Cottage 69 Ch. 01

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This story is not entirely fictitious; the facts about the New South Wales, Australian public-school system are or were true. Enjoy.


Unusual as it was, the 10:05am southbound train from Wollongong was on time. This was amplified by the observation of potential passengers running onto the platform but unable to board.

Traditionally, a train trip is thoroughly boring at the best of times; especially if the scenery is unchanging and there is a talkative fellow passenger. However, such a trip can be made slightly more bearable by the use of an iPod and one’s own selection of music.

But this story is not about train trips in general, nor about this particular train and its journey; rather it concerns two of the passengers, two trainee teachers.

Miss Janette (Jan) Prentice was a plain girl-next-door type. She was a full red-head; that is, her hair was the colour of brightly-polished copper and she had a red-heads characteristic freckles across her nose and on each cheek; her eyes were a captivating green. She had small pout breasts, just enough to complement her trim but otherwise curvaceous body. The muscles in her long legs were enhanced by her fine ankles and slight knees.

Her companion, Miss Frances (Fanny) Lambert, had a similar build, but she was a honey blond with peaches-and-cream complexion and bright blue eyes. She wore graduated glasses which she only really needed for reading; they gave her an appealing educated air.

They met at Wollongong Teachers’ College two years earlier. These girls, along with many of their fellow class-mates at the college, were considered geeks during their high school days.

In New South Wales, children start kindergarten at the age of five; they do two years in infants and then four years in primary school. They start high school at twelve years of age. After four years at high school they can leave and do unskilled work, or go to a ‘Technical’ College and gain a trade’s certificate as a bricklayer, plumber, electrician, or accountant, etc. Those that stay at high school for a further two years may enter University; or if they prefer, they can go to College and gain a diploma as a teacher or technician.

Janette and Frances had both been assigned to Cedar Hill high school for their practice teaching semester.

Cedar Hill is a sleepy little village situated 10 kilometres inland from the Pacific east coast and 50 kilometres south of Wollongong, Australia; on the eastern slopes of the Blue Mountains. It was named after the large amount of red cedar trees, ‘Toona Australis’, that were there when it was first settled in the 19th century. After the cedar cutters finished looting all of the mature trees, the village remained as the commercial hub for the dairies that had by then surrounded it. It is currently renowned for its top-quality cheese that is sold throughout Australia, and because of a shop on the main street that sells the best meat pies in the state.

Although Cedar Hill was only a very small village, it had the only high school in the area. This happened because of its central location relative to the surrounding even smaller villages; each of which generally only had a one-teacher primary school, a nearby church and maybe a general store or petrol station.

The story really begins with the two girls arriving at Cedar Hill by train, having left Wollongong one hour earlier that day.

The two trainee teachers dragged their bags the 50 metres to the real estate agents, where they picked up the keys and paid the first two weeks rent on the fully furnished, 2-bedroom cottage they had arranged to stay in. The cottage was directly across the road from the high school and only a short distance from the village centre.

As Janette fumbled with the keys, Fanny noticed two signs beside the front door. The top sign was the name of the house; it read “The Oaks”. They had seen the two huge oak trees behind the house as they approached. The other sign was the street number, that is “96”. As Fanny contemplated the signs, the top rusty screw broke on the number “9” and it dropped so that it ended up-side-down; now it looked like a “6” below and behind the actual “6”. This reminded Fanny of the time she saw her brother kneeling behind his girlfriend kissing her bottom.

Janette jerked open the fly-screen door; the vibration caused the top screw on the number “6” to break; it twisted clockwise. It now rested up-side-down against the other number so that together they now looked like the number “69”; like a couple simultaneously giving each other oral stimulation in the “soixante-neuf” position as the French would say.

Fanny stepped back in shock. “Holy shit!” She screamed, “Do you think that’s an omen?”


“Look at the damn numbers!” Janette turned to look as Fanny continued, “They just fell to that flamin’ position.”

“Did they? Don’t worry about that; I have finally found the right key.”

“I think we should notify the stupid agent, so she can arrange to have the rusty damn screws replaced.”

“OK; Maltepe Escort but for now, let’s go in and see what we have let ourselves in for.”

They walked down the short hallway, past the arched entrance to the lounge room on the left, and checked out the two bedrooms, whose doors were both on the right of the hallway.

