Cottage Swinging Pt. 02

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I have received a lot of feedback asking what the rest of my weekend at the cottage entailed. I would like to thank my readers for their words of encouragement and dedicate “Cottage Swinging Pt II” to you.


The rest of the weekend

We sat out on the deck of their log cabin eating delicious barbecued chicken and roasted potatoes that Pam had prepared while we were out on the ATVs. The view was magnificent and the location couldn’t have been better. It was a smaller lake in the north with only a few cottages on it which were very well spaced for privacy.

Pouring some wine in my glass, Pam commented, “So…you guys had an interesting ride today.”

Dean chuckled, “Well, the ATVs weren’t the only thing that got a ride.”

My cheeks flushed slightly and we all laughed before the boys explained how things went down and I popped in occasionally to ensure an accurate retelling of the events. Pam smiled wide eyed as the story was told.

“I should have gone too!” she giggled

Dean chimed in, “Oh Pam, you knew damn well what was going to happen.”

Pam scooted herself along the picnic table until she was close enough to put her hand on David’s thigh. He looked at her with a sly grin.

“I sure hope there is a lot more of what she got in here!” she moved her hand and grabbed his crotch.

“I’ve got lots in there for you Pam, you know me.” He smiled back.

We girls cleaned up dinner and the boys built a fire for us to relax by after. Pam and I went out to find the boys lying on chez loungers wrapped in blankets tightly.

When Pam inquired as to where her seat was, David opened his blanket and revealed his nakedness to her. She wasted no time in jumping in the blanket beside him. I looked to Dean and he already had his blanket open and smiling like the Cheshire cat as I made my way to my fireside seat.

Dean squeezed my breasts through the t-shirt I had thrown on. I wasn’t wearing a bra and this seemed to please him immensely. I could feel his hard cock pressing in to my back as he squeezed and massaged my breasts. Unlike most guys, he was a real “tit man” and knew how to love the entire breast, not just play with and focus all his attention on my nipples.

I could have lay there all night letting him massage my breasts, but he clearly would not be up for that.

“Maybe you should follow Pam’s lead Grace.” He pointed across the fire and giggled.

Pam was nowhere to be seen except for pasty white feet sticking out in the open air at the end of the lounger. It was much darker now, but I could make out a rather large bump flipping the blanket up and down as she sucked his cock.

Turning around I slid under the blanket too. Dean immediately tied his fingers up in my hair as if to guide me to his cock. I sucked his cock right in to my mouth without any teasing or play and he gasped loudly.

My hand grabbed his balls and I started working his cock with my mouth and other hand.

“FUCK ME!” His scream echoing across the lake. “You are the best fucking cock sucker ever Grace!”

I proudly pushed his cock down my throat in response to such a glorious compliment. His hips bucked gently and I held him deep in my throat. Every swallow would grip and milk his cock trying to empty his seed.

“Oh my god Grace, don’t make me cum yet!” He pulled my face off his cock.

The silent night exploded in groans as David unleashed a load of explicit words in to the night air as his cum exploded in to Pam’s waiting mouth. The bump under David’s blanket stopped moving and I knew the sizable load she was trying to swallow too well.

I looked back up at Dean who guided me back down to his cock. “Fuck it, empty my cock for me baby!”

I put his head of his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue wildly on the underside. Dean squirmed under me. I popped it out of my mouth and stroked it all the while flicking my tongue against its delicate underside.

“Suck it, oh god please put it back in your mouth.” Dean begged.

I ran my tongue up and down the shaft, tormenting his most delicate of areas until he whimpered. The hands in my hair tightened and I knew he was close. I began to stroke him slower and focused my attention back on the head. I let him slide in my lips to the rim of his swollen head before slipping back off again.

His breathing became ragged and I was expecting a big load any moment now.

“Please, please I’m begging you let me cum in your mouth again!” He was really begging for me to let him explode in my throat again.

His cock was leaking like a faucet and I actually thought he may be cumming, but he was just really excited. I had never felt such a volume of precum every time my tongue passed over his helmet. I put my lips back over him and slowly slid him deep in to my mouth. I barely made it to the opening of my throat when he erupted like a volcano. Screaming out, he filled the night air again and I couldn’t help but wonder what illegal bahis people on the other side of the lake were thinking.

