Corey and Noah Pt. 02 Ch. 05

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The next Monday after the party wasn’t a pleasant experience. Tom’s party had been praised by many as the pinnacle of all senior parties. Few had anything negative to say about it. Most got more drunk then they had ever done in their lives as well as fucked more chicks than ever before. This was evident in the tally on the wall of the boy’s toilets near the quad. A tally was added every time someone had had a root. I always thought that there were a lot of marks on the wall but there had to be close to thirty extra tallies by Monday. As I expected however, not all my friends had positive things to say about the night.

Jarrod was the first person I saw that morning. I was sitting on the benches outside the science block when I saw him stomping across the field towards me.

‘You’re fucked mate.’ Was his greeting as he dumped his bag on the ground and took a seat beside me.

The bench strained under his weight a little as I turned to him, keeping my expression as cool and uncaring as possible, ‘Yeah? Whys that?’

‘Ben has the shits with you big time.’ Jarrod said, rummaging through his bag. Moments later, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and extracted one, ‘He said he wants to fight you after school today.’

‘Fuck that.’ I said simply, leaning back and flinching as I made contact with the cool brick wall.

Jarrod offered me a smoke after he lit his own. As always, I shook my head and he tossed them back in his bag.

I could just make out the figure of Nick approaching from the distance before Jarrod continued, ‘Why did you stand up for that fag anyways?’

‘Shut up.’ I said, glaring at Jarrod’s puffy face, now hidden in a haze of smoke.

He coughed and said, ‘What?’

‘I said shut up. Don’t call Corey a fag.’

‘Why the fuck do you care?’ Jarrod asked.

I was saved from answering this by the arrival of Nick. ‘What’s happening guys?’ He said, holding out his enclosed hand for his usual morning fist-bump.

‘Not much my black friend.’ I said, returning his bump.

‘Are you being racist?’ Nick asked dramatically.

‘What of it?’ I said, smirking up at what I was quickly recognising as my closest friend.

Nick sat beside me and immediately turned the conversation back to an area I wasn’t comfortable with, ‘Have you seen Ben yet?’

‘Nah but here’s Nathan the dopey prick.’ Jarrod said, jumping up clumsily and hugging Nathan as he rounded the bend. He banged Nathans back with enthusiasm and said, ‘We’re pretty close now fellas. Nathan and I have no secrets anymore.’

It took me a moment to realise what Jarrod was talking about. Then I remembered that he and Nathan had skinny dipped at the party just before the fight with Ben.

‘I don’t know.’ Nathan said, throwing Jarrod off of him, ‘You were naked but I didn’t see much down there.’

Even I smiled this time as the others laughed and Jarrod punched Nathan. ‘Do you want a closer look man?’ and without waiting for an answer, Jarrod pulled his shorts down and revealed his small cock nestled in a thick layer of pubic hair.

Nathan covered his eyes as everyone roared with laughter. ‘Get that ugly thing away from me dude.’ Nathan squealed, pushing Jarrod away.

Jarrod pulled his pants up, still laughing, and threw himself back down next to me. The whole bench shook.

‘Where’s Ben?’ Nathan asked, grinning and taking a seat across from us.

Jarrod shook his head, taking another puff from his smoke and said, ‘Fucked if I know where he is. Shits gunna go down when he gets here but.’

‘It’s not, stop fucking saying that.’ I said, getting annoyed again, ‘Ben’s a prick but I’m not going to fight him.’

‘Oh by the way mate, I heard what happened between you and Brittney. Very nice.’ Jarrod said, smirking at me from behind his haze of cigarette smoke.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked, my stomach dropping a little.

‘I ran into one of her friends on the bus. Had a little trouble there did you mate?’ Jarrod grabbed my dick. I pushed him off and he and Nathan laughed.

‘Get fucked. She was just shit at sucking dick.’ I lied, my face going a bit red in spite of myself.

‘As if, there is no chance I wouldn’t have gotten hard if she bent over for me.’ Jarrod said, fingering the air with his free hand. ‘I’d be all over that.’

‘Yeah if you could find your dick.’ I said.

Unfortunately, the topic of Brittney and myself did not fall into obscurity that morning. Most of the school knew about what had happened in Tom’s brother’s bedroom by the end of first period. Remarks about my limp dick and offerings of Viagra were common by lunch time. Jarrod and Nathan in particular wouldn’t let me forget about it. Most of my day was spent fending off Jarrod’s hand as he tried to grab my dick and “test to see if it was still working properly”. By fourth period, I had had enough. Ignoring a drawing of me with a limp penis next to a naked girl that Nathan had scrawled on a note and passed to me, I left the room.

