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I am a manager in the corporate world in New York. I was responsible for around 100 employees and well remunerated for my efforts. At the age of 45 I felt comfortable with my life.

As part of my role I have to attend certain conferences and training sessions out of state. This was not a problem for me as I was single and had no children. I usually went as the sole representative for the firm but on this occasion I was to be accompanied by another manager from the sales department. There were not many people I liked in the sales department. The men were all d-bags, always bragging about their figures. It was a constant cock measuring exercise with them.

I was told by Leanne, my PA, that it would in fact be Sam (Samia Al Kassam) that would be joining me on my trip to Los Angeles. I didn’t mind Sam. She was always polite and focused on business. She was responsible for Sales to Asia and the Middle East. She was Muslim and I understood her family roots to be from Iraq. She usually wore business attire but would accompany this with a hijab and niqab. It is a strange sight in my world but you have to understand she is mainly selling to other Muslims in the Middle East and Asia so it helps to have a familiar face to smooth over the sale. Even if they never see her face due to her veil. I found her intelligent and funny but she never really opened up about her personal life so the conversation may dry up after a week.

I found it strange she was going because from what I remember she was married and she had a child around 12 months ago but she has never really opened up about her family life with me or anyone I know in the office.

My PA, Leanne, made the arrangements for my flights and hotel. I briefly spoke to Sam about it and she seemed to be looking forward to the conference and seeing California.

We would be arriving on Sunday and the conference would start on Monday. This would give us a day to settle in.

I met Sam at the airport. She was not dressed in her usual business attire. She was wearing a long ocean blue summer dress. She had a belt across the middle of her dress that accentuated her tits. The dress was long and covered her from head to toe but the material looked thin. We were seated together as Leanne had booked the tickets for flights and made our reservations at the hotel.

We checked in our bags. As we were waiting to go through security I was stood a few spaces behind Sam and I heard a man mumble something to Sam as he walked past her. She seemed visibly upset. I closed the space between us and asked her what happened. She was upset but I managed to gather that he had called her a “fucking terrorist.” I immediately walked off after him in a rage. But Sam grabbed my arm and assured me she was fine. I said I would not leave her side and I would protect her from these crazies. I had my arm around her and my hand was on her back. She did not object and seemed to welcome my possessive touch. She saw me as her protector. This was a dangerous temptation for me though as her tempting ass was inches away.

I realized how thin the dress actually was once my hand was on her back. My hand went lower and lower the longer it was on her back. I did not want to come across as lecherous so I did not allow myself to go lower than her back. I wanted to desperately squeeze her ass but would not allow myself to do so. My hand rested just at the top of her panties. I ran my fingers across the lacey material. I was able to clearly feel it through the material of her dress. She did not object or notice as we engaged in general chat.

As we got on the plane and approached our seats. I saw Sam bend forward. I don’t know what came over me as I moved my hand to her ass and gently squeezed, her ass was so big and soft. To cover this I pretended to accidentally bump into her. I apologized immediately, “I am so sorry. I didn’t realize these were our seats. Are you ok?” She did not seem to mind, “It is ok. The plane is cramped.”

I allowed her to sit down and sat next to her. The seats did not afford much room and we were close to each other. I knew it would be difficult to resist touching her in such close proximity. Sitting together with Sam caused our thighs to touch and it felt electric. I knew she was married and a strict Muslim so there was no chance of anything happening. But I could not help but admire how attractive she was. She had amazing tits and her dress accentuated them even more. She had a big ass and after my squeeze I wanted much more.

She was an incredibly sensual woman. A woman that all men secretly lust for.

As we got seated she put her hand on mine and she said, “Tom, thank you for protecting me. I felt safe when you were with me. You are a real gentleman.”

The touch was unexpected and I was a bit flustered, “It was nothing. It made me angry seeing him treat you like that. I didn’t see your husband or son at the airport. Did they leave early?”