By the time I came up for air, Pam was already climbing out of the blanket cocoon and declaring that it was time to go inside. The mosquitoes were starting to get crazy from all the heat. We grabbed our things and went in to the living area to finish our drinks.

“What a start to a great weekend!” She beamed. Pam sat next to me on the big couch. Her hand rubbed the tender skin of my thigh.

Pam was the only woman I had met that was truly unbiased about the gender she was playing with. I’m definitely a guy loving woman. I don’t mind playing with a girl by any means, but I really love cock. Pam was content with either.

Between the three of them, I was going to be an exhausted woman.

We finished our wine and decided we should call it a night so we could get an early start to the morning. David and I headed to our room and weren’t even settled when we heard the familiar screams of Pam getting fucked silly. Clearly Dean had some pent up need to fuck and was likely imagining that Pam was me.

The next morning, the sun exploded through the ceiling to floor windows and there was no sleeping in. We made our way to the kitchen where Pam was standing cooking breakfast while Dean set the table for breakfast.

“Need any help?” I asked

“Nope, it will be ready shortly.” She quickly responded. “Go have a seat and we’ll bring it out to you.”

At breakfast we made our plans for the day. The boys were heading out on the lake to fish and we girls were going to suntan on the deck.

Walking down to the dock in our bikinis I watched Pam’s hips sway gently. Her bottoms couldn’t have been skimpier and were pretty much non-existent in the back. He cheeks jiggled gently as she led us down to the dock.

As I setup my towel on the chaise lounge, I glanced over to see Pam standing completely naked. Her blonde hair was vibrant against her tanned skin. She had perfect full C cup breasts and the years did not take their toll on them. They stood proudly on her chest in all their natural glory. I watched her as she flipped her towel quickly and laid down.

“You shy now?” She teased.

“Well…no. You do have neighbours though.” I retorted.

“Pfft, who cares if they watches us tan!” Her smile was huge. “Are you taking that off or did you need help?”

“Okay, sheesh!” I reached up my back undoing my top before pulling it over my head. Pam’s eyes never left me.

“Bottoms too prissy!” she said as he positioned her head on her hands to focus on me.

“Getting a good look pervy?” I giggled as I slid my bottoms off and put them with my top on the deck.

I lay down and propped myself up on my elbows looking at Pam. “You must tan like this all the time. You don’t have a single tan line on your body.”

“I do whenever I can. I noticed you don’t have tan lines either Grace.” She pointed at my pasty white skin with a smirk.

“I think we should put some of this on you hon.” She reached underneath her grabbing sun block.

“Thank God!” I said reaching out for the sun block. “I forgot all about that when I packed.”

“I think I better put this on you so you don’t miss anywhere.” Before I could blink, she was on the edge of my lounger.

A cold drop of sun block landed on my mid back. I gasped in shock. Another followed closely behind only lower on my back. “Jeez woman! That is COLD!”

Pam didn’t say a word, she just giggled. Another drop landed in the crack of my ass

“You are terrible at this Pam! TERRIBLE!” I playfully scolded her.

Pam finally put the bottle down and her soft hands started spreading the drops over the small of my back. She slowly worked the drops on my back in before she moved to the crack of my ass.

“You have the perfect little ass Grace.” She squeezed it quickly before giving one cheek a gentle spank.

She was nicer with the sun block application as she covered the rest of my back, legs and ass. Her hands felt amazing and melted in to the lounger as she slowly and methodically massaged my body.

“Flip!” she ordered.

I turned around without hesitation and she began applying lotion at my feet. Slowly she worked her way up my legs. Her touch was sensual and she knew exactly what she was doing to me. Slowly she moved her hands up my legs, gently parting them to get lotion on my inner thighs.

I closed my eyes as the side of her hand brushed the flesh of my bald pussy. She continued as if not to notice occasionally gliding her hand back so it touched my pussy. After my hips and stomach she made her way up to my breasts.

Pam’s eyes starred in to my soul as she gently massaged the lotion I to me. Squeezing my breasts firmly and making my nipples hard against the cool breeze off the lake.

“Um…you forgot a very important spot!” I pointed to my pussy.

“It won’t get burned Grace. My casino siteleri face will be covering that area!” Holding my breasts she leaned down and kissed my lips. I ran my hand up her short cropped hair and pulled her face to mine as our tongues met.