I took my time walking home. The clouds were becoming gaziantep escort denser and darker, showing a chance of rain in the next hour or so. I wasn’t worried however, mainly because my mind was occupied with Corey. I didn’t see where he slinked off to after the party. I didn’t even know if he was okay after his confrontation with Ben. I suppose that he went home with Reece. I shivered for a second as I turned the bend onto my street, considering how much I was beginning to dislike Reece. The two of them probably went back to Corey’s new house. I knew where he lived. A mate of mine was friends with one of Corey’s housemates so it didn’t take long for me to find out. I’ve been thinking about showing up there one day and just seeing what Corey might say but I haven’t really had the confidence to do so yet. Would Corey be happy that I pretty much saved him from Ben? I mean, I did take a bit of a beating to protect him. Maybe he’d be less angry at me because of that? Who knows.

I walked through the front door, already having prepared myself for a shouting match with mum. She hated it when I left school early. She couldn’t stand the idea of her only son not going to university and she hadn’t really faced the fact that whether I was at school or not at this point, it seemed unlikely that my academic career could advance any further than Year 12. She wasn’t home however so I traipsed up the stairs to find that my room wasn’t devoid of life.

‘Ben!’ I half shouted, stopping in the doorway, ‘What are you doing here?’

Ben was sitting on my bed, apparently waiting for me to return from school. He didn’t say anything at first. He was looking at me with those dark, narrow eyes that were both handsome and intimidating. Finally he said, ‘Here’s he is, what’s up?’

‘Erm how did you get in here?’ I said, my heart beating rapidly with the shock of finding my room occupied.

‘What? We’re mates aren’t we?’ Ben said, hopping off the bed and walking slowly towards me, ‘I came to settle what we started the other day mate. I thought we’d do it here where there aren’t heaps of people.’ Ben stopped inches from me. I hadn’t moved since I first saw Ben sitting on the bed and I wasn’t going to back down, even if Ben was taller, and his arms bigger.

‘I’m not going to fight you Ben, so if that’s what you’re here for -‘

‘I was gunna fight you at first,’ Ben interrupted, ‘but then I had another idea.’

‘What?’ was all I could think to say. Ben was very close now. I could smell his breath which was a little off-putting. I refused to flinch however, or even scrunch up my nose.

‘Get on your knees faggot.’ Ben said simply.

‘What?’ I repeated, actually recoiling for the first time.

Ben, with a wry smile, pulled something out of his shorts pocket and threw it at me. I didn’t catch it but what I saw hit the ground drained all the air from my lungs.

It was the gay porn magazine I had stolen from my uncle’s chest of draws a year ago when we visited him for Christmas; the same magazine that I wanked to most nights before lazily putting it down the side of my bed when I was finished; the same magazine Corey found weeks ago and led to his departure. As the men stared up at me from the cover, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t gotten rid of it yet.

‘It’s yours isn’t it?’ Ben said, raising his eyebrows.

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have any brothers of sisters and even if I did, it was hard to explain how it might have ended up under my bed next to an old tee shirt that I used to wipe cum away when I was finished jerking off.

‘Here’s the deal man,’ Ben continued, ‘I won’t tell anyone and I won’t beat the shit out of you if you get on your knees right now.’

I didn’t know what to do. At first, I couldn’t believe that Ben would be so manipulative but when I thought about it, I suppose I wasn’t all that surprised. The thing I couldn’t understand though was why Ben would want me to suck his dick.

It was then that I finally found my voice, ‘What, are you gay or something?’

Ben threw a punch so quickly that I barely had time to duck. His arm brushed the top of my head as my back hit the door frame I was still standing in. A second later, I decided to throw myself at Ben, tackling him to the ground in way that was familiar from years of playing footy.

Ben managed to bruise my chin on the way down and before long, the two of us starting wrestling, each struggling with all of our will to come out on top. There was a point when I thought I might be successful however, as I rolled Ben onto his left side, I stupidly left myself open to his right fist. The force of his punch was almost enough to knock me out. I spluttered as Ben forced me onto my back, slamming my arms together with his bare thighs. Reeling in pain, I looked up at the outline of the young man above me. Although my vision was slightly blurred, I could tell that Ben looked determined yet, a little worried. Did Ben know that he was going too far?

