Courtney Pays For College

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Courtney turned 18 shortly after graduating high school. She grew up in a small town, a member of a conservative, christian middle-class home. Her parents worked hard to give her some of the little extras while growing up, but couldn’t seem to get far ahead financially.

Being middle-class, paying for college was going to be a challenge. Courtney is a smart girl, getting accepted to a prestigious catholic college. She looked for scholarships and grants, but failed to get the cash to attend. She decided she wouldn’t take out loans and go into debt. The $56,000 bill came in the summer before her freshman year. Stress overwhelmed her. How to pay for college was all she could think about. Then she saw a news segment about sex work. This was her opportunity.

Being raised in a good catholic home, she retained her virtue and virginity. In her internet searches, she found that a virgin can fetch a hefty sum of money. Courtney started an Only Fans page to get her fund raising idea out. Selling risque pics to get her followers up, she quickly had over 1000 followers from around the world. She began an online auction to sell her virginity. Courtney stood 5 foot 5 and 105 lbs with perky b cup breasts and a perfectly trimmed pussy.

The auction would last 2 weeks, allowing her a week to get back home and prepare herself for the upcoming school year. She started the bidding with a reserve of $5,000. She had no idea how in demand a young American virgin could be. An arab prince and a member of the British royal family started a bidding war. An hour into the auction, the bidding was over $65,000. Courtney knew she had enough to get through her first year of college, so her stress level dropped. As the bidding continued, she added more pics and even a couple videos touching herself. This seemed to drive the bidding to a new level. When the bidding exceeded $250,000, she considered shutting it down and taking the high bidder’s offer early. After talking to her friends about it, she decided to keep it going. As word of the auction continued, the bidding rose exponentially. Politicians, businessmen and actors from around the globe all got in on the bidding war. In the final day of the auction, the wagers went wild, Finally ending at $2.5 million. Courtney was amazed that she could Şirinevler escort command such a sum. The nerves started to set in, knowing that she would soon be losing her virginity to a complete stranger.

This is where I come into the story. I won the auction. I’m a wealthy Chicago businessman with a net worth of $450-475 million depending on how the market does. I sent my company jet to pick Courtney up at a small airstrip near her home. She had about 3 days of clothing packed, as we would be spending just a weekend in Australia. I was waiting for her when she arrived at a rented office space i held at O’hare. I’ll never forget how stunning she looked when she walked through the door, escorted by my secretary. I stood and shook her hand as I did with all new business acquaintances. I finished the last few notes on my work, and looked into Courtney’s eyes. We went out for a late lunch in Chicago to discuss the weekend ahead of us. She was obviously nervous, but a cosmo with lunch relaxed her a bit. We discussed the terms of our contract. She explained that $2.5 million would get me 1 night of protected vaginal sex only. I told her she would need to perform orally on me and give a lap dance as foreplay. I got her to agree to anything I wanted. Courtney was an expert negotiator. Each time I requested more, the price went up. By the time we finished lunch, she had conceded to my demands, however the price increased to $4.6 million. Her prowess as a negotiator turned me on more than the thought of fucking her.

I took her to the Trump hotel where I had the presidential suite booked. We ate a light dinner at Terrace 16 on the roof of the hotel. A bottle of wine was delivered to our room. After some light conversation and a bottle of merlot, we decided to get to business.

She politely excused herself to the bathroom, and emerged in a crotchless black fishnet catsuit. I was rock hard as soon as she walked to me. Courtney turned on some music and sauntered to me, sat on my lap and gently began to grind. Her perfect ass rubbed my cock better than I’ve ever had. She arose and unzipped my pants, careful to not touch it directly, pulled my cock out. As Courtney straddled me, she rocked back and forth, I felt her pussy juices dripping on me. Ataköy escort She was so wet. As she worked her magic rubbing my cock she forced her tits into my mouth. Her nipples were as erect as my rod. Courtney’s breasts were a modest b cup, but full and perky. They smelled of lavender. The harder I sucked, the harder she worked my dick. Then suddenly she stopped. She arose, leaned in and kissed me. At this point, my young whore lowered herself to her knees and kissed the head of my cock. Gently at first, then slowly licked up and down my shaft. Massaging my balls as she sucked me, I reached out and tweaked her nipples. She squealed a bit when I pinched harder. Courtney went deep on my rod and sucked harder than I’ve ever had. I blew my load instantly. She swallowed every drop.

We made our way to the sofa, wrapped ourselves in the fluffy hotel bathrobes and sipped champagne and ate fresh Door County cherries. After about an hour of small talk, we discussed how the rest of the evening would go. I told her I would carry her to the gold-trim California King size bed blindfolded. It would be there where I would seduce and deflower her. She wanted more information, but I refused. I excused myself for a moment and grabbed a silk blindfold. Came back to her and gently wrapped it around her forehead, then slowly dropping it over her eyes. I massaged her temples, as I could see she was nervous. She was trembling as I massaged her. I could feel the nerves slowly dissipate as I touched her.

I carried her to the bed and laid her down. I kissed her passionately as I held her down. I wrapped leather cuffs around her wrists, fastening them just tight enough to keep her restrained. Kissing her wrists and licking up her arms as I made my way down her body. Moving my lips across hers gently, I slowly, softly kissed her neck, then her breasts. I stopped for a minute to grind my cock against her swollen clit. She moaned quietly. As I continued down her perfect body, I licked around her belly button. She tried to wiggle her way out of the cuffs as I tickled her with my tongue.

Finally I arrived at my ultimate destination. Her pussy was sweet as the cherries we ate earlier in the evening. She wriggled and writhed in ecstacy as my tongue slid across her love Bakırköy escort button. Fingers inside her oh so softly. First one, then two. Her lady cum was dripping down her ass crack now. Using her love juice as lubricant, I ran a finger into her shit hole. Two fingers in her cunt, one in her ass. All the while, teasing and lapping her clit and sucking on her pussy lips. I felt her clench on my fingers as she climaxed for the first time of the evening.

I worked my way back up her body, now face to face, I kissed her lips. She tasted herself on my face and licked her love off me. I grated my stiff rod against her rotating until she came again from the passionate rubbing. As her quivering subsided, I whispered “It’s time.”

I placed the tip to her opening. She pushed against me in hopes of pulling me inside her. I pulled away. I wasn’t going to give it all to her at once. Again I moved my swollen purple head to her hole. Ever so slowly sliding in. Just the head. I worked the tip in and out for what seemed like an hour. Gradually sliding in deeper. Working her in and out. Kissing her lips and neck all the while, In and out, slightly deeper every thrust. When I finally got balls deep into her pussy, She was moaning and begging for more. Grinding and squirming against my pelvis, she came so hard, she gripped my cock with such force, I thought I’d never get my dick out of her. Not that I wanted to.

I felt her squirt a little. It spewed from her snatch and splashed on my balls. With this, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I exploded inside her. The young, beautiful Courtney was filled with semen for the first time. As I pulled out of her, my seed dripped out. I removed her cuffs and she snuggled up next to me.

My little cumslut said “please hold me for a minute.” I obliged and whispered, “You fulfilled your obligation to our contract, you are free to leave if you’d like. However, I’ll be staying here for the remainder of the week and I’d appreciate your company.” She didn’t say a word after that, just fell asleep. I can only imagine what she dreamed about.

When we awoke in the morning, I brewed coffee and had croissants brought to the room. We ate and discussed the prior nights events. She was pleased with the end result, as was I.

As Courtney left the room, I told her I would have a job for her after law school. I can always use another attorney to keep me and my business dealings out of trouble. She smiled and turned away, not saying a word.

I hope one day I get her resume. I’d really love to work with her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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