Confessions of a Panty Stealer Ch. 2

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The first of these reports took place a while ago after a night out on the town. Please bear with me as I explain some background -I was drinking with an old school friend George and his mate Tom, someone I only met for the first time that night. My chum was lucky enough to score a young lady that evening, and asked me about 2am if it was ok if I stayed with Tom, as I had meant to be crashing at his place. I drunkenly agreed and jumped into a cab with Tom, to arrive at his place 20 mins later. In the journey, I had managed to ask Tom his living situation – it turns out he lived in a shared house (those magic words) with three other girls, and what is more all three of them were away this weekend..

Now, I don’t know if it was just the night air or the possibility of searching out some knickers, but I started to sober up a little. We had a small vodka each in the front room where I was crashing. I could tell from the layout of the house, that the other three bedrooms were above the ground floor where the kitchen/toilet/Tom’s room and the living room were. It gets better.

Tom crashed out soon enough. My drunkenness’, combined with that lovely adrenalin buzz, kept me awake for the next 30 mins, while I plotted away in the dark. Heart pounding, I got up from the sofa, and softly walked out of the open lounge door. Ahead of me was the first flight of stairs – to my right, Tom’s bedroom door, firmly shut, no signs of life whatsoever. I began to gingerly pick my way up the stairs.. careful to tread at the edges of the boards to minimize İstanbul Escort creaking. After what seemed like an eternity I made it to the short few corner stairs and onto the first floor landing. I could see two more rooms ahead of me, one room that was shut (I would later find it was locked) and another that was open. I crept along the corridor, trying the first handle slowly (amazing luck, thinking back.. knowing they were all away) but finding it locked solid. I tiptoed into the next room, a girl’s room, definitely, I could spot a few objects in the streetlight glow coming through the half open curtains. I carefully slid the door closed, it was a smooth wooden floor I recall, then flicked the lightswitch.

I gazed upon a room the same size as the spacious lounge beneath, but with a huge bed and flowery bedspread, a few arty prints on the walls, general female paraphernalia sitting around. Its amazing how the panty thief’s mind works – on my first sweep I spotted a big white fold-up hamper sitting in the corner. Bingo. I crept over to it, and began my first delve of the night. It was three-quarters full, lots of stuff in there. Her clothes generally smelled quite nice, a few perfumes wafted up as I hunted. Within a few searches, I’d pulled out two skimpy looking black thongs, nice and teeny, whoever this girl was, she was thin.. I must be honest, I didn’t even take the time to sniff those beauties. Imagine it, 3am, half-micked, in a near-complete strangers’ absent flatmate’s hamper, stealing her private undies.. Anadolu Yakası Escort The same thought had occurred to me: time to get the hell out. I stuffed the panties in my trouser pocket, then crept back to the door, flicked off the light and reset the door to its former angle.

Here’s where I got greedy. As I looked up the final flight of stairs in front of me, I couldn’t believe my eyes. At the top, about 15 steps up, was a small landing and a window. I could see, sitting on this landing, a white fold-up hamper, with clothes hanging over the edge. Talk about on a plate. This mission wasn’t over yet.. I crept up the next flight, just as carefully as the first, reaching the top to peer around the corner and see a few more steps, then the final bedroom- what looked like a loft conversion. Amazingly, this flatmate kept her dirty panties out of her room! I turned back to the hamper – and I remember now, in fact there were a pair of white satin panties hung over the edge of it.. I picked them up and not believing my luck put them into the other pocket quickly. I then expertly rummaged through the half-full hamper, using what there was of the moon/street light to identify another pair of knickers, what turned out to be a tanga-style black pair. I nabbed ’em, then began my trek back. I tell you, it seemed like a dream. Eventually I was back on the sofa, heart pumping, then subsiding, some sleep, until I awoke about 6.30am.

Not wanting to wake Tom, I got myself together and caught a first tube home.. when I got Üsküdar Escort back, I had a proper look at my finds, oh yes sir. The two black thongs, “La Senza” make, were pretty but didn’t really carry much in the way of stains or smells, unfortunately. Still, a pleasure of course .. The second two pairs both held a lovely, feminine and somewhat pissy smell – joyous for me, and it smacked of a careless lass who drip dried – and also the white pair had a lovely yellow and creamy streak along the gusset. Clearly the loft owner was a dirtier girl than the one who lived in the room underneath her.

Now, a quick side story, I’ll keep it brief as this is part two.

I was fortunate to be invited to a night out in Bournemouth recently. It was going to be a heavy session, so I’d organised to crash at my good friend’s girlfriend’s flat that he shares with her that night. I arrived that evening, and popped off to the bathroom to get changed. I should add at this point, Sarah (mate’s girlfriend) was a cute looker, quite tall at 5” 11 with shoulder length mousey blonde hair. I’d only met her once before, but we got on well, and certainly I secretly fancied the pants off her (yah yah excuse the pun). I shut the door to the bathroom and literally bumped into a medium sized whicker basket behind it.. too easy. Turning the tap on, taking a leak, then carefully perusing my way through the lovely contents of that basket. All in all I turned up 5 pairs of dirty knickers, and some bra’s and tights in there too. I said I’d be succinct here- suffice to say I sniffed them all and helped myself to a plain looking white pair of Sarah’s pants. I nice girly pussy smell, and also a longish but not thick bum stain at the back, very nice indeed. Repacked the hamper, finished up with a shave, and got the hell out of there…

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