Cost? Paid In Full

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Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Chapter 1

Edna Pritchette waddled into the kitchen where her mother was nursing one month old Jack Junior and poured herself a cup of coffee from the metal pot that was on the gas stove.

“Doctor says too much that coffee ain’t good for you,” her mother said.

“Uh huh,” was Edna’s response.

“And don’t be putting all that sugar in there neither; said you already borderline diabetic,” Greta went on.

“Uh huh,” Edna said, stirring in a heaping table spoon of sugar into the brackish liquid.

“Oh shit!” Edna suddenly said and clutched at her belly.

“Uh huh, see?” her mother said, pulling the infant boy from her nipple.

“Oh!” Edna groaned.

Earline May Pritchette was born at Lowenburg Medical Center, the daughter of Edna May Pritchette and Jack Johnson, Greta Pritchette’s common-law husband.

Greta presented Jack with two more daughters and one more son but Edna would only give him one more daughter before she ran off with a trucker that had been passing through Lowenburg, Arkansas, leaving Earline and Mabel for Jack and Greta to raise.

Four years later, a small box appeared addressed to Greta, containing Edna’s ashes. The postmark was from Gulfport, Mississippi, but there was no return address, or explanation of Edna’s passing.

Earline and Mabel did not remember their mother and called Greta ‘Ma’ and Jack ‘Pa’ just as the other children in the house did.

They attended Lowenburg Elementary, then Lowenburg Middle School. Upon becoming sixteen, they dropped out of school and joined their mother in collecting whatever assistance the government would give them and making a little extra by selling marijuana they grew on their land.

Earline had been blessed with a beautiful singing voice and sang at Reverend Bailey’s church while her sister Mabel clumsily played the cheap organ someone had once donated to Reverend Bailey. The good Reverend held services in the living room of his trailer where quite often the only people in attendance were Earline, Mabel, Ma and Pa and the kids, Patsy, Reverend Bailey’s wife, and some boy that was sweet on Mabel.

Earline had been blessed with a beautiful voice, but cursed with a hook nose, sharp chin, piggish eyes and a multitude of pimples. She kept her unruly brown hair cut severely short and wore no make up; there was no make up available. For church services, Earline would wedge her pudgy body into her good blouse and her good slacks, having to suck in her gut in to zip the slacks.

“And let us sing ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus,'” Reverend Bailey smiled as he picked up the basket.

It was a good turnout; Mabel had convinced three of her friends and not one but two would be suitors to come to the service.

As would often happen, Earline got caught up in the moment and would raise her hands up high, flashing everyone her hairy armpits.

Once, a cousin, one of Jack’s brother’s kids had invited Earline over for a sleepover. Giggling and whispering excitedly, the two girls stole Bubba’s razor and shaved their legs and underarms, even though their mommas told both girls that they were too young for such foolishness.

Earline had severely cut herself and never repeated the experience.

Greta tried encouragement, bribery, ridicule, shame, even pleading, but Earline would not shave her legs, her underarms, or the bush of hair that covered her crotch from navel to asshole, from hip to hip.

Chapter 2

“Where’s Miss Patsy?” Earline asked one Sunday as she and Mabel went over what songs would be performed at that service.

“Up in Hot Springs, visiting her Momma,” Reverend Bailey smiled as he wrote down the quotes he’d be using in the service that morning.

“She gone long?” Mabel asked as she tried to remember where the B chord key was; the markings long ago worn away.

“Couple weeks,” the man smiled.

He looked over at the eighteen year old Mabel; it was no wonder all the boys were crazy about her. She had her momma’s long blonde hair, round ass and round boobs and slender waist. Her face was not the prettiest face, but with a body like hers, it didn’t need to be all that pretty.

“Um, Mabel, you mind staying a little bit after we finish up?” he asked.

“Um, no, I don’t mind none,” Mabel said.

“Uh huh, ’cause it’s your turn do the dishes,” Earline complained.

“Oh, I’m sure your momma let it slide this one time,” Reverend Bailey smiled patronizingly.

During the service, Earline looked at Timmy Don Tyler as he sat on the hard wooden chair. The thirty four year old man had walked right up to her as she stood outside of Pack ‘N Sack, slurping on her vanilla ice cream cone and started talking to her.

Earline was wearing a halter top and some cut off shorts, displaying both hairy arm pit and leg to whoever cared to look and obviously Timmy Don cared to look.

She giggled nervously; in her twenty years, Timmy Don was the first boy, well, man really, İstanbul Escort ever talked to her like most boys talked to Mabel.

He had invited her to come with him to his church, that big Baptist church on Highway 467, but agreed to come to her church instead.

“And let’s hear ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ Earline,” the Reverend Bailey smiled after delivering a truly inspiring sermon.