After much discussion, it was decided that Janette would have the larger front bedroom that face south out to the road; leaving Fanny with the warmer, but smaller, back bedroom. Both bedrooms had a double bed, a dressing table and a built-in wardrobe.

Fanny flopped backwards onto her bed; her short skirt ending up around her waist. Janette was shocked, “Fanny! Where’s your panties?”

“I don’t wear any.”

“What! Never?”

“Nah; never.” She smiled at Janette’s reaction.

“You’d better wear some to school.” Janette said, waving her index finger.

“It’s alright… I intend to always wear an ankle-length dress or skirt to school. No one will know.”

“And how long have you been shaving your pubs?”

“I don’t shave.” Fanny continued to enjoy Janette’s reaction, and teased her by placing her right hand on her pubic mound and caressing the smoothness.

“But you’re completely bald down there!”

“Yeah. I had laser treatment when I was fourteen.”

“Really…” Amazed; Janette left the room, realising that she didn’t know her friend Frances as well as she had thought.

After unpacking most of their things, they set about exploring the rest of the house. The bathroom was directly opposite Fanny’s bedroom, with the toilet in a separate room between them, at the back-end of the hallway.

Walking through the lounge room, they discovered the dining room beside it; it also had a window facing the street. Through yet another large arch at the back of the dining room, was the kitchen. The sun shone through the lace curtains on its window, warming the whole entertaining area.

The kitchen’s door opened onto a large patio which extended both east and west of the door.

Fanny thought out loud, “This looks like it would be a nice place to relax.”

To which Janette quickly pointed out, “Yeah, but there’s no outdoor furniture!”

“Perhaps we should get a deck-chair or two; what do you think?”

“Yeah, maybe.” Janette unconsciously agreed as she unlocked the other door that opened onto the patio. This was the laundry which was to the west of the kitchen and behind the garage.

“I wonder if there is a charity shop in the village?” Fanny continued, “Maybe we can find some second-hand chairs there.”

“Err… maybe.”


Janette was assigned to assist Mrs Horner with all her classes.

Of all of the students in all of the classes she attended, the one that drew Janette’s attention the most was Richard (Dick) Quinn. He stood out because of his constant unhappy countenance. He aroused her motherly instincts; she wanted to hug him and chase away all his problems.

Richard was tall, but not lanky, and somewhat handsome. Being intelligent and studious meant that he was soon regarded as a one of the class nerds.

It wasn’t until Tuesday that she heard why he was so depressed. On the last day of the previous school holidays, Richard’s mother, father and sister were critically injured in a car accident as they were on their way home. The news report on Tuesday night mentioned that his sister was the last of the three to die, and that he, Richard had moved to Cedar Hill to live with his Aunt and Uncle, who were now his only living relatives. They lived just 2 blocks away from the school.

The next day Janette approached Richard at the start of their lunch break. “Excuse me Mister Quinn. Can I talk with you for a second?”

“Err; yes Miss.”

“I’ve just heard about your family; I’m very sorry.”

“Ah… Thank you Miss.” He mumbled nervously.

“I know how devastated you must feel. I lost my father in a similar way a few years ago.”

“Really… Have you managed to get over it?”

“A bit… I find having sympathetic friends helps.” And having said that, she hugged him.

Then, as they separate, she intended to give him a little peck on the cheek. But something happened; she didn’t know how; and it was actually more than that, even more than a brief brushing of their lips; it was a lingering kiss, mouth-to-mouth; and this realisation caused her to blush slightly and drop her head as she walked away.

Richard was normally awkward around girls. His female classmates never gave him a chance to learn how to deal with them; for them he simply did not exist. And so, he was both startled and excited by her kiss; and he felt a twinge in his groin. He too blushed.

As he joined his new friends on their way to the cafeteria, Walter asks with a smirk, “Did I just see Miss Prentice hugging you?”

Walter Dickson and he were assigned to the same Chemistry laboratory. Walter was a little weird, even when compared to Walter’s two friends, William (Willie) Anadolu Yakası Escort Schmitt and Michael Lahore. All four were seniors studying mathematics and the sciences. This group of nerds always lunched together simply because no one else would associate with any one of them.

“Yeah; so, what of it? … She was only trying to comfort me, you know.”

