Cousin Benny

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Benny was my cousin from my mother’s side. When I was younger I rarely saw him since he and his mother lived in another state. But after he graduated high school, he got accepted in a university in the town I lived in. Though he shared a room near the university with his friend, his mother made him promise to visit us every week. Surprisingly, he never broke his promise. Sometimes he spent the weekend with us in our tiny apartment. He claimed that he missed homemade food. I suspected that his roommate got a girlfriend and he needed to evacuate when they need some sexy time.

Now my parents weren’t that rich. We didn’t have that many furniture to fill our limited space. Our living room only consisted of a small tv and one ugly loveseat that’s uncomfortable for sleeping. Since there’s no space left, whenever Benny asked to stay over my parents would let him sleep in a sleeping bag in my room. But during the winters the floor was not very welcoming for sleeping, so one night I let him sleep with me in my bed. It’s not big, but neither am I. It’s got enough space for me and Benny to sleep together. My parents found out, but they let him because they never found us in any compromising position. So after that whenever he needed to stay the night he always slept with me in my bed.

It was a week after my 18th birthday. Mom and dad left for the night to a funeral and would be back in the morning. I decided to spend my night reading books I borrowed from a friend. It was almost midnight when I heard the front door getting unlocked and opened. I went out my room to see Benny coming in.

“Oh hey, Jane, are your parents asleep already? I’m sorry to come this late but I forgot the time and the bus is off. I’m too lazy to walk home, so I thought I’d just crash your bed again.”

“It’s okay. Mom and Dad went to this funeral and won’t be back until tomorrow morning. I’m gonna finish this book so you can go to bed now and I’ll join you in awhile.”

“Right. Thanks, Jane.” By that, he went into my room. I finished reading my book in the kitchen and went to my room to find Benny already asleep in his t-shirt and boxer. Since I’m already in my pajamas (tank top and shorts) I went straight to bed next to Benny, pull up the cover and drifted to sleep.

Sometime in the night Benny put his hand on my belly and spooned me. It’s not unusual, he did that occasionally, or it could be the other way around. I put my hand on top of his and continued to sleep.

I woke up with something hard poking my butt. I realized that Benny was still spooning me and his morning wood was getting too close to my ass. I looked out to the window to see it’s not quite bright yet, that means it’s still early morning. I tried to move away from Benny but his arm was so tight around my body. I didn’t get any further from him and instead gave a lot of rub to his crotch.

My shorts material were thin and I only wore a thong underneath so I could feel his hardness on my private parts. Our position wasn’t helping, I was a little bent so my pussy was aligned with his cock. All those rubbing had made me wet. I started feeling horny. I poked him with my elbow and he still didn’t wake up. I began to ground my hips back to his erection.

His boxer were made of thin material too but it was a little bit loose. At some point I think the rubbing I did made the tip of his cock escort bayan bursa slip out of his boxer. I parted my thighs a little bit to let his cock slide on my covered pussy. I was very wet. I squeezed his hardness against my clit and tried to hold my moan.

A few minutes later I realized Benny’s hips were grounding back at me. I thought it was only my imagination, but his hand slid inside my tank top and started feeling up my breasts. I also heard his panting on my ears. His reaction didn’t stop me, it only made me even wetter. We grounded our hips frantically. I felt my orgasm coming up and squeezed my thighs when it finally came.

I hid my face in the pillow, trying to muffle my delightful scream as waves of orgasm crash across my body. I heard Benny’s grunt and all of a sudden my shorts were getting wet with his ejaculation. His sperm were all over my crotch area and dripping to the cover.

“Jane, we’re home!”

A sense of panic made me shot out of the bed. I grabbed a robe and got out of my room as soon as possible.

“Hi mom, hi dad. I was just going to take a shower. Benny came and stayed the night. He’s not up yet, do you want me to wake him?” I prayed silently that my parents would say no because I couldn’t face Benny after what happened.