Earline smiled and waited for Mabel to wake up.

After the service, Earline and Timmy Don sat in the front of his 1977 Ford Thunderbird, waiting on Mabel. Jim Bob, the boy that had come to the service to see Mabel had left after Ma told him that Mabel was to come straight on home after she got done through talking with the Reverend. Ma told Earline and Timmy Don wait around and make sure Mabel didn’t run off to see Jim Bob.

Pa didn’t like Jim Bob; said the boy had a smart mouth.

“You believe, don’t you?” Earline asked as Timmy Don lighted another cigarette.

“Believe what?” Timmy Don asked, glancing at her armpit hair that was poking out the sleeve of her blouse.

“That we’re soldiers in Christ’s Army, like Reverend Bailey done said,” she said and stubbed her own cigarette out.

“Well yeah,” he agreed.

He knew drinking didn’t agree with him; every time he got arrested, Timmy Don had been drinking. But Earline had been standing there, showing off them hairy legs and hairy pits, slurping on an ice cream cone and Timmy Don bought himself a pint of Miles whiskey, drank half the bottle, then walked up to the girl.

Now, he was chomping away on his sugar free spearmint gum, hoping she wouldn’t smell the Miles whiskey on his breath. When she asked him if he believed, Timmy Don was drunk enough, and lustful enough to agree to anything.

Inside the trailer, Mabel lay under the grunting, groaning Reverend Bailey. He had told her that she needed to quit wasting her time with the young boys with their young boy ways and young boy shortcomings. Mabel was to start concentrating on providing for an older man, a man that would appreciate what she had to offer.

To demonstrate what he meant, the Reverend had her suck his cock. The Reverend thought she might understand better if she let him fuck her. It would be all right because he was already married so there was very little danger of her being unable to concentrate on another man.

Outside, Earline giggled as Timmy Don licked at her profusion of armpit hair.

“Stop,” Timmy Don said.

“Well I can’t help it; you tickling me,” she gasped.

He pulled his short cock out of his jeans and stroked himself while licking at her other armpit.

“What you doing?” Earline gasped as Timmy Don stroked himself harder.

“Bet you got you a real hairy bush, huh?” he moaned and began spurting his semen into the palm of his hand.

Mabel chose that very moment to come out of the trailer. She looked around, disappointed that Jim Bob hadn’t waited around for her. With a sigh, she tapped on the window of Timmy Don’s Ford.

“Come on,” she ordered.

“I see you later?” Earline begged Timmy Don as she opened the door of his car.

“Well yeah,” the man agreed.

“What Reverend Bailey want with you?” Earline asked as the two girls walked home.

“Nothing,” Mabel mumbled.

Chapter 3

Wednesday, Earline agreed to go with Timmy Don to his church, leaving Mabel alone with the Reverend Bailey. He had her suck his cock before the service and fucked her after the service. Again, he admonished her that what they were doing was between them and God and again he reminded her that boys like Jim Bob were a waste of her time.

Mabel let Jim Bob fuck her and wondered about Reverend Bailey’s statement that an older man would appreciate her charms more. Both he and Jim Bob fucked the same; grab her tits, squeeze, pull her panties aside and thrust themselves into her.

Outside of the trailer that Timmy Don shared with his cousin and aunt, Earline lay on the back seat of Timmy Don’s Thunderbird and watched in fascination as Timmy Don slobbered all over her hairy crotch.

“Oh Baby,” Timmy Don moaned as he ejaculated into his briefs.

Afterward, Timmy Don bought Earline a vanilla ice cream at the Pack ‘N Sack and got himself a pint of Miles Whiskey.

“Jesus says drinking alcohol is a sin!” Earline gasped as Timmy Don took a healthy gulp of the harsh liquor.

“No he don’t,” Timmy Don choked out. “Remember? He turned that water into wine there at that wedding.”

“Reverend Bailey says that it was unfermented fruit juice, not wine,” Earline protested, then licked the ice cream that had dripped onto her fingers.

“Uh huh, and the guy in charge of the wine tells the groom he saved the best wine for last. Think he was talking about fruit juice?” Timmy Don asked.

“Still, drinking ain’t right,” Earline said, losing the argument.

“Uh huh,” Timmy Don said, lighting a cigarette.

Timmy Don and Earline made a date for Saturday and he brought her home to the wooden house she shared with Ma and Pa Escort Bayan and Penny, Emily, Mabel, and Kenny. Jack Junior had moved out last month; he was living with Miss Birdie, the fifty one year old widow down the road.

Ma didn’t like that one bit but Pa just shrugged.

“Big old titties on that woman? I was a bit younger I might try getting some of that too,” Pa said, then laughed when Greta and Emily both glared at him.

