Confessions of a Mother Pt. 01

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I sat down on the couch and let out a nervous breath. “What brings you in today,” asked Jill? Well, I need to get a few things off my chest and I am hoping that you can help me. “That’s what I’m here for, Lori,” said Jill matter-of-factly. Okay, this is how it started…

My daughter, Jayme, has been out of control for awhile. Ever since her sister moved out she hasn’t been the same. Allie went off to college and Jayme stepped right in as my biggest challenge.

I know she has been experimenting with drugs. I found some weed and a bowl in a drawer in her room. We talked about it. To me, that’s not too big of a deal. I’ve smoked too. I’ve never claimed to be perfect, and I have always been open and honest with my girls. When it came to things like drinking, drugs, and sex I am open for discussion. My philosophy is that if I stay open with them they will be open with me. It would lead to a healthy relationship and I could support them instead of being someone they feared.

Anyway, she had been staying out late – later than I allow. Even though she is eighteen now, I still had rules. I talked to her about it, she apologized, but it continues to be a problem. I wait up because I am worried about her. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her and at the same time I can’t just sit up all night and do nothing. So, I started chatting online. It helps me pass the time and occupies my thoughts. I’ve come to enjoy it. It turned into something that I am not proud of; I’m ashamed.

“So, you’re embarrassed about chatting online, then,” Jill asked? It’s not that at all. I am embarrassed about who I’ve been chatting with, the content of those chats, and the outcomes. Let me explain…

Jayme was out doing who knows what about two months ago. I was talking to a guy named Joe. I was in a local chat, so it didn’t surprise me that he lived only a few miles away. We talked about all sorts of things including Jayme. I explained to him that I couldn’t sleep knowing that she was out so late. He understood. For awhile we talked about his own kids and how he worries about them. His kids are younger, though, so it’s not quite the same.

He was fascinated by Jayme and wanted to know all about her. It seemed innocent enough at first but then it took a sexual turn. I knew I should end the chat and move on, but part of me liked to talk about it. So we talked about sex. He talked about sex with his wife – which was no good by the way – and I shared some information about guys I’ve dated since my husband left me five years ago. We traded pictures of our kids and while my questions about his were rather innocuous, he was intent on talking about Jayme Gaziantep Anal Escort sexually.

Look, I knew she had been sexually active since she started high school. She had confessed to having relationships with three or four boys over the years but I had no interest in details. Since she turned eighteen, however, we did talk about details. More details than I’d like to admit, but it happened. Her boyfriend, Shawn, has spent the night at my house a few times and I know what went on. I know because I could hear them. I wasn’t disgusted with them as I listened. I was disgusted because I wasn’t disgusted. I know this makes little sense, but hear me out…

So, I happened to find some ‘naughty’ pictures of Jayme and I sent them to Joe when he asked. I feel terrible about it. There were one or two topless photos along with others of her and her friends goofing around. It’s not like she was having sex or anything. I know I shouldn’t have sent them, and I feel horrible about it, but there was a part of me that enjoyed sending the pictures to him. I got a rush from it. I knew what he was most likely doing and it kind of turned me on.

He and I spent a few of nights talking and we finally decided that we would meet in person. I met him for a drink and he seemed harmless. He was a good looking guy, not the best I’ve seen, and very down to earth. Nothing sexual happened between us that night but there was a bit of flirting. I had never been with a married man and I really had no intention on doing anything with him at all.

A few nights later he asked me a weird question. He asked me if I would like to watch him fuck Jayme. The answer to the question made me sick in my stomach. I was turned on by the thought. The thought of watching a man fuck her made me horny, but she was my daughter, and I couldn’t accept the fact that I’d enjoy watching. I couldn’t help it though. I told him that it would be hot to watch him fuck my daughter. He asked me if he could meet her.

Now, I had real reservations about introducing my daughter to a man who, let’s face it, I didn’t know very well. Not to mention the fact that he wanted to fuck her and jerked off looking at her pictures – the pictures that I, myself, had sent him. I was still tempted but I told him no for now. He didn’t fuss and moved on from there.

Six weeks ago, we met in person again. This time, I did what I said I wouldn’t do. I had sex with him. We kissed at the bar as it was time to leave and it felt good. Next thing you know, I was touching his cock through his pants. It was already hard – I knew it would be. He followed my car back to my house and I let him in. Jayme wasn’t home and it was still early, so I didn’t imagine she’d be home soon. We made out on the couch before I opened his pants and gave him a blowjob. I swear he was looking at Jayme’s picture on the wall as I did it. It felt so right, but so wrong at the same time.

