Corn Job

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Alexis Ren

Jess was home alone, her parents had gone away for the weekend, and she had the house all to herself, being an only child sometimes had it’s advantages. Jess had just turned 18 last month, so her parents thought it was fine to leave her alone, after all she was now an adult. Little did her parents know who much of an adult she had become.

On her Birthday, her boyfriend Rob, had popped her cherry, and now that she had experienced that, she craved more. Unfortunately, Rob was out of town as well, checking out a college that he was thinking of going to. His timing really sucked, her parents away, just think of how much fucking they could do, she let out a little scream, arrrggg, why, why this weekend, she was pissed at Rob.

Jess really wanted a good fucking, she was hooked, she craved cock. Before Rob had made a woman out of her, she was always fine with her fingers, masturbating whenever, wherever, she had always enjoyed herself. But now, she had felt a real cock inside her, she just felt that using her fingers was like going backwards.

Jess walked into the kitchen, maybe she would make something to eat, maybe get her mind off her pussy. She opened the fridge, and that’s when she saw it. An ear of corn, 10 inches long, thick, a hell of alot thicker than Rob’s cock. She thought for a second, this was nuts, what was she thinking, was she actually considering fucking herself with an ear of corn. She held it in her hand, and felt the bumps from all the nibblets, what would that feel like sliding in and out of her wet cunt. Again she paused, what have I turned into, some crazy Akbatı escort nympho, I lose my cherry, and now I’m craving corn on the cob. She placed the corn back in the fridge and closed the door.

She went out to the family room and turned on the T.V., she started flipping through the channels, 150 channels and nothing worth watching, what the fuck. Then she remembered that she had found her Dads porno collection, that might be fun. She ran up to her parents room, she knew right where to look, she had found the videos last year, but had never really had the chance to check them out. She looked through the title’s, and found one with girl’s mastubating, and in one of the pictures on the box, a girl using an ear of corn, she couldn’t fucking believe it.

Jess ran back to the family room and popped the video into the VCR, she guessed her Dad hadn’t upgraded to DVD’s yet. She grabbed the remote and turned it on. Finally it started, the first girl was a big boobed redhead, and she was just finger fucking herself, Jess watched and thought about how she had always fingered herself, it seemed this girl had a different way of fingering herself. As Jess watched she started to feel all warm, she took off her top and played with her nipples, mmmmmmmmmmm, that felt nice. Jess was proud of her boobs, she knew all the guys liked them too.

The next scene, was a blonde, she had a vibrator, Jess wished she had one right now, she watched intently as the girl on the screen started sliding the virator deep inside her very wet pussy, she could hear the buzzing sound Aksaray escort bayan as the vibrator kept on plunging deep inside the girls wet snatch. Jess slipped her hand down the front of her shorts, she thought how great that vibrator must feel, buzzing deep within, she started rubbing her pussy, she was getting soooo wet.

Suddenly the phone rang, and Jess was startled, she got up and ran to the phone, it was her Mom, just checking in on her, wanted to make sure everything was alright. Jess talked to her for a few minutes, and after she had said her goodbyes, went back to the T.V., as soon as she rounded the corner to the room, she froze in place. On the screen was a really cute brunette, perky little tits, with large erect nipples, that she was pinching, and down between her legs, her other hand was holding an ear of corn. Jess couldn’t move, she watched as the girl spread her cuntlips apart, Jess could tell she was already very wet. The girl took the corn cob and slowly pushed one end of the ear into her opening. Jess grabbed the remote and hit the pause button.

Jess ran to the kitchen, opened the fridge and grabbed the ear of corn, then she thought about it for a second, vegatable oil, that might help. Then she quickly grabbed a towel from the bathroom and back to the T.V., she reversed the video to where the girl first appeared. Jess stripped naked, spread out the towel and laid down on the couch. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do.

She pressed play, which is exactly what she wanted to do. Once again she saw the girl, Escort Ankara Jess couldn’t take her eyes from the T.V., as soon as the girl placed the corn cob at her opening so did Jess. The corn cob the girl in the video had was almost the exact same size as the one Jess had. Jess had already lubed it up with the oil, she eased it inside slowly. Oh god it was thick, Rob’s cock wasn’t even close to this size, she felt her pussy stretch. It hurt a little, but it also felt incredible, much different than a cock. All those nibblets, she could feel every bump as it slowly went deeper inside her cunt. Jess heard the girl on the T.V. moaning loud, she looked and saw that the girl had about 8 inches stuffed deep up her wet cunt. Jess watched as the girl started sliding it in and out, faster and faster. Jess looked down at her own cunt and realized she too had about 8 inches rammed inside.

Jess watched closly, everything the girl in the video was doing, Jess matched, it was almost like she was there with her, mutual masturbation, both girls fucking their cunts with big, thick, ears of corn. Faster and faster they fucked their holes, Jess now had a good 9 inches of corn deep within her sopping wet cunt. The moaning was getting louder, both from the video, and from Jess, Oh god it felt so good, she started cumming, her juices were just dripping out of her cunt, wave after wave, orgasm after orgasm. Jess slowly pulled the ear of corn from her dripping pussy, oh god that was fantastic, fuck vibrators, Jess was going to make sure she always had some corn on the cob handy from now on.

Later that night Rob called, she told him what she had done, he didn’t believe her. She told him that when he got home she would put on a show for him that he would never forget. Jess was hooked, she had thought she was being crazy trying such a thing, but it had felt incredible, she wanted more corn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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