Crossdressing Exhibition Fun

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I have had a bunch of adventures that utilize both my fascination with dressing up in the sluttiest clothes I can find and doing nasty crazy things in public. I travel all around the world for work so have plenty of opportunities to pursue my fetishes in strange towns and cities where no one knows me. I will share some of these TRUE experiences with you.

I have found over the course of my adventures that there are certain types of people who are more open to sharing my fetishes with. I take the proper caution and thoroughly “case” a place before I take part in enjoying myself. Since I’m typically in an area for at least a week, I have plenty of time to scout out the safest opportunity and so have never had LE issues.

This particular adventure took place during a visit I had to a state in the deep south. I was in the area for a 20 day project so took my time finding just the right setting. While I was anxious to do something safety is always my top concern so I was patiently getting to know my surroundings when I finally came across the right setting.

I had stumbled across a shoe store in an out of the way strip mall. The first time I saw it it was about 30 minutes from closing time. The strip mall was in a run down part of town and obviously had seen much better days. There were about 6 stores and of those only two were open. One was a shoe store that was open until 9 pm and a bail bonds place that closed at 6. The strip was located on a side road and had very little activity. The exciting thing was as I drove slowly through the parking lot, I noticed a young black girl working alone in the shoe store. She looked to be 18 or 19 and had the slender tight body of youth. Her long legs and ass were poured into a pair of skin tight jeans and her shirt stopped just above the waistband of her pants. Her skin was the color of creamy coffee and she oozed sex.

This was the target! Every night for a week I drove by to get the store schedule down and what the flow of customers looked like. I could count on one hand the number of customers I saw after 8 pm and the young black girl worked every night and closed the store on her own.

After the week I was finally ready to get some excitement!

Fun night had arrived. I took a hot shower and scrubbed myself vigorously with exfoliating body scrub. Then I carefully shaved every hair off my body. The only hair left was on the top of my head. This is always an erotic experience for me and by the time I was görükle escort finished my cock was at full throbbing mast. As I shaved my body smooth, I caressed and stroked my rock hard erection keeping myself boiling at just below ejaculation. Finally, I was satisfied that i was not going to be able to get myself any smoother and stopped the shower. By this time my cock had start pulsating and a thick clear bead of precum was oozing from its slit.

I got out of the shower and slid a silky, crotchless, black bodystocking on. I stepped into a pair of 5″ black stiletto heels and checked out my reflection in the mirror. The heels elongated my legs and lifted my ass. I am an in shape person who carries very little body fat so there were no unsightly bulges or bumps under the sheer bodystocking. Well except for the bulge of throbbing cock sticking out of the open crotch. I applied a long reddish blond wig and carefully applied lipstick and eye make up. Satisfied with my appearance, I slipped into a long overcoat, grabbed an 8″ dildo with suction cup and a tube of lube and stepped out to my car.

The drive from the affluent business section of town that I was staying in to the other side of the tracks seemed to go on forever. As the minutes went by, I kept my hand busy stroking and fondling myself. Edging is one of my favorite past times and the longer I can keep myself at the brink of orgasm, the more satisfying I find it when I finally explode. By the time I arrived at the shoe store, I had been edging at just below ejaculation for well over two hours.

I did a test run past the strip mall at 8:30 and noticed that with 30 minutes to close the mall was totally empty as usual. I pulled over and covered the cars license plate with a couple pieces of duct tape and then pulled into the parking lot. I sat in the car jerking my throbbing cock for another few minutes just to get closer to closing time for the store and lessening the chance a random customer would go in. As I slowly stroked myself I saw the young black girl moving about to prepare for closing. About 15 minutes before closing I finally got myself ready to enter. I lubed my tight ass liberally and coated the thick 8″ dildo with a coating of lubricant. Moaning with pleasure I teased my backdoor with the bulbous head until I finally sank it into myself inch by inch. Once it was in all the way to its rubber balls, I relaxed and took a deep breath. Sliding it in and out of my tight canal brought bursa escort bayan waves of pleasure and almost had me spilling my load. Once I was sufficiently loosened up for quick and urgent entry and exit, I slid the slippery dildo out of me and put it in the pocket of my coat. I squeezed out more lube and gave my ass one more thorough coating of the slippery substance. Now I was ready!

