Comfort Zone

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Comfort Zone – Prolog

The use of the capitalized pronoun with reference to myself as “I” in this story instead of the usual respectful small case letter “i” and any other personal references that are not in small case are in no way meant to disrespect my Master or any other Masters or Mistresses in the BDSM Lifestyle.

I write for my Master with the knowledge that should He choose to submit my work for general consumption it is His prerogative to do so and for that purpose the story is written grammatically correct except with capitalization of any reference to him, with no insult intended.

Comfort Zone

As I sat comfortably reading a book that Master had given me to study I began to feel uneasy, that nagging inner voice we all have and should listen to, that warns us when something is amiss I was purposely choosing to ignore. How could anything be wrong? All was perfect in my world.

I was relaxing, luxuriating in the knowledge that the week so far, had been a success and things were going well and although Master’s scenes and training sessions were intense I was coping with them and pleasing my Master. I didn’t want anything to spoil my mood but if I allowed the nagging thought that was playing in my head to take hold, I would spoil the sense of peace and tranquility that I was now basking in and so I chose to ignore it. The Golden Rule of a slave service that my Master had instilled in me from the beginning and that was now trying to force itself into my consciousness, “A slave should never feel comfortable in her service of her Master.”

I knew I shouldn’t be reading, Master had told me that He wanted me to sleep, He was sleeping now, it was late afternoon and I had tried to fall asleep but because I had been told to sleep, and because it was an unusual time for me to rest I had known I was wasting my time. I had got out of bed, found the book, made some tea and rationalized the disobedience with the knowledge I was reading a book Master had ordered me to read, I sat comfortable intense on the subject and lost in the words.

This whole day had been unusual, the week had so far had set itself into a nice routine and pattern which seemed to have set up our days. After bathing, breakfast and household chores, a training or punishment session in the morning whichever was appropriate, followed by lunch and perhaps an outing to take in the beautiful area where Master lived. On these outings we could relax a little in each others company, although even in relaxed circumstances outside the apartment I always knew my place and showed Master due respect. Then back home for dinner prepared lovingly for my Master and finally another training session in His dungeon before retiring to bed. This morning He had already thrown me by leaving the apartment alone without saying a word eventually returning at lunchtime and now this afternoon siesta. Best not to dwell on it, I would soon be informed if it was my concern of that I was certain, I knew better than to question anything Master did.

It was hard to believe I was now a collared slave although not the ideal 24/7 relationship denied us by circumstance and distance. However here I was in Masters home and for the time I was here a true 24/7 collared submissive slave. In my travels outside of Masters home I had learned how to behaved and was in all respects still his slave in thought, word and deed. He owned me, but there was something more intense being here with Him and experiencing what it was like to really serve my Master in the flesh.

I had been His slave in training for seven months but most of my training had been conducted over the internet and except for one other week when He had visited my home town we had been denied the pleasure of the physical contact and interaction between a slave and her Master that most couples in our Total Power Exchange enjoy.

My online training had been thorough, rigorous and comprehensive probably due to the fact that it had been conducted at a distance online and also besides being an experienced slave trainer Master had been an educator by profession. I knew I was well informed more so than I would have been had we not had this restriction on our time together and I had learned more theory and history of Master slave relationships than would have been practical if we had been together in person. I knew I was better equipped than most slaves to deal with the rigors of my situation; Master had made sure of that. Now finally I was experiencing slave service first hand, no longer just the fantasy that had haunted me for years. I really felt that the enforced separation made our real time spent together more intense and this heightened my sense of anticipation and trepidation when we were together and made me feel every sensation more deeply making the whole experience to my mind even more profound. Using email, IM, voice chat and web cam Master had sent me lectures to read and a creed to learn by heart. He had taken me to websites to see videos and pictures of slaves in training and from Kadıköy Fetiş Escort sites devoted to position training He had shown me the positions He required me to learn and practice. On His command I had read erotic stores aloud to Him that He had chosen to highlight a particular point in my overall training. He listened to my comments and gauged my reaction to His training via web cam. This allowed Him to judge my progress towards becoming His slut slave.