I knew she was married and she was due to have her son almost canlı bahis 12 months ago. She had returned to work 6 months ago. She deflected, “I got a taxi to the airport. Traffic was crazy on the way in.” I found it odd that her husband did not drop her off.

We were really close in our seats and I adjusted so that the outside of my hand was resting against her right breast. It felt heavenly.

I engaged her to distract her from my hand on her breast, “You look beautiful and refreshed in the dress.”

She blushed at this, “I wanted to dress for the weather. It will be gorgeous according to the reports. I hope we get to see the sights.”

I knew what sights I wanted to see. Her tits and ass.

She was looking through her bag and I noticed she had brought along a book to read, “Oh I see you have brought a book for the flight. Which book is it?”

She seemed to blush. It is hard to tell her under her veil, “Oh. You saw that. It is a risqué novel. I thought it would be interesting for the evenings. I know it is naughty.”

The comment seemed a bit flirty but maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me. I chuckled, “I thought you would have only read halal books. I have some naughty books I can share with you.”

This was an old joke we once shared over lunch when she explained to me what was halal. She fascinated me and her culture fascinated me. I read the odd erotic novel and I found her choice interesting as it was about a dom/sub relationship.

She giggled, “You must share one of these books someday. I can be naughty too. I can’t wait to get to my hotel room. I hate travelling. I don’t know how you do it every few months.”

I was interested by her naughty comment. Maybe this week I could test her boundaries. I continued my ministrations on her breast as I asked, “How naughty are you? What would you do with the book?”

I noticed her breasts almost heave with her breathing as she responded, “I was hoping the book would make my evenings more entertaining. You can imagine how naughty that would be. How will you get through the evenings?”

I saw this as an opening. My hand continued to innocuously manipulate her breast and she was obviously turned on but I acted as though the contact was innocent, “I am sure you in bed with that book would be a sight.”

She then whispered hoarsely, “I am sure you would enjoy…the sight.”

She looked at me at that moment and she had caught me staring. I was looking at the shape of her tits. They were big but as she turned our eyes caught each other. I was caught and I did not want to come on too strong and scare her away before the week started, “Erm, sorry, I just can’t help but notice that you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Sorry if I was staring.”

She blushed and flashed her eyelashes as she looked away. She had these amazing brown eyes and her veil only caused them to be emphasized further. She hadn’t replied and my anxiety levels went through the roof. I hoped I hadn’t ruined the week before it had started. She finally replied, “No one has ever been so complimentary before. What color are they? I don’t want you to be just teasing me.”

I was lucky that she had amazing unforgettable eyes, “They are brown. They look stunning and makes me wonder about everything else,” as I looked at her body. I seemed to be unable to stop myself from digging a hole for myself but luckily she did not catch my gaze over her body.

She seemed to be happy with the compliment and I was confident about where this was going. I had stopped the touching of her breasts out of fear of being caught out again. She said, “Thank you. You are a sweet man.”

That was a mood killer and put me in my place but my dick was relentless as I looked her up and down I said, “I appreciate what I see though. It was strange seeing you sign up for this. It is usually me on my own that attends or another singleton is forced to go.”

She had an ulterior motive, “I have to be honest. The conference is not the only reason I am going. There is a buyer for a company based in Bahrain that will only be in the US for the first 3 days of the conference and we have been courting this contract for a while. I am hoping to secure it this week.”

This contract must be worth a lot if she was taking time away from her family and the office, “What is the contract worth? It must be hard on you to leave New York.”

Her response surprised me, “The contract is potentially worth millions but then again they might not be interested. I am actually looking forward to being away from New York and when I knew you would be accompanying me it made me feel a lot more at ease. I enjoy your company.”

I was feeling a lot more confident about my prospects with Sam, “I love your company and it pleases me a lot that I am with you this week.” I let my hand intentionally rest on her knee as I said this. It was a possessive move and she did not object.

The rest of the journey we enjoyed easy conversation kaçak iddaa and the latest office gossip. I took every opportunity to increase the touching between us.



