Confrontation Ch. 06

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The sound of an engine- no, Mitch’s truck’s engine, roared to life and then died down- yes, she was THAT familiar with the sound of the truck’s engine.

Rhea looked up at her wall clock, it was just a few minutes after ten in the morning, what could he be doing here? Jonas had left for school hours ago and wouldn’t be back till sometime in the afternoon, so he definitely wasn’t here for him. She groaned, she was on no mood for petty arguements, she was still recovering from what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend dinner with a really good friend but turned out to be much more. She hadn’t told Jared she would date him, but she hadn’t rejected him outrightly, she had just requested he give her some time to think it through, something he agreed to.

A slight knock came at her door surprisingly, that was a far cry from the usual banging she associated with Mitch making her question if it was really him at her door, but that engine….well, there was only one way to find out who it was.

She stood up from the couch and walked up to the door, taking a deep calming breath, she unlocked and opened the door. Yep, it was Mitch.

She looked him over, he looked….different, nothing like the cocky prick she knew. There was no glint in his eyes, rather sadness lurked within them, clouding their brightness, his shoulders were slumped, his hair disheveled like his hands had been running through it way too many times.

Rhea had never seen him so down, plus, there looked to be a bruise on the right side of his jaw, had he been in a fight?, “Mitch….”

“Is it true?” He interrupted, his voice low and distraught.

Rhea’s brows creased, what mardin escort was he speaking of? And why did he sound so damn sad? And why did the sight of him like this make her feel bad?, “Is what true? Mitchell, what’s wrong?” She asked, her voice laced with concern as she reached for his jaw again, this time, he caught her wrist mid-air, she gasped in shock, her eyes shot to his, he looked mad.

He pushed her inside the house and closed the door behind him. Ignoring her shocked expression, he took a seat. He said nothing, just stared blankly making her wonder if a screw had gone loose in his head.

Slowly, Rhea sat across him fearing he may hurt her if she didn’t seat. She waited patiently for what he had to say, but when minutes passed and he didn’t speak, she took the baton, “Mitch, what’s…?”

He turned a cold stare her way, her words caught in her throat, “So you and Jared are dating now.” He said coldly. She looked shocked, he scoffed, he almost thought Jared had been pulling his legs. So much for that.

Rhea wanted to speak, but had to wait to recover from that shock, what the hell? Where did that come from?, “Who…who told you that?”

“Your boyfriend of course, who else?” He said the word ‘boyfriend’ snidely, he couldn’t stand to even think she was dating Jared, of all people.

Rhea was tongue-tied, Jared? Why would he say that? She had never…,” Mitchell…”

“I’m seeking full custody. I don’t want you and your lover running off with my son.” He said flatly.

Rhea stared at him like he had grown another head. No, no, no, he couldn’t be saying this to her, a custody battle? She wasn’t prepared for that. He stood up like he was about to leave and she sprang out of her seat, “Mitchell, van escort wait…”

“I don’t want to hear it Rhea.” He made his way to the door and she followed him, persistently trying to get his attention, until he flipped. He spun around and yelled, “He fucking taunted me Rhea. He told me how he had been playing daddy to Jonas for four years, he made me feel like some worthless piece of shit- which I don’t deny I may be, but I didn’t need HIM to tell me that.” He said, his outburst effectively kept her mute, “Hell, you even told him all about us, about the….he called me a rapist, a scumbag, he called me a lotta shit- which again, I may be, but I didn’t need to hear that from the guy who’s with my child’s mother, he even warned me to stay away from ‘HIS’ son, and it’s all your fucking fault!” He raved, his eyes turning the same jade it had been when Jared confronted him, just remembring all that had happened in his house made him pissed as fuck, “I…I just want my son, Rhea.” He finished in a pleading tone. He wanted her too, he didn’t want to lose her, he wanted them both, but he was startijng to accept the fact that he would either get just one of them or lose them both, and as much as he hated to choose, Jonas was the more important one.

Rhea watched heart-broken as Mitch stepped out of her house and closed the door behind him. She wanted to say something to stop him, but she was too much in shock for words to come out of her mouth, she couldn’t even think anything up, the only words that reverbrated were Mitch’s words concerning seeking custody of Jonas.

Damn it she didn’t need all of this bullshit! She had barely been here a month and her life was already crumbling. But why did Jared have to go running his ankara escort mouth? If she knew where he stayed, she would have given him more than a piece of her mind and a little of her fist too, he had just ruined everything for her, why tell Mitch they were dating when they weren’t? What the hell was wrong with that man? The next time she saw him, he’d hate that he ever knew her, that she would make sure of.

If Mitchell went ahead with his plans, not only would she have to find some badass lawyer, she’d also have to tell Jonas just why Mitchell wanted him, and that wasn’t a subject she was willing to broach with him just yet.


“And what’s got your panties in a bunch?” Jared was greeted by his brother as soon as he slammed the door shut. He knew he looked upset, the more reason he didn’t need Japhet in his business, but knowing his brother, he wouldn’t let this go.

“None of your business.” He growled.

He was just walking past Japhet when he caught sight of the bruise by a corner of his eye, ” Waoh! What the fuck dude, you’ve been fighting?” Japhet asked both concern and amusement in his eyes. He reached for his eye, but Jared smacked it away, undeterred, Japhet spoke up, “Men, that dude sent a mean punch your way. Too bad we’re out of steak.” He chuckled. He didn’t mean to make fun of his brother, but he couldn’t help it- it was so unlike Jared to get into a fight, that was usually him.

“You know what Jet? I don’t need your shit today, okay?” He spoke, his voice filled with anger. And it wasn’t just because of the punch. He actually felt bad about some of the things he said to Mitch, he had no idea what had pushed him that far- actually, he did, he just wanted to put Mitch in his place for once, to shut him up, to have the upper hand in something finally, he had gone way out of line with certain comments though, for one, it wasn’t his place to warn Mitch off Jonas, that had just been adrenaline and anger talking, fine, having Mitch with Jonas would automatically put him in close proximity with Rhea, but that was something he’d have to endure.

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