I was taught about munches, glory holes, cellars and Masters dungeons, the proper protocol should I be called upon to service other Masters at my Master’s command, and how to behave when Master took me out when wanting to “show me off.” I had known that although I would always be dressed without panties and in the clothes of His choice when leaving the apartment, being more mature than many of my sister slaves He would never embarrass either of us in general public and He would choose my apparel with discretion. I also knew that Master would never command me to do anything illegal and so I had believed places and activities of this nature were only shown to me to complete my education and I felt safe in the comfort of my own belief that it was not likely in our relationship that I would ever have to face any of these challenges.

I was given homework assignments to do when we were not online together and expected to learn what He was presenting to me. I knew He expected me to be ready for the true world of Master’s slut slave when my visit to His dungeon took place. A few weeks before the visit I was ordered by whatever means necessary to find Him a list of at least four adult bookstores in the area that had viewing booths. I had to find out the hours and send Master maps from His apartment to their location. If they had websites that was easy but if not I had to phone which was not as convenient for me given our distance but I had completed the assignment in the prescribed time and Master had been satisfied. Other homework assignments that I was required to complete included writing erotic stories and also contributing to progressive erotic stories written with Master and I had to keep a diary which not only helped Master understand my mind set but had also given us topics to discuss. This enabled us to iron out any problems that arose from my understanding or misunderstanding of my studies. It helped me through the jumbled thoughts and mixed emotions of an uninformed submissive to the now submissive slave who wants nothing more than to please her Master.

We had drawn up a contract listing rules, rituals and dress code and I had signed it willingly and now here I was living it, but what was that little inner voice telling me? What was I missing?

A sudden angry voice brought me to my senses I had fallen asleep reading. “What are you doing here slave? I thought I told you to lie down and sleep.” His harsh voice almost like a slap in the face roused me. I tried to explain to Master but He was not in the mood for my excuses. He began to pull His belt out of the loops of His pants but stopped. “Ok my pet You will pay for this later I was going to give you the belt right here and now ” He said in an ominously low voice the very tone striking trepidation in my mind, “We don’t have time now but I wont forget, don’t you worry. You will pay for disobeying me.” He promised, then in a very matter of fact voice He said, “We are going out tonight I want you to get ready and prepare for my little adventure.” That was nice I thought, maybe Master was taking me to a cozy restaurant like He had the night of my collaring and that meant I wouldn’t need to cook but that idea was soon dispelled when He said, “We will eat early, then at around ten you will bath and prepare yourself as you do for Masters inspection of your body. Then you will dress in the clothes I will have laid out for you. You will have exactly an hour to get ready no longer is that understood? You will wear you slut make up like you would for your training sessions at home.” I realized these instructions meant something very different was going to happen tonight and my heart skipped a beat, leaving the house in heavy slutty make up and goodness knows what clothing, this was not what I had expected and I was puzzled but thought I had better do as I was told without comment in the mood Master was in I knew I would have to present myself for his whip if I did not do as I was told immediately. To keep my mind off my concerns I told myself this was some kind of test of my obedience and nothing more.

I began to prepare dinner and my mind was not really on what I was doing and my heart wasn’t in it. The resulting meal left much to be desired and displeased Master and didn’t do anything to improve my situation. Once again He said He would deal with that later, He remained unusually quiet throughout the meal and then retired to His chair to watch TV while I did the dishes, cleared the kitchen and served Him a glass of juice. I watched the clock carefully in the charged atmosphere Kadıköy Gecelik Escort and at exactly ten went to the bathroom to prepare myself for the inspection as He had commanded. When I was ready I presented myself for His inspection.