With trembling legs I opened the car door and strolled up to the front door of the store. As stated before I keep myself toned and fit but am not a large person. At a quick glance, I have mastered the art of a close approximation of femininity. As I entered the store, the black girl said “hello miss we are closing in about 10 minutes so let me know if you need any help”. I murmured a soft thanks in my softest most feminine voice and walked into the store. As I walked past her I noticed a textbook from the local community college open on the counter. My estimation of her age at 18-19 range had been pretty close to accurate.

The girl was at the cash register counting out cash and receipts. I want down one the aisles that had a clear line of vision between it and the register. All she had to do was turn her head to the right and she would have a full view right down the aisle. I stopped a short distance down the aisle and wheeled over one of the shoe fitting stools. At this point I was about 8 yards from the girl but she was not looking at me busy with her head down counting money.

I stuck my suction cupped dildo onto the top of the stool and slid my coat off. I stood facing the girl and slowly sank down onto the dildo. I bit my lip to maintain silence as its full length slid deep into me until every inch was in. Slowly I began pushing myself up and down the length of the dildo, each inch bringing me an intense amount of pleaser. As I fucked up and down I slid my hand down to grasp my throbbing cock and begin stroking.

Picture if you will. A college aged girl counting cash. Just to her right about 10 yards away I was facing her and bouncing up and down on a dildo affixed to the top of a shoe changing stool. I had my legs wide spread and was stroking my rock hard erection. All she had to do was turn her head to the side and she would have a complete view of me.

Engrossed in her counting, she still had her head down and had not even noticed me. As I kept squatting up and down on the dildo and stroking myself I got closer and closer to orgasm bursa escort Just before the final waves would overtake me, I loudly cleared my throat and asked her for assistance.

She turned her head and her eyes went wide with shock as her jaw dropped in surprise. There I was just a short distance from her. I was dressed in a sheer black crotchless bodystocking. I had a long reddish blonde wig waving gently as I bounced up and down. My make up had been applied with all the skill that multiple years of practice would bring. My 5″ stilettos dug into the carpet as I slid myself up and down the full 8″ length of the dildo invading my ass. One hand was pinching a nipple while my other hand was wrapped tightly around my cock and stroking it rapidly up and down.

She did not move a muscle. Her shock had overcome her and all she did was stare at me wide eyed. I think it took about 8 more strokes of my erect cock before with a groan of pleasure I began exploding all over. Bolt after bolt of hot cum exploded out of the throbbing tip. Once I decide I have found a good place for fun, I do not allow myself to cum until the final show. I keep myself on edge through daily jerking repeatedly to just below orgasm. It had been 6 days of this teasing and anticipation and my orgasm took full advantage of the build up of semen and pleasure.

Shot after shot of cum burst out of me shooting down the aisle toward her. The first 4 or 5 shots landed halfway between us and then tapered off as my orgasm continued. With all the build up and edging and anticipation, I’m sure I shot at least 9 or 10 jets of cum. I did not take my eyes off her shocked face during this whole time. Her shocked eyes had not looked away from the scene before her and she still had not made a sound or moved a muscle just mesmerized and staring at me.

Finally, my orgasm ended and I stood. As the 8″ inches of dildo exited me, there was an audible sloppy noise. I grabbed my coat and quickly strode past the girl, my cock bouncing and swaying as I walked. She still was rooted to the same spot but turned her eyes and head to watch me as I walked past her and out the front door. I left the dildo right were it was stuck obscenely to the stool. I quickly got in my car and sped away

After driving a few miles I pulled into a deserted lot and changed into regular clothes. I threw the heels, bodystocking and wig into a dumpster and wiped all the make up off my face. After about 30 more minutes I drove past the store and it was dark and closed so no evidence that the young girl called the police or did anything.

Next day I was on a plane to a new destination.

Again whether you believe or not is up to you. Doesn’t matter to me since I was there and enjoyed every second.

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