.

She considered herself pretty, with hazel eyes that turned green in certain lighting, a “sweet” smile, and straight features. Her best feature was her hair, which hung to her waist and could be styled as curly or straight easily. However, “pretty” didn’t get her dates. She was somewhat shy around boys, and didn’t put out like the popular girls did. Also, the boys she met in her classes were also nerdy, and generally not very attractive, though they were all very pleasant to know. They just did not match up to Bobby Boedon.

“Stop obsessing,” she said to her reflection. She left to finish getting ready for school. Once clothed, she did her hair and threw on some natural make-up. Then she grabbed her backpack, keys, and purse, and ran to her car, grabbing a pop-tart on the way out the door.

“Love you, bye!” called her Mom. “Good luck today!”

“Love you, Mom. Bye!”

Mellie got into her car and drove to school, arriving in time to grab her usual parking spot next to her best friend, Danielle. They got out at the same time and walked to the gym, where tables were set up for students to grab their schedules. They met up in the entrance, comparing their classes.

Danielle was also in the Honors and Advanced Placement program, so they took many of the same classes. However, Mellie was in English Composition instead of English Literature, and Danielle had signed up for a fun class about children while Mellie had decided to take a study hall. They shared their first class, Advanced Biology II, so they walked to the room together, greeting some of their friends on the way.


They went through two classes, getting their textbooks casino siteleri and syllabi, then split as Danielle went to her Child Welfare class and Mellie went to her study hall. She was slightly apprehensive about taking a free hour, because she had never done so before and knew that the rougher kids often did. She walked into the cafeteria, where the study hall was held, and found an empty table.

Once seated, she began comparing her exam dates for Biology and Statistics. They never coincided, which made her feel confident about studying for them. She opened up her Statistics book. Although Mrs. G was one of her favorite instructors, she always assigned homework on the first day, so Mellie thought she could get it finished quickly.

About halfway through the hour, the kids who participated in the Vocational Program got up and left to go to those classes. These students were normally in trouble, and took the vocational classes because they would not be attending college. Once they had left, she looked around, and noticed that Bobby was in the study hall. Ohmygod, she thought to herself. I can’t believe I finally have a class with him. How will I be able to concentrate on homework when he is sitting less than ten feet from me and looking so hot?

She spent the second half of the period mentally obsessing while attempting to complete her Stats assignment. Finally, the bell rang, signaling the end of the period. Mellie rushed out, and ran straight into Bobby as she was looking down at her schedule. She tripped, going headfirst toward the floor when suddenly, she was caught by a pair of very muscular hands. She looked up, straight into the eyes of—

Oscar Gutierrez. Not Bobby Boedon. Now she felt doubly foolish. He hadn’t even stopped to catch her; rather Bobby had continued walking toward his class. Feeling humiliated, she began to get teary-eyed. Shoot, now I look like a wuss. Hopefully no one notices. What is WRONG with me?

“Careful there, chica.” Oscar looked down at the girl. He had seen her in band, but there were well over 100 people in band, so he knew her face but not her name. As he examined her to check if she was steady, he noticed she was about to cry.

“Dios Mio, are you okay?” he asked, mixing some Spanish into his sentence as he freaked out. Damn, if she’s hurt, they principles will blame me, and all I did was catch her, he thought to himself. He continued to support her in case she had somehow hurt herself as she fell.

Mellie looked up at him, amazed that his eyes were blue. Most Hispanics had brown eyes, right? She couldn’t think straight. Oscar was the worst of the rough kids. He had been expelled their sophomore year and had a reputation as well as a rap sheet. She couldn’t believe he would have caught her. Wasn’t he supposed to be bad news? Her mind raced, but finally realized he had asked her a question.

“Umm. Yes. I’m fine. Just…embarrassed.” Mellie looked down shyly. “I better get to poker siteleri class. Um. Thanks for helping me.” She felt strangely weird when he released her, but stopped thinking about it as she ran to class. Her mind returned to sharing study hall with Bobby. Maybe tomorrow I can talk to him. She rushed into the room right as the bell rang and found a seat near Christine, one of her closest group of girlfriends.

As the teacher passed out the syllabus, Mellie told Christine about having study hall with Bobby. Christine gave her advice on what she should say to him, but Mellie knew she couldn’t actually start up a conversation with him. Especially after making such a fool of herself. Christine would understand. She had had a crush on one of the drummers for years, and had talked to him only twice. It stunk to be one of the shy, smart girls. Mellie smiled and thanked Christine, then they both paid attention to the teacher. However, a small part of Mellie’s brain continued to berate her for her stupidity.

How can I even think that Bobby would want me?

The thought stayed in her mind the rest of the day, torturing her as she finished each class, ate lunch with Christine and Danielle, and went to band. She filled Danielle in then about her disastrous encounter with Bobby and how Oscar had been there. Danielle looked shocked.

“Oscar?! How strange. He’s a felon. That’s how much trouble he was in sophomore year. Plus, I hear that he’s like, a sex fiend. And remember how Bernice tried to say he was a rapist. I can’t believe he touched you. Do you feel dirty?”

“I don’t know. At the time, I just felt thankful I hadn’t done a complete faceplant, you know?”

“Yeah, I get it. Just try to avoid him if you can.”

Mellie looked over her shoulder, to where the low brass section was arranged in the back of the band. She and Danielle were first flutes, so they sat at the very front. Oscar was playing while she looked. When holding a trombone, he didn’t look nearly as intimidating as his reputation made him. But that didn’t mean she wanted to cross him more than necessary.

“I will. Trust me.” Mellie smiled at Danielle as they watched their music, waiting for their cue to come in.


After band rehearsal, Mellie went out with Danielle, Christine, and another one of their friends, Jess. They hung out, comparing their first days and laughing. They were glad to be seniors and couldn’t wait to graduate at the end of the school year. Senior prom also planned to be exciting. But first was homecoming, and of course they had all their college prep tests to take. They planned to all get together Friday night for a movie night, and went to their homes to finish homework.

Once home, Mellie returned to thinking about her dream. She felt dirtier for having dreamed that than she felt about having Oscar catch her. She figured it was just a response from having watched that crime show about rape victims the night before. Although everything Bobby had done had felt amazing in the dream… She sighed. Bobby is more experienced than I could even imagine. Even if we dated, it would be so awkward to be a virgin dating a stud like that. She moved on to finishing her homework, pushing Bobby from her mind.

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