Crazy, Dark

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As the sun set over his driveway, Roger walked wearily toward his front door. It had been another long day at work, and his thirty-five-year-old frame desperately needed a rest. He stopped to gather his thoughts before going inside. In the glass pane of the front window, he eyed his reflection. Honestly, he felt good about the man looking back at him. Even in his mid-thirties he had kept in shape and was within five pounds of his varsity weight, thanks to decent genetics he still could pass for a man in his late twenties. Running his hand through his hair, he noted that there was no grey there, yet, men in his family usually kept their color, and his dark brown locks showed no hint of fading. The face did not show the mileage, and his brown eyes and soft features had invited comparison to a young Dennis Quaid on more than one occasion.

With a brief smile at his vanity, he turned and started fishing for his keys in a pants pocket when the front door opened on its own and his wife of fifteen years stood smiling in the doorway.

“Hey Sweetie, welcome home,” said Joan as she leaned up to kiss his cheek.

“Aren’t you home early?” asked Roger.

“Yeah, I had to pick up your son, and get this his girlfriend so they could do some homework together.”

“Whoa, a girlfriend huh, well I guess fifteen isn’t too young to get started on the romance,” said Roger with a chuckle.

“Yeah and get this, she’s the older woman, a senior and eighteen.”

“Well, just like his old man going after the older woman,” said Roger with a laugh, making a joke about the ten year age difference between him and his wife.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself while I finish getting supper on the table, and be nice,” she added as she moved off toward the kitchen.

“Shit, I’m always nice,” Roger said grumpily under his breath as his wife walked off.

Roger laid his briefcase and keys on the entryway table and made his way into the living room. There was no sign of his son, but he quickly spotted a strange girl bent over looking into the tropical fish tank they kept in the room.

“You like tropical fish?” he asked to get her attention so he could make his introduction.

As she turned to face him, his voice faltered for a second. He wasn’t sure what he expected, but this sure wasn’t it. She might have been only eighteen but the girl standing before him was one of the prettiest he had ever seen, and his heart rate kicked up a notch as he surveyed the landscape. Not a big girl indeed, just a shade over five-foot-four he guessed, she was also a bit on the skinny side with thin legs that stuck out of her cargo shorts and into a pair of clunky looking shoes. She couldn’t have been more than ninety pounds dripping wet, and carrying a bag of cement. That wasn’t what was intriguing about her though. It was her face. Her skin, unlike most teens, was flawless and fair not a mole or a blemish. Her lips were soft looking, full and very light pink and may have been the most kissable looking pair of lips Roger had ever seen. Her nose was cute and upturned over those sweet lips, and she had gorgeous hazel green eyes like a stormy ocean. All of this was enhanced by her wavy platinum blonde hair that fell around her face in gentle folds.

Despite her small stature and apparent lightweight her breasts looked like they might be decent sized. It was hard to say since she was wearing a loose-fitting pink blouse, but there was the definite swell of some soft chest cannons under there. As Roger fought to find his voice, this quiet vision moved quickly across the room her heels making a loud noise on the wood floor. She stopped just in front of him sticking out a hand. Roger reached out to accept the gesture. Her tiny hand vanished in his feeling very warm and very soft.

“Hello, I’m Jennifer, but you can call me Jeni you must be Jack’s dad,” she said, those sweet pink lips splitting into a brilliant white smile.

“Um, yeah I guess I must be, Roger…please call me Roger, uh…Jeni.”

“It’s nice to meet you Roger, and if I may be so bold, I can see where your son got his good looks.”

Roger felt himself blush like a schoolboy at the compliment, he hated to admit it, but he suddenly wanted this girl to like him very much, though why he even cared what some high school girl thought of him, he couldn’t say.

“Thanks, Jeni, that’s very nice of you, to make an old man feel better about himself.”

“Oh, you don’t look so old to me. I might have thought you were Jack’s older brother if I hadn’t seen your family photo on the wall.”

“Watch it, flattery will get you everywhere with me,” said Roger with a chuckle.

“Really and exactly where will it get me?” blurted Jeni

To Roger’s dismay, her whole look and demeanor seemed to shift from schoolgirl to, well, to sultry temptress as her eyes flashed with mirth. Her lips fell into a strangely sexy smile, sort of a half smirk as if she knew what you were thinking and those thoughts were quite naughty. Roger felt the temperature seemed bedava bahis to climb by a dozen or so degrees in the room and his hands started to shake a bit, enough that he thrust them into his pockets to hide the tremor. For just a second he pictured her body pressed against him, those sweet lips touching his, then his wife’s voice sounded from the other room, and the spell broke.

