Confessions of a Panty Lover

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My love for panties started when I was about thirty-five years old. My wife and I both worked and I would be home two hours before her. I used this time to relax and take a nice hot shower. One day I came home and as usual prepared for my shower. While putting my work clothes in the hamper I noticed a pair of my wife’s very sexy looking black satan hi-cut panties laying on the bottom of the hamper.I picked them up and was noticing how sexy and good they felt in my fingers I was completly nude at the time and I started to rub the panties on my now semi-hard cock. the more I rubbed the better it felt.

I decided to put the pantys on and was amazed as to how great they felt especially around my cock and balls God it felt good. By this time I was engaged in a raging hardon. I couldn’t belive how hard my cock got. I started feeling my ass cheeks and jacking off my cock. all of a sudden I felt my balls tighten and I came a bucket load in my wifes mecidiyeköy esc panties. Man did that feel good.

I removed the panties and put them back in the hamper saying to myself I have to do this again.

My wife and I enjoy a very happy life together and our sex life is fabulous in all aspects. She is a very sensualwomen who likes to please her man.I am pretty much the same and never had any complaints. But the panty thing put a whole different outlook on our sex.

About once or twice a week I would relieve myself with her panties and sometimes like on a weekend I would “borrow”a pair from my wife’s dresser and wear them all day making sure I don’t get caught.

About two months after the “first time” I came home from work and started to do my panty thing when in walks my wife home early and here I am standing in our bedroom with a pair of her panties on. My cock was sticking stright out and was throbbing türbanlı esc in the white see-thru panties. My wife let out a gasp and said what in the world are you doing?

Needless to say I was quite red faced and I couldn’t talk for a few seconds. She then noticed my hard cock and I started to explain. The more I talked the more she noticed my hardon. She then stated she did not know her panties turned me on so much and proceeded to play with my cock. She said this really feels good and we kissed each other letting our tongues entangle. I felt her tighten her grip on my cock and I started to remove her blouse and bra letting her thirty-six “D”‘s out.The next thing we were on the bed her naked and me with her panties on. She took my cock out of the panties and sucked me like never before at the same time playing with my ass and balls in the panties. I was so hot I started to sixty-nine with her till she came like never before. She finally şişli esc stopped sucking my cock and said fuck me fuck me fast and hard. I shoved my cock in her dripping wet pussy and screwed her till we both came in a huge orgasim.

After my wife said you can wear my panties whenever your in the mood,that was the best sex we ever had. Needless to say who am I to argue.

We now enjoy “Panty Sex” about all the time.

One of my wife’s favorites is we go out to a romantic dinner and when we finish eating and are enjoying the wine my wife will excuse herself and go to the ladies room and remove her panties. When she returns she will hand them to me under the table. I will do the same and put the nice warm panties on and stash my underware in my pocket. This is especially fantastic if she comes in her panties before she gives them to me. When we return home our love making is unbelivable.

I now have a nice assortment of panties of my own for my wife goes shopping for her self she always picks up two pair one for each of us.

I still wear mostly white or black silky no cotton and it still feels great. Nothing else nor am I a cross dresser just sex panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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