We got to LA at around 7.00pm. We had a driver waiting for us and he took us straight to the hotel. After the long flight and the travel I just wanted to get to my hotel room and relax.

Tom was really good company and he had made the journey easier but I really needed to be in my room. We arrived at the hotel and Tom paid the concierge to collect our bags.

Tom went to the desk to check us in. I could not hear the conversation but I could see there was a problem and the receptionist was apologizing to him. I approached Tom, “Do we have the room keys?”

He seemed to be at ease about it and the receptionist was tapping away at her computer, “There has been a mix up. When the reservations were made Leanne asked for two rooms for two people but they have only booked one room for two people. She is currently checking to see if there is any other room available.”

I almost had a panic attack. I needed my privacy. He seemed to be taking care of it so I thought I would leave it with him. The receptionist looked up at us and explained, “I am really sorry. The hotel is fully booked and the next room that is available is on Tuesday morning and I will reserve this for you now. I apologize for the inconvenience. We will of course provide you with complimentary breakfast to apologize.”


Tom pulled me to the side. He put his hand on my shoulder and calmly said, “I understand you need your privacy and I respect you so you can take this room and I will sort something out for myself. Just go to the room and relax and I will see you once I arrange another room for myself somewhere.”

He was always able to put me at ease. I would not usually be comfortable with another man touching me but with Tom it was different. He paid the concierge a hefty tip and asked him to show me the room and take my things up.

I went up to the room feeling more relaxed knowing that Tom was willing to sacrifice the room for me. He was such a gentleman. The room was amazing. It had a large queen size bed and the windows were from floor to ceiling. I felt really guilty about it. I needed my privacy desperately but I needed to know Tom was going to be ok.

It had been over an hour and I had not heard anything from Tom. Maybe he had just left for his hotel but I thought he would have let me know that he found a room.

I called him to make sure he was ok. He sounded tired as he answered, “Hi Sam. How is the room?”

I was too worried to register the question, “Did you find a room?”

He said, “We have been ringing hotels for the last two hours but no luck. It looks like I might have to spend the night in the lobby.”

This was not fair, “No. No. No. I can’t let you do that. Come up to the room. We will work something out.”

He was resisting, “Sam I know how important your religion is and you need your privacy. I respect you and I respect your privacy.”

He was such a gentleman but I wasn’t taking no for an answer, “Come up right now or I will come down and join you in the lobby.”

He finally gave in, “I will come up but I will continue to look for a room.”

Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. I went to the door to open it for him. He came in looking deflated and tired.

I sat him down and I sat next to him, “What happened? I am so angry they have put us in this position.”

He explained, “She said it was impossible to get a room at this short notice. I have called every hotel in a 5 mile radius but no luck. She has tried all her contacts at the other hotels. But the next available room is on Tuesday. I am really sorry. I don’t want to ruin your week.”

I felt so guilty and terrible, “Tom you are the sweetest man I have ever met. The room is big and we will both stay here until Tuesday. It is only two nights.”

He seemed relieved but concerned for me, “Sam, maybe you should speak to your husband just to make sure this is ok.”

I couldn’t keep up the pretence and I just broke down and fell into his arms. He apologized, “I am sorry. I did not mean to upset you. If your husband does not approve I will just leave. I don’t want to cause any problems for you.”

I had to explain this, “It is not that Tom. I don’t talk about my personal life at work. But I trust you. I officially divorced my husband 3 months ago. I don’t have a husband or family to call.”

He just held me tightly as the tears came down my cheeks. His hand was caressing my back and it was such a comforting feeling. He said, “I am really sorry to hear that. I am sorry if I was insensitive in mentioning it.”

I changed the subject, “We need to get ready for bed. We have an early start tomorrow. kaçak bahis We can get ready in the bathroom. Is it ok if I leave the light off in this room as I need to take my hijab and niqab off but I cannot show you my hair?”

He agreed and drew the curtain and switched off the lights.

I normally wore just my bra and thong to bed. But I had to cover up tonight. I had a long sleeve shirt and yoga pants that I used as make shift sleepwear.



