Cuckold CEO Ch. 13

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Last Friday night my wife connected with a new lover, in our house on our couch. I got to watch as I rode the train home. It was very erotic to watch her seduce her new handsome lover, knowing that I would be with her later. I enjoy the cuckold/stag life style and so does she. On Thursday night, my wife called from our home, outside the city, and asked if Brett, her new lover, could come over and play again on Saturday night. I told her that it would be fine, but I would be home. How did she want it to go down? She asked if I could watch from the guest bedroom. She would set the nanny cams up around the house and we could hook them to the TV in the guest bedroom.

This sounded intriguing. I would be just feet away from my wife, as her lover pumped his seed into her, without him ever knowing. She giggled with delight, knowing that she would have two men, that wanted to have sex with her, in the same place at once. It was a date. On Saturday, my wife bounced around the house like a kid waiting for Christmas. She loved playing with her lovers and she loved that I enjoyed her doing it. She asked me if I could help her get ready. I asked her what she wanted help with. She asked me to trim her pubic hair back into a small triangle, like she had worn it with James. She also had me help her with her hair. She then asked me to pick out some sexy clothes for her. I went to the closet and picked out a tight fitting black knit dress and some strappy high heels. She put them on and looked hot as usual. She had me put her gold ankle bracelet on her right ankle. She decided that she was not going to wear underwear tonight. She wanted to surprise Brett.

Around 7 pm, my wife got a text from Brett, telling her that he was five minutes away. She told me to go to the spare bedroom and turn on the TV. Before I did, she unlocked my cage and told me that I could play with myself while I watched, if I wanted. I definitely wanted that! I went to the spare bedroom and hopped on the bed and pulled my pants down and waited. A few moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Brett. My wife met him at the door. As the door opened, he whistled and told her that she looked amazing. She propped herself up on her toes and kissed him, then pulled him into our house. She poured him some of my best whiskey and brought him to the living room. They sat on the couch and made small talk for about a half hour. My wife made sure his drink was never empty and Brett was soon feeling relaxed.

My wife spun around on the couch and leaned back against the arm of the couch, so that her legs pointed towards him. She placed her heels against his legs and slightly spread her legs apart. Brett was in mid-sentence when his eyes caught a glimpse of her freshly shaved pussy. He stumbled a bit and then continued to speak. He was trying his best not to stare but it wasn’t working. My wife knew she had his attention and spread her legs further apart and lifted her dress up her thighs. She then put her index finger into her mouth, licked it, then placed in into her wet snatch. Brett stopped talking completely and just stared at her pleasuring herself. He began ist esc to move towards her, but she placed her heel square in his chest, and asked him to tell her about his day at work.

Brett was tongue tied but sputtered something about a case he was working on. As he did, she pushed her finger in deeper and began to rub her clit with her thumb. He just blathered on about some nonsense. He was totally flustered. She placed both of her heels on his chest and scooted down to give him a better view. As she played with her pussy more aggressively, she asked him if he had a good time with her last week. He told her that he had an amazing time and that she was an amazing lover. She took her feet off his chest and put them on the floor and stood up. She took his hand and told him that she had something he needed to see. She walked him down the hallway to our bedroom. My wife had placed lit candles in our bedroom before he got to the house. The atmosphere in the room was one of intimacy.

My wife told Brett to sit in the comfy chair, by the bed. She then stood about two foot in front of him and slowly began to dance. She rubbed her body all over and then turned and bent over so he could get a small glimpse of her bubble butt. She asked him if he liked what he saw. He said he loved it. She told him to prove it. He asked how, and she told him to take his cock out. Brett, immediately pulled his pants down. His impressive cock was at full attention, sticking straight up in the air. She looked at it and told him to show her how much he liked what he saw. She then began dancing again, this time closer to him. Brett grabbed his cock and slowly began to stroke it. She loved every minute of what she saw. She purposely began brushing up against his legs and “accidently” touching him. His cock was rock hard. He desperately wanted to be inside her.

She decided that it was time to have his tool, tickle her g-spot again. My wife turned around and put her ass above his cock. She reached between his legs and guided his pole into her dripping hole. He groaned with pleasure as she sat down on his lap, impaled by his cock. She then began to ride his cock, like she was on a horse. Brett placed his hands on her waist as if to guide her. She needed no guidance. She was in charge of this cock, no matter what he thought. My wife rode him until he began to breathe heavily. I could tell, she wasn’t ready for him to cum yet. She stood up and turned around and asked him if he liked having his cock in her. Brett could barely speak and just responded with a fuck yes.

My wife smiled slyly and then crawled up onto his lap and lowered herself down onto his cock again. This time facing him. Her legs bracketed his, her knees cradled his ass. This is the angle she wanted. This is the angle that placed pressure on her g-spot. His cock was a perfect fit for her pussy. It was large enough to fill her and his special curve set her g-spot off to a level of pleasure she had never felt before. My wife placed her two hands on either side of his face and began to kiss him passionately. As she did, she slowly rode his pleasure pole up and down. fatih esc From my vantage point, I could see their whole session perfectly. She had planned this session out perfectly. She wanted him in her, Brett to orgasm and me to watch the whole thing. Three of us getting what each wanted, all at once. For me, the show on the TV was the most amazing porno I could watch. I knew the actress and I could have her at any time. For Brett, he was getting to fuck one the hottest, sexiest woman he had ever met and for her, she got to have sex with a handsome, Alpha Male lover. It was all working out well.

