Corrupting His Older Sister

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Big Dick

18-year-old Peter was a handsome tall athletic young man with a cheeky smile and an impressive penis. He recently discovered masturbation, the girl of his fantasies was his 23-year-old sister Kelly. She was a gorgeous young woman, blonde-haired with supermodel looks. Her athletic body would make any man look twice with nice sized amazingly perky breasts that have large upturned puffy nipples. Her long legs, flat stomach, tight arse, a smile that could light up a room and seductive eyes Kelly could make any man her. Kelly was little miss perfect never did anything wrong while Peter was considered a trouble maker. Peter spent most of his spare time trying to perve on his sister without much success.

One evening Kelly’s boyfriend tried to push his luck and was barred. Peter was watching so when the guy got angry and slapped Kelly Peter stepped in and belted the wimp then pissed the arsehole off before he comforted Kelly. Kelly cried on Peter shoulder that night. It never occurred to her why Peter was a lover’s lane alone but then she suddenly wondered thinking he was spying. Which he was but managed to convince her he had come up here with a girl but when she found out he wasn’t as old escort bursa as he told her she left him here. Neither of them had a ride and were stuck in the woods together they decided to walk home through the woods. Kelly confided in Peter as they walked home telling him how she wanted to less prudish but because she didn’t know when people just trying to take advantage of her because she was pretty and stuff. She couldn’t get into a serious relationship and wanted to let Dave have what he wanted. Peter saw an opportunity when his hot and sexy virgin sister when she mentioned that she wanted to do something crazy.

Peter’s mind went into overdrive and quickly conducted a scheme. They were in the middle of the woods and there wasn’t anyone around. So Peter said “Look Sis, there is only me and you here not a sole within a mile. So, why not try something a little tame for your first crazy adventure? I reckon strip and do a nude run from here to that tree in the middle of the track just over there and back.”

“I don’t think so,” Kelly said

“Chicken!” Peter teased.

“Alright smart arse you first.” Kelly retaliated.

“OK,” Peter smiled liking the idea of his bursa merkez eskort sister seeing his penis that was growing extremely hard. Quickly he stripped and ran down to the tree and back standing in front of his sister giving her an unobstructed view of his impressive adolescent cock before continuing “Now it’s your turn.” Peter sat down on his clothes still nude watching his sister with great anticipation.

“I didn’t think you would do it” Kelly said nervously as she admired Peter’s cock.

“You can’t back out now it was your idea to do something crazy.” Pressured Peter.

Reluctantly Kelly agreeably whispered “Alright I guess.” Slowly Kelly began taking her clothes off. She was wearing a hot little black dress with thin straps, strappy but not heeled shoes and lacy panties. Peter was in awe as piece by piece her outfit fell to the ground next to him. Before he realised it, his sister was running away from him as he admired her tight arse. She turned and walked back to him trying to cover her privates from her ogling brother.

Peter grabbing his sister’s clothes said, “Hey it’s not fair give us a look or I’m keeping you bursa sınırsız escort clothes.”

“Don’t be an arsehole.” Kelly begged.

“You know you want to,” Peter hopingly begged his sibling.

Giving him a full frontal nude look Kelly said “Fine can I have my clothes know.”

Throwing Kelly her clothes Peter said “Hey don’t get dressed yet while were doing crazy things lets do something else crazy.”

Pausing Kelly asked “Like what?”

“I don’t know you think of something this time.” Peter said.

“Oh, alright what about umm,” Thinking Kelly asked, ” How far would you go?”

“As far as you would let me go. I would fuck you if you’d let me,” Peter said

Surprised Kelly said ” Ok then why don’t we umm fuck… SHIT I meant flash somewhere more public.”

“I’d love to fuck you we should do it here before trying somewhere more public.” Peter tried.

“No chance smart arse that was just a slip of the tongue now get dressed.” Kelly said

“What about the flashing in public?” Grasped Peter.

“Not tonight maybe another day.” Kelly said as she got dressed.

The two siblings stopped talking, got dressed and walked home. The silence was deafening as both began feeling an increased sexual tension. The next week this awkward feeling between them continued and they avoided each other. Kelly spent the week trying comprehending what her brother had said that infamous night and the fact she had done something bad and enjoyed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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