Connie’s Lesbian College Adventure

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When I was 21 I had gone away to college having worked a couple years because my divorced Mom couldn’t afford it on her income. I also wanted to go away where everything would be new to me and I wouldn’t know anyone. There is a big reason for that too…..I knew I was a lesbian.

After I moved to the new state I took up residence right away and I also wanted to attend a small school which I did. I was in not hurry to carry a full load of classes but sort of enjoy the experience. I also wanted some free time to finally seek my other desires.

What I had not planned on was how easy the second part of that became quite quickly and easy. It’s like the saying, “when you least expect it.”

During registration on a particular busy day I overheard a person in the administrations office say to another, “No she isn’t coming back she sent Donna an email and it seems she just learned she is pregnant. Until we get Karen replaced you and I have extra hours….we don’t need!”

When it was my turn to pay and get my schedule I asked if there were maybe any employment opportunities like part time.

One of the women perked up and said immediately, “Well yes there is and I see you have some human resource experience that could really be helpful. If you’d like I could go see if Ms. Kinston has time to talk right now?” As she said this I saw a glance to her co-worker and knew I wouldn’t have to wait long.

I took a seat and in five minutes I was invited behind the counter to a far corner office where I was stunned when I was greeted by a woman in her late 30′ maybe 40 with a rather slender figure and yet enormous breasts! I’m slender as well even more so then her and wear a 34D which are quite prominent on my figure but she was massive on top. Only having taken a quite glance thought it would take 3 or even 4 of my tits to fill each of her bra cups! To this point of my life I’d never given special attention to larger breasts, but at this moment I was completely captivated.

She introduced herself as Donna Kinston and asked me to call her Donna as she closed the door to quite the noise of the busy office and asked me to have a seat.

I suddenly felt nervous being in this room alone with her she was really quite sexy yet she displayed a very professional manner. She wasn’t dressed to show off her figure but just the same I could see it was a fabulous shape she had from head to toe. She had dark shoulder length hair and her facial features had a smooth edginess maybe an outdoors woman kind of look while still being pretty.

She was wearing a skirt displaying subtle curved hips and very nicely shaped legs in dark stockings, a blouse under an open buttoned light sweater vest. I suspected the vest was there to hide the full affect of those truly huge tits.

When I was seated she slid behind her desk and I noticed as she sat her breasts bumped the edge of the desk and I felt a shiver run through me thinking, lucky desk!

We talked for only maybe 10 min and in that time I said all the right things and got the job. Donna an easy manner was careful, professional and often smiled at me. She thanked me for asking and told me I could start right away as the others would need help today of all days. They made it simple for me too I was given the job of organizer of the paperwork from the other four so they could keep the lines moving.

Donna had come out with me gave me a quick walk through how to set them up and told me we could get to the filing later. With a smile and a gentle hand on my back sliding up and down she said, “Connie honey, just rack and stack them for now.”

It was a long day and I was sure glad my classes didn’t start until the day after next. At 7pm I was ready to go flop on my small apartment’ single sofa. I walked to my apartment an upstairs flat above a nice widowed woman in her late 60′ only a few streets away and did just that.

It might have been 30-40 minutes and there was a knock on the door. I got up walked to the door buttoning my blouse in a hurry and when I peeked out I saw Donna on the landing. I quickly opened the door and without asking anything asked her bursa yabancı escort in.

“Sorry Connie for intruding but you left your purse on the small table next to the chair in my office.” She said holding up my small handbag which I remember taking out of the back pack thinking she might want to make a copy of my student ID.

“Oh wow, no you’re not intruding. I’m sorry Donna you had to go out of your way to bring it to me that is really nice of you.”

I said trying to not look at her over filled blouse absent the sweater vest now.

“Sweetie no trouble at all I saw it thought you might need it tonight so it isn’t like I had to go out of my way.” She said the smile looking so genuine….and quite inviting.

“Well…umm it was a long day can I offer you a drink or something….boss?” I said amusingly.

“Sure if you don’t mind I’d love one.” She said to my surprise.

“Ok have a seat but all I have is the small sofa and just this one kitchen chair, is a glass of chardonnay ok?”

“It’s my favorite yes that would be nice.” She said moving through the small kitchen to the also small front room noticing the sofa and a 20″ TV on a wire stand in the corner.

I poured the wine in two regular drinking glasses and plenty in each then walking in the room I handed one to her seated on the sofa but curiously in the middle her legs crossed at the ankles turned to face me.

“I love what you’ve did with the place Connie.” She said with a lighthearted grin showing a sense of humor.