I watched them make love in our bedroom while I stroked my stiff cock. I came close to cumming a couple of times and had to let go and collect myself. I desperately wanted them to finish, so I could reclaim my wife. After about a half hour of slow riding and passionate kissing, my wife looked into his eyes and told him that she wanted to feel him explode inside her. She told him that she wanted to cum too and that she would get him close, then when she was close also, would count him down to an orgasm. He shook his head in agreement. She then began riding him faster and harder. Her mouth pressed against his as he began to breathe heavily. She asked him if he was close. He shook his head yes. She told him to hold it and edge for a minute as she ground his cock into her g-spot. He started to moan loudly. She was on the edge too. My wife then began to breathlessly count down from 10 to 1 as she bounced hard on his cock. As she got to 1, she told him to cum now, do it, cum now. She placed her tongue deep into his mouth as he began to scream. His body shook as he began to pump his warm jism deep into her womb. The feel of his warm juice, filling her belly, set her off into orgasmic bliss.

My wife’s body engulfed her lover. She squeezed him to the point of inflicting pain. Her body pinned him to the chair. As I watched, I nearly orgasmed also. However, I wanted to delay my pleasure for later. I wanted to be with my wife when I came. The two of them stayed wrapped in each other’s arms for what seemed like an eternity. Brett finally caught his breath and pushed himself forward and stood up, with my wife still impaled on his rod. He walked over to the bed and laid her down. He stood between her legs with his cock still inside her. The sight of a beautiful woman, laying before him made his cock stiffen again. He pushed my wife up further onto our bed and began riding her. She pulled him down on top of her and wrapped her still heeled feet around his waist.

Brett pounded her still dressed body, as I once again began to pump my stiff cock. I could not believe how fast his cock recovered from his first orgasm. Ah, the joys of youth, I thought. He continued to drive his large weapon deep inside her. I could hear her pussy slurp with every push. She was so very wet and full of his original deposit. Without notice, Brett howled and pumped more warmth deep inside her. As he did, she told him how much she lover feeling his sperm inside her. She encouraged him to fill her up and told him that he had the best cock ataköy esc she had ever had in her. Her comments produced a couple of more ribbons of hot seed inside her. She knew just how to get her pussy filled, and was good at it too. Brett was now spent. He rolled off of her onto the bed and closed his eyes.

My wife whispered that she was running to the bathroom for a minute and got up. She went to the bathroom and directly into the hallway and to the spare bedroom. She entered the room while I was still jerking off. She didn’t say a word. She just shut and locked the door, walked over to the bed and climbed up and mounted me. She put her finger on my lips and told me to be quiet. She then started to ride my stiff cock. He pussy was a cummy mess. Her lovers seed squished out around my cock as she rode it. His cum covered my groin. She rode my cock hard as she asked me if I liked watching her fuck him. I told her that I loved it. She asked if I liked having sloppy seconds and having my cock covered with Brett’s manly juice. I admitted that it was an erotic mind fuck. She kissed me deeply and pounded my cock hard. She could tell I was very close. She knew she could send me over the edge quickly. My wife put her lips to my ear and told me that the next time she fucked Brett, that she wanted me to watch, in the same room. The thought of that made my cock explode. As I did, she ground her pussy hard into my crotch. She wanted every drop inside her. I pumped as much as my balls could handle into her freshly fucked pussy. My wife waited until I had caught my breath, then she removed my cock from inside her. She smiled broadly as she climbed off of me, then kissed me. As she walked out of the room, she told me to watch the TV again.

My wife went back to our bedroom via the bathroom. Brett still laid on the bed. My wife climbed on top of him and placed her dripping wet pussy on his mouth. His eyes opened wide as she told him to clean up the mess he made. At first, he fought it. Then she grabbed his head and forced him into her wetness. He slowly and gingerly licked up the dripping ejaculate. As he began to suck her pussy with gusto, she looked into the nanny cam and smiled slyly. She knew that I would be jerking off again at the thought of her feeding him my seed too. Fuck, she was one controlling slut. Brett unknowingly sucked down my seed, along with his. She allowed him plenty of time to get every drop, then climbed off and kissed his cum covered lips. I watched as he sat up, his face covered in wetness. As he gained his composure, his phone rang. He answered it. It was his law partner, he needed him at the office for an emergency meeting. Brett got off the phone and apologized for having to leave. He got dressed and made his way out the front door.

Once she was alone, my wife looked into the camera and told me to come to bed. I bolted to our bedroom and grabbed her tightly. We fell into our bed. The sheets were soaked with their juices. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, her heels digging into my back. This made my cock begin to recover. Although I was not fully hard, I was able to slip my cock back inside her. I humped her until my cock gave up and slipped out. My wife pulled off her heels and dress and threw then on the floor and slept in my arms naked all night. The feel of her warm sexy body against mine was perfection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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