“Hey guy’s dinner is ready!” called his wife.

Roger excused himself to the bathroom and washed his hands following with several splashes of cold water as he looked at his face in the mirror. After half a minute he decided he must have imagined the whole thing.

“Why would some girl half his age, his son’s girlfriend no less be flirting with him?” he thought to himself.

Roger joined the rest of them to eat. Jeni took a seat right across from him, and he found himself spending a lot of time looking at the table. In spite of what he may have thought in the bathroom every time he dared to look up, it seemed like Jeni was staring at him with those damn gorgeous eyes. His body started to react with his cock swelling in his pants. He tried to distract himself by concentrating on his meal, and thankfully as soon as dinner was over the two kids vanished to Jack’s room. Roger was able to focus on watching the ballgame and unwinding with a couple of beers as the night started to drag.

“Hey, how many of those have you had?” asked his wife as she stood in the kitchen doorway.

“Just a couple, maybe three, why?”

“Jeni needs a ride home, and you’re parked behind me.”

“Oh, well, o.k. let me get my keys,” said Roger.

A short time later Roger found himself stuck in a car, rolling down the expressway alone with a beautiful teenage girl riding shotgun. Her perfume was arousing in the confines of the vehicle, and he fought to keep his attention on the road.

“Thank you for the ride Roger, I have a car of my own, but it’s in the shop right now the silly thing is always breaking down,” she said.

“It’s fine I don’t mind. Happy to help,” Roger answered.

“You’re so sweet. I can see where Jack gets his manners from,” she commented.

“So how did you two crazy kids meet?” Roger asked, fishing for a safe conversation subject.

“Oh, actually I was asked to tutor Jack in math. I work as a student teaching assistant, part of my advanced placement classes for college.”

“We just kind of hit it off, he is sweet and funny,” she added.

“Well I think he got pretty lucky with you as well,” Roger said.

Almost immediately, Jeni’s demeanor changed again as her voice fell slightly to a more sultry whisper and she batted her thick eyelashes.

“Really, what about me would you say makes him lucky, my sense of fun and adventure or something else?” she said with that same half smirk as she looked up at Roger his hands suddenly becoming sweaty on the wheel.

“Well, I mean…uh…your very sweet and polite to, and obviously uh, well you know a pretty girl”, Roger answered lamely.

That’s so nice of you to say. What about me do you like? A lot of guys say my eyes. Do you think that’s right?”

Roger glanced over briefly and felt himself answer even though he felt like this conversation was taking an uncomfortable turn.

“Well yes…you do have pretty eyes, Jeni, maybe the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.”

Roger couldn’t believe he had just said something like that to his son’s high school age girlfriend, but Jeni seemed to take it in stride.

“Wow! You’re a charmer Roger. I can see where Jack gets it. I guess I’m going to have to watch out for you,” she said laughing.

Roger joined her, but his laughter was more of the nervous variety.

To Roger’s relief, they finally arrived at Jeni’s apartment, and she stepped from the car but stopped just outside the door.

“Would you mind walking me up, I would feel safer,” she said.

“Yeah, of course…”, said Roger as he undid his seatbelt and exited the car, Jeni’s apartment wasn’t too far away as they walked side by side, hers was on the second story, and Roger stopped at the foot of the stairs.

“Well, thanks again Roger, I appreciate the ride,” said Jeni as she started up the stairs. Roger was never quite sure what happened. Jeni was taking the steps one at a time and next she was falling back toward him. He guessed later she must have miss-stepped somehow.

“Jeni!”, Roger called out, and he stepped quickly forward throwing his arms out to catch her. Jeni’s body tumbled right into him but in his haste to secure her he accidentally grabbed her right breast in his hand. For just a second or two he could feel the soft flesh encased in her shirt and bra. It was bigger than it looked but by how much it was hard to say. The firm mound filled his hand as he squeezed it involuntarily before he released her feeling embarrassed. Jeni straightened herself, but if she was upset about the inadvertent tit grab she did not show it.

“Wow! that could have been a casino siteleri nasty fall for me!” she said in relief.

“That’s o.k., you can’t be too careful on stairs,” said Roger.

