Creaming in the Coyote

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that this story contains two male characters. One character has a vagina. Both are male here, in this tale.


Creaming in the Coyote

“Dude, what the hell?”

The tiger bristled, although it was an exotic kind of bristle and not one that he reeled away from, his paw flat on the thigh of a particularly kinky little ‘yote. Karnal had had no reason at all think on ducking upstairs with him during the throbbing bass of the house party that the coyote had meant it literally when he’d said he was in heat but, well…the pussy between his legs simply didn’t lie.

Blushing faintly, although some of that could have been the booze in his system, Zeek twisted, helping Karnal, still in a surprised stupor, get his boxers down from his legs, for such a surprise most certainly wasn’t going to stop him in his tracks! No… No, that wasn’t Zeek’s style at all and he rolled his hips up wantonly, showing off the pink slit of his snatch, fur trimmed back there so that his sex was on show.

“Something you like?” He groaned, though it was less sultry than he may have wanted it to come out. “Take it then…”

But the tiger was already down and between his legs with a lustful growl, lips pulling back from his teeth and tongue lashing out. There would never be anything quite like the raspy lash of a feline’s tongue and Zeek the coyote could not help but arch up into that muzzle, head rolling back against the pillows of someone else’s bed, knowing that they would be in a world of trouble if the host caught them fucking in what most certainly didn’t seem to be the guest bedroom. Paws trembling down to Karnal’s head, that sexy stud that he just hadn’t been able to keep his paws off, Zeek moaned, stroking his ears, down to the back of his neck. No… No, guests didn’t get the good bed sheets on a less than perfectly made bed: everyone knew that.

Still, the possibility that they were not the first to fuck in that very bedroom that very night did not elude Karnal and he hastened on to the victory of his prize, moaning into that hot sex. It didn’t matter that the coyote was not who he’d thought he was, only that there was due passion between them yet to be explored, tongue dipping sensually into his pussy to scoop up a drop of his nectar, tasting the essence of him. The coyote’s flavour exploded on his tongue and he groaned, pushing on, unable to stop himself from suckling down more and more, drinking straight from the source.

Zeek may have sworn but his words were lost in a moan as his need rose and rose, heat curling from him, toes flexing, straining for that passion that only eyüp escort another could provide. Oh, they thought of heat as something of a purely feminine persuasion but he could clearly be male and still have a pussy, taking himself just as he was. That meant, however, that he didn’t so easily acquire the pills that eased his heat either, simply because it was a little more difficult to find the time with his busy job and hectic lifestyle. Why did pharmacies always close so early? And they were always hesitant about giving them to him when he didn’t look ‘right’ to them either, as prejudiced as that was.

But it was okay. He had something more from it and spread his legs for the increasingly horny tiger as he ate him out, growling what he was going to do to him, although his words were muffled by the coyote’s thighs.

“Gonna fuck you so hard,” Karnal hissed, eyes wide and wild. “You’re so hot, so fucking damn hot…”

“Yes…” Zeek moaned, joining in, tugging at his suitor’s ears lightly. “Take me, breed me, fill me with pups!”

It was more than he had ever cried out in the throes of lust before but heat did that to a coyote, regardless of whether they had experienced its true effects before or not. He whimpered and moaned for pups, so many pups, wanting them more than anything else in his life, stomach swelling out, rounding with so many pups just waiting to be born. And yet he needed that hefty load of cream first of all, spilling into him, thick and wanton, drooling from a tight hole that lusted for more cock, always more dick.

“Come on… Please…”

Zeek’s whisper ran over the snarl of the tiger, pushing up over him, licking the coyote’s juices from his dark lips as his eyes blazed.

“Fuck… Such a dirty hole… You just need to be filled and bred, don’t you?”

It was risky, so very risky, but once he’d begun, Karnal could not hope to stop as he freed his erection, cock springing out against the thighs of a coyote that so very desperately needed his cock. Pre-cum smeared over the tip before it had the chance to pool and he snarled viciously as he pressed the heated tip up to that pussy, hungering for it, lustful need coursing through him with each and every beat of his heart.

There was no moment of asking whether Zeek was ready: it was time. He pushed the needy slut’s legs back, ankles over the tiger’s shoulders, and howled out his lust, not caring who heard them, as he powered in hard and deep, spreading him out wider, forcing his cunt to accept the gift of his shaft. Harder and faster, there was no waiting as Zeek clutched at him, claws digging in past his fur, tail trying to wag as a canine-type was so very apt to do.

“Oh…” Zeek moaned, twisting and gyrating beneath him. “Oh… Fuck meee!”

There should have been others rushing to see just what was going on, who was hurt, who was in pain, but maybe they were more obvious than they fındıkzade escort realised they were, such sounds of carnal desire rocking through the entire house (surely) as Karnal dominantly took his fill of Zeek. The coyote’s tight pussy wrapped itself around his aching dick like a glove, squeezing and massaging as if Zeek was actively trying to pleasure him, using his body to his very best advantage to coax every last drop of sultry tiger-cum from that divine rod.