Pam broke our kiss and quickly climbed between my legs. Wasting no time, she stabbed her tongue at the folds of my pussy. Her tongue flipped and licked them until they were parted allowing her to begin probing my tight hole.

“You have the tightest little pussy Grace!” Her voice was muffled. “No wonder Dean wants to fuck it so bad, you are tight. My tongue barely fits in you!”

“Mm mm, less talk more tongue missy!” I pulled her face in to me as I ground myself against her mouth.

With her mouth covering my pussy, her tongue moved from probing me to teasing my clit. It was sensation overload. Her hands squeezed my tits firmer now as her mouth ravished my pussy. I began to pant loudly and she knew I was close.

Maintaining her pace I began to buck my hips. Forcing my most sensitive parts where I needed them on her tongue until I screamed out. “OHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!!”

Pam kept licking me as I bucked like a wild bronco. Her firm grip on my tits and her face pushing my hips down pinning me in an endless orgasm. My pussy squirted like a fire hose and she maintained her relentless assault of my pussy.

“Oh my god please! Pam PLEASE! No more. I’m so fucking sensitive!” My neck strained in an attempt to make eye contact with her.

Her eyes were closed and her face was soaked from my juices. Every time my orgasm started to subside she would set it off again. I felt like the entire lake could hear me screaming out in ecstasy. When she thought I had enough she slowly removed her tongue from me.

She looked down proudly as she starred down at my spent body. “Do you think David would be okay with me fucking you?” She slowly applied lotion to my pussy to ensure I didn’t burn.

I lay there starring in to the sky in a post orgasmic high. “You should ask him tonight.”

As lunch rolled around Pam and I made our way up to the cottage to prepare something for us. Standing nude in the kitchen we prepared sandwiches as we watched the boat pull in to the dock.

“Are you girls having fun?” Dean smiled at the sight of our nakedness.

Dean walked over and kissed Pam deeply while his hand reached over and cupped my ass squeezing it. I moved over to them and he kissed switched between kissing the two of us.

“Wow! What am I missing out on?” David chuckled as he entered.

“I can taste your little wife’s pussy on my wife’s lips Dave.” He turned breaking our embrace.

David kissed Pam immediately. “Yes, I do believe these girls were up to no good.”

Pam and I just smiled and made our way to the table with the food. We ate and the talk went from fishing to the details of our tanning fun.

“How would you feel about me fucking Grace?” Pam looked across the table at David.

“I guess that would be fine, if Grace is good with it.” He looked to me for a reaction.

“We’ll play it by ear then.” I smiled and finished my sandwich.

David and I grabbed the plates and made our way in to the kitchen to clean them up. David pressed himself against my bare ass and I could feel how hard he was through his trunks. His hands wandered my body before one settled on my pussy.

His fingers spread me and my wetness was very evident as he slid a finger in to me. Kissing my neck, he whispered, “I think someone needs to get fucked.”

I pressed my neck and ear to his mouth. David’s shorts hit the ground and his hard cock was wedged between my thighs. I squeezed his cock as he slowly moved it in a fucking motion between my legs. His swollen head brushed my clit and gathered wetness from lips.

With his hand between my shoulder blades he leaned me over the sink holding me there. His free hand lined his cock up and slowly brushed it over my opening. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted to be fucked and he didn’t make me wait. His cock stretched me open and pushed deeply in to my pussy.

His cock was rock hard as he started plunging himself in and out of me, pushing me tighter against the counter as he massaged my pussy deeply.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna explode baby! Where do you want it?” His breath laboured the words.

Pam came running in like a mad woman. “In my mouth!”

I couldn’t help but giggle as she kneeled on the floor and pressed her face against my hip in anticipation of David’s load.

He pulled his cock out and put it in Pam’s mouth. “Suck that cock! Show me you want my load.”

I watched as David pushed his cock down her throat. He had one hand on her head guiding his cock in and the other squeezing my breast. We kissed as he fucked Pam’s throat hard and she loved it.

“You ready for this load?” He pulled his cock from her mouth and starred down from his height. His hand grabbed a handful of her hair poker siteleri as he began to jerk his cock towards her mouth.

I turned around and quickly began massaging his balls. I wanted to see him shoot his load in her mouth. Pam’s mouth was an inch away from his cock and her tongue flicked wildly at the tip of his cock begging for his seed.

