Cousin’s Girlfriend

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Everyone in this story is over 18. This story is purely for enjoyment and fantasy.


Back in my younger days I had a core group of friends, and we liked to pass a girl like someone would pass a blunt. We all had a thing for older women. That being said, it wasn’t unusual to be in the same room with other people while we all had a girl too smash.

One of my closest friends happened to be my slightly older cousin. (By one day, and he never let me forget it) We were both 18 at the time of this story. This story is about his girlfriend and I.

My cousin James has always been good with women. Hell he managed to fuck our principle’s wife on his 18th birthday. He was the kind of kid who developed early. He always looked older than he was, which later in life allowed him to sleep with women of all ages. James was like a “God” in our eyes.

So it was no surprise to anyone when he met Ashley, and 18 year old temptress, at a party and they instantly hit it off. She was a cute girl. Everything she wore was cute. Everything she did was cute. She had a nice 5′ 4″ frame with thick legs and a nice plump ass. I often found myself gazing at it. The one thing that wasn’t cute about Ashley was the fact that she HATED me. At the time of this story, they had been going out for over a year.

I have a personality that will cause you to love me or hate me. Nothing in between. You could imagine this caused some awkwardness because James and I kicked it almost every day. Days that Ashley and I spent around each other were filled with dirty looks and snide remarks. I honestly didn’t understand what her deal was. James said he talked to her several times and she just would say there was something about me that got to her.

But funny thing was, I caught Ashley on numerous occasions checking me out. Especially in my groin region. When she would realize she was caught she would turn bright red and act like I disgusted her.

I never told James about her wondering bedava bahis eyes for a few reasons. Mainly I didn’t see the harm and quite frankly I enjoyed it. Like I said before. She was cute and had an amazing body. What guy wouldn’t want a girl like that checking them out…

I never thought her and I would get along until one night an unlikely chain of events takes place.

I would often stay at James’s house because he had a Playstation. Back then my mom didn’t have the money to waste on a game console. I love games and have always been a gamer. So I would spend my time playing games at cousin’s house whether he was there or not.

One night, a week or so before graduation, I was gaming at his house when he texted me and asked if I was at his house. He and Ashley had been out smoking and she didn’t want to go home yet because she was still really high. They wanted to come back to his place and chill. I replied back that I was playing the new game he’d gotten a few days prior. I had immersed myself into the game and didn’t want to stop, so I told him I wanted to stay and continue my progress.

At first he seemed annoyed, and I immediately realized he wanted to get laid. I texted him and told him he wouldn’t even realize I’m there. He seemed cool with it and a few minutes later I heard them stumble up the steps. They walked in the room and he fell straight on the bed.

As Ashley began to lay next to him, he chastised me for not going to the party. Apparently it had been epic. Focused on my game I could only manage a few “ya, okays” to him before he realized I was balls deep into playing the game.

Truth was, I had gone through a bad break up with my long term girlfriend. We had been going out for 2 years. With college approaching, she didn’t think we should continue to go out. Quoting her, “it would make it easier to do it now, rather than after graduation.”

I half heartedly agreed with her reasoning. That was until I saw her at casino siteleri a party two weeks later going upstairs with a guy who had graduated two years before. So much for love huh… Anyways enough about that. Where was I…

I must of really been concentrating hard because I failed to realize how quiet they had gotten. I turned around to see them under the covers, and I could see Ashleys head bobbing up and down. As I said before, I’m used to being around people fucking but I never seen Ashley and James fuck. He has fucked other girls in front of me. But never her. She was “special”. His words not mine.

So imagine my surprise when I am witnessing them fooling around. The lights were off and the only light is the one coming from the TV. Ashley was on top of James and I could see she is riding him. They were still covered with the blanket. But as we all know blankets get hot. And soon I heard her whisper something to James that I couldn’t make out. But I heard him reply that I was so into the game I wouldn’t even notice her body.

I then focused back on the tv as Ashley turned her head towards my direction. She must of been satisfied about me not seeing anything because I heard the covers being thrown off and onto the bed. I tried my best to keep playing my game but the thought of seeing Ashley naked is bouncing around in my mind.

I slowly turned my head to look and I was enamored at what I saw. I knew Ashley had a nice body due to seeing her in bathing suits and skimpy outfits. But that didn’t prepare me for the glorious body I saw that night. Her breast weren’t the largest I’ve ever seen. But what she lacked in size she made up for in perkiness and shape. I couldn’t see every detail of them but what I could see left my dick straining against my shorts.

As I not just looked but stared at what I watched before me, I noticed James seemed to be in heaven. His head was turned away from me but I heard him moaning. Just when I felt a bit of envy bahis siteleri rushing through me it happened. In my perverted bliss I some how missed the fact that Ashley had at some point turned her head and was now looking right at me.

I stayed frozen. Thinking maybe she couldn’t see me due to the darkness of the room. Then I quickly realized if I could see them, she could definitely see me. One thing I thought was strange though was the fact that Ashley didn’t stop staring at me. In fact she was smiling at me. I have to say this made me even harder. There we were two people who could barely stand each other, having a staring contest while she slowly rode James. Without even realizing it I began rubbing my dick through my shorts.

This courtship goes on for several minutes. I got so turned on that I slipped my dick from my shorts and began stroking it. I could now see Ashley’s mouth was open and her eyes were staring at my lap. As I stroked faster she fucked James harder. I started stroking my dick in fast long strokes. She was giving my cousin the ride of his fucking life. And it’s all because of me. I am my brothers keeper.

After what seemed like just a few moments I know I can’t hold on any long and I grabbed my shirt I had thrown on the floor earlier. I began to cum violently into the shirt. My dick spasmed well after it was empty. Almost at the same time I heard James cry out he was cumming. Ashley, still staring at me, fucked him even harder as I saw him tighten his grip on her hips. Her orgasm rocked through her body. She collapsed on top of him. Breathing deeply. Like she had sprinted a 5k. And she was still staring in my direction.

They soon covered back up and cuddled. I slipped into the bathroom to wash my hands and junk. As I was walking out Ashley was pulling up her pants and putting on her shoes.

She told me James had passed out and that she was leaving. I said ok and went to walk past her. She then reached her hand out and grabbed my junk. Shocked I turn to face her. She gave it a few squeezes, smiles and walks away.

Dumfounded I stand there with my mouth open, speechless. I slunk down into the chair I had been sitting in. A dumb looking grin on my face. I was beginning to see Ashley in a whole new light.

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