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“Do I have to?”

Aaron looked at the imposing St. Andrews Cross with wide eyes, his voice barely a whisper. A swarm of butterflies were trying to fight their way up from his abdomen as he watched two women alternating spanking and restraining each other on the device. They had talked about this before, about exploring the local scene in person, but now that it was here…

“Oh, sweetie. Don’t tell me my little pinup is nervous about his debut?” Emma smirked behind him, placing her hands on his shoulders. Aaron blushed furiously, tearing his eyes away from the wooden restraint to glare at his Mistress.

“Really?” He offered her an embarrassed glare, which she laughed off with no small amount of pleasure.

“You wouldn’t be dating a sadist if you didn’t love it.” She smirked, her hand swiftly moving from his shoulder to take a handful of his shoulder length brown hair, her voice a low growl as she moves her lips to his ear. “You’re mine, little pinup.”

His knees threatened to give out as her growl rattled his body to the core. Sensing his unconscious submission, his Mistress wasted no time in peppering his neck with harsh bites. Before too long, his sturdy black leather collar was surrounded by angry red marks, his knees still shaking with his attempts to stay upright. With a wave of her hand, she released him to his own weight.

“Meanie… ” Aaron panted, rubbing at his neck shyly. They hadn’t even put restraint to flesh yet and he was already swiftly turning into a puddle. As his eyes refocused Pendik Yabancı Escort in front of him, he noticed that the women had vacated. It was time. The butterflies threatened to burst from his every pore.

“It’s in the job description.” Emma smiled sweetly and moved forward to place their bag of goodies beside the cross, beckoning him to follow. It took a while for the nervous submissive to will his muscles to move into position, his dominant wasting no time in affixing the wrist restraints. Soft sheepskin pressed against his flesh as the cuffs grew tighter, ensuring he wouldn’t escape.

“The safeword is ‘licorice’, my love.” Emma had leant in close to his face while doing the restraints, offering his cheek an affectionate kiss before the scene started. He felt a calm wash over his body as she pulled away, knowing the scene was finally here. Time to get into character.

“Ah, pet… A shame to have to see you on my rack. Again.” There was a dull thudding sound behind him, of paddle against flesh. He shivered, but this time not from nerves. He was going to get such a workout.

“I just like this intimate time with you, Mistress.” He began to chuckle dryly, expecting a slap. Instead, he heard laughter.

“Ah… True to form, pet. You know, most of my subs would be babbling messes if they had to experience the pain I’ve put you through. You’re something else.” He could hear the bag rustling behind him. What was she planning?

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“As Pendik Yeni Escort well you should! I haven’t had this much fun breaking an uppity slave in years. It’s always good to have your comfortable limits pushed…” She steps behind him, winding up the large wooden paddle in her hands and delivering a dull crack to his ass. His body pressed hard against the cross as he yelped loudly.

“Well… you’re gonna have to keep pushing…” He purred from his restraints, wiggling his ass enticingly for another strike. She obliged with another five.

“Push, push, push… It’s what you want, isn’t it? Perhaps instead of giving you what you crave, I’ll force feed you ice cream and put on the Disney channel.”

“No! Anything but thaaaat!” He called out while stifling a giggle, hoping to goad her into it. He got more cracks with the paddle instead, moans drifting from his lips in time with each strike. His knees quivered in anticipation for the next strike, his body ready to accept another sharp burst of pain and pleasure.

“No, no, no, this just won’t do… It’s not supposed to be fun for both of us!” She playfully chastised him as she rummaged through the bag. With the size of the smile on his face, it was probably lucky she couldn’t see just how much he was enjoying this. “Ah… This should take some of the wind out of your sails.” Her voice was dripping with evil levels of excitement as she pulled out his favourite toy from the bag, a long black dragon’s tail whip. With a swift flick of her wrist, Pendik Masaj Salonu she brought the tip slicing through the air beside his head, a sharp crack piercing the atmosphere of the room.

His body began to quiver and shake, his hands clenching tightly at the ends of the cross. To a casual observer, terror seemed to drip from his every pore. In reality, he was desperately trying to avoid cumming on the spot. He steeled his resolve and tensed his body.

“Do your worst.”

The onslaught began with a single crack on his back, which swiftly became multiple, every crack leaving an angry red welt on his bare flesh. The strikes disappeared into a blur of intermingling pain and pleasure, overwhelming his senses. After a minute, he felt the telltale bubbling and tensing in his loins.

“M-Mistress…. I…” He began to turn around, but a final crack against his back was enough to send his body into ripples of mind blowing pleasure. He held onto the ends of the cross with all his strength, holding himself upright as waves of pleasure washed over him. Pain orgasms were always the most satisfying.

Emma stepped over swiftly, ready to administer some TLC to her assumably suffering sub. Hearing his soft pants and moans changed her tune instantly.

“Did my little pinup make a mess in his panties?” She whispered sweetly, running a hand down his back, wearing the wounds of prolonged whipping.

“…Maybeeeee.” He replied sheepishly, as she leant in to give him a kiss on his forehead and a hug while she removed the restraints, holding him upright as he stepped away from the cross.

“You’re gonna clean that up with your tongue when we get home.” She smiled playfully and gave him an affectionate kiss on the lips, which he was more than happy to return.

“Happily, Mistress.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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