“HERE IT COMES!” He screamed out as his cock began to explode.

The first shot hit her upper lip and tongue. The second flood of cum shot across her high cheek bones and nose. It was clear that David wanted to shoot on her face the entire time when he started to rub his cum in to her with his cock.

Pam grabbed his cock and sucked him deep in to her throat and mouth. “Mmm, your cum is so fucking good.” She said stroking him as she released him from her mouth.

“My turn now!” Dean moved in to position and I kneeled down beside Pam.

He put a hand on each of our heads. “You look good with all that cum on your face baby!” He smiled down at Pam. “This load is going on Grace’s face.”

I opened my mouth and he began to fuck my mouth. Pam licked his shaft and balls occasionally kissing the side of my mouth. Dean was rock hard as well and I knew that two of us would make short work of him. Pam began stroking his cock; jerking it in to my mouth as I teased and sucked the head of his cock.

His cock dripped seed like a faucet and I knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“Oh fuck yeah! You girls are way too good at that you little sluts!” He grunted out. “I need to fuck!”

Pam stood up and adopted the position over the counter as Dean pushed himself in to her quickly. He fucked her hard and deep immediately. I stood up and kissed him as he probed the crack of my ass while he fucked his wife.

“One day I want to fuck that tight little pussy of yours too Grace!” He mumbled in my mouth as we kissed. I reached down grabbing his balls just in time to feel him explode in Pam.

“HEY! That was supposed to be mine.” I fake pouted as he pulled his softening cock from her.

Kneeling down I took him in to my mouth. I stroked and sucked him until cum stopped oozing out of it.

Pam turned around and pulled my face to her pussy. “I believe this belongs to you.”

I began licking her folds gently but she was having no part of that. She likes it a bit rougher and began grinding her pussy on my face using me as a fuck toy. Deans cum leaked out and she smeared it all over my face.

David began kissing her while Dean sucked on her tit causing her to orgasm. She held my face tight as her pussy convulsed wildly and she pushed all the cum out of her. Her muffled moans as wave after wave washed over her.

Inevitably, she released her grip on me and I removed my face. I was covered in cum from ear to ear.

“That’s much better!” Dean exclaimed with a smile.

Pam and I jumped in the shower and cleaned each other off. It was a lot of kissing and soap for the most part. Afterward, we walked our naked bodies back to our tanning area until the late afternoon sun began to set causing the air to cool.

It was our last night at that cottage and I knew it was going to get crazy. As we packed up the towels and gathered our things, the boys were up at the cabin puttering around.

As we passed the Sauna, Dean called out to me. “Wanna warm up?”

I looked at Pam to see if she was coming. “You two have fun.” She waved me off and continued to the cottage.

Stepping inside it was so wonderfully warm. I realized immediately why Dean had only poked his head out when he called to me. He was buck naked. It was also evident that this was not spontaneous when I saw a make shift bed in the corner of the sauna.

Pointing to the cushions Dean said, “Care to get comfortable?”

I took his hand and stepped up to the padded area he had made for us.

“You make me so fucking hot Grace!” He focused on my body. “I think about fucking that sweet little pussy all the time.”

We kissed as the heat bathed us his hands traced my body. One hand began slowly fucking my pussy as we kissed. I moaned gently in his mouth. My hand searched blindly until I found his hard cock and began stroking it. He gasped immediately as my hand wrapped around him.

He slowly kissed his way down my body before climbing between my wide spread legs. As he leaned over me to kiss me his cock pressed against my pussy. We held our kiss as the shaft of his cock was forced downwards towards the crack of my ass. It strained and I could feel the rim of his head between my cheeks.

Breaking our kiss he sat up between my legs. “One day!” He patted my pussy.

His face dove in to my pussy and he licked and sucked me until my first orgasm snuck up on me. Sucking my clit gently, he began to fuck my pussy with a couple fingers. His free finger danced across my ass as he pushed them in and out of my pussy.

Playing with my pussy, he wet his third finger and returned it to my ass. As he pressed it against me my pussy erupted in another earth shattering orgasm. My wild hip thrusts forced his finger in to my ass where he began to fuck both my pussy and ass simultaneously.

He slowly pulled his fingers from me and sat up on his knees. “Touch yourself.”

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