We tapped glasses and I said with a mock aristocratic wave of my hand, “Oh it was really nothing my dear a touch here a tab of paint there.”

We laughed but I could see Donna starring at me with smoldering eyes and felt my stomach flutter.

We sipped and she said she was really pleased how easy I move into the scheme today and all my co-workers were not just impressed but really taken with me.

I was flattered but didn’t speak I gave a polite nod.

Then rather outwardly nervous Donna said, “I was quite taken by you too Connie.”

I smiled then felt her fingers move over my jean covered knee and lightly trace back and forth on my thigh. I didn’t make any move to stop her and she kept the tender finger tip caress going.

Then she shifted even closer and I felt my heart begin to race but I wasn’t going to mess this up or lose my nerve as she asked, “Is this ok?”

I smiled and said, “Quite ok, very nice too.”

Donna reached for my glass and turned away setting them on the floor away from us and when she turned back I was right there and our mouths sealed and we kisses with immediate passion. Her lips were so soft and seemed to envelop mine as I slid my tongue into her mouth she purred invitingly.

The kiss went on for a minute or two when she smeared her mouth on mine whispering, “I may be the boss in the office but you be the boss now darling!”

I didn’t expect this at all! She was so self-confident and seemed to be so in charge at the office and now she wanted to me be to take control. I didn’t question it or act as if I didn’t know what she meant I went after her!

I tilted her head back began to undo her blouse and she helped me speeding up the process as I kept working my wet tongue in her mouth for her to suck with a needy passion.

With the blouse open, pushed down off her arms and pulled out of her skirt I moved my hands behind her back working on the hooks of her extremely large bra. I had to see those enormous breasts!

I kept kissing her and she didn’t resist a bit as I got her bra undone and worked it off feeling those soft very heavy tits slump down touching against me. My left hand slipped under her right breast lifting to feel the weighty softness and give it a slight juggle. Excited by this Donna arched her back encouraging me to enjoy her huge tits.

I licked her lips then down her jaw line to her ear as she squirmed enjoying the obvious pleasure then I whispered in her ear with a commanding hiss, “I’m going to suck these massive tits all night!”

She was breathing hard and moving with bursa sınırsız escort my caressing saying with intense emotion, “I hope more then just tonight sweetheart.”

This made me smile to myself thinking, “Oh yes much more then just one night I can tell you needs a lot of sex!”

I slid down and onto the floor kneeling between her legs the skirt risen up I felt her stocking thighs press on my sides. My first full view of her naked massive tits stunned me even more. Two huge pale absolutely massive mounds of buttery soft flesh capped by large light shaded areola’ and nub like perfect nipples. Her tits were truly fabulously “gigantic!”

I didn’t hear myself even sigh the words but Donna giggled when I’d drawn out a, “Ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuck!”

I looked up hearing her giggle and now it turned to a smile almost like a young girl she shrugged as if she couldn’t help it and made her tits quiver.

Then I realized what I’d said and blushed she ran her finger tips though my dark hair and said, “No don’t be embarrassed Connie it was a nice compliment but I like it more if you really do take charge.”

I moved my hands to the outsides of her massive breasts and bunched them saying to her, “Donna this is an incredible site your breasts are so gorgeous I don’t know if I could ever stop wanting them!”

Her fingers slowly moved down my cheek and under my chin as she looked at me with a deepened serious sensual tone enforcing her earlier desire, “I’ll be any thing you want me to be and do anything for you darling, just so long as you want me and that means too talk to me anyway you wish too!”

I felt the nerves rise again I wasn’t sure I could be in charge at the moment I was feeling like I could be a nurse maid just to her fabulous tits. She seemed to sense my reluctance and she touched my hair again. “You will grow with it darling, it doesn’t have to come all at once but you’re so young and gorgeous I had to have you, but it means more to me if you want me even more!”

I felt a calm come over me she had such a way to make me feel relaxed. Suddenly it struck me, how did she know?

“Donna you knew I was a lesbian?” I asked this with and expression great curiosity still feeling the softness and size of her huge breasts. I loved how big they were.

“I didn’t to be honest, I hoped so though. There were a few times today when I sort of got a hint with the way you looked at me. I was really hoping and the more I thought about you I was willing to take the risk and come here. The moment at the door when you came in…oh I felt the air leave my lungs.” She said with a laugh of pure delight.

As I slow caressed her tits moving my fingers to trace the large saucer like edges of her areola’s her nipples stiffened quickly and I said, “Are you openly gay?”

“Not really sweetheart only one instructor knows I am. She…umm….well she has been fucking me once in a while when her live in lover is out of town.” She answered moving her fingers to touch my hands.