Chapter 4

“You was in prison?” Earline asked tracing the tattoo that Timmy Don wore on his bicep.

“Yeah,” he said.

“Why you was in prison?” Earline asked and lighted a cigarette.

“Beat this guy with a tire iron; son of a bitch up and died,” Timmy Don said.

“You a killer?” Earline gasped, choking on the cigarette smoke.

“Uh huh, but didn’t mean to,” Timmy Don agreed.

“You get washed in the blood of the Lamb all them sins be forgiven; Jesus is good like that,” Earline declared and kissed Timmy Don.

“I got saved at this revival,” Timmy Don lied and looked at the clock on the dashboard. “Time you got to get home?”

“When I get there,” Earline shrugged.

“Want to…?” Timmy Don asked, lowering the zipper on his jeans.

“Okay,” Earline agreed.

After she had sucked his cock to ejaculation, Timmy Don drove them to the Pack ‘N Sack. Earline got a vanilla ice cream cone and he bought three pints of Miles Whiskey.

“Why you buy three of them?” Earline asked.

“Can’t buy none on Sundays,” Timmy Don explained.

“‘Cause you ain’t supposed be drinking none on the Lord’s Day,” she said.

Even though he appreciated Earline’s beautiful voice, the Reverend Bailey was a little upset that she was there with Mabel, rehearsing their music before the service. He caught Mabel’s eye and she agreed to stay after service.

“But it can’t be too long; Ma said it’s my turn with them dishes come Hell or high water,” Mabel cautioned him.

“Oh, okay,” the man grumbled.

His sermon was a spirited one.

“The wages of sin is death,” he thundered.

“I ain’t making that up; it says it right here,” he said, holding up his Bible.

“Earline, you know what that means?” he asked.

“Well it uh, it means,” Earline stammered, caught off guard.

“I go into the store, I buy a thing of milk, and they want what? Three, four bucks. The wages of milk is three or four bucks,” he smiled. “Pack of bologna? The wages is two bucks? Three bucks?”

“Must be getting him that good bologna,” Jack muttered to Greta.

“So, you looking up and down them aisles, you see a big old jar of sin and on it the price tag says ‘death’ and you say to yourself ‘hmm, I don’t know if I want to pay that,’ am I right?” the Reverend smiled as a few people tittered.

Afterward, Timmy Don and Earline sat out in his car while Earline waited on Mabel.

“What you got in here?” Earline asked, opening Timmy Don’s glove compartment.

“Hey, don’t!” Timmy Don yelped as his Smith&Wesson .44 magnum fell out.

“Ooh, that’s pretty!” Earline gasped, looking at the powerful handgun.

“Most powerful handgun in the world,” Timmy Don bragged as Earline looked at the gun. “Same kind that Clint Eastwood’s got.”

Man, you got to let me shoot this,” Earline begged.

“Soon as your sister drags her butt out of there,” Timmy Don promised, nodding toward the trailer.

“I get her,” Earline said, getting out of the car, still holding the gun.

“Careful with that; that ain’t no toy,” Timmy Don yelled as she yanked open the door of the trailer.

In the bedroom, Mabel was again wondering what was so great about fucking an older man as the Reverend Bailey yowled in orgasm.

“Uh!” Earline gasped as she saw the carnal scene.

“I uh, we uh, Earline! What in the Hell you doing in here?” Reverend Bailey blustered.

“You a married man,” Earline said, piggish eyes narrowing.

“And you!” she pointed at her sister. “You know he’s married.”

She pulled the handgun out and pointed it at the Reverend.

“The wages of sin is death,” Earline declared.

“Earline, don’t!” Reverend yelped, trying to hide behind Mabel.

“And you said we all in Christ’s Army,” Earline said and put a bullet into the man’s chest.

“And it’s up to us to make sure that His Word is followed,” Earline said, putting a second bullet into her sister’s head.

Timmy Don heard the gunshots and ran into the trailer just as Earline was walking out of the bedroom.

“What the fuck?” he yelled at her.

“We need get going,” Earline said, bursting into sobs.

Timmy Don looked over her shoulder and saw the two bloodied corpses.

“Yeah, we do,” he agreed.

In the car, he thought quickly.

“Got me a cousin lives in Bender; this itty bitty place in Louisiana,” Timmy Don said, putting the car into gear.

A few miles later, they stopped to fill the car with gas.

“Where we?” Earline asked.

“Paulton; we already in Louisiana,” Timmy Don said. “Be right back; you need anything?”

“See Eskort if they got any ice cream cones,” Earline said.

“Good afternoon,” a jovial man greeted Timmy Don as Timmy Don entered the small building. “Be twenty four eighty six for the gas.”

“Uh huh, got any ice cream?” Timmy Don asked.

