Conference Wife

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My name is Bill. I’m 51 and a married family man. My life is mostly as conventional as you would expect. But this is a story about something exciting that happened to me.

It’s a long story and may not mean very much to you. In fact, most people would find it pretty boring. But for a guy like me who usually plays by the rules and doesn’t get much excitement, it was something that I’ll always remember.

I’m like millions of other people. I grew up in a suburb you’ve never heard of, outside a big city no one cares about. I was a happy kid with a good family, but bored. High school was four years of feeling everyone else was having more fun than me. We were religious, but I won’t get much into that for this story, except that it didn’t exactly help the idea that I was missing out on all the real fun.

My wife and I grew up together and we basically drifted into a relationship and marriage at a young age. I love her but we have really grown in different directions and our marriage has struggled for a few reasons beyond the usual strains of life and kids. I might say more about that in a different story. I love her and am committed to her. But I always find myself thinking what I missed out on as a young man, and how things might have turned out differently. I realize most middle-aged guys feel that way, but it consumes me more and more – this feeling that I somehow missed out on all the fun.

I wasn’t the smartest kid in class, but I did all right and got into a good college program. This led me into a career in a fairly specialized field and industry. Chances are you don’t know much about my industry, which is pretty small and not at all glamorous. I’ve done pretty well for myself, becoming a partner in a successful firm. But even in an industry that already has a boring reputation, I have a reputation for being a straight arrow. As with everything else, I somehow chose the safe path rather than the fun one. So I’m a good guy who follows the rules, whose life is an open book, and who always does the right thing. I guess I should be grateful for all this, and I am. But more and more it grates on me. Always being the responsible one can get pretty boring. That’s why what happened in this story was so exciting for me.

Our industry has an annual convention. I used to find it really interesting with all the seminars and display booths and people to meet. Now I mostly go because that’s what a senior partner should do. I do a lot of networking and stuff which is okay but feels pretty repetitive, since it’s mostly the same people year after year. So most of it is pretty boring, like everything else in my life it seems.

The one thing that makes it still interesting is that for a few years I’ve had what I call a “conference wife.”

I didn’t have a name for this for a long time, but it made instant sense when I came across it somewhere. No hanky-panky involved. Her name is Diane and she’s almost my age. We’ve known each other for many years, back when we used to work at the same place.

Now we live a thousand miles apart, working for different firms with our own lives and families. But we both go to the conference year after year, and we have a lot of the same professional interests and similar personalities. So if neither of us has anyone else in particular to be with, we look around for each other, sit together, etc. It works pretty good. So…”conference wife.”

I sometimes wonder if people have noticed and been curious about Diane and me. There’s nothing else going on. But I have to admit I like the mystery, even if it’s just in my head. Our industry is mostly guys – maybe twenty percent of all the people at this conference are women. I know Diane doesn’t hang out with me because I’m a hot stud. More the opposite. In a place with so much guys, some of them not known for their progressive attitudes, I’m somebody “safe” for her. Kind of neutered, really. Still, my life is so boring that it’s a perpetual ego boost to have this woman walking around with me.

I won’t deny I’ve had impure thoughts about Diane. A lot, in fact. She is an attractive 40ish mom – nothing special to you maybe, but I think she’s hot. She has dark shoulder-length hair, a medium build and an expressive smile. So it’s definitely nice to have this woman with me lighting up the room at boring dinners even though there’s nothing to it. And I often go back alone to my hotel room afterward and entertain all kinds of thoughts about Diane with her clothes off. But between our friendship, our marriages and our professional reputations, I would never think of doing anything more. All guys have sex fantasies and Diane isn’t the only woman I fantasize about. But I keep it in all in my head (or my little head…) and that’s where it stayed. Until recently.

The Convention

This year looked much like the others. The convention was in a city I’d been to a few times and knew well. It stretches out over four nights and five days, starting with an evening reception, three full days of displays, presentations and stuff, and a final morning gerçek porno of meetings. There was only one small difference this year. We had a larger than usual group going from my firm, and had only a limited number of rooms blocked in the main convention center hotel, where I normally stay. So I volunteered to stay at a backup hotel. It was a twenty minute walk away but I figured I could get some exercise. Everything else was the same as always.