“Sorry mate; but it did look like more than just that. Perhaps she fancies you, eh?”

“In your dreams… You know she is the only teacher that seems to notice us guys.”

Walter corrected him, “She’s not a teacher yet; like she’s only a trainee. And she’s not a bad looker either; and she’d only be a year or so older than us.”

“Yeah; right.”


A week later, the girls noticed that the lawn around the cottage would soon need cutting. Janette hadn’t been able to get Richard out her mind, so her first thought was, ‘Would Richard mow the lawn for them, at a price of course.’

So, at school the next Wednesday, just before lunch, she again approached him.

“Hello Mister Quinn.”

Richard stopped in his tracks, “Oh; hello Miss.”

“How have you been lately?”

“Fine thanks, Miss.” That was a white lie, he was still deeply depressed.

“I was wondering; could you use some pocket money? It’s just that the lawn where I’m staying needs mowing. Are you interested?”

“Where-abouts do you live?”

“Actually, me and my friend have rented a cottage just across the road.”

“OK… I’ll have to see if I can borrow my Uncle’s mower; I’ll let you know on Friday, OK?”

“Yes; see you then.” And with that Janette hugged him briefly before they parted. Although it was only brief, Richard felt that her hug was more than just consoling.

Once again, his mates saw the encounter. This time it was William who ribbed him, “Are you and Miss Prentice an item already?”

Richard shrugged it off; “Come on. She’s just trying to be helpful.” But actually, he wished William was right.

William instantly quipped, “Yeah, sure.”

“Yeah! She just asked me if I would mow their lawn.”

“Their lawn?” He emphasised the ‘their’.

“Yeah; she said she shares a cottage with a friend.”

“Her friend must be the other trainee teacher, Miss Lambert.”

Now Walter added his tuppence worth, “I hope she’s going to pay you, eh?”

“Yeah; of cause she is.”

“With real money or…?” Walter didn’t say it, but he smiled and raised his eyebrows as he hinted at other possibilities.


At dinner on Thursday night, when his Uncle mentioned the garden, Richard finally plucked up the courage to ask if he could borrow the lawn mower on Saturday.

His Uncle immediately enquired, “Why do you need it?”

“I’ve been offered some money to mow the lawn where the school’s trainee teachers are staying.”

His Uncle was very pleased that Richard was going to earn some money for himself, however he did impose one condition; that was, that Richard mow the lawn there as well.


On Friday Richard sought out Miss Prentice. He finally saw her when he was on his way to the Physics lab.

He called out to her, “Miss Prentice!”

She turned and waited for him to approach.

“My Uncle said I can borrow his lawn mower; so, when should I come to mow your lawn?”

“Would 10 o’clock Saturday morning be OK?”

“Yes. I’ll see you then… Oh; by the way, which house is it?”

“Number 96, just across the road. It’s called, ‘The ah… The Oaks’.” And then as always, she gave him a smile and hug goodbye.

Richard thought it was truly nice to be hugged by a friend who knew how he felt, and yes, by then he considered Miss Prentice to be a friend.


So, on Saturday morning he started early and mowed the lawn at his Uncle’s place before he walked with the mower to the cottage of the trainee teachers. He had on an old short sleeved shirt; and to protect his feet and legs, he wore blue jeans and an old pair of lace-up school shoes.

He arrived a few minutes before 10 o’clock. At the front door he hesitated because the number near it looked like 69, not 96. However, the name was “The Oaks”.

Tentatively he knocked at front door of cottage.

Janette had only just finished having a shower and she rushed to the door dripping wet with a bath towel wrapped around her; it covered her breasts down to her pubic mound, but it didn’t hide her bald camel-toe.

“Oh hi, Mr Quinn. You’re early.”

Richard immediately noticed her dripping wet pussy and stood speechless for a moment, “Ah… The number had me confused;” he pointed at the broken house number.

“Yeah, its broken; we’re going to ask the agent to fix it. Do you need anything before you start?”

“Ah… No thanks, Miss Prentice.”

“I think we can be a little less formal given the circumstances.” She wasn’t referring to her being naked under the skimpy towel, but because they weren’t at school. She continued, “You can call me Janette here at İstanbul Escort the cottage. Do you mind if I call you Richard?”