“Yeah, cooler right there’s got them Nutty Buddys, them Eskimo Pies and I think there’s some of them Fudgesicles,” the man smiled.

“Y’all got Miles whiskey,” Timmy don asked, selecting one Nutty Buddy.

“Nope, um, got a thing here of Velvet, oh wait a minute; it’s Sunday, can’t be selling that,” the man said, smiling sympathetically.

“Damned shame,” Timmy Don said and shot the man between the eyes.

“But never said I was buying, now did I?” he asked, grabbing the bottle of cheap whiskey.

He also grabbed two packs of Winston cigarettes, and then decided to see what the man had in the cash register.

“Took y’all long enough,” Earline said when Timmy Don handed her the ice cream treat.

“Uh huh, couldn’t find the cooler,” Timmy Don lied and drove away.

“You ever drive?” he asked her; the pint of whiskey calling to him from his jeans pocket.

“Yeah; Pa let me drive his van,” Earline agreed.

“Good; you drive; just stay on four sixty seven until we get to Alexandria, all right?” Timmy Don said and pulled over.

He watched the police cruiser that screamed past them, siren blaring.

“Whew, where you think they going?” Earline said as she watched the cruiser scream toward the gas station.

“Don’t know; why you don’t go ask him?” Timmy Don said, already unscrewing the cap of his pint bottle.

“Ha ha, smarty pants,” Earline laughed.

A moment later, a second cruiser screamed past, siren blaring.

“Wow, must have been pretty bad,” Earline said.

“Uh huh,” Timmy Don said, cursing himself for only grabbing one pint instead of two or three.

A few hours later, they pulled up to a diner in Stepping Stone, Louisiana that promised to have the best chili in Stepping Stone, Louisiana.

“Both Earline and Timmy Don had two bowls of the chili and Earline happily slurped on a soft serve vanilla cone while Timmy Don settled their tab.

“Y’all come on back now, hear?” the waitress smiled at the three dollar tip Timmy Don left for her.

“I’m tired of driving,” Earline said, trying to hand the keys to Timmy Don.

“Just a bit more, all right?” Timmy Don asked, looking around for a liquor store.

In Bandstand, Louisiana, there was a liquor store, but it was locked up tight, closed for Sunday.

“Wait here,” Timmy Don said, getting out of the car.

“Where you going?” she asked. “They closed.

“Just wait here,” he snapped, the alcohol wearing off and a headache replacing the alcohol.

Behind the building, Timmy Don saw the small window. A chunk of concrete took care of that and Timmy Don winced against the alarm’s shrill squeal.

“They got some alarm going off!” Earline yelled when Timmy Don returned, carrying a half gallon bottle of Miles whiskey and a carton of Winston cigarettes.

“Wonder why,” Timmy Don said sarcastically.

“Think we ought to wait?” Earline asked.

“Think you ought to drive,” Timmy Don snapped and unscrewed the cap of his bottle.

A police cruiser raced past them, going the opposite direction as Earline drove south on Highway 467.

“Bet them going see about that alarm,” Earline deduced.

“You think?” Timmy Don asked, sarcasm dripping from his drunken lips.

“Yeah, probably,” Earline said.

Chapter 5

Timmy Don was too drunk to give coherent directions to his cousin’s house so Earline parked at the Acadiana Motel on Highway 19 and used Timmy Don’s last sixty three dollars to rent them a room.

“That’s why the Lord don’t like drinking,” Earline admonished Timmy Don as he staggered into the hotel room.

“Uh huh,” he said and flopped down on the bed.

“I’m serious; y’all been drinking all day,” Earline said.

“Oh, hey, they got them some movies,” Timmy Don said, reading the card on the back of the television remote control.

“Oh good; you ever seen ‘The Wedding Singer,’ that movie with that Adam Sandler guy?” Earline asked. “That was a funny movie.”

“Not them kind of movies,” Timmy Don said and turned on the television.

“Anal, Asian, Big Tits, what is this?” Earline asked as she read the titles on the screen.

Timmy Don hit ‘Enter’ on Anal and Earline stared, open mouthed, as a petite blonde with silicone enhanced breasts took a large black cock into her backdoor.

“God damn; hate them mud fucking hen bitches go all crazy for them brothers,” Timmy Don snarled

“This is sinful!” Earline screamed as the black cock pulled out of the gaping rectum and sprayed a large amount of semen onto the blonde’s ass and pussy.

“Naw it ain’t,” Timmy Don slurred as another vignette started, showing a large breasted brunette as she let two men have her anal passage.

“It most certainly is!” Earline said. “How can you sit there and say this ain’t a sin?”

“They all over eighteen years old, they having fun, who they hurting?” Timmy Don asked.

He changed the channel to ‘Big Tits’ just to see Earline’s reaction; he knew she hated having such small breasts.

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