“It’s okay, honey, let him rest. He’ll wake up when he wakes up,” said my dad.

“O..okay,” I stuttered, “Do you need any help?”

“Yes, sweetie, would you please help me unpack? I want to rest for awhile.”

“Sure,” I gladly answered because now I had things to do to avoid Benny and I needed some time to calm myself down.

An hour later I heard Benny came out and had a chat with my parents. I then heard him going to the bathroom to take shower. I sighed and went out to help my mom to prepare lunch.

Lunch was nice. My parents managed to dominate the conversation with the talk about the funeral and I found myself conversing normally with Benny. Everything seemed to be normal for the rest of the day, but I started to worry about what would happen in the night.

It was 11 pm. My parents already said goodnight and went to their room. I wanted to wait for Benny to go to sleep first but apparently he had the same idea as well. I gave up and went to my room. I was still wearing my jeans and shirt. I needed to change to something more comfortable to sleep. The thought of what happened this morning excited me. I wanted it to happened again, so I chose the only nightdress I own. It’s nothing fancy, just a plain, cotton dress with short sleeves. But since I’ve grown taller, the dress had been very very short on me. I only wore a thong underneath and if I bent over, you could see all my goodies.

Feeling sexy enough, I decided to hop in my bed and hid under the cover. I waited for Benny to come in. It was a long wait, I nearly dozzed off when I heard the sound of my door opening and Benny came in. I heard ruffling sounds from Benny taking off his jeans. He slowly lifted his covers and slid beside me.

He didn’t notice at first. I was pretending to be asleep. He was moving around, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position when his knee nudged my bare thigh. He stopped and stayed still. Perhaps he waited if I got woken up by his touch. After awhile he rubbed his knee against my thigh up until he touched my almost bare ass. His bursa sinirsiz eskort knee stayed on my ass for a little bit.

Then I felt his palm on my knee, rubbing it up my thigh until my hips. He moved his hand to my butt cheeks and gave each of them a little squeeze. I slightly parted my legs, and his fingers found their way to my pussy. He rubbed his fingers on top of my thong. He traced the outline of my visible pussy lips through the fabrics of my thong and rubbed them until I got wet. His fingers slid under the thong and went straight to my clit and massaged it. I started to squeeze his hand. He slowly removed his hand from me and got out of the bed.

I was afraid that he chickened out, but then he came back to bed. With his hand he moved my thigh a bit further so there’s now a little gap to access my crotch. I felt something touched my thong covered pussy again. I thought it was his finger, but it was thick. I soon realized it was his cock. My pussy was drenched with my juices, and it lubricated Benny’s cock so he could move it smoothly.

I felt his hips move against mine. By this time I was already turned on so I let my hips moved back against his. When his hips went quicker I got even bolder. I grabbed his hand that was on my hips and brought it inside my dress to my bare tits. If he was surprised, he surely didn’t show it because he just grabbed my tit and pinched my nipple.

I was getting more turned on and all of a sudden I got an idea. I yanked my thong off and threw it away. Now his dick was sliding on my bare pussy. It didn’t take long until I felt his head teasing into the entrance of my pussy. I tried angling my hips and push back, and after a few thrust, his dick was completely buried inside my pussy. I was no virgin so it could slid in without any trouble.

We were now fucking in spooning position. We tried hard to be as silent as possible because my parents room was exactly next to my room and of course we didn’t want to wake them up. It was kinda difficult because this position made Benny’s dick rubbed my g-spot and I had to hold down my whimper every time. My pussy was getting too sensitive and suddenly my orgasm exploded. A small moan escaped my lips before Benny’s hand clasped in front of my mouth. It caused us to slow down for awhile. I was feeling sore already, but Benny didn’t stop because he hadn’t cum already.