Master ordered me to get one of His latex exam gloves then directed me into the dungeon and ordered me to lay on His “exam” table, legs spread wide. Once again I did as I was told. Master snapped the exam glove on and approached me. I had been “examined” many times before and knew exactly what would happen. Master took his finger and after probing to prolong my ordeal plunged His “exam” fingers deep into my pussy just short of fisting He probed deep and long and I was definitely getting aroused as the “examination” continued. When He had examined my pussy to His satisfaction, He withdrew His hand. I knew what was next as He took a tube of lube and greased up three fingers. He ordered me over and up on my knees and as I complied He went behind me and began the “anal examination”. He spread my ass cheeks and without any delay inserted His well-lubed middle finger in my tight hole. He drove it deep into me and began to move it in and out. Once again I could feel myself getting aroused as the “exam” continued. My arousal soon turned to painful service to my Master as He pushed three fingers deep inside me. I wanted to scream but knew that to do so would bring me much more pain than His “exam” was causing. I bit my lower lip and stoically faced the pain. Finally Master had completed my “exam” and allowed me to go to the bedroom to get dressed for our outing. When I entered the bedroom I was shocked at the clothing laid out there, surely Master would not let me leave the house dressed in those clothes. Where was He taking me? As I put on the lacy black top, short black skirt, black garter belt, huge earrings and stockings, my only thoughts were that walking around outside in this could get me arrested. Maybe Master was only trying to scare me and we would end up staying at home and I would receive the punishment that was promised earlier. I thought to myself that would be far better then going out in public dressed as a slut. I returned my focus to the task at hand, found my shoes and walked into the living room. “What have you got on your feet, slave?” Master demanded.

I was wearing a pair of flat black shoes I had thought they had matched my outfit well and wouldn’t draw more attention to me than was necessary. “I left shoes out for you!” “Those high spiked heels Master to wear outside? I knew they would draw more attention to me and the way I am dressed and felt sure they would give people the wrong impression. “Master I implored I will look like a hooker.” By now I was completely thrown off balance and totally confused.

“You are crossing me again I would think before you speak you are already in enough trouble, now go and put the stilettos on and darken your make up you look like a ghost.” He commanded. I did as I was told and when I came out of the bedroom Master looked me up and down and said. “Well you will have to do. We are too late to mess around any longer.” He reattached and locked my collar and told me to go get in the car. I stood still in amazement He was serious; we were going out and me looking to my mind like a whore.

Once I sat in the car I realized He had drawn it inside so the neighbors in this middle class suburban subdivision wouldn’t be shocked seeing Master in the company of a slut late at night. I wanted to ask Master where we were going but His body language cautioned me that would not be smart so I sat there every nerve in my body on edge. What if we had an accident? What if we were pulled over we would both have some explaining to do because any cop would think he was my John. Oh gosh I wish we were staying at home I was out of my depth.

We drove around streets that were obviously in the less respected part of town and I prayed that Master was not going to make me get out of the car anywhere around here even for an innocent stroll or I thought we would surely be arrested being mistaken for a prostitute with her pimp or John. My heart was beating so fast that I thought my ears would burst. Eventually we pulled into the parking lot of a desolate looking sex store and Master told me to get out of the car and go inside. I was to go to the counter and ask the clerk for a box of condoms, not a six-pack but a thirty pack could this have something to do with our adventure tonight I thought in shock. I looked at Master imploringly hoping He would see my distress, but He told me to get my ass out of the car and be quick about it. He reminded me I had already made Him late and He was losing his patience. I opened the car door all the time hoping He would tell me He was just testing me or teaching me a lesson. He didn’t move or even look my way.

