Cuckold Gets An Eyeful And Mouthful

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Average – that’s how you would describe 99% of my life. An auditor senior with PWC, 2 bed home in the ‘burbs, silver 3 series in the drive. Married for a little over 3 years – cuckolded for nearly a year.

A cuckold, for the un-initiated, is a man who allows his wife to ‘be’ with other men. Thereafter the number of permutations is almost limitless from a knowing acceptance of her excuses (sick relation etc) to full submissive, watching, arranging, participation etc.

Until now my wife had always gone out to meet her fella, her stud, known as ‘bulls’. His wife worked shifts and I am often away so it was convenient. It progressed to the point where I was often at home and she would go out then tell me all about it. I always liked to hear the sordid details, I’m a little masochistic that way.

Today would be different. A first for both of us. And a new aspect to our relationship.

I came home a little after 1pm. Caroline was in the bathroom fixing her make-up – she looked fabulous. Dressed like she was going out clubbing or on one of her dates. She had a tight white blouse unbuttoned just enough to show the top of the breasts an indecently short black skirt and her bright red, fuck me now, 4″ stilettoes.

“You’re home early” She said clearly surprised at my afternoon arrival.

“Yes” with a questioning tone that signaled the change of subject “are you going out?”. Caroline always dressed sexy but conservatively. Even when she was out on a date she was business like (even though she would normally be concealing slutty underwear).

“No – you are” She fired back “Dave’s coming over and you cannot be here”.

“What’s he coming over for?” I asked inviting her to play.

She played “Dave, my boyfriend – you know the one with the nice fat cock? Is stopping by on his way to work (he also works shifts) and he is going to use his little whore – your wife – fuck her good, maybe even let me suck on his nice FAT cock” She was in domineering mode now standing legs wide apart so the hem of her skirt was taught. She pulled on my tie so I moved into her, lowered her voice and iterated each nasty word as she described what was about to happen.

We kissed passionately, the thought alone was turning me on. My hand came up her thigh and began massaging to soft, already damp, pussy. She broke off. “Seriously you can’t be here when he arrives”.

A mischievous thought entered my head “Do you mean I can’t be here or he mustn’t know I’m here?” I asked “there is a difference you know?” She pondered for a minute.

“Ok” She replied “You want to hang around?” with that She turned back to the mirror and reapplied her lipstick. “He’d better not know you here – promise me”.

“Promise” I said “I’ll stay in the main bathroom – quiet as a mouse.

She disappeared downstairs removing any trace of my entrance as I closed the door and waited for our guest. Then waited some more. A good twenty minutes had passed before finally the door bell rang. I could only hear muffled sounds before he was ordered inside. Apologizing he was late – an accident on the motorway meant he would have to be away sharp.

“That’s fine” She said “but you’re not going anywhere until I’ve had you – I am so horny” as she headed up the stairs before crashing into the spare Escort İstanbul bedroom. “God I need some cock” was followed by the unmistakable sound of a zipper coming down.

He groaned as she began sucking on his cock. “You are horny today aren’t you?” he told rather than asked “we’ll you just suck on that then your master will give you what you need”.

Master! – What the fuck!! My dominant mistress was some-else’s slave.

A few minutes later “Enough” he exclaimed “Let me see it – did you do as I instructed?”.

“Yes master” she replied meekly.

I had to see. Opening the door just a fraction first I noticed their bedroom door open – good the bed was on the back wall. But I could see them, from behind, in the mirror.

She pulled her skirt up and climbed onto the bed as if ready for doggy style. Her sweet ass so inviting, so suckulant, so fuckable and alas so unavailable.

“Then tell me what you have done” he instructed.

“I’ve prepared my ass for you” the words almost choked me “It’s ready for you – my master” She went on “I ’emptied’ it this morning as you requested, cleaned it oooh so good put lots of lub on for you worked it in so well I wanted it to be perfect for you – perfect for your magnificent cock”.

“Then you have done well” he said reaching for the little bottle of lub before smearing generous quantities on, what I have to say, was one seriously fat cock.

“Please” she begged “Please I need it take my virgin ass – fuck it hard – I so need to feel you in me” and with that he entered. She gasped. Part in pain, mostly in delight, as he entered very slowly before slowly withdrawing and then reentering. He did this several times before he started fucking her. Slow at first he soon built up an impressive pace. He fucked her sweet ass for a good 10 minutes as I watched from my secret spot. My own arousal only tempered by the disappointment at not being the first in that gorgeous ass.

She was close to cumming. It was clear from the labored breathing the aching sounds and ‘desperate’ moans “Oh please” she panted “harder, fuck me harder, make me cum, please” she pleaded.

Crack! The unmistakable sound of flesh on flesh, hand on ass to be accurate. I did not see it but the red imprint developing was evident. She let out a gasp and grabbed the pillow as his other hand rose up. Crack – the other side now stung with the same heat. “You’ll cum only when I permit it – you understand” he told, rather than asked, her.

They continued fucking.

His own noises betrayed his impending orgasm. She responded to his increased vigor she was ready to go. He grabbed her by the back of the neck on pushed her head down into the pillow whilst, with other hand pulled her waist tight as he dumped his first squirt of thick hot cum deep into aching asshole.

The sound of their mutual release was amazing. So much I almost came too.

I watched, captivated, as he drove in again. Another injection of man-fat was dumped. Grasping the base of his cock he then pulled fully back, exiting her ass and inserted into her gapping cunt. Another 3 or 4 pumps and he was empty. I’m sure she came again as he entered her pussy. It must have been aching for attention.