Whether he did or not, Ben must have made his decision because seconds later I found a semi erect dick dangling in front of my face from the right leg-hole of his shorts. I looked past the average sized dick, up to Ben’s face once again.

‘Put it in your mouth,’ was all he said.

I had never sucked a dick before and I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to. His smooth knob was above my face and I could smell a mixture of saltiness and sweat. Deciding that there wasn’t really much a way out of this situation, I opened my mouth rather tentatively and placed my lips over his knob. Ben immediately moaned and relaxed. The strain of his legs forcing my arms together loosened a little.

“Maybe if you keep going, you might be able to push him off you,” a little voice said inside my head.

I slid more of his cock into his mouth. It was difficult, both because of the angle and because his dick was getting progressively harder. I tried to be conscious of my teeth as Ben slid his dick out a little and pushed it back in again. Before I know it, Ben was face fucking me. His dick wasn’t going all the way into my mouth, which made me glad because I wasn’t sure if I could take it all. However, Ben didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying it a lot. I could tell that he had goose bumps and the soft moans he let out with every thrust weren’t the fake ones I often heard that girls would make.

Every thrust seemed to give Ben more and more pleasure. As the speed increased, I noticed something strange in my own behaviour. Initially, I had felt violated. “Rape” was a word that came to mind. However, as the minutes passed by, another phrase that Nathan always said at school as a seedy joke came to mind.

“It’s not rape if you enjoy it.”

Was I enjoying it? I did notice that after a while, his dick seemed to taste better and feel more comfortable in my mouth. I relaxed my lips and started to move my tongue around the bottom of his knob. This seemed to drive Ben crazy because every time I did it, he would shiver violently and increase the speed of his thrusting. I also noticed that my undies felt kind of tight from under my shorts.

Eventually, Ben’s legs were loose enough that I could free my arms. However, instead of pushing Ben away, I found myself running my left hand up and down his leg. My right hand was also busy, pushing against the thin nylon of his footy shorts to feel his arse tightening and relaxing with every movement.

After about three minutes, I noticed Ben becoming very erratic. His thrusts found his cock being forced deeper into my mouth as his panting and moaning increased. He also started to whisper.

‘Fuck yeah cunt; fuckin hell; fuck…’

Eventually, Ben’s arse clenched, his knees buckled and he started making shorter and more rapid movements into my mouth. I felt his cock actually twitch in my mouth, accompanied by a warm liquid which I was initially repulsed by. As Ben kept thrusting however, the cum had nowhere to go but down so I swallowed as his movements began to slow.

After a few seconds, Ben eventually pulled away and wiped his still erect cock on my shirt. I found that my jaw was suddenly sore and the floor around my head was slightly damp with spittle.

‘You can suck a dick alright Bennet.’ Ben said, putting his softening cock back into his barely concealing shorts, ‘That’s not the first time you’ve done that is it?’

‘Fuck off.’ Was all I could think to say as I continued to lie on the ground, feeling a bit like a prostitute, ‘So we’re even now then I guess?’

‘Yeah, we’ll see.’ Ben said, getting to his feet and winking in a way that wasn’t devilish or handsome.

Before I could say anything, Ben left the room and headed down the stairs leaving my on the floor stained by cum and with eyes that were beginning to water.


The car dealership was becoming busy and I found myself working much of the time since I left Noah’s house. As I was beginning to understand the basics of my new job, I was starting to find it interesting and pretty enjoyable. My job was to value cars that the dealership might want to purchase to fix up and re-sell. Essentially, I had to figure out how much the car might be worth before the dealership made the investment. The business was small at the moment but my boss, Michael, was looking at growing it.

Michael was a fair man that was keen on giving me a chance at improving myself and integrating into the workplace. He was in his mid-forties and although he was married with kids, he was notorious for sleeping around. There were two office women, Nancy and Betty, who I spoke with a lot over the phone and who were fairly nice to me. The dealership also had three salesman. Two of them, Luke and Tom were around Michael’s age and were also married. The third, Andrew, was younger and someone I couldn’t help staring at whenever I was in the office. Andrew was clearly a ladies man who had too much money and not enough responsibility. His dark hair and skin assured a small infatuation from myself as well as Nancy and Betty.

