Coming Home Ch. 03

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I spent a fortnight just mulling over the list. With fourteen boys on the list I arranged them according to preference. The first nine I preferred were at the top. With three black boys in it. And as luck would have it, I got eight of them to agree to my terms. Number ten on my list was added to the final count.

The plan was simple. Mom would reach here on a Thursday and first register in some small hotel, with her bags at the locker at bus stand. From there she would go to a hair dresser and get her hair colored blonde, then pick her bags and go to the Holiday Inn where she would already have been booked with a different name. I had done the booking and had also got the adjoining room with a door in between. We would use the other room to order any room service we needed and rest in between.

I waited at about seven thirty for mom at the Holiday Inn lobby. A tanned blonde came up to me and said, “Hi Jack.” For a moment I did not recognize her and then with a smile I knew it was mom. It was great, no one would recognize her once she was back in her original style.

I picked the bag for her and we went up to the seventh floor room. She looked absolutely ravishing. I was hard before we could reach the door and fumbled a little with the key card. I got her and myself in and we fell on the floor kissing. We made hot love twice before we remembered that we had not had dinner.

During the dinner she passed a message to me from Liza. If this worked out fine, she wanted the same thing for herself too, and soon.

I grinned and told her all would be well. The boys were thinking mom was some gorgeous lady I met during the week off and was crazy for young boys. That this was a one time opportunity and that was all.

I had given the boys the time of eight in the evening. The room number was given and they were to trop in one by one and all were to be in before eight thirty. The boys appeared like clock work, most of them already sporting an erection.

I had also told them that they would have to remove their clothes in this room, fold then up nicely and keep them in the wardrobe there. The room was to be kept clean and maintained well. I was the only one who would be dressed at all times and one who would interact with outside world during bursa escort bayan the night, if it was needed.

I had also strictly rationed the beer, only a couple of cans per person. I did not want a drunken crowd with a horny lady on my hands. They have grumbled at that but agreed.

As all came in and undressed, I noticed most of them were about my size. Even the myth about black men being longer and bigger seemed only a myth. Until the number six, a nineteen year Irish boy and the number three, a black unzipped their pants. The Irish boy had a torch light that was easily nine inches and the black both slightly bigger than him and with twice the thickness. Mom was going to have sore pussy tomorrow, even a torn one. I grinned. I went over and touched the two cock. They moved backwards, hesitant.

“Come on man, I ain’t no gay, this is a piece of beauty and I just wanted to feel it.” They felt hot and hard and heavy. I immediately thought of my sister with these two.

I told them to wait a minute, went into mom’s room to check she was ready. She had taken a fragrant bath and was lying naked with a her hair spread all around her on the pillow. For a moment I though I should make them wait and have a go at her myself first. Then thought I could have her anytime.

I returned to the room and told the boys to troop in. They walked in their cocks pointing forward. I said. “okay you, number one, two and four go to her and play with her. Get her aroused first and fuck her.

Mom smiled seductively at the three boys. They hesitated a little and as they came nearer she pulled one and brought his cock to her mouth. I saw the slow progress and stepped forward and told one to start sucking her nipples and other to go down on her. Soon she was having fun. Now she was sucking two cocks alternatively and the one licking her pussy was preparing to enter her. She moaned deeply as he penetrated her. The guy who had been sucked first could stand the erotic moment and grunted her was coming. Mom concentrated on him, taking him deep into her throat and he shot his load. Much of it spilling out her mouth.

I was like a director and immediately ordered the other one being sucked to start playing with her ass and take her ass. I told gorukle escort the guy who was fucking her to go to her mouth and asked the Irish guy to take his place in mom’s pussy. The pussy guy, number two began to feel his ejaculation coming and asked me if he could shoot inside her first. I let him shoot his load and just seconds later mom had her vagina stretched to the limits as she felt the huge Irish cock inside her. She screamed mother fucking shit, that’s a monster and began to come.

She had been turned sideways and One was finger fucking her ass. He prepared to enter her. She shrieked as the two cocks split her. Oh it was a delight to watch. number seven was asked to take her mouth. The guy fucking her ass began to come and I asked eight to be ready and take his place. Two shot his load and eight immediately took his place keeping the feeling of being filled up for her.

Irish was fucking her real hard and I could see the signs of a huge orgasm building inside her. I wanted to be on guard, not wanted to let the wave of pleasure cease even for a moment. Irish began to come and filled her already filled pussy. I got number nine to take his place immediately and the orgy continued. I wanted to see the Irish in mom’s ass and the black in her pussy. I somehow wanted to be the one coming in her mouth then.

So I decided to keep them for the last round.

The orgy continued. By three o clock in the morning she had received seventeen rounds of semen shots, in her pussy her ass and her mouth. One who could stand his ejaculation while waiting his turn had been asked to walk over and spray her tits.

I knew she was coming too close of collapsing. There was one last round before we would wrap up things. I had kept Irish and Black waiting. I told the rest of the guys that this was it and if they still had any juice left they could shag it off on her body. Black took his place and entered mom’s pussy. Irish took his position and entered by now loose and slippery ass. I had undone my fly and was already in her mouth. Even after her battering she screamed as two huge cocks pierced into her. My cock throbbed with delight at the sensations her screams were causing I soon realized that with the two huge battering her bursa merkez escort bayan from both sides she would not have time for my cock. I stood by the bed and like the other guys ready to spray my treasure of her body.

All eight of us came nearly at the same time and her face and tits were covered with semen. The two horses were still battering her. Irish came first. The Black slowed down to give him the chance to ram hard into her, holding her in place with his cock in her pussy as her ass was rammed. He grunted and stiffened, mom screamed and he rammed harder as his semen flooded her. As he finished, I asked him to stay inside her till he softened.

Now Black started pounding at her, as the Irish held her in place. This was vicious sadistic fucking. To have a ten inch, six and half diameter cock rammed all the way in and out with brute force was the height of being fucked. I definitely wanted to see Liza fucked by this one. And the Irish one too. Three of us were already hard again and near coming. I realized with a jerk that number five, the athletic young basketball player was sucking at my cock.

I was near coming and pushed him away. All the semen produced today was for mom. He himself was hard and throbbing. He stroked me as I stood over mom’s lips and I began to come.

We all went to the other room. Picked up the remaining two cans of beer and passed it around. Two by two we went in and showered and left. I was left alone. I closed the room and went back to mom’s. She was lying down as we had left her.

“How are mom?” I asked.

“Fucked son. Totally, utterly fucked.”

I told her to rest for a while and then take a bath. I would run a hot bath for her.

I lay down next to her. My cock again erect, it had only three shots this night of carnal festival. I wondered if I could put it into her bruised and soggy cunt. I asked her. “Do it slowly, Jack, slow fuck your mom’s battered pussy.

It felt hot and spongy, and very wet. I slowly reached for her breast and slowly kneaded them, gently and kissed her semen tasting lips and fucked her till I came. This was somehow not the hottest fuck I had with her, it was by far the most tender.

I picked her up and put her in the tub, using a sponge to clean off all the sticky mixture of juices from her. I carried her into the other bedroom with the fresh bed-sheets and clean bed. I lay her down and even before I could put the blanket on her she was snoring softly. I took my place next to her, spooned her and getting a erection I thought of Liza and slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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