“No Miss… I mean Janette.”

“OK Richard; come and see me when you’re finished.” And with that she turned and closed the door behind her. Richard had a brief glimpse of her firm well-formed buttocks as she turned.

Richard primed the mower’s carburettor, placed the choke in the ‘cold start’ position and gave the starting rope a swift pull, just as his Uncle had shown him. The mower was quite old, but thankfully it normally started on the first pull. Richard gave it a minute to warm up, and as he stood there all he could think of was Janette’s bald pussy and her flawless bottom.

It was one of those hot summer days in New South Wales; there was a north-westerly breeze which brought the heat of the inland across to the coast and made it very hot in the afternoon, often reaching 40 degrees C (104 degrees F). Thankfully, there was a southerly buster already working its way up the East Coast, but it was not expected to reach Cedar Hill until that evening.

Although it was still morning, the temperature was rising. By the time he had finished mowing the foot-path and the front lawn, he felt uncomfortably hot. So, before he started on the back lawn, he took off his shirt and placed it on the boundary fence.

Fanny sat near her bedroom window soaking up the sunlight as she read “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”. When Richard first pushed the roaring mower into the back-yard, Fanny looked up. She had of course see Richard at school, but never without his shirt. She immediately started to compare him with her mental image of Oliver Mellors, the gamekeeper in the book. Richard’s obvious 6-pack and his otherwise general fit appearance added favourably to this comparison.

However, Janette did not see Richard again until after she’d dressed. She put on a tight, sky blue T-shirt and a black pleated mini-skirt before she went from her bedroom into the kitchen. By then the house smelt of new mown grass. Richard was almost finished mowing; he was in fact cutting the grass around the trunks of the two oak trees. She could see the sweat rolling down his back and dripping from his forehead; so she went to the linen cupboard and grabbed a clean bath towel.

He was walking toward the fence to fetched his shirt when Janette called him, “Richard!”

He stopped and turned toward her as she approached, “Yeah; what is it?”

“Here, let me dry you off before you get your shirt.”

She dried his back and then his chest. There definitely was something very sexual about the way she run the towel down his chest to his groin. In fact, it became more so each time she repeated this action. Thus, her hand finally lingered upon his groin, where through the towel and his shorts she could feel the bulge of his arousal growing.

Up until then, she was convinced that all she wanted to do was comfort him, to care for him, to mother him; but now she realised she really wanted more; she wanted to be his girl, she wanted to take him to her to satisfy that need that grew within her, and she longed to please him in every way, even sexually.

She threw the towel over her shoulder and hugged him. As she moved her right leg between his legs, her thigh pressed against his crotch. This caused his right leg to be between her legs.

She rocked her hips ever so slightly so that her clit was gently massaged against his thigh. She turned her head and sucked his earlobe.

It was at this point that Fanny looked up once more from her reading and observed the two entangled bodies.

Richard was in two minds; firstly, wasn’t there an unwritten rule about teachers and their students; some sort of teachers’ Hippocratic oath. However, he remembered what Walter had said the first time Janette had hugged him, ‘She’s not a teacher yet; like she’s only a trainee. And she’s not a bad looker.’ Finally, his hormones took over.

So, when she kissed him, he responded by putting his lips about her bottom lip and tickled it with his tongue. Then he pressed his tongue into her mouth.

Richard had initially placed his arms around Janette, with his hands in the small of her back. But slowly he lowered his hands down until they pressed against her butt cheeks. He could feel their firm roundness and the crease just below each.

His right hand moved further down below the hem of her mini-skirt. Her skin was velvet smooth.

As she allowed him to explore her behind, she felt his cock grow even harder under his pants and press more firmly into her thigh.

She pressed her tongue between his lips; he responded by sliding his fingers between her legs and up under her skirt. As he felt nothing covering her cheeks, he thought she wasn’t wearing any panty. This ensured his complete and full arousal. However, as his fingers progressed forward, he discovered the slender slip of material of her thong briefs.

“Ooooh.” She moaned softly as his middle finger found her pussy lips; they were rounded and wet between. She continued playing tag with his tongue even as he massaged her clit.

She didn’t actually offer to relieve his sexual tension in so many words; she just pulled the zipper of his pants down. She could tell by his pleasant surprise that he was willing for her to continue.

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