“How should I thank you. Oh! I know,” said Jeni and before he could do anything, she stepped up next to him and kissed him on the cheek. For just a brief moment he felt the incredible softness of her lips and her warm breath before she pulled back.

“There, properly rewarded. Goodnight, Roger,” she said and slipped up the stairs again.

Roger stood at the bottom too stunned to move for the moment, partly because of Jeni’s kiss but also because the kiss had left him with a raging hard-on.

“I need my fucking head examined,” thought Roger as he finally tore himself away and made his way back to the car to drive home.

On the drive back Roger cranked the radio and tried to push the image of Jeni’s tight little wiggling ass out of his head. It was no easy feat. By the time he arrived home, his cock was still at half-mast in his pants, and he wondered if it would ever go soft again in his lifetime. The house was dark as he exited the car. After fumbling with his keys for a bit, he unlocked the door and went to his bedroom. To his surprise, his wife, who usually turned in early, was still up sitting on the edge of the bed in one of her nightshirts.

“Hey, you get Jeni home o.k.?” she asked.

“Ah, yeah, no problems.”

Joan stood from the bed and came over to her husband, placing her hands on his chest she smiled up at him.

“You know if you’re not too tired, I thought we could have some alone time,” she said.

Roger was taken a bit off-guard. Though their sex life had been vigorous and varied at the start, it had been in decline for years. Now that his wife was pushing into her late forties pre-menopause was rapidly robbing her of whatever libido she had left. It was rare for her to come on to him at all anymore. He leaned down to run his lips across her soft pink ones. Instantly she slipped her arms around his neck opening her mouth to invite his tongue which he quickly slid inside as they kissed with more and more passion.

Roger moved his hands down to cup his wife’s rear end, not quite able to ignore the fact that it was much rounder and fuller than the tight ass he had just been staring at a short time earlier.

His wife moaned softly into his mouth as he squeezed her bottom and then she broke the kiss and pulled away moving back toward the bed. Roger watched as she lifted her nightshirt off over her head and slid off her white panties onto the floor before beckoning him toward her.

For a moment he just stood taking her in, when he had met her sixteen years before she had been a pretty brunette, petite at five-foot-six with a cascade of curly dark hair down to the middle of her back. She had a small pixie face with a firm mouth and chocolate brown eyes. Her weight had been considerably less back then, childbirth and years of eating snacks on the couch had caused her to pack on a good forty pounds. The lean body he once knew was now much softer, her thighs showing a bit of fat. The one bright side was her breasts once small teacup shaped mounds maybe a B-cup had expanded to about the size of large navel oranges. They sagged just a bit but still had some lift.

Roger moved toward his wife and bent down to bring his mouth to one of her pale-skinned breasts as she let out a hiss of breath at the feel of his warm lips against her aroused pink nipple. Her aureoles and nips hadn’t changed as much as the rest of her. The area around her nipples was about the size of a quarter crowned by eraser point sized nips. Roger had always secretly wished she had thick, more generous ones he could suck. She did have very sensitive nipples, and as he bit at one, she gave a loud moan.

Joan pulled his mouth back to hers and French kissed him with even more fire as she lifted his shirt off over his head. She smiled and ran her hands through the dark hair of his chest before moving back onto the bed.

Roger lowered his pants to the ground and slipped out of his underwear, his penis, now fully elongated from his body was just a shade under seven inches. Joan smiled and wrapped her fingers around her husband’s love gun bringing her mouth to it and letting the firm purple head slide past her lips as she proceeded to suck and lick its warm flesh.

“Hm…you’re so hard baby…love to suck your fat cock Roger!” groaned Joan as she worked her husband’s penis, getting it soaking wet with her saliva as she stroked its length.

Roger closed his eyes enjoying the sensation of his wife’s warm mouth, but as she labored at his pole, he found himself picturing someone else. Jeni’s soft pink lips as they slid up and down his cock. Her beautiful platinum blonde hair was falling around her face as she leaned in to take him deep into her throat. The thought of Jeni made his balls contract suddenly, and for a second he thought he was going to lose it too soon, cumming bahis siteleri in his wife’s mouth. His wife sensed his pending orgasm, and she backed off letting his cock slide from her hand.

“Guess I’m doing my job right tonight, you’re worked up,” she said with a quiet laugh, “why don’t you take some of that energy out on my pussy.”