As I entered the store a patron who was lazily browsing the displays of sex toys saw me and fixed his eyes on me like a magnet. I felt sick to my stomach I was so nervous and Kadıköy Genç Escort humiliated. I could tell by his intense stare he was undressing what little of me was covered with his ogling eyes. I went to the counter and the young assistant looked at me and obviously took me to be what my mode of dress implied he looked me up and down and said, “You are new meat aren’t you slut? Never seen you in here before what can I do for you sweety?” The lecherous look on his face told me what he would like to do but as calmly as I could I asked for a thirty pack of rubbers. With an evil grin spreading across his face he got them from a seedy display behind him. I handed him my money and when he gave me my change he held my hand longer than was necessary and in a soft, low voice said, “Come back at mid night when I get off and we can do some business” I picked up my purchase and hurried out of the store as quickly as I could considering the high heels I was wearing. Crimson faced and humiliated at the unwanted attention I had received got back into the car my eyes stinging with hot unshed tears that I would not allow to fall and gave Master His package and change. He still didn’t speak He simply drove on again.

My mind was racing. I hoped this was the end of my humiliation, as I didn’t think I could stand much more. I tried to calm myself and took deep breaths then as my mind started to clear another fear caught me. Why had Master bought condoms? Why so many? We didn’t use them. If it had been for an exercise in humiliation a three pack would have done just fine. My mind refused to allow me to dwell on the possibilities it just wouldn’t go there. I tried all kinds of diversionary tactics to take my mind off my situation and to calm myself but none of these exercises that usually helped me gain control worked. The streets were familiar 1st, 2nd etc. the same as many cities but as the numbers went higher some inner voice was there nagging again. One address kept popping in my head then it came to me, the adult bookstore with the viewing booths was on one of the dimly lit streets nearby.

Panic rising, I looked at Master who seemed unconcerned. I knew full well He knew my distress and He was not going to help me or put me out of my misery. He was going to play this to the end and let me think he was taking me to a glory hole. Well ok let Him think that, I would go along with the training. I knew they were illegal, I had found that out whilst doing my research. He had told me He would never have me do anything illegal, we had agreed on that. I also remembered that the store closed at midnight and it was ten minutes before so I knew it was just a hoax, a lesson well learned on my part, I would let Him know I would never take anything for granted again. This whole evening had reinforced in my mind that Master could take me anywhere He wants and if He chooses to He will. I would play along, be contrite, tell Him I learned my lesson and then go home take my punishment like a good slave. This night would be over and I promised myself I would never feel smug and comfortable again.

We arrived at the bookstore just before midnight, Master told me to get out of the car. I hesitated and He snapped, “Now slut!” I knew not to delay any longer. He had me carry a small whip in my purse for such occasions. He would have me get back in the car, raise my skirt and would whip my thighs if I did not move now.

As we entered I noticed that there were more patrons in the store than one would expect at closing time. Something was definitely strange here I thought. Midnight struck on the nearby church bell tower and the clerk went and locked the door. He gave me the once over and turned the sign to closed. He returned behind the counter, cashed out the till and put the night’s receipts in a floor safe beneath his feet.

“Well Master he is not going to let us browse when he will be waiting to go home” I said in a questioning voice. Master looked relaxed and seemed pleased that none of the patrons appeared to be leaving. No one seemed concerned or in a hurry, I felt dark dread rising as my insides turned to liquid and asked if I could use the restroom, although in these dubious surroundings I wondered if that were a good idea. Having been given permission to take this break I took time to reflect. Was it was just my over stimulated imagination, was I was being silly? As I came back into the display area my unspoken question was answered when I saw the clerk put the keys in his pocket and with an imperceptible signal he usher Master to an unoccupied viewing booth. I was left standing there and noticed the leering looks I got from one or two of the men around the place as they looked me over. I heard Master call me and gladly followed his voice. I entered the dark room, reached for Master and held Him until my eyes got accustomed to the dark

“Ok my pet now you know where you are and why you are here. I have taught you enough about glory holes for you to know what is going to be expected of you. Do exactly what you are told or you will pay with your ass when we get home. You know you will have to obey me in the end, so you may as well save your ass a good whipping and be a good girl and please the men I am about to present to you. Is that clear my cock loving slut?” He said as he looked directly into my pleading eyes.

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