Complete Physical

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Being new in town, I hadn’t met Dr. Jones before it was time for my annual physical. I was the last appointment of the day and they were running late. I overheard the nurse telling the doctor she had to leave after ushering her last patient into the exam room.

My name was finally called and the nurse led me down the hall to the room and instructed me to strip down and hop on the exam table to await the doctor’s arrival. I lay down, wearing no clothes and covered in a sheet. As I waited, my mind drifted. It had been years since I had any sex. Not that I didn’t want it, but it never seemed to come my way. Hardly surprising considering I was mid-forties and rather overweight. Most of my weight hung on my hips and buttocks, creating the ‘pear’ shape described in fashion magazines. Lately, my hormones were raging and I was masturbating with increased frequency but all that seemed to do was make me want sex even more. In light of this, being naked under a sheet in the doctor’s office was the closest I’d been to sex in a long while and I was turned on.

The doctor walked in and asked me the usual medical questions. He was a distinguished-looking 50 year old and had warm, caring eyes. I could see that he was very comfortable with his position and he moved around with a confidence I found appealing. He pulled down the top of the sheet, exposing my breasts then started to do a thorough breast exam, spending more time and attention than is usual. He squeezed first one breast then the other. He moved his fingers in concentric circles around each breast, ending just before touching my nipples. My body was starting to respond to his touches and I was hoping he wouldn’t notice my nipples becoming hard in anticipation of some attention. After a full inspection of my breast’s he surprised me by pinching my nipples and then stroking them. I let out a soft moan and blushed when he smiled down at me.

He then stopped to open the door and called for two medical students to come in. As he waited at the door, he explained to me that they needed to take part in the exam to fulfill the course requirements and hoped I didn’t mind. My senses went on high alert. The students walked in and I xslot gave them a quick once-over. Both were attractive men in their late forties or early fifties — rather old for students, I thought. However, my faith in doctors was solid so I didn’t get concerned. Dr. Jones told them to examine one breast each. They were happy to oblige. There I was, with a sheet up to my waist and a man on either side, running their hands over my sensitive breasts and nipples while Dr. Jones directed them to examine my breasts as completely as possible and to pay special attention to my nipples.

The doctor moved down to the end of the table and instructed me to scoot down and place my legs in the stirrups. My butt was hanging dangerously close to the edge of the table and my pussy was wet with anticipation of his gaze. How long had it been since someone had seem my snatch? Much too long, I decided. Even in this sterile environment, I was going to enjoy the exposure it afforded and made a point of being alert to the sensations that were about to take place.

The doctor pulled the bottom of the sheet up and sat on his stool directly in front of my exposed labia. The med students were still working on doing as thorough a breast exam as possible. As the doctor spread my lips apart, he called the students over to explain what he is doing. Oh god, I was in heaven. One man was spreading my pussy wide for two other men to stare at me. I’ve always had the urge to be completely exposed to multiple men but never had the courage or partner to help me follow through on the fantasy. Now here I was being fully spread and I could barely contain my excitement.

They looked on as he conducted a complete examination of my inner and outer lips. He first ran his hands over my outer lips, from my ass to my shaved mound. As he did so, he explained to his audience that he could feel the softness of my skin and the heat that was emanating from my sex. Then he softly and gently spread my outer lips and took a good look at my inner lips and my clit that was starting to protrude from its hood. He ran his fingers between my lips and softly grazed my clit. My intake of breath was loud enough for all three xslot Giriş of them to hear and they all looked up and smiled at me to set me at ease.

Dr. Jones then pulled my inner lips wide apart and looked at my exposed vagina, by now leaking my pussy juices. He placed a finger at the entry to my opening and applied just the slightest pressure. My hips subtly rose in response to his touch and his finger entered my hole up to the first knuckle. He told me that I was responding normally and to relax and enjoy any sensations that may come.

It was a relief to know that my heightened excitement was allowed. Although this was an exam unlike any I’d experienced, I wasn’t about to tell him to stop. The sensations were far too fabulous and having three men staring at my most intimate areas was a dream come true.

Then he instructed each of the students in turn to do the same examination he had just finished and he stood up to offer his stool to one of them. As they each took a turn slowly spreading my pussy apart and teasing me with a hint of penetration with the tip of a finger, I was near ecstasy.

After they all took turns with the external assessment, the doctor sat back on the stool and told the students to watch closely as he completed the first stage of the internal exam. He slipped a couple fingers inside me and started to move them in and out and while his other hand massaged my clit. He explained that it was important to measure my response to stimuli to ensure I am sexually healthy. After a little while, I was very close to coming but he stopped a little too soon. I know that he was about to get the students to take a turn and it excited me even more. Sure enough first one student then the other took a seat on the stool and proceeded to finger fuck me and rub my clit.

My breathing was ragged and I was soaking wet. My hips were bucking in response to their touch and I was lost in the heavenly sensations they were creating. By the time the second student took his turn, I was building to a massive orgasm and I came with a vengeance, moaning and arching my back as I thrust my hips up to force his fingers deeper inside while I rode xslot Güncel Giriş the wave of pleasure.

Dr. Jones nodded approvingly and told me that I appeared to be functioning normally but there was one more test that he needed to complete. He moved the stool out of the way and told me the new speculums they use don’t feel anything like the metal ones they used in the past. He explained that it measures all kinds of things so he had to move in and out of me for a while to ensure it got accurate readings. From my angle and with the sheet blocking part of my view, I couldn’t see below the doctor’s waist level so the instrument wasn’t visible to me but I could feel it as he slowly pushed it deep into my pussy.

It felt surprisingly like a cock to me but I figure that’s just my horny mind at work. He moved it in and out gaining speed and force with each thrust. It felt like I was being fucked and I loved it but I resisted moving my hips to the rhythm at first. As he continued, the doctor grew short of breath and his whole body seemed to be intent on moving with the tool. By that time, I was beyond caring what they may have thought and simply reacted to the pleasurable sensations his ministrations were generating. I moaned with each deep thrust and pushed my hips to meet his downward stroke. Dr. Jones finally groaned and pulled out the tool then advised each of the students to take a turn with their own instruments.

I was eager to experience more exquisite sensations as they each stood between my spread legs and filled my hot and horny snatch with their tools, first moving slowly and then building to a wonderfully hard and deep pace. When my sexual release came, I squirted all over them again and again. They were all sweaty and flushed as they finished their turns between my legs and my body was shaking from my own orgasms. I lay there with a look of complete satisfaction on my face while they complimented me on my healthy sexual responses.

After a few minutes to gather our wits, the three of them left to allow me to dress but the doctor said I have to come back next week for my results and if they aren’t complete, he may have to conduct the exam all over again. I am hoping for incomplete results and I’m also hoping he regularly has med students in attendance.

I am starting to like this new town and am looking forward to going for my dental check up next week. I hear he’s the doctor’s good friend.

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