I flew out in the afternoon and headed straight for the convention center to register before going to my hotel. I was standing around with some others from the company when I heard a familiar sound. “Hello there.”

I recognized Diane’s voice and turned. I was happy to see her. We inevitably met up like this without even arranging it. She looked much the same as always, professionally attired in a conservative black skirt and white blouse – no pantsuits for her, or deep cleavage like some women. She smiled back at me and we exchanged a bit of home and office news. Then I asked her where she was staying.

“Oh, I was too slow to book anything good. I’ve been banished to a place nowhere near here.” She named my hotel.

“No kidding,” I said. “Guess where I am.”

“The same?”


She smiled. “Well, that’s one nice thing. We can travel back and forth together.” I was excited. As you know by now, I just like being with Diane. We talked some more and agreed to shuttle over to the hotel together. We put our things in a cab outside and kept talking the whole way.

We were still talking as we got to the hotel check-in. I let her go first and she gave her name to the clerk. He checked the computer but seemed to take a while. He even began scratching his head. He asked Diane for her name again. He called over another employee. We both got a sinking feeling.

“I’m sorry, we don’t have anything under your name.” Diane isn’t the type to swear, but she looked pissed. She argued she had a reservation. They asked for a confirmation number and she just stared at them. She took out her phone and scrolled around looking for the right email, but no success, still arguing with them. Eventually she threw up her hands and said “just give me a room!”

“I’m sorry, ma’am. We’re fully booked tonight.” She gave the stare again. Frankly, it was kind of sexy, though I felt her frustration.

Diane turned to me, suddenly changing to a look of helpless adrift. So I turned on my executive confidence and told her it would be sorted out. The manager arrived but we had a fruitless conversation. I was getting frustrated myself and finally decided the best thing to do was get my own room, put down our stuff, and then figure out where she could stay. My own reservation was fine and soon we were moving up the elevator. Diane was still alternating from fuming to helpless as we pushed into my room. But her face changed as she walked in.

“Wow, this is so nice!” I looked around. It was better than I expected. The decor was very modern and cool, with two double beds. Diane walked into the bathroom and started to giggle.

“Hey, is this the honeymoon suite?”

I stuck my head in and understood. There was a large walk-in shower, all glass and definitely fitting more than one person. It looked a bit odd since the room had two double beds, but the counter was marble and also really nice. Perhaps this was the standard hotel shower? I swear I hadn’t known all this when I booked the place and told Diane that. She giggled again. “Yeah, right,” she said. She knew I was easy to tease.

I suggested we start figuring out her options. I called down to confirm there was still nothing in the hotel. The main conference hotel was also sold out, of course. We surfed travel sites and made some calls but nothing was available except some dodgy-sounding places or hotels far away from downtown.

Diane was mulling over her crummy choices and suddenly looked at me. “Bill, can I just stay here?”

Now I’ll admit I had certainly thought of that option but there was no way I was going to mention it. The obvious thing to do was to be a gentleman and give up the room entirely, taking one of the crappy options. I was ready to do that. But the idea of being sharing my room with Diane was electrifying, even though I knew it didn’t mean…well…anything.

I carefully answered, “Well, sure. But only if you think that’s the best choice.” I left it hanging a bit. Please say yes, I thought.

She answered: “Sorry, you’re right. That was totally weird. Forget I asked.”

Nooo, I thought. I went for the save. “No, I mean, it’s totally fine with me. I mean, yeah, it’s a little weird, but…it’s okay with me.”

She replied, “But I guess not everyone would think that way if they found out.”

“True,’ I conceded, desperately trying to play it cool.

She bit her lip, something I’d never seen her do. “I know. But we’ve known each other – how many years? There’s two beds. And I love this room. I don’t think I want to tell my husband genç porno izle and I don’t know what your wife would think..but..if there’s no other option, and we’re both okay with sharing the space…”

I actually felt my heart pounding. I was incredibly excited about sharing a room with Diane, even though I knew it was probably going to be pretty complicated. The whole reason she was even thinking about it was that I was a “safe” middle-aged guy who would act with the utmost propriety. I knew I wasn’t going to see anything of course, except maybe her in the morning in a tightly tied robe.