He finally pulled out for good and wiped İstanbul Escort Bayan his fat, cum-covered cock, up and down her ass crack. “There you go” he said as she slumped down onto the bed “why not get that limp dicked husband of yours to clean that up” again he told rather than asked. For the first time since they entered the bedroom my heart stopped attention was drawn from my cock and I was aware of just how vulnerable my hiding spot was.

He exited the room – into the en-suite – the shower started. I was frozen. Do I go in? I so wanted to. Do I stay here until he’s away? All I could picture, in my minds eye, was each of her delicious holes, fucked, bulging with his cum.

A minute or so later the shower stopped. He remerged drying furiously, was dressed and was gone. Clearly quick exits was something to which our guest was well versed.

“Iain” She called “Iain, come on out I need you, come get this while it’s nice and fresh!”

I slipped out from my hiding spot silently and stood in the bedroom door way. “Well?” She asked “Did you enjoy our little floor show – was it everything you imagined?” I nodded my agreement.

“You got a nice little stiffy?”

Again I nodded.

“Then let’s see it.

I unzipped and let my twitching cock breath free. “Take them off” She retorted with a faint sense of disgust then, more playfully, “take them all off” She instructed.

Clothes came off in an instant and I dashed towards her to dump my own load into her. “Woah!” She exclaimed “not so fast – buddy!” I backed up a little as She continued “Wank for me – stroke your skinny little cock” I did as I was told. Grasping the base of my cock I twisted it slowly and carefully providing a good show without going ‘over the edge’.

“Good” She said approvingly whilst stroking her wet cunt. “Now, on your knees. You are going to worship my feet, clean my shoes, suck the end like you saw me sucking Dave’s cock”.

I followed her instructions to the letter. Kneeling at the side of the bed she gave me over a foot to start with. The bright red point of the shoe always had a special place for me. That, and the effect they had on her already great legs, had been a turn-on for a long time.

“Come on suck it” She barked and she crammed the toes deep into my mouth. “Clean it up good my little bitch”.

“But, but” I stammered “they are clean”.

This did not go down well. “What” She barked clearly angered by my insolence. “If I tell you they are dirty – then they are dirty! here” and with that she removed the foot I had been worshipping. Pulling her legs up she brought the stiletto point up to her ass hole and slowly, carefully, with a slight gasp, inserted it. Sliding it back and forth until it was buried to its full extent then slid it out.

Glistening with cum and lube she replaced it on her foot. “Now it’s fucking dirty – so clean bitch!” She raised her leg high so I needed to stand. I was way to far gone to resist, or to notice the wet man standing in the doorway, and took the full 4″ deep into my mouth. Closed my lips, rolled my tongue around the heel and sucked and liked it very clean.

“That’s better” She moaned and she returned to caressing her cunt. “Now there is plenty more needing done – lie on the floor – face Anadolu Yakası Escort up and open your mouth”.

As instructed and with my own cock dripping pre-cum I settled on the floor as she stood over me. “Now” She began “My ass hole just took a pounding – it’s sore – and it’s full of cum” I knew what was coming and I was aching for it “You are going to lick and soothe my shit hole, you are going to clean all the cum that has escaped onto my ass and then you are going to use you tongue to open my ass and clean every drop of cum from it – got that!” She did not wait for a reply and began lowering herself on me. Pausing just above my face she made me reach up to pry her cheeks apart and lick the cum from her ass.

Done with her cheeks I timidly began on her ass hole. As I did so she pressed down forcing my head back to the floor as my tongue entered her shit hole. It went deep almost immediately, still stretched from that cock, and the cum just slid right down and into my open mouth. It was amazing I was desperately trying to hold my load when she started running her finger nails up my shaft – it was impossible sexual torture!

“That’s good” She exclaimed as she began gently grinding. A few more minutes and we were nice and clean. And it was time for the front.

Rather than just turn she stood, turned, and then looked down upon me. My face was glistening wet, massive smile on my face and the hardest my cock has been since I was 17!

“Oh you’re a good boy” She said sarcastically “You want my cunt?”

“Of course!” – what the fuck did she think.

“No” She replied. Still standing over me. Thick dollops of cum in her pubes, oozing from her hole directly above me.

“Please” I begged. Silence.

“Please – let me clean your pussy” trying the logical approach (like there was any fucking logic to this). It was role play pure and simple and I loved it – needed it!

She knelt over me, just inches away, “Now” she started with a long and dramatic pause “If we do this” another pause “you realize this changes everything” and settled onto my eager mouth.

The taste, the smell, it was amazing. As I sucked and licked every drop of cum she had to give. She explained “You are now a fully fledged cuckold. I do what I want. I fuck who I want, when I want and where I want. You do what I want, exactly what I want and when I want it – I do hope that is clear?”

She gave me no chance to answer as she ground down on my face.

“For example” She said as a small dribble of piss exited, rolled down my tongue and was swallowed without question. “Good you seem to be learning” and another, slightly large trickle ran down and was also swallowed gratefully.

“Good” She said again “you see I am cleaning your mouth out – getting rid of all that sticky cum. I can be a kind mistress to a good cuckold”. And with that she grabbed my aching cock.

“This will be the extent of your sex” as she started wanking me slowly but violently. Banging down hard with each stroke.

“If you are good I will allow you to wank. If you are very good, like today, I might even wank you, but” and here came the threat “If so much as get a hard-on without my approval – you get nothing – fuck all – is that clear?”

She eased of my face so I could answer. “Yes”.

“Good boy” She then opened her bladder and a glorious gush of piss flooded out as my cock exploded.

“Oh we are going to have some fun now” She said rising slowly and heading for the shower.

This story is inspired by, and dedicated to, my most giving mistress – mistress Lee.

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