“Ohhh, hell, so full…” Zeek moaned, slurring broken sentences, words streaming anxiously over one another in their haste to get out. “You’re so big, oh… Stretching me…”

Karnal smirked and gripped his shoulder, bearing him back and down into the bed as he drew back only to thrust, spearing that luscious cunt full all over again.

“Going to give you…unnff…a fat belly of pups, coyote,” he growled, tail lashing the air, the mark of a predator stalking his prey. “You like that, hm? You want to be fat with my pup, my kittens?”

He didn’t care what the outcome was, only that need swelled up stronger than ever as Zeek moaned for him, clutching at him, paws stroking and caressing everywhere he could reach. And yet he had put the submissive slut in quite a position where he had to lie there and take it, each rampantly driving stroke filling his pussy to the brim, pre-cum spilling out as the tiger’s heavy nuts swung and rolled with his strokes. There was no holding back and neither did either of them want that as Karnal slammed into him, hammering and pounding, grinding the headboard back into the wall as he yowled for more, his ultimate pleasure and high racing upon him.

Yet he would not get there too quickly, hissing and lazily languishing in domination, the sweetness of it almost a palatable taste in his mouth. Zeek moaned, his grey coat shimmering through a little more in the darkness as Karnal’s eyes adjusted, the light of the party still raging on the back garden too, where it had spilt out, still enough to send a throbbing beat through the foundations of the house that was now the subject of so much lustful activity that it was barely believable. The tiger’s glutes tensed, squeezing for that touch more force, and Zeek howled out his appreciation, demonstrating shocking flexibility for a fur of his species by allowing his legs to be bent all the way back to his chest, knees bent and hooked over Karnal’s shoulders as the tiger rammed as deep as it would possibly go.

He didn’t bottom out but that was okay, filling the dark crevice of the coyote’s snatch in a way that no one ever had before – at least, not when Zeek had been in heat. Now, there was only one outcome to the liaison that either of them could imagine and that was the coyote’s stomach swelling with pups, betraying what had happened that night. It was that thought that lingered in Zeek’s mind as his toes curled and he howled out his delight, orgasm escort şişli coursing through, pussy pulsing and twitching erratically, muscles no longer within his realm of control.

As much as he growled and begged for Karnal’s cum, however, the tiger would only deliver that gift when he was good and ready. Hard, fast pumps of his hips slapped the coyote’s backside, balls swinging up, reminding Zeek, even through a haze of climax, just what was awaiting him. And he needed it, oh, he needed that kitty’s cream more than anything else for the world, mouthing the words over and over again that Karnal had fallen for in the first place, dragging the coyote upstairs for the main event.

Breed me.

Karnal rolled his shoulders back, muscles tensing, bearing through, holding off… And yet he could not stave off orgasm forever, having no will to think about anything else other than the hot piece of ass beneath him. Again and again, he ground in, orgasm pulling at the back of his mind, but a stronger fur indeed could not have held off as that pussy clenched and squeezed around him, the massage not smooth but delightfully random, pulsing and teasing until, at long last, the randy tiger simply could hold back no more.

His fat nuts pulled up lightly, betraying what was to come, but not even Karnal expected the blast of a roar that burst from his maw at the moment of orgasm, cock pumping, filling Zeek up and up with a heavy deluge of seed. More and more pumped into his heated victim of the night and the coyote clung to him as if for an anchor in a storm, letting the tide of joint orgasm lift him up and away, as long as he had the tiger to draw him back down into the grounding notion of reality once more when all was said and done.

His hips did the work for him, grinding and pounding through the drive of orgasm, cum flooding his breeding partner as Zeek groaned and rolled his head back, tongue lolling out.

“Ohhh…” He moaned softly, breath tickling his own lips as he breathed through his mouth. “Gonna… Gonna have so many pups…”

Karnal smirked, although was too breathless to form anything by way of reply, tail swishing more casually now that the moment of the high was soothing his soul, hackles softening and passion drifting into a tenaciously warm afterglow. He could have stayed there forever, truly, with his cock buried up to the hilt in the coyote’s pussy, but neither was he in any rush to leave as he emptied every last virile drop he had to give in to that pussy, seed already rushing to impregnate one who had perhaps bitten off a little more than they could chew in the ‘heat’ of the moment.

“Such a breeder, a slutty little breeder,” Karnal taunted him lightly, a grind of his hips driving his point home to a moan. “You needed this… And I’m the only one that can give it to you. Say it.”

Blushing, Zeek twisted and mouthed the words but the tiger was insistent, taking his top position with pride and a smirk, waiting with bared teeth until the coyote could find the breath for what he craved.

“I’m… I’m your breeding bitch.”

Karnal grinned. Zeek whimpered, pussy drooling cum.

He’d always be such to him.

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