Crushes and Tails

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I got a new tail in the mail today. As I took it out of the package my heart beat quickened. The tail itself was silky smooth to the touch. A mix of black and silver fur. The plug was a glossy, silver metal one. My pussy actually contracted a little. I smiled and grabbed my phone and tail and ran up to my room.

The metal was cold as I unwrapped it. I stuck it in my mouth to warm it up and get it nice and wet. Once I was satisfied I took off all my clothes and got down on all fours on my bed to insert it. It was slightly warmer than it had been and the cool metal touching my tight asshole made me tingle with need. I slowly pushed it in, feeling my ass stretch a little to accommodate the invasion of the plug.

Once it was fully in I grabbed my phone and propped it up to take pictures. I wiggled around a little enjoying the feeling of it moving in my ass. Satisfied that I took a good picture I sent it to my crush. Almost immediately I got a text back.

“That looks so fucking hot.” I giggled.

“It feels so good. I love my new tail.”

“Me too.”

I tossed my phone down on my bed and touched my pussy. It was soaking wet and I moaned. I shifted a little to give myself better access and started rubbing my clit in small, slow circles. I moaned a little louder and wiggled, rotating the plug in my ass. I played with my pussy harder, rubbing faster and rocking my hips. Pure ecstasy pulsed through me. I bit my lip. It was getting harder not to cry out, I knew I didn’t have to be quiet but I was trying to maintain some control.

The doorbell ringing startled me and I froze. I listened for a second and then heard the doorbell again. I scrambled to find a pair of Beşevler Rus Escort sweats and throw them on. I didn’t even bother trying to pull the tail on. As I threw on a T-Shirt I bounced down the stairs getting a little dizzy from the feel of the tail moving around in my ass.

I got my second startling jolt when I opened the door to my crush. He was leaning casually against the wall outside my door. I swallowed.

“I wanted to see that tail in person.” His deep voice washed over me like a warm bath and I blushed.

“Is it still in?” He asked. I didn’t trust my voice. So I nodded. He laughed and stepped forward. I stepped back to let him in.

“Show me, baby.” He said softly. I walked over to my couch and bent over the arm of it, pulling my sweats down and giving him a full view. He inhaled sharply and suddenly I felt his hand caressing my ass.

“Do you like my tail?” I whispered.

“Fuck yes. It looks so sexy. And damn your pussy is soaked isn’t it?” He slapped my wet pussy. It stung a little and I jumped but I couldn’t help the small moan that came out too He laughed again and spanked my ass too for good measure. Suddenly I felt his hand sliding up my thigh to cup my pussy. I gasped.

He started lazily rubbing my clit and my whole body felt weak. I felt like I would melt into a puddle because of his touch.

“Can I fuck you?” He asked. I gulped and nodded. That was all the encouragement he needed. He spun me around and lifted me off the ground, carrying me upstairs to my room. My tail was moving around inside my ass and I felt like I might explode any second.

He lay me Cebeci Rus Escort down on my bed and his hands slid up my shirt to cup my bare tits. He has decent-sized hands but I filled his hands and spilled over.

“Take this off. I want to play with these.” He commanded. I did so quickly and was completely naked in seconds. He dipped his head and caught one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking and biting. My back arched a little and I moaned softly. His hand went back between my legs teasing my clit.

I tried to rock my hips a little and he put his other hand on my tummy, pushing down and keeping me in place. He kept teasing my pussy and I kept getting wetter and wetter. The need for release pushed through me faster. He stopped before I could cum. I groaned in disappointment.

He rolled me over onto my tummy and I heard him undo his belt. He was behind me in seconds, pulling my lower half up a little. He penetrated me a little hard, and I was overwhelmed with how full my pussy was. Fuck he was huge. I let out a loud moan.

“Oh, you like that huh?” He teased. He started thrusting into me slowly, but deeply. With every thrust, he pushed the plug into my ass. It felt so good. Both holes were filled to the brim. I cried out and he started to go faster. His hand ran up my back to tunnel into my hair and pull my head back. I moaned even louder.

He started thrusting faster and harder, his cock abusing my tight little hole. It felt so good I almost screamed. The faster and harder he thrust the more the plug plunged into my ass.

Before I could stop it I started to cum. He felt it and started fucking Kolej Rus Escort me as hard as possible. He let go of my hair and I pushed my face into my pillow. I moaned and screamed with pleasure. I just kept cumming more and more. I felt like I was spraying all over him and my bed. He still didn’t stop. I tried to pull forward and he followed me down, pinning me to the bed. He was fucking me from behind so hard I couldn’t stop moaning.

“Fuck! Your cock is so big you’re stretching me.” I whimpered.

“Good. Does my little slut like that?”

“Fuck yes. Please don’t stop. ” I moaned back. He kept thrusting and I kept squirting. I could feel the wet spot now under me spreading. For some reason, this turned me on more, and I started to shudder with another orgasm. At this point, he started fucking me with everything he had. Slamming into me so hard that I couldn’t tell what was louder, his moans, mine, or the sound of him fucking me. I tilted my hips as best as I could to meet his assault on my pussy. It felt so good I couldn’t think straight.

All I could feel was his hard cock thrusting in and out. I heard him moan and it cut through the blissful fog. He finally came hard. I clamped my teeth together as he filled me with his hot cum.

Slowly he pulled out and as he popped out of me I felt our cum drip back out. He stepped back to catch his breath and looked down. I looked at him over my shoulder and my hair fell into one eye. His smile was insanely wicked and intoxicating.

“Now that right there? That is a gorgeous sight. My cum leaking from your thoroughly fucked pussy. Mmm.”

I tilted my head and laughed as I flopped down on my bed. He fixed his pants and flopped down beside me. I reached back and started to slowly pull my tail out. It came out with a small pop. I dropped it on the bed beside me and struggled to regain my breath.

“Well, I guess that was a good investment.” I said with a shaky laugh. He turned his head and looked at me, his laughter filled my ears and I smiled.

“I’d say so.” He agreed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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