“I’m sorry this is pretty new to me, what do you mean by fucking you?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes as lesbian can with the help of a dildo in a harness they are known…..”

I cut in on her and said, “A strap-on, ok I know what they are.”

“MmmHmm but it isn’t really my thing as much as she likes it. I’m more traditional lesbian I love pussy.”

“Donna, as far as the part about me “wanting” you, well I’ll want you so much so often I’m almost afraid I’ll scare you.”

She moved both hands to my face and leaning said, “Oh no, no, sweetheart I promise it would “never” bother me as long as you take control.” There it was again the control aspect.

My hands slid to the sofa seat and I raised up clamping my mouth on hers kissing her with a feverish lust I’d dreamed of doing with another female for a long time. She leaned back as I moved over her thighs sitting and deeply sliding my tongue in sucking her mouth for all I was worth.

She totally gave into me the tonguing in her mouth was kind of a test and she passed with flying colors.

I got bolder breaking the kiss görükle escort and said, “Tell me you want to be my slut!”

She hungrily kissed my neck and moaned, “Yes I’ll do whatever you want Connie…anything just use me for all the pleasures you want!”

She was breathing harder wanting to let go and I was going to make her.

“I’m going to fuck your face…..fuck my pussy all over your lesbian slut face!’ I said having decided to go at her with directness and see where it went.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh honey I want to fucking eat you right up!” She said with a gasp.

There had been enough play for tonight I was too turned on to wait any longer to see what this older hot sex wanton woman was all about. I stood pushing my jeans and panties off as she remained leaned back on the sofa watching me as I kicked them away and putting one foot up on the low arm of the sofa I reached behind her head and pulled her to my pussy.

She was easily eager and moved in with fingers holding my upper thighs she went to work on my pink wet folds.

“Get that pussy loving tongue in me you hungry slut!” I said with a hiss but still felt unsure until she moaned and pressed her mouth up sliding her tongue in me with more desire.

I pulled her head in moving my hips feeling my clit rubbing her nose as her hungry tongue spooned into my pussy.

She loved it feeling me pull on her head and moaned even louder. Then she curled her lips and sucked on my cunt!

“EAT ME….lick my fucking gay pussy you cunt starved lesbian slut!” As I said this command I could hear her gasping with eagerness loving the way I ordered her to oral fuck me. Cunt was only a word I knew existed but never had used it still it seemed to ignite her even more.

The nasty talk was new to me but the results were fabulous Donna was a cunt loving lesbian! I was loving it too and wanted more so I pulled away took her by the hands and led her to my bedroom.

Holding her by the slender upper arms I hissed into her ear, “Get on the bed I’m going to fuck your whole face!”

She turns and sitting scooted on the bed as I watched those huge tits bounce then roll as she laid back in a hurry for what I promised.

I tossed away my blouse and bra crawled over her bumping those massive tits with my thighs until I was resting with my knees on both sides of her pretty face. I teased her with a finger slowly stroking my pink wetness. “You need this hot fucking wet pussy don’t you…tell me what you fucking need!”

“Yes……yes I have to eat you have you cum….I fucking have to!” She sigh with a near teary whine.

I moved up placing both hands on the upper backside of her head and pulled her in pumping my hips and fucking on her mouth…….it was amazing being in control.

There was no resisting on her part she licked and sucked and when I released her head she laid back and I mounted her face smearing my pussy all over it, I fucked her cheeks, and chin, her nose and forehead. She wanted pussy and I was going to give it to her.

Still only a few minutes into the wild sex I cummed the orgasm couldn’t wait and I fucked her right over the nose flowing my orgasm cream over her face as she let out a long slow hum. I kept pumping riding until my orgasm spiraled down then lifting off her sliding back on her upper chest I looked at her cream smeared face….she was smiling.

“Ohhhhhhh you fucking love my pussy don’t you Donna?” I said more so teasing her then in my commands earlier.

She nodded and purred, “I do and want more please…but call me names don’t use mine.”

“Mmmm I can fucking get use to having my very own fucking cunt lapper!”

“Yes I am your whore to do as you please!”

“You’re going to take me home live with you and do anything I fucking want you to!” I said with a leering smile.

She hesitated looked at my pussy poised inches from her chin then said, “Yes come live in my home Connie I need to please you.”

“I want to fuck you like that lesbian professor does.”

“If you want that I will I mean it I’ll do as you tell me to.”

I smirked and said, “Good slut, now fuck me in the ass with that lesbian tongue!”

She didn’t even wait for me to move under me scooting on her back she slid under me and went right at my asshole with a feverish passion.

This woman truly meant everything she said and I was going to be the one that gave it to her!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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