Sam had not realized that the mix up with the rooms was a deliberate error for this precise reason to get her in bed with me.

Sam came out of the bathroom and it was pitch darkness. I tried to catch a glimpse but I could not make out anything. She managed to stumble her way to the bed. I got up to get changed, “I don’t have any sleepwear. I usually just sleep naked. Is it ok if I keep my boxers on?”

She seemed to think for a good minute before replying, “I don’t mind. The room is dark so our privacy is guaranteed.”

I was less than an arm’s length away from my secret desire. I could not sleep and the close proximity was causing a swell in my boxers. I just wanted to lay my hands on her sexy body. I could not stop thinking about her ass and tits.

Sam couldn’t sleep either, “Tom can you hold me again?”

Sam was facing away from me. She seemed to be in an emotional mood and I just needed to comfort her. The pieces were falling together. I just had to be patient.

I came up behind Sam and put my arm around her, pushing my body right next to hers. The swell in my boxers was against her juicy ass. My arm was just below her big tits. I wanted to give them a squeeze so desperately but she needed comfort and I could not afford to be lecherous.

She spoke gently, “Tom I am naturally shy. I can never open up at work about my personal life as I always fear being judged due to the way I dress and my Muslim background. But with you I feel I can trust you and share things with you.”

I had to re-assure her. I needed her to open up to me, “I respect you and I will never judge you. You can share anything with me and trust that I will keep it in my heart.”

She held my hand tightly as she heard this, “I will tell you from the beginning. I studied hard and worked hard to build a career for myself. But in my culture a woman is judged on her family. I was 30 and still not married. My mother and father would often talk about how I was wasting my childbearing years. I felt a constant pressure to get married. At the age of 33, I finally relented and agreed to a marriage. My father knew a Lebanese family from the local mosque who were looking for a marriage for their son. He was a similar age to me. I was married 3 years ago at the age of 33. The marriage was a complete culture shock to me. My husband expected me to prepare 3 meals a day for his whole family and rear children. He did not want me to work. I had worked hard at a career and was not willing to give this up. I did not want to disappoint my parents so I persisted and worked tirelessly. I was up at 5.00am every morning cooking breakfast and lunch and then go to work. I would then return from work to continue my chores.

There was no love or affection in my marriage. My husband never kissed me or gave me gifts. He treated me as a slave. If we had sex he would simply pump in me until he expelled his seed in me without any foreplay or affection. He never lasted long. It was usually 3 pumps before he came. He saw sex as a necessary means to get me pregnant. I tried to get him sexually interested in me by buying sexy lingerie but nothing would get him to show any affection.”

The mention of lingerie caused my swell to be a full blown erection between her ass cheeks, “It sounds terrible. I don’t know how anyone can treat a woman like that. Especially a smart, intelligent and beautiful woman like you.”

She went on, “I finally got pregnant. But they still expected me to work like a slave. I complained to my parents about my treatment but they just said this is our culture. I lost the baby late in the pregnancy. It was the most soul destroying moment of my life. I cried for weeks. My husband did not care.”

I shed a tear when I heard this. Her story was heartbreaking, “Sam it is terrible that you had to experience this. No one should have to go through this. I can’t believe your parents. How could they stand back and not save their daughter? How did you escape?” I hugged her tightly.

She took a deep breath, “I just wanted my husband to love me. After the loss of my son I tried to salvage my marriage. I remember one night I bought a pink peephole bra and matching crotch less string thong. I was sat on the end of the bed with my legs crossed as he came into the bedroom. As he walked towards me I opened my legs for him. I thought he would not be able to resist but this just made him angry and he called me a whore. He said sex is just for procreation and I was a whore for wearing such outfits because I could not rear children. This was the last straw for me. I left that night for my parents. They were not exactly welcoming. I had betrayed their values. I stayed for a week and then found my own apartment in Brooklyn. I was finally granted my divorce 3 months ago.”

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