Roger pushed his wife back on the bed and spread her legs. Her pussy was a thick tangle of dark hair. She didn’t shave much down there, so her Venus mound sported a thick bush that trailed down around her vagina wrapping it like a nest. The hairs sometimes tickled his nose, and he wasn’t overly fond of that part. He pressed the hair back out of the way with is thumbs and moved in slipping his tongue between her thin pink pussy lips. He started to lick her up and down running his tongue up against the small bean of her clit as she slid a hand into the back of his hair and moaned.

“Oh YES…ah God Roger…eat my pussy…ah you make it feel so good…Fuck! Ah yeah, eat me, baby… Lick my clit…FUCK! Yes, lover just like that…Ah Roger!” she cried as he ran his tongue all around. She certainly tasted good, and he loved the tart juice of her cunt running over his lips as his wife got wetter and more aroused, still as she moaned and writhed he couldn’t help but imagine what Jeni’s pussy would look like, taste like…Would she shave or be more natural like his wife? The thought of Jeni’s tiny legs wrapped around his head caused him to become even more excited, and he started to lick and suck at his wife’s hot cunt even harder as she arched her back and cried out softly.

“Fuck Roger!…God!…You’re hungry for my pussy, aren’t you…Oh, Fuck! Damn, you better get up here and fuck me before I cream your face!” she begged.

He moved up across her body as she spread her legs even wider, slowly he slid himself into the pink folds of his wife’s wet love tunnel. He started to push his cock in and out of her dark haired fuck hole as she let her head fall back against the bed, moaning and groaning softly to herself as he fucked her. He always wished his wife was a bit more vocal, but she was still afraid that their son might hear and so kept her vocalizations quiet. Roger longed to listen to her cry out, scream his name, let him know she was getting off. She ran her nails up his back as he increased his stroke her tits bouncing up and down as he pressed into her, suddenly and without warning, Joan arched her back and cried out softly as Roger felt her pussy tighten on his pounding prick.

“Oh Fuck Roger! Ah God darling I’m cumming!…Roger!…I Love You Baby!” she called with a groan as she creamed his pole.

Roger slowed his stroke feeling disappointed that she had cum so quickly, he was still a ways off yet, and he knew his wife, once she came she wasn’t thrilled about being touched. She preferred that he just pulled out and jerked himself off on her or something. Tonight though he wanted to shoot in her pussy.

“Roll over Joan, show me that sweet ass,” said Roger.

Joan knew what he was going for and she frowned but did not protest moving into a doggie style position as her husband entered her from behind. This position was one of his favorites and made him cum quickly. She hoped that was the case tonight because she was already wearing out. Roger started to slam his cock into her pussy from the back his thighs slapping against her ample ass cheeks as his balls made an audible noise smacking into her swollen pussy lips. She bit her lower lip feeling the pleasure but also the pain as her vagina took the pounding.

“Uh…fuck Joan…your pussy feels so good baby! YEAH LOVE TO FUCK YOU!” called Roger.

“Yes, baby…not too loud Jack might hear…,” she admonished, and Roger found his enthusiasm curtailed as he slowed his stroke.

“Please hurry baby…it’s starting to hurt a little”, his wife called.

Roger felt frustration as he moved his cock in and out of his wife’s vagina. He was close but not being able to let himself go was making this hard and he knew he would have to stop soon. In desperation, he closed his eyes seeking a fantasy, something to get him over the hump, unbidden his mind latched on to the feel of Jeni’s tit in his hand, the soft touch of her lips on his cheek. He imagined it wasn’t his wife’s pussy he was pounding but Jeni’s, her sweet ass slapping back against him so tight, her pussy so hot on his cock. For just a moment as his wife looked back over her shoulder at him, her face portraying her pain and desperation, her features seemed to melt away and it was Jeni’s beautiful face staring back at him.

“AH FUCK Je…Joan! SHIT!” called out Roger as his cock exploded and jerked sending a shower of jizz into his wife’s sore cunt. He pulled away falling onto the bed breathing hard and biting his lip at the thought that he had come within a hairs breath of screaming Jeni’s name. His wife cuddled up to him as his breathing slowed, in a lot of ways Joan was just like a guy, she tended to fall asleep fast after sex. In less time then it took for him to contemplate this personality quirk she was already snoring on his chest. Roger extricated himself from his sleeping wife and went to the restroom to clean up. He looked in the mirror, and he saw the guilt staring back at him.

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