By the end of my second week, I was joining the four men from the office for drinks at the pub down the road. I didn’t really enjoy going there but I knew that it was expected of me so tagged along and try and get use to the taste of beer. Most of the time, I sat at the table and just looked at the blokes. Some of them were younger and weren’t bad to look at. They mostly had laborious jobs which made shorts and singlets the norm. Sometimes I sat and fantasied about the men as they told sometimes ridiculous stories about their lives and sexual exploits. Other times, I’d think about Reece or, much to my annoyance, Noah.

One Friday, a week after the party in which I had lost my virginity to Reece, I was sitting at the pub again with Michael, Luke, Andrew and a mate of Michael’s from school. Michael’s mate was telling a story about how he had had sex with a woman on a beach in Spain. The others were giddy and laughing over their drinks. I smiled along with the group and was just wondering whether or not the man had ever been to Spain when I noticed my housemate, Kane, entering. Excusing myself, I jumped up and walked over to the bar where Kane was ordering a beer.

‘I’ll grab that.’ I told the bartender, slapping Kane on the back.

‘Corey! Cheers bro.’ said Kane, slapping me back harder.

I glanced at Kane’s tanned legs. He was a tradesman and was dressed appropriately. His blonde hair was mattered and dirty which complimented his mud stained boots, shorts and florescent green shirt. As the barman handed over the beer, I smirked at Kane’s collar, which was always undone.

‘Working hard?’ I asked simply as we moved towards a table in the corner of the room.

‘Not really mate.’ Kane said, collapsing into a chair and throwing his long hair out of his eyes, ‘I keep thinking about this chick I’m seeing.’

‘Yeah? Bit distracted there are we?’ I smirked, brushing Kane’s crotched under the table with my foot.

Kane laughed and almost spilt his beer as he pushed me away, “Fuck yeah Corey. I fucked her the other day and I’ll tell you what; her pussy was dripping.’

‘Nice man.’ I said, taking a sip of my own, hardly touched beer and suppressing a shudder.

‘No I mean it mate, she was so wet. Fuck, I need to get off so bad again man.’

Kane talked about this woman for a good long while before my work party came over. Most of them were leaving but I was enjoying chatting with Kane so I told them I’d find my own way home. Michael and his mate moved off to get another drink and Andrew and Luke left Kane and I to continue our chat.

As the night wore on, more and more tradies back from work or escaped from their families, filled the pub. As we sat, I noticed Kane was becoming pretty tipsy. He drained more and more of his drink and repeatedly vocalised how horny he was as I laughed.

At around nine, Kane and I decided to head home. I had only had a couple of drinks so I drove us back in Kane’s beasty old ute. When we entered the house, we found it deserted. Blake must have gone out.

‘He’s probably gone out to sniff out some pussy.’ Kane said, relaxing into his usual position on the lounge.

I sat next to him and as Kane began to take his shoes off I said, ‘Dude, aren’t you going to shower?’

‘Nah, why?’ Kane said, throwing his dirty sock at me.

I laughed and threw it back, ‘Man, you’re filthy from work. You need to shower, seriously.’

Kane sat for a moment before jumping up suddenly and said, ‘Come on man.’


‘Come on.’ He repeated, moving into the kitchen. I followed and watched Kane rummage through the fridge before pulling out some orange juice and pouring it into two glasses. He topped them off with some vodka and handed one to me.

‘What’s this for?’ I said, taking a sip and watching, bemused as Kane took a drink, put the glass down, pulled his shirt off and threw it through the door to the laundry.

Kane did the same with his pants and stood only in his undies before saying, ‘I want a bath. I haven’t had one in ages. Come on.’ I stared as Kane, with his sexy arse so pronounced in his undies, walked down the hall and into the bathroom. He turned the taps on and poured in the bubbles for a bath.

‘What, do you want me to watch you take a bath bro?’ I laughed.

Kane threw off his undies to reveal a semi-hard dick to be envied and said, ‘Nah, you’re going to have one with me.’

‘Fuck man.’ I said, laughing as Kane lowed himself into the bath, ‘I don’t know if I’m drunk enough for this.’ I was lying of course because I was already taking my shirt off. I wasn’t going to miss a chance to potentially feel up Kane in the tub, even if it was just with my feet.

‘Hey, real mates don’t let their mates take a bath alone.’ Kane said, gesturing me in.

‘Is that a real saying?’ I asked, lowering both my work trousers and undies at once.

I knew that I was pretty hard but I wasn’t embarrassed as I thought back to the week before when I had stood with Kane while he showered and watch him sport a boner for almost the whole time we were chatting. Kane didn’t say anything regardless as I lowed myself into the warm, slowly rising water.

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