I was licking his cock and taking it into my mouth while the both of us thought about Jayme. I imagined watching her suck his cock, tasting his precum, and wanting the load. He was moaning while I sucked and he was guiding me with his hand. It didn’t take long for him to give me the load I worked out of him and I devoured it in full. It tasted so good. I hadn’t sucked a dick in a few months and the taste made me want it more.

We went to my bedroom and things began to escalate. We were about to have sex when he said he’d like to do it in Jayme’s bed. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted it too. As we turned on the light we kissed. We kissed as we touched each other before falling on her bed. The sex was like magic. He made me cum a few times as I did them same for him. He filled me with his cum and when he pulled out, his cum ran from my pussy and dripped on the bed.

Jayme came home and we talked briefly before she headed off to her room. The thought of her sleeping in Joe’s cum turned me on. I couldn’t stop thinking about it touching her skin. I wanted her to feel it and know that it was cum. I wanted her to be able to smell it. It was horrible for me to have those thoughts, but I couldn’t resist.

It wasn’t long after she went to bed that I felt guilty. I needed to tell her what happened and change the sheets. As horny as it made me feel, it just wasn’t right. I opened her door and startled her awake. I told her to get up and I shamefully explained what happened. She took it well. She made some smart-ass comment about me finally getting some.

When I told her that he talked about fucking her she was a little surprised. Her eyes got so big! I changed the subject quickly. I was certain that I shouldn’t have brought it up. I had a feeling that I just fucked up.

When I woke up in the morning, I readied some bagels and orange juice. She came down and took a seat at the table. Immediately, before saying anything else, she said that I should set it up. I wasn’t even sure what she was talking about because it came out of the blue. She said it again and then I knew she wanted it too.

I was chatting with Joe that afternoon – my addiction to chatting had now occupied various parts of my day – and I told him she would do it. He didn’t believe me at first, but when I said about him coming over that night he was convinced it was the real deal. We talked a bit more about it before I got back to work and thought about what would happen.

When he arrived it was about 9 PM. She never came home that early and it was kind of awkward between he and I. It was obvious that we were both nervous as we sat silently. We watched some TV before she finally she came home. She laughed when she walked in the door because she didn’t believe I would have the nerve to do it. Without saying a word, she took off her shirt and stood before us as we sat on the couch. She slowly walked toward us and she told me to open his pants. With his pants open, his cock sprung forward and she knelt on the floor between his legs. She touched it and looked at me with a seductive grin. She licked her lips before kissing it’s head. She ran her tongue around the tip and then down the shaft before she took it in her mouth. Meanwhile, she glanced up at him before looking over at me.

I sat in disbelief as I watched my daughter swallow his cock. She did it with ease – like she had done it a million times before. I was wet and my nipples were hard. I opened my pants and welcomed Joe’s finger. He fingered me as she licked and took his cock into her mouth. I shuddered with amazement of how good it felt. I had my second orgasm of the night as I watched him twitch and feed her his cum. Before she swallowed it, she opened up her mouth revealing his thick, white, cum on her tongue.

She stood up before him and, after dropping her pants, held out her hand. She led him to her room, sporting only her boy shorts, and he took a spot on her bed. I stood there watching as she slowly crawled on top of him licking from the heel of his right foot all the way up his body before dipping her tongue in his mouth. She rocked back a bit and let just the head of his cock enter her pussy before lifting up in a effort to tease him. Then, she slid down all at once and he filled her.

I stood quietly watching my daughter ride Joe’s cock like a pro. She moved up and down, they both moaned, before they came at the same time. She was on top of him with his cock still hard inside of her. My knees were weak when she rolled off of him and told me to clean it up. As though I were controlled by some outside force, I knelt over him. I licked his, and Jayme’s, cum from his partially limp dick.

When it was all over, he left for the night. None of us had anything to say. He kissed the two of us goodbye before briskly walking to his car and driving off. Jayme and I sat on the couch together and talked about what had happened. She bragged about having two cocks in one night before she told me she was ready to do it again.

“Wow,” exclaimed Jill! Before I left the office I scheduled a second hour long session. I still had a lot more to tell.

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