When he felt my body started to relax he increased his tempo. His hand was back on my tits again, squeezing my nipples. I started to get turned on again so I matched his movement. After quite awhile I felt his dick grew bigger and more tense inside of me. I knew he was close. He then put his hand between my thighs and pinched my clitoris. It got me really close and when he slammed deep and started spurting his seeds inside of me I cum harder than the first time. My body buckled. Benny slammed and slammed his dick inside my pussy while sending his warm fluid into my womb.

I was a little bit concerned with the absence of a condom and it’s been awhile since I took my pills. But I was sure Benny’s clean and I could always take the morning after pill. So I just enjoyed the feeling of Benny’s semen inside of me as my orgasm subsided. I could hear Benny’s breathing slowed down and his cock eventually shrinked and slipped out of my pussy. We escort bayan both fell asleep.

In the morning, around the same time we had our first rendezvous yesterday, I woke up to a heavy feeling. Turned out Benny was awake and he was on top of me trying to spread my legs with his knees. He smiled at me and I smiled back sleepily, and with that he stuck his morning wood inside my pussy. He rode me on a steady pace. I slowly lifted my legs and locked them behind his hips, liking this position. It didn’t take long for us to reach our peak. Once again, he spilled his seeds in my unprotected womb. The idea of getting impregnated by my own cousin was starting to be appealing. I couldn’t remember if it’s my fertile time or not, but I couldn’t keep smiling at the opportunity.

While his dick was still in my pussy, we heard a knock on my door. “Wake up, Benny, Jane! Breakfast is almost ready! Go brush your teeth and have breakfast with us,” shouted my mom. We panicked for awhile and grabbed any clothes we could. Benny tried to put his jeans on and I just put on my robes. I went out my room.

We had breakfast and my parents announced that they’re leaving early today to some place I couldn’t catch. I was distracted by the feeling of Benny’s sperm leaking out my pussy and soaking my robes. I glanced nervously at Benny and didn’t concentrate much. Finally breakfast was done, for my parents at least. They were soon gone. I saw Benny watching them leave from the window. I let out a relieved sigh and went to the closest kitchen counter to steady myself.

Soon I felt Benny’s hands on my hips. They slid down to the hem of my robes and lift it up to expose my dripping pussy.


“Sshh.. Jane.. Don’t tell me that this is wrong because I know it, and you don’t know how turned on I am when I realized how wrong it felt,” Benny whispered in my ears, “And I wonder if you feel it’s wrong too because all I get was the right reactions.” He pinched my nipples. I moaned. “Feel that?” He grabbed my hand and brought it to his still swollen dick. “Feel this..” I felt his cock with my hand and it was still wet from my juices. I moved my hand back and forth along his shaft. “That feels really good, Jane..”

I gave his cock a hard squeeze. “Fuck!” He suddenly pushed me towards the counter. I spread my legs as I felt that familiar hardness against my pussy lips. He thrust hard against me and I screamed. He started fucking my from behind. This time it was harder and quicker.

“Do you like getting fucked by your cousin? Say yes, Jane.”

“Yes! Yes! I like it! I like having my cousin’s cock in my pussy!”

“Hell yeah that sounds hot!”

His balls were slapping against my clit and he fucked me harder and faster like an animal.

“Benny, I’m cumming!”

“Yes, I’m cumming too! I’m gonna blow my load inside of you!”

My pussy walls automatically squeezed Benny’s dick as orgasm hit me. That triggered Benny to ejaculate in my pussy. Loads and loads of cum were shot. It was too much it started to leak out my pussy and dripped on my thighs. Our body collapsed on the kitchen counter.

I didn’t get pregnant, which was a shame to me. But we kept stealing time to fuck each other like rabbits. Benny never put a condom, thinking I was on pills. I had just graduated highschool when finally the testpack showed up positive. Benny graduated from college around the same time. He convinced my parents that he got a job offer out of town and that I should take a year off to go with him before preparing myself for college. I didn’t know how he did it, but parents was pretty convinced. We finally moved out before I started to show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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