And honestly, that’s all I wanted. Despite all my fantasies over the years, I didn’t actually want to sleep with Diane and break my marriage vows. But it was pretty exciting to think about this level of intimacy with Diane. And it would have be secret. I don’t have many secrets.

So we agreed. There wasn’t any discussion about rules. I don’t know if that even occurred to Diane. In all our years of friendship and despite my regular fantasies, I never had any idea if she thought of me sexually. I’d hoped so, of course, but I was pretty sure she didn’t. But now…a man and a woman together in a hotel room…well, something must have occurred to her, but nothing was said. I think she just still trusted me.

Kind of humiliating, but again: my life is boring. I’ll take what I can get.

We hung up her things in the closet beside mine, and after a few minutes in the bathroom to freshen up, she emerged and we headed back to the convention.

We arrived as the reception was starting and Diane soon disappeared with some other people. I was networking as well but found myself mentally drifting, completely preoccupied by this new development and wondering what would happen later that evening. I had committed to having dinner with some possible clients; Diane also had some plans with others too.

Thankfully the clients were even more straight-laced than me. The dinner was all business and ended by ten o’clock. Diane and I kept in touch by text so I knew she was nearby and about done too. I headed over to the taxi stand and soon Diane sidled up. We quickly ducked into a cab, both probably hoping no one noticed. Soon were opening the door to “our” room, talking and trading new industry gossip.

And then we were inside.

Diane was still chatting. But all evening I had been wondering how things were going to work. I hadn’t packed any pyjamas. Did Diane stay up late? Maybe read in bed or watch TV? I realized I knew nothing about this personal side of her and hadn’t exactly prepared to reveal my own habits.

“So…lights out in five minutes?” I joked. I wasn’t sure what else to do.

She stopped and almost snorted. “I don’t think so. What do you usually do after getting back here?”

Think about you, I thought. But that didn’t seem appropriate. I told her I usually worked or watched TV.

She perked up. “Tell you what. I should catch up on emails. Turn on the TV and I can watch with you while I answer them.”

I said it sounded good to me. I did know a bit about her TV habits, so we checked the guide and I found a reality show I knew she liked and turned it on. She smiled and climbed up on the bed closer to the window, snuggling into the pillows with her laptop. She had kicked off her shoes and now untucked her blouse as well. She seemed very settled.

Meanwhile, I was highly preoccupied with other thoughts. The lack of pyjamas posed an immediate problem. After all, what guy packs pyjamas if he expects to be alone? Sometimes I bring workout gear but hadn’t bothered, assuming the walk from the hotel was all I’d have time for. I just had business clothes and underwear with me. I was pretty sure Diane had a nightgown or pyjamas, since women pack that sort of thing no matter what. And I was rethinking the entire idea, especially how dangerous or embarrassing it would be if anyone found out. Why didn’t I find a different place myself? Why had I let my little head do my thinking?

Meanwhile, she was still happy with her show and pillows. I settled onto my own bed and surfed my phone aimlessly, not sure what to do. Suddenly Diane blurted out, “Crap!”


She was doing her stare thing again. I waited but she said nothing for a moment. “Just something I forgot,” she finally said.

“What? Toothbrush?”

“No.” She was quiet again. Then she said quietly, “I guess I didn’t think through everything.”

Now I was really curious. I figured I could press her a bit. “Something I can go out and get for you?” If she needed a toothbrush, there were several all-night stores nearby, but I was pretty sure that wasn’t it.

“No,” she said again. Another long pause and then she drew a breath. “I just realized I didn’t bring anything to sleep in.” She seemed genuinely embarrassed. I was delighted.

“Well, to be honest, neither did I,” I said. “I was planning to be discreet in the dark.”

She laughed. “Well, I guess I’ll have to do the hdx porno same.”

Now that she was smiling again, I pressed some more. I thought about making a joke about warm flannels or something, but figured I’d take more of a risk. “So, do you usually not pack anything to sleep in?” I imagined Diane sleeping in just panties, or maybe even nude.

She paused yet again, and then said, “Not usually. I meant to bring a pajama tee but I know I forgot to put it in the suitcase.” Then she turned the tables. “What about yourself?”

I wasn’t going to stop this conversation. “No, if I assume I’m going to be by myself, I don’t worry too much about it.”

“So what do you sleep in….exactly?”

“Well, at home, I usually wear pyjama bottoms,” I said truthfully. “But if I’m by myself, I don’t really see the need.” This was also true.

“Hmm,” she said. “So do you feel comfortable walking around your hotel room that way too?”

I casually threw up my hands and answered, “Well, yeah.”

She rolled her eyes and replied, “That is such a guy thing. Do you at least wear underwear?”

I lied. “Yes.” Then I pressed back. “Don’t you ever do that?”

“What? Walk around a hotel room in my underwear?”

“Yes.” Or nude, I thought.

“Well sometimes of course. But that’s what a robe is for.”

“I honestly don’t get it.” I said. “Unless there was a building right beside you and someone could easily see through the window.”

“Haha,” she said. “Would you at least cover up then?”

I smiled back. “Probably not. It’s my room, after all.” This was getting interesting even though she was sure to shut it down soon.

“Not worried about the world seeing you in your underwear?” She smiled. “Or less?”

“Nope,” I said. “Even with less.” I was getting excited admitting going around with nothing on to Diane, even though it would go nowhere.

She was still smiling, but hard to read. The smirk was gone. “A total guy thing. You think the world wants to see your…” she paused and leaned forward a little. “Your you know.”

I liked where she was going, even if she wasn’t ready to say cock or penis. “No objections,” I said. “But I can see how a woman wouldn’t feel as safe being seen naked and bare assed through her window.”

She was keeping up eye contact more than I expected. “No,” she agreed. “It’s just not a good idea. Who knows what might happen – next thing the guy is waiting for you outside the hotel.”

I agreed. “That makes sense. But if there’s no other building and no one to see…then why does it matter?”

“It just does.” She was still smiling.

“Even though no one’s going to actually see your…bare ass?” Or bare breasts, I thought.

She smiled. “I think we’d better stop this and get some sleep.”

With that, she put away her laptop and headed for the bathroom. After a while she emerged in a tightly-tied robe with her clothes neatly folded. I then did the same, stripping nude in the bathroom and then putting on a robe as well. When I came out, she was in the bed still wearing the robe with most of the lights turned off. I climbed into my bed and turned off the last lamp.

“Okay, mister. No peeking.”

In the darkness I could hear her taking off the robe. I stripped mine off as well and threw it on the floor. I wanted to look over but knew I wouldn’t see much anyway.

We lay there quietly. “Comfortable?” I asked.

She murmured, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

I was already stroking my cock thinking about how little Diane was wearing. “Well, yeah.” I confessed but as lightly as I could. I assumed she had panties on but probably nothing else. I felt myself hardening as I wondered what her bare tits looked like.

“I actually am,” she said. “Except that I have a strange nearly naked man in my room.”

“Well, I’ve got a nearly naked woman in my room.”

She laughed a little. Then she suddenly became as direct as ever, “Don’t get any ideas, but it’s kind of fun, isn’t it?”

“It definitely is fun.”

“Mmhm. Good night, Bill.”

“Good night, Diane.”

I lay there pondering her words and stroking myself. I wanted to cum but it would have just been too hard to pull off silently. So I just kept touching and thinking about doing very naughty things with Diane as I drifted to sleep.

The First Morning

I woke up early as I always do. I lay in bed for a while looking over and admiring Diane’s head and bare shoulders peeking out from her blankets. She was so sexy, and right there in my hotel room with me.

After a while I got up. Not bothering to put on the robe, I quietly walked nude to the bathroom, stopping and turning once to look at her, and enjoying having my limp cock pointed right at her. I shaved nude in the shower, noticing there were even two showerheads in the oversize, totally transparent space. I dressed in the bathroom. When I emerged, she was still asleep.

I started the in-room coffee but I know she liked something better. The hotel had room service but I also knew there was a good coffee shop below, so I left and went downstairs. Not knowing exactly what to get Diane, I ordered a regular coffee, two different lattes, a smoothie and an armful of baked goods and headed back upstairs with my load